A College Freshman and Ariana

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I was a freshman, 18 years old, enjoying college life as all freshmen usually do. The first year of complete freedom, and I took it to another limit and played hard but even studied pretty hard. Though there were a million temptations around, I was usually pretty good about my grades and balanced my time out pretty well. I had my fair share of fun, even with the girls, but I was still a virgin. I was told many of the girls did find me attractive, and I would approach them, went out with many of them; things went as far as oral sex with some, but for some reason, never more than that.

Towards the end of spring semester, I was hoping things would go a little further before summer vacation. It was mid-April, and the spring long weekend was around the corner when prospective students were invited to visit the university to decide whether they wanted to attend in the fall or not. I, being part of the International Students’ Committee, was in charge of the international students and students of Asian and European backgrounds from the U.S. What I heard from my seniors was that basically this was a weekend of partying, hooking up and letting loose, rather than any formal introduction to the university. So excited to meet these new prospective female students, I finished off some work that was due after the weekend, and got some other studying out of the way.

The long weekend came, and so did hundreds of prospective students. I was sitting at the registration counter with a couple of my friends, getting to meet most of them. Over the next couple of hours, we met several girls, chatted a flirted with many, and told them of all the parties and events that will take place. But no one in particular had really caught my attention at that time. I figured the weekend has only just begun, so there was plenty of time.

The evening rolled around, and couple of us went for dinner with some of the visitors who were staying on our floor. Us freshmen, of course, being the one-year-elder college students, had to act that way, being flirtatious. Throughout dinner we were talking about the madness of the freshman year. Then at about 9:30 or 10:00 we left for one of the parties held by a senior just off campus. Once we got there, the music was pumping, drinks were already flowing, and the mood was pretty relaxed. Over the next hour or so, a lot of the students showed up, and started mingling with the rest of us. I was chatting with this group of 3 or 4 girls, and they were asking me all about college and about where I come from, and general small talk.

At that point in time, one of them in particular caught my attention. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, and even though I was chatting with all of them, my gaze was focused on her. She was Asian, and I had a things for Asians, and was about 5’4, slender petite frame. Rare for an asian, she had a set of lovely round and firm breasts nearly bursting out of the tight t-shirt she was wearing. She had long black hair, slightly wavy, beautiful mystical eyes which now were gazing into mine. Her gorgeous smile and cute laugh made me want her even more. I eventually managed to divert all my attention to her, and finally spoke to her,

” Hi, I’m Neal, sorry, I didn’t catch your name earlier?” She answered, “Hey, no problem, it’s Ariana.”

” That’s a really beautiful name. Where are you from?” I said.

She replied, ” Thank you, I’m from San Francisco So you are from India huh?”

” Ya, from Mumbai, have been in the U.S. for high school and now college. I love San Fran, I visited there a couple of years ago.”

And we continued to make some small talk for a while, getting to know each other a little. Every now and then, I would ease the tension and make a joke or tease her. Of course, it was getting more and more flirtatious, and we really seemed to hit it off pretty quickly.

We walked around the party for a while, had a few drinks and I introduced Ariana to some of my friends. As the tension was easing and drinks flowing, we began dancing a little. She pulled me close to her and I got a whiff of her intoxicating scent. She had her hands around my neck and her head was resting on my shoulder, and her lips kept brushing my neck, sending shivers down my back. My hands were on her back and I gently moved them around, feeling her beautiful body, and gently bringing her even closer. Her leg brushed against my crotch, bringing my cock to life, and at that point I knew something would happen. We continued dancing a little longer, our hands exploring each other’s bodies as much as we could in public. We decided to walk around a little longer, holding each other’s hands, having a few more drinks.

Eventually, both of us a little buzzed, decided to take a walk around campus, as it was nice and cool outside. Strolling around, we chatted about almost anything. She was really intelligent, funny and it felt so casual between us. It was almost as if we knew each other for a lot longer. Once we got to a secluded, fairly dark spot, we laid back on the lawn, staring up at the stars.

I then asked her, ” I know it’s a little late to ask, but are you seeing anyone back home?”

With a cheeky smile, she replied “Well, I guess not anymore.”

So I asked, ” What do you mean?”

Ariana said, turning to her side to face me, ” I ankara eve gelen escort was kind of dating someone, but things weren’t working out all that well. And to be perfectly honest, once I saw you, I knew I had to have you.” She giggled in that ever so cute way again, and climbed on top of me, and planted those luscious lips on mine and gave me the longest most passionate kiss I had ever gotten. My hands grabbed her and pulled her closer on to me, and we started to kiss, our tongues darting in and out, sucking each other’s lips. My hands wandered all over her back, further down, and I grabbed her ass. She let out a soft moan, and I knew I hadn’t gone too far.

