A Close Shave Ch. 2

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I was surprised to find that a full week after I seduced, shaved, and fucked Rita Clay I was still very interested in her. She was different from the women I usually took to my bed. Maybe it was the fact that she was old enough to be my mother. Maybe I just loathed her scumbag husband so much that screwing his sexy wife added that additional spice. Or maybe it was Rita herself, who was absolutely delicious in the sack and merited much additional study.

A week later and I was lying in bed when the phone rang. I leaned over and answered it and heard Rita’s excited voice say, “He’s gone, he left on his trip. Do you still want to go?”

“Of course,” I said. “I made the reservations yesterday. Do you still want to go?”

“Oh, darling, yes, I can’t wait. What time should we meet?”

Before I could answer the girl sucking my cock leaned up and said, “Do you want me to stop?”

I covered the receiver and said, “Keep sucking until I tell you to stop.”

I said to Rita, “I’ll pick you up around 6, is that OK?”

“Oh, that sounds wonderful. You’ll love what I’m wearing…”

“I know I will. I’ll see you soon. I can hardly wait.” We said our goodbyes and I hung up.

The girl, whose name was Danielle, let my cock slip from her lips. “You have a date tonight?”

“Yes,” I sighed.

“You invite me over, make me give you a blow job, and you’re taking another girl out tonight.” She sounded pissed, and that irritated me, so I came down hard on her.

“She’s not a girl, she’s a woman. You said you were going to some ridiculous frat party tonight, and that’s not my scene. You want to go, go. You invited yourself over, not me, remember?”

“Yeah,” she said, lowering her eyes.

Ah, sweet, slutty Danielle. She was the daughter of one of my boss’s neighbors, and she was an absolute dream. She was tall, and had white-blonde hair that flowed to the small of her back. Her breasts were big, firm, and tipped with tiny brown nipples so sensitive I could make her come just by sucking them.

She was only 18 years old, and conquering her had been about as hard as flipping a light switch. She was gorgeous, sure, but she was also an almost insufferable airhead. I met her when she wandered over to a pool party my boss threw, and after ten minutes talking to her I figured out why such a remarkable hottie was still a virgin. She was almost willfully oblivious to the world around her, and my subtle compliments and flirtatious innuendoes went right over her pretty head.

When I realized what I was dealing with I quickly changed tactics. “Hey, you must be thirsty. Want a wine cooler?”

She giggled. “I’m not 21.”

“Well, I won’t tell if you won’t.”

Four wine coolers later I asked, “Hey, are your parents home?”

“No, they’ll be gone allllll night.”

“Really.” I drawled. “I’ll bet your bedroom is all pink, and you probably have stuffed animals all over your bed…”

“No, I don’t!” she squealed.

“Oh yeah? I don’t believe you.”

“Then come on, I’ll show you!”

As easy as that. I think the silly girl actually thought I wasn’t going to fuck her, even when I had her naked, lying on the bed, and my head between her legs.

“Oh yes, oh yes, I can’t believe what you’re doing to me, oh God, is this what coming feels like?”

“No. This is what coming feels like.” And I sucked her clitoris into my mouth and let her orgasm for a few minutes, screaming and thrashing and pulling at my hair.

I pulled a condom from my wallet and rolled it on my cock while kneeling between her splayed legs. “Wait, are you…are you going to put it inside me?”

“Yes, honey.”

“I’ve never done that before.”

“I know. You’re going to do it now.”

“Do you think I’m ready?”

I mounted her. “Yes, honey, you’re ready.”

I took her virginity with exquisite care and kindness, making her first time as memorable as I could. I entered her slowly, filling her cavity with my hardness with such tenderness that tears spilled down her face.

“I love you!” she said.

I tried not to roll my eyes. “I love you too, honey. Now put your legs on my shoulders.”

“Please,” she begged. “take the condom off. I want to feel your naked cock inside me, please, please! Take it off, I want to feel you throb!”

I tried not to smirk as I pulled out. “Oh, hurry, I want to feel you back inside me!”

I politely acquiesced, and once back inside her moist crevice I looked to my own pleasure. I arranged her legs so her ankles were over my shoulders and I went to work, thrusting in and out of her with such speed that her eyes glazed over and she went into a kind of orgasmic shock.

