A Conversation Online with Clara Ch. 03

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(More exchanges between two writers of erotic literature. Though the opportunity to chat on line eluded us during this period.)


Clara wrote:

Hi Sarah. I so hope you enjoyed lunch … and maybe something more – I wish I’d thought to ask this before, too late now but just to say I suddenly got very turned on (again) by the thought that you might be sitting through all that boring committee stuff in a sensible skirt and blouse, but no knickers.

I imagined you’d sat down with all those serious minded women at some large table with a big, thick green baize cloth layering across your knees … so you felt safe just wriggling slightly to ease a little tension between your thighs when suddenly a tongue starts sliding up towards your nude pussy – me or Sue? Or both, a tongue on each thigh …

Mmm, now I’m getting so turned on at the thought. So either I go upstairs now – this minute – and masturbate into a stupor … or get in my car and visit the very easy Fiona – I have just got to find a wonderful and calming orgasm from somewhere!’

I replied:

Wow, Clara, you sex -starved princess! You are probably masturbating furiously right this minute! I nearly did take off my knickers after the meeting – there was a particularly sweet lady there who I thought was begging for me to hold her pussy in the palm of my hand and slowly squeeze and pummel it with my fingers. A lovely red-head with a nice full bosom which she obviously is so proud of, enjoying showing off. But it was the expression in her eyes as she looked at me. She’s the right age – about 35 I guess. Very smart. Sparks flew – or was it my imagination? I was buzzing with sex! I hoped she might join us for lunch, but alas!

Whilst trying to chair this meeting, I think of you. I can smell your skin – your hair – the shampoo in your hair. I rub my cheek against yours. My face in the nape of your neck, nuzzling you behind the ears, blowing softly and murmuring very, very quietly “I want you Clara – I need you, otherwise I shall go mad with lust, and scream!”

You are purring like a kitten. My hand is slowly zig-zagging over your bare belly, moving down, down, down, through the soft curls. The pads of my fingers glide softly over the flesh of your inner thigh, then up the other one until they reach that very special – that heavenly spot – that most-worshiped place on your body. I close my curled fingers over the outer labia before allowing my middle finger to press into the gash – feel the heat radiating form your vagina. Then, darling, we begin to meld together.

As in some out-of-this-word fantasy, our bodies slowly blend together becoming one – our beasts merge in to one pair of erotic boobs, full and tipped with large hard nipples. Our bellies join together then our clits. they are grinding into each other, becoming one thick clitoris – so hard and sensitive. Our labia are now the same and our vaginas are oozing a blend of our love juices – copious nectar. Two minds with one body – longing for self satisfaction. We are both masturbating ourselves as one – we are together – our loins churning – our fingers coated with the special offering of our vaginas.

We smear our mouths with the vaginal cum. We kiss open-mouthed, our tongues twisting together, tasting the combined sweetness of our pussies. We are coming together. Our joint thighs are trembling, out muscles clenching – we are reaching for that glorious moment of self discovery – that explosion within us. That climax that will join us together for ever and ever – never to part. To masturbate for each other every day.’

Clara wrote:

Oh sweetie! That’s so very erotic Sarah. Yes! I was probably masturbating furiously, as you say! I have exposed my open thighs to the screen for you. All you need to do is lean in and kiss and lick it. I can’t stop masturbating again though! I’m coming again – coming for you – then I shall spank you hard on your bare bottom for being naughty. When you beg me to stop I shall push my head into your crack and lick your bottom and your pussy. My long stiff tongue will penetrate that rose bud – that bitter sweet hole before moving to your other bud – bringing you to another glorious orgasm.

Ohhh! And I’m still coming damn it – hovering on the brink – my body tense – back arched – my breathing almost stopped – that exquisite moment when I know I love you for ever – and love my vulva for ever – and love your vulva and it’s lovely lovely juices for ever – and – shiiii…iiiitttt. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! YES!! I’m there with you ……….. woweeeeeeee!

Sorry for the silence! Wanted to get my breath back! Phew Sarah darling! That was something else again. How do you DO this to me? Must go to mop up and change knickers! Again! But I shall have my mind overflowing with thoughts of you. And then feel randy – and probably do it again! Are you a witch??

I replied:

Gosh Clara. How you worship your body! Me too! I so wish I could do it with you – for you.