Ariana’s beautiful hair was falling over my face, tingling my senses, while she held my face and continued to kiss with so much passion. She sat up a little, and started into my eyes with such a naughty look. I started rubbing her firm stomach and moved further up to her gorgeous breasts, and massaged them through her clothes. Her head fell back slightly, she closed her eyes, and was enjoying the attention I was giving her. I held her mounds in my hands and gently squeezed. I found her nipples and pressed them, sending an electric shock through her body. Her head flew back and she moaned loudly. Since we were in such a secluded part of campus, I knew we would be safe. It was also so much more erotic out in the open, in the crisp spring air.

My hands continued to explore her lithe body, occasionally massaging her breasts and nipples. I pulled Ariana closer to me, ran my hands through her hair and kissed her, parted her lips and sucked her tongue. My hands dropped down, and our lips unlocked just so I could pull her t-shirt off. Her skimpy bra could barely contain those beautiful mounds I would enjoy sucking on later. She in turn removed my shirt. I laid it out so she could lie back on it. I got in between her legs, and started kissing her body all over. I just had to remove her bra and quickly unsnapped it to let those beautiful globes fall out. I couldn’t resist asking, “Ariana, these are the most amazing breasts I have ever seen, what size are they?” She couldn’t resist laughing, and placing her hands on my crotch, said “32D baby, I can tell you really like them,” giving my throbbing hard-on a squeeze.

Without saying a word, I grabbed each one in my hands, and gently massaged them, while continuing to kiss her. All the rubbing was sending Ariana into a trance. She closed her eyes, quietly moaning as my hands continued to massage her breasts. Every now and then I took her nipples between my fingers and rolled them around, sending shocks down her back. I started kissing and licking her sensitive neck, and coupled with massaging her breasts, Ariana’s head thrashed from side to side, her moans getting louder and more frantic.

While continuing to massage her breasts, my mouth wandered lower to her abs, kissing and running my tongue all over. I sucked her abs where she was so sensitive, she arched her back pushing further up towards me. I started to unbutton her jeans while licking her stomach. I removed her jeans and panties together, and I saw the most beautifully trimmed pussy, already drenched. I spread her legs, and started kissing her left thigh, slowly running my tongue all over. She opened her eyes and stared into me with such intense passion. I alternated kissing and licking each of her inner thighs, while moving closer and closer to her pussy, which was now on fire.

Ariana let out a loud moan, and between deep breaths told me, “Ohh baby… uhhh… ya that feel so unbelievably good. Ohh ya… I need you to go down on me and make me cum baby! I can’t wait any longer!” So with that, I started to first gently lick her wet and hot pussy. It smelled and tasted so sweet. I ran my hands over her pussy and started to rub her clit with my thumb. One hand went back up to her breasts and started playing with her nipples. My tongue started to dart in and out of her slit, twirling around, occasionally sucking her clit. She screamed, “Ooooohhhhh babbyyyy…. You are driving me insane!” Her head was trashing from side to side. I knew she was going to cum real soon, so I quickened my pace. MY tongue went in and out and twirled around faster, I started rubbing her clit a little harder, and squeezed her breasts a little harder.

Her whole body started writhing, and she again screamed, “Baby… do not stop! Just go as fast as you can…. Ohhhhhh yaa….. uuhhhhh that feels heavenly, I am going to cummmm!!” And with that, her back arched up, her hands grabbed onto my head, and her entire body shook so intensely, like electric shocks going through her. And she screamed one more time, “Oooohhhhh yaaaa…. Im cumming like never before!” Her juices were flowing out of her pussy, dripping down her thighs and into my mouth. She tasted amazingly sweet. I continued to rub her clit and dart my tongue in and out for what seemed like minutes. Her body went on shaking, until finally her back fell back down, she loosened her grip, and lay back silent. I had never seen a girl climax like that before. I wiped my face with my shirt, and laid down next to her.