“Don’t I feel incredible, honey?” I taunted.


“I’m so hard, and I’m so deep inside you, tecavüz porno aren’t I?”

“Oh, yes!”

I filled her with myself and leaned down to whisper in her ear. “You know that your first time is always the best?”

She bit her lower lip. “I thought the first time was supposed to be the worst.”

I pulled back and filled her again, and her eyes squeezed shut and she arched her back. “I think you’ll find out that this is the best it will ever be.”

I finished by flipping her over and fucking her from behind, slamming myself against her pert buttocks while she buried her head in her pillows and moaned like a lovesick cow. I wanted to make sure that every time she fucked a guy for the rest of her life she would think of me, think of my cock hammering her like some kind of machine.

Mission accomplished. I treated Danielle exactly as I wished-like a very pretty plaything. No matter how badly I treated her, how callously I ignored her, she kept coming back to me, on hands and knees, because of the hard, warm organ between my legs, which gave her pleasure unlike any she’d experienced before in her life.

So when Danielle showed some actual displeasure that I was going out with someone else I pretended that I cared. “I’m sorry, baby, I shouldn’t have been so mean,” I cooed to her. “How’s your boyfriend Mark? You haven’t fucked him, right?” That was the name of the loser she let finger her on occasion.

“No, you said not to, so I haven’t. He’s OK, I guess. He’s not, he’s not like you.”

I thought, “You got that right, girl.”

I leaned forward and took her by the arms and pulled her face up to mine. “Poor baby, I didn’t bring you here to give me a blow job.”


“No,” I said, maneuvering her atop me, “I invited you here so you could fuck me.”

She closed her eyes with delight and opened her legs. “Yesss,” she breathed, and I grabbed my cock and inserted myself in her moist sheath. I sighed. Danielle was wet and snug and I grabbed her ass and slid her up and down my cock. She was an excellent fuck, really fantastic, but now that she knew what sex was like I’d have to fuck her more than once a week if I expected her to keep her legs closed. That was going to be hard with my schedule.

“Oh Rob, oh God, oh yes, oh God,” Danielle cried as my big penis stretched her.

As my teen-age mistress screwed me I contemplated my plans with Rita for tonight. I was lounging around the pool when Rita walked up to me in the purple bikini I bought her after our first encounter. “He’s going out of town, my husband,” she whispered. “Next week.”

“Excellent,” I purred. “I think we should enjoy a night out on the town. Go have dinner someplace nice, and then spend the night in a hotel. Our own little love nest.”

Her lovely face lit up with delight, but then the corners of her lips fell.

“You aren’t ashamed to be seen with me in public?” she asked.

“Why would I be ashamed to be in the company of a beautiful woman?”

“Because I’m old enough to be your mother…”

“Oh, no you’re not.” I paused a bit before I said, “My mother is two years older than you.”

“Rob…” she said, disturbed.

I motioned for her to come sit next to me. When she settled beside me I took her hand and thrust it inside my swim trunks. “What are you doing?”

“Showing you that your age isn’t the issue.” Her fingers curled around my erection and a tiny moan escaped her lips. “This issue is how fucking hot you look in that bikini.”

“Take me back to your place,” she hissed. “Fuck me!”

“No. No, I’m going to make you wait. I’m going to make you wait for my cock. I’m going to make you crazy.”

“Oh, you are?” she said, and then she slowly pulled down my trunks and fished out my cock. Her head dove into my crotch and her lips closed around my penis. We were right out in the open, maybe a hundred people within fifty yards, but no one seemed to notice what she was doing to me. “OK,” I growled, “you made your point.”

She leaned up and I tucked myself back in. She got up and said, “Think I’ll go find a seat in the sun. Want to work on my tan.”

“Have you followed up on the work I did between your legs?”

She looked at me over her shoulder and winked. “Don’t worry, I’ll be nice and smooth for our date.” I watched her sexy hips sway back and forth as she strolled away. Maybe that’s why I was still so intrigued by her-she was so delightfully naughty. She liked to fuck, liked to be fucked, and didn’t give a fuck who knew.

My boiling lust for Rita was the reason why I allowed Danielle to come over, so I could expend some of my lust constructively before our date. I wanted to be patient with Mrs. Clay, and I was horny enough