Sunday. Clara wrote:

Now, urfa escort don’t forget, tomorrow is no panties day, so, as soon as George is out the way your delicious pussy will expect to be free for all the wind – and my breath – to touch … no cheating, I’ll know! Mmm, I just know I shall be really horny all day, rushing off to find quiet corners where I can drop my skirt to the floor and let myself go, all but nude, thinking of you.

Do the same for me … what a thought, a prim and proper 40 year old, major mover in the church, respected in the town, with her knickers tossed aside for some young hussy she’s hardly met … mmm, come and find me tomorrow, make me bend over so you can kiss and lick my bottom, my pussy, my vulva … my everything!

Well Sarah …. it’s Sunday. Where am I? Right here, masturbating! … imagining you doing the same over that red-head’s breasts … I so adore rubbing my clitoris against a beautiful plump nipple …

Oooo Sarah …. mmm … OMG! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Have just come so deliciously … with Hubby oblivious to all out in the garden! … perhaps should have mentioned, am wearing the same come-stained panties as yesterday, every cream orgasm just for you … gosh, I feel so sexy and dirty … couldn’t stop myself … panties are off and pushed deep inside myself … I love coming like that – all while Hubby digs out in the garden … I’m soaking.

I replied:

Now Clara – that’s what I call really filthy – putting on yesterday’s knickers to masturbate into the stale stains. You may be gorgeous and have the most perfect pussy in the whole world, but you’re a dissolute self adoring whore!! And I love you!

ps – here I am fingering myself, when I should really be getting myself sorted out!

Knickerless Monday! I wrote:

Well Clara – Are you knickerless like me!! Can’t wear slacks though – stains might show. Just off into town for some new undies. Sally coming this afternoon!! I’ll tell you all about it. In preparation, I trimmed my bits of stubble, shampooed my pubic hair with Tee Tree and Mint (!) and blow dried it. Then used the styler. A proper pampering of my pussy! I had to use a large mirror held between my knees. Lovely sight! Oooo I do adore my vulva – and yours – and Sue’s – and Sam’s – and who knows, Sally’s?

Keep playing and nipping into the loo. Ps – I must say I’m enjoying the freedom and look forward to the excitement of walking round M&S feeling the pubic freedom!!

Clara wrote:

Hello Sarah. Just time for a short message – am in the office today, but lots going on. First, I confess, one of the joys I re-explored (alone, I promise … sadly) on knickerless Monday was the feel of a firm breast against my vulva, a hard nipple between my lips.

I thought of you – thought of meeting you somewhere warm and safe, by a sun-dappled river, somewhere like that; I thought of letting you kiss and caress me like I know you want to, your hands feeling every curve; then I thought of unbuttoning your blouse, unfastening your bra and slipping the straps down inside your sleeves – I wanted to keep your blouse on while I cares sed your naked bosom; I thought of kissing, squeezing and sucking your nipples while you moaned; and then I imagined you lying down, imagine me kneeling across you, lifting my short skirt, letting you gaze lovingly at my dark, trimmed bush, my pinky-mauve lips, my soft creamy vulva, my delicious swollen bud – you begged me to kneel across your mouth, pleaded to be able to kiss and lick me, but I had other ideas; I pressed my pussy down against your firm breast and masturbated, trembling as I came over you.

Lovely thoughts – but love to be able to do that now over Sue with you watching! Or better still, to be able to do it over Sue with you kneeling in front of me. Your lover gazing up longingly at your naked body while I kiss and tongue your darkest hole … then, when I’ve come, you can have as many of my fingers as you dare take. When we chatted on Saturday you wanted three … how much more of me could you take?

I replied:

Let’s chat on Saturday, Clara – please. I’m going crazy just thinking about you! Fingers working hard!

Clara wrote:

Oh if only I could … How about I meet you in your church, early Sunday morning, and we can do all sorts of naughty things in the vestry before anyone arrives! … pity you’re not Catholic, we could carry on in one of the confession boxes while Mass is in full flow … as would be your pussy …

All of which is to say, Sarah darling, please be deliciously shameless with yourself tomorrow and send me a deliciously dirty e-mail to read on Sunday … I want to smell your cum as soon as I log on … then, when I’ve read what you have to say I shall stare longingly at the photo of your pussy and dream myself between your thighs, my nose nuzzling against your clitoris, my tongue inside your sweet vagina, a finger teasing your chocolatey hole …

By the bye, have had urfa escort bayan maid problems this week – meaning last week’s cum-soaked pale blue panties are still unwashed – shall wear them tomorrow, for you to think about.