She was breathing so heavily, her eyes still shut, and said, “Neal, that was the most intense orgasm I have ever felt, and just from you gaziosmanpaşa escort going down on me.” I held her close to me, and my hands ran all over her sensitive body. She started gaining back some energy, and sat up. She came between my legs and started to remove my jeans and boxers. My still hard cock sprang out and felt so good in the cool air. Ariana held my shaft in her hands and starting rubbing my head gently. I was so sensitive, I almost came right then, and had to really fight to hold off. She started to run her hands up and down, while staring into my eyes. She gave me a wicked smile and increased the pace of her hands. Then one hand moved to my balls, cupped them, and began massaging them gently. Her other hand stroked my cock, going all the way up to my head, rubbing it and gently going back down, over and over. I moaned, “Ohhh Ariana, that’s amazing…. Uhhhhh yaa.”

She then bent over and started licking my cock head while continuing to play with my balls. A shock went through my body, and I started running my hands through her gorgeous hair. She sucked on my cock head for a few more moments, and then started taking my shaft in slowly. She took as much in as possible before going back up. Her hot mouth felt heavenly around my shaft. She started going up and down faster and faster, her tongue caressing my shaft, while her hands massaged my balls. I was losing control with her expert sucking. Every time she came up to my head, she sucked on it for a while before going back down. At some point she eventually managed to take my entire length in, and sucked and sucked. It was the most mind-blowing blowjob ever. She then pulled my cock out, and to my surprise, started licking on my balls. At that point, I didn’t know what I was feeling. She licked them for a while, then took each one in her mouth and sucked on them, while her hand gripped my shaft and stroked it faster and faster.

I moaned loudly, ” Baby… I am going to cum, I can’t hold on any longer!”

She said, “Cum in mouth, I want to taste it all.” And with that, she took my cock back in her mouth and went in and out faster and faster. I could feel it coming, and my body started to tighten. “Ariana.. baby.. Im cumming!” She took my entire shaft in and I started squirting load after load into her mouth, and she took it all in. My back arched up, a shock went through my body, and it never seemed to end. She started sucking on my head, and that drove me crazy. I held onto her head while my orgasm passed, and then fell back, completely spent. She had a huge grin on her face when she came up and lay next to me. We lay in each other’s arms, unable to speak for a few minutes. I had never felt like that before, and we still hadn’t even gone all the way yet.

After a while, I told Ariana, “I’ve never felt like that before, it was so intense and passionate.” She replied, “I know baby, neither have I. Can we go back to your place and get a little more comfortable?”

“Sure, I think that’s a great idea” I told her, and we got up, wore our clothes, and slowly started walking towards my apartment, holding each other very close. I had something on my mind I had to tell Ariana, but wasn’t sure if I should now or later, after something more happens. But I decided better now than later. So I said, “Ariana, I wanted to talk to you about something.”

She said, “Sure sweetie, go ahead.” I had a feeling she knew what I wanted to say, and I think she felt the same way.

I said, ” Listen, what just happened was unbelievable, as if we knew each other for much longer than just a couple of hours. I don’t want to be too forward, but I think I’m beginning to have feelings for you, much more than just friends.”

Ariana replied with a smile, “Baby, I feel the same way. I don’t want to move too fast, but I know that when I start here next fall, I want to take our relationship farther.”

I said, “Me too, I’m really happy you’ll be here next year. I didn’t want this night to be our last night together.”

Both of us walked back in silence, our minds full of all sorts of happy and excited thoughts. Once we reached my place, I was relieved that no one was around. I told Ariana to make herself at home, and I got us some drinks. We went into my bedroom, got comfortable on my bed, and got lost in conversation for a while. Feeling a little buzzed after a couple of drinks, we became playful. I started playing with her hair, running my hands through the gorgeous wavy locks. She ran her hands over my thighs, getting closer to my hardening cock. She had a magical effect as soon as she touched me. I lay back and puller her on top of me, her breasts pushing against my chest. I ran my hands up and down her back, and kissed her juicy lips. She started passionately kissing me back, caressing my face, and rubbing her legs up and down mine. Her knee was brushing up against my throbbing cock, driving me wild.

I made her sit up so I could take her t-shirt and bra off. I could see her beautiful natural breasts much better in the light. Her large nipples were jutting out waiting to be sucked. I flipped her on her back and removed her jeans and panties. I quickly undressed myself, and we embraced, our hot bodies rubbing against each other. My hands wandering all over her lithe body, I could ankara grup escort feel the fire within her. We rolled all over the bed, our bodies interlocked. My thigh was rubbing against her pussy, and I massaged her breasts. I took one nipple in my mouth and gently sucked, while my other hand started to rub her other nipple. I could feel her sensations building, and she closed her eyes and moaned, “Oohhhh that feel so hot and amazing….uhhhmmm baby.”

