A Cold Night on Mount LeConte

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Topping the ridge trail at 11,000 feet the forest dropped away and I could see far off through the mountains into North Carolina in one direction and into Tennessee in the other. I consulted my map and headed down in search of the bear-proof shelter where I planned on spending the night and after about a half hour I could see its understated shed-like elegance nestled in the snowy, winter woods.

It was unusual to be the only person in the shelter and there might be others arriving so I set my foam pad and sleeping bag up in a corner out of the way, fired up my camp stove and made dinner. I read for a while then took off my clothes down to my polypro long johns, crawled into my -20 down bag and began to doze off.

It must have been nearly midnight when the girls arrived.

They told excitedly how they’d been chased by a bear and lost some gear including one of their sleeping bags. One of the girls was also minus her pack and she still had on relatively light clothing from her hike up the trail with very little to keep her warm for the freezing temps expected overnight. I carry very little on my lone hikes so I really didn’t feel that I had any way to help out. They settled in and I could hear them trying to get comfortable but their one remaining, girl-sized mummy bag was too tight a fit for them both. I think they flipped a coin and one of the girls eventually ended up sitting, shivering huddled on the wooden bench to wait out the night.

At one point I saw her shimmy completely out of her clothes down to her bare, goose bumped skin to put on a set of silk long johns so that üsküdar escort she could be properly layered for the cold night ahead and

I must say that by the light of her headlamp, I got some interesting flashes of her slimly- muscled, athletic young body standing gracefully on one foot, the dim light glinting off her breasts, round tummy and ass.

I rolled over and dozed off again to wake at about 2am. The temps had really dropped and I could see that the stars were shining brightly above the woods. The girl had not made much headway with her bedtime preparations and I could hear her shifting around uncomfortably. Her partner was snoring; you couldn’t really blame her much. It was all just bad luck.

I was concerned so I whispered to the girl, whose name was Jan, to come over and warm up.

“HHHHHow?”, she chattered.

“This bag is big enough for two if you don’t mind and really warm.”, I offered.

There was a moment or two of silence then I could see her face closer in the shadows.

“Are you ssssssure? I feel like such a newb ggggetting mmmmessed up like ttttthis.”

“No problem.”, I said as I unzipped the bag partway to admit my new boarder.

“Just a sssec.”, she said and I could see her in the dim light as she stripped of her bulky fleece clothes down to her silk underlayer.

She slid into the down bag with her back to me and immediately crushed her cold, shaking body against mine for warmth. “TTTThanks a llllot”, she chattered, “I’m ffffreeeeeezing.”

She worked her way deeper yenibosna escort into my warmth. I wrapped my arm over her. The narrow confines of the bag had our bodies pressed together so closely that I could feel every feature and curve of her body though her thin silk. I gathered her in. She was shivering hard so I began to rub my hands up and down her body to get her circulation going. She moaned and her teeth chattered. Her cold nipples were as hard a little pebbles under the silk as my hands brushed her breasts and she ground her buttocks into my crotch for more warmth. Eventually she began to shake less as the sleeping bag warmed up and got really toasty.

Fatigue from the day crept up on us both and we dozed off spooned together in the warmth.

I woke in the dark. An owl hooted nearby and the other girl was sawing logs steadily on the other side of the enclosure. I was slowly becoming more and more aware of the way my cock pressed into the cleft of Jan’s warm, silk-covered buttocks and realized that the boner I was getting was unavoidable. Jan was sleepily trying to change her position in the now toasty hot bag and the pressure of my thickening cock caused her to move her hips in a way that only seemed to make my cock strain more insistently against her thin silk pants.

She whispered sleepily, “This sleeping bag sure is small.” and laughed quietly, pressing back more firmly against me. My hand, draped over her hip stroked across her silk covered tummy to cup her breast. I could feel her firm nipple and I pressed zeytinburnu escort it lightly between my fingers and was rewarded as a quiver went through her from head to toe.

She squirmed against me deliciously as I kicked off my polypro long johns. My cock, now free, pressed unrestrained against the thin silk underneath Jan’s soft buttocks. She moaned and rolled over to face me then shimmied enticingly out of her pink silk and pressed the length of her luscious young body against mine. I sank into the bag to suck her nipple into my mouth and roll it with my tongue. My fingers trailed over her buttock and then underneath to sink deep into her warm, wet groove all the way to the knuckles. She gasped, her legs parted slightly and I moved forward so that I could work the head of my throbbing cock slowly back and forth over her juicy little slit. She rolled her hips so that just the thick head of my cock pushed into her juicy swollen, pussy lips then pulled slowly out, over and over and over, teasing us both into a frenzy of lust until I just had to slide the full length of my cock deep into her hot slippery pussy mound. My belly came up against her, rhythmically pressing her clit and her hips rolled and thrashed as my cock jerked and strained into her quivering pussy.

I rolled on top of her, working my cock into her heat deeper and deeper until I completely lost control, my jerking cock jetting a hot load of cum into her furiously writhing, heaving body. I was still buried in her loins as we passed out together in the sleeping bag .

I woke to fuck her hard twice more before dawn.

That morning, her friend Allie woke and smiled to see us both sitting up in the sleeping bag sipping some tea.

“I thought that would happen!”, she laughed.

We all decided to hike together for the next week. Allie and Jan were share and share alike so the next night Jan got Allie’s bag and Allie bunked with me.

But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32