I replied:

That is a shame Clara. I have been thinking all week about how we two could have a totally uninhibited shameless Saturday afternoon of naked sex and sandwiches – without the sandwiches. Now it looks as though you’ll have the sandwiches without the sex – until Hubby gets you home that is! I shall have to rethink my plans! Perhaps I shall have a blameless day after all – a day of celibacy. Or just a day to allow my imagination to run amok – with Sam and Sue and Sally – but most of all, with you – in your sunlit glade with the stream gurgling and my vagina trickling.

Yes, the thought of us having passionate sex in the vestry during the service – or the confessional as you say. Perhaps I could learn to be a Catholic after all – you could teach me the finer points of religious worship of the vulva. I know it’s something you have studied in detail. I read about it in your stories. You can bring along yesterday’s panties for me to sniff, to see if I can recognize the scent – like a dog searching for it’s owner. But what would the vicar say? Or father in your case. Perhaps he’ll join in. Bless our vaginas for us.

Perhaps we could chat on Sunday. I can feel your wet vulva then – and perhaps give it a kiss or two – a lick or two – a tongue or two – a finger or two. An orgasm or two even – or three – or four! Whatever – I shall be dreaming of you and of that special part of you you keep private between your thighs. I can smell the juices right now – delectable scent! Perhaps you can patent it – them sell it in bottles to Chanel.

Sarah – your bitch on heat!

Clara responded:

Ah, Sarah – how sweet … and I’m missing you … I want to feel your fingers stroking my gooey labia, slowly, tenderly, lovingly before easing inside my warm, succulent vagina … mmm, I want a woman’s touch there Sarah, I need it … I’ve been feeling so horny since Saturday … God, I’ve been masturbating so much … I’m doing it again, now, just for you. Hubby is out and I’m all alone, just in from work … mmm, my panties – grey silk’n’lace – are warm and damp from a day’s fantasizing … shall I push them down my thighs for you … let you lick my creamy goo from inside while I make myself come right before your eyes … mmm, watch me Sarah, smell me, want me …

I want to come against your tongue … then again against your soft breasts … then again with your fingers inside me … making myself come again and again for you while you caress me and tell me you love me … mmm, my nipples are so hard inside my grey bra, beneath my black jacket … come and take them off me Sarah, come and undress me, caress me, make me yours … … mmm, and undress for me, let me feel your warm skin, blow kisses through your downy bush – so much thicker than Fiona’s trimmed curls …

Oh baby, I’m coming now for you, naughty, dirty Clara making herself come for respectable Sarah – ‘cept of course naughty Clara knows Sarah likes to be naughty too … love the thought of you in black lace and leather, with a thin lacy white blouse caressing your sweet bosom … mmm, smell my orgasm Sarah – there, my fingers are against the screen – so creamy and sweet … shall I go upstairs, undress complete and lie on the bed and do it again for you …

On my Instant Messenger page:

Home from work early … and horny as a Vestal Virgin sets loose in the Sapphic Baths. Care to help me relax? Where the fuck are you?? I NEED that beautiful pussy of yours – NOW Sarah! Sign in – quick. I need you – need to feel your pussy on my face. Feel your pee splashing on my belly as I masturbate. Oh GOD Sarah. Please PLEASE sign in! I’m desperate

for your fingers. Ohhhhh yes! I just came – again!

I replied:

I would have been only too delighted Clara. I can’t think where I was – and I was so horny for you as well. I’d already had a session with Rose – well, she with me rather than the other way round. Still, it was a lot of fun! But that was in the morning. Where are you today?? Lets have a wild time!

From Clara:

Got your pic … wow!! Well, now I know what a lovely lady I’ve been giving myself to. Did Sue take this for you? I know you are a well respected lady, who obviously takes great care of herself (lovely hair) – but do you secretly long to be seen, watched, enjoyed from a (small) distance? Perhaps we should do that for each other? Agree to go somewhere secluded this summer.

I’ll undress completely and lie out on the grass, the sun dancing over my body, and play with myself over and over, my fingers gliding all around my body, coiling around my nipples, crawling between my thighs, easing inside my pussy – I’ll come again and again for you, knowing you’re out there, taking as many pictures of me as you escort urfa need to keep yourself happy when we’re apart. I’ll call your name as I come and smear my juices over the grass …

Then, I’ll leave, as if nothing had happened, and you can slip into my place, undress and do for me what I did for you.