Her hand wandered down my stomach to my cock, and she started rubbing my head. We were both in a trance, while we pleasured each other so intensely. I made Ariana lie on her back and spread her legs. I started kissing the inside of her legs, while her hand started to stroke my cock gently. I went lower and lower until I started kissing her pussy lips, and sucking on her clit. She threw head back as a shock went through her. She was extremely sensitive down there and just a little touch sent her into orbit. I continued to suck on her clit while I tried to insert a finger gently into her pussy. She hesitated a little and made me stop for a second, “Baby…” I had a feeling she hadn’t gone all the way either. I asked her, “Ariana, are you ok baby?”

She said, “Its amazing, but there’s just one thing.” She hesitated, but eventually told me, “Neal, I’ve never gone all the way, and I’m a little scared.”

I said, “Sweetie, neither have I. It’s new for the both of us. But if you’re not comfortable, we don’t have to go further and rush things.”

She replied, “No Neal, I want to, I really do. I feel I’m ready, and I want it to be with you, now. I just wanted to tell you so you can go a little slow. I’m glad you’re new to this as well, I guess it makes things easier for both of us.”

I leaned over to kiss her, and assured her, “Don’t worry, we’ll go as slow as we need to, we’re both going to enjoy this.” I continued to kiss her, and she felt comfortable, and held on to me tighter. I started to kiss my way down, passed her breasts and towards to pussy again. I spread her legs and continued to suck on her clit, rubbing her pussy lips from the outside this time. She fell into a trance, arched her back again and moaned loudly. I continued to go a little faster, my tongue darting in and out. Her hand grabbed my cock and started rubbing the cock head. I laid in a position so she could more easily stroke my shaft while I continued to suck and lick her clit and juicy pussy. She started stroking more vigorously, and pulled me close so she could start licking my cock head. I turned over on my back, so she could come on top and get into the 69 position. She took my shaft in her hands, and stroked it, while sucking on my cock head. She took it in deeper and deeper until she had it in all the way. She began going up and down, faster and faster, her tongue snaking across my shaft all along. When she came up she would lick my cock head, when she went down she would suck hard on it. I was in complete ecstacy.

My tongue twirled all around her pussy and her clit, driving her completely wild. Our bodies were shaking and thrashing around, holding each other close together. I could sense she was about to go over the edge, and I held her pussy closer, grinding my tongue as deep as I could. She squealed, “Ohhhhhh sweetie….. that was amazing, keep doing that… Im going to cum real soon!” And I pushed harder, sucked harder and licked faster and faster. She stopped sucking me for a second, threw her head back, and her body was tightening up. With a loud scream she started cumming, “Aaaahhhhhhhh yaaaaa my love…… ohhhhh wow!! Keep going! Its so intense!!” Her juices flowing out and onto my face, I kept licking and sucking till her orgasm subsided. She finally fell quiet over me, breathing so heavily. I turned her over and lay next to her while she recovered some energy. After all that, she still was ready for more. I knew this was finally the moment when both of us were going to experience something totally new, finally go all the way.

I asked, “Ariana, are you ready baby?” She said, “Ya, totally, I want you inside m so bad!” I kneeled between her legs, and started rubbing her pussy gently. She was still so wet, so I could lube my cock and get ready to enter her. I put my cock head at the entrance, and rubbed up and down gently. She was so sensitive and getting even wetter. I slowly pushed in further until my cock head had entered. I then waited for her to get used to it, and pushed a little more until part of shaft was in. I hit some resistance and knew I was going to have to push. I didn’t want to hurt her, but there was no choice. Biting her lip, she said, “Just ram it in sweetie, once and for all, give it to me.” With that, I pushed hard and I could feel my cock tearing through her and then it slid in all the way. In one strong stroke, I was in the most amazing, tight, hot and wet pussy. My head was spinning, and I could see Ariana with her eyes closed, moaning softly. I bent over, and kissed her, held her face, while my cock remained buried deep inside this gorgeous angel. She was in a little pain, but she said it was slowly going away. She wanted me to start pumping in and out, so I gently pulled out a little, before pushing back in all the way. She wrapped her legs around my back, and I started picking up pace. I pulled my cock out almost all the way, and pushed all the way back in, again and again and again. I grabbed her breasts and nipples, as I started pumping my cock deep into her. He soft moans turned louder and louder, and became moans of complete passion. With my palms on either side of her, I propped myself up, and started pumping a little harder and faster.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32