Mmm, and then, as you scream out with the third or fourth, I’ll come and join you, take you to a new heaven, kneeling across your face so you can kiss and lick my sweet, creamy vulva you have fantasized about so often while I lean forward and open your tight pussy with my fingers, easing your labia wider and wider so you can take yourself one more time.

Delicious – you should write that as your next story!


I replied:

Wow Clara! What a summer day that would be! Having you sitting over my face, dripping your sweet juices into my eager mouth. I wish I wish! You and I alone together for mutual adoration and loving – and exhibiting and spying. I would surrender my body to your every desire – after watching you masturbate of course, studying your face as you come, listening to your ecstatic screams. That would be so lovely – and exciting. Shall we elope together?

Clara wrote:

Oh my darling Sarah … I have just been and, well, been deliciously naughty. I needed to pee, and once I got there I couldn’t help but picturing you doing the same … once Fiona and I have made you come I want to watch you pee over her breasts, she’ll love it … as will I … as will you … can I finger you while you do it? Please ….

I replied:

It’s Saturday. Oh you naughty, naughty girl. I shall tell your great aunt what you get up to in the bathroom.

Actually I’m with Sue on her computer, and says, whilst you are admiring the photo, she’ll be admiring the proper thing for real. She’ll take me into the private garden (it’s very warm and sunny right now) and examine the detail – every little crevice, lick and nibble every wrinkle and chew my clit until I come. She says that should make you jealous! Then, of course, I shall return the compliment.

The thought of me peeing all over Fiona’s breasts turns Sue on as well. I’ll pee for her in the garden whilst she fingers my pussy, the golden stream splashing in the sun rays through her eager fingers. In fact, Sue’s getting over-excited and wants to go immediately. She send her love. Gosh, I’m looking forward to this myself.

Clara replied:

Anyway, we’re home darling and Clara’s soft, sweet juicy pussy can be all yours again – as soon as Hubby’s out of the way. He’ll be hanging around here for a couple of days so not sure when we can revisit those fantasies and more, but I’ll look out for that smiling orange dot that says you’re waiting for me. Hope to catch you when you’re alone – I so want to smell the warm fragrance as you slip off your knickers for me once again. You do have a very special pussy, Sarah, one I could love endlessly – or at least, all afternoon lying in the dappled sun by a cool river – it’s almost a crime when you cover her up!! Mmm, want you.


I replied:

Wonderful to have you back. Did you miss me?? Of course not!! I have almost forgotten the smell of your warm damp knickers and the taste of your delicious juices. Anyway, I’m on line hoping you might join me. Come into my arms you gorgeous lady. Let me re-engage with my beautiful lover – fingers eagerly exploring your vagina, remembering every little crevice – tongue teasing your tight bum. Mmmm – that’s so good.

Clara wrote:

Sarah.So sorry not to have been in touch, have just been so busy since I got back – mad.

Have to say – sorry again sweetie – that my two days with Fiona were simply wonderful. I guess you can understand this – I so really really needed to spend some quality time being loved and making love with another woman. I’m not ‘in love’ with Big F, but she really is a very sweet lady with a very have-able body and a dedication to my pleasure that verges on the slavish.

The weather was superb as well, so we spent most of our time near nude either in her garden or in her bed. Delicious really. And, now here’s the funny part. Today till Thursday I’m working with her company once more. She is so up its cute – like she’s trying ultra hard whenever people are around to act as if I’m just a piece of hired help, and whispering all sorts of sexy nonsense whenever everyone else is out of earshot.

As Hubby isn’t back till Thursday I’m staying with her again. I’m looking forward to the ride home. She’s wearing this really boring and frumpy suit beneath which, she’s already told me twice!, she’s naked. So, my plan is, I’ll drive and get her to open up a little as we hit the country lanes – hope the weather cheers up, I’ll open the roof so the evening birds can watch her doing it for me … wicked or what?

I responded:

Wow Clara. What a lovely sexy holiday for you! You must feel beautifully relaxed after all that loving and kissing and feeling and masturbating and making merry with Fiona’s body – and she yours! Being dirty and lots of different scenarios as well – masturbating in the car for you – gosh! I can imagine how it’s a bit awkward at work trying to ignore each other – difficult! I know you’ll make the most of your freedom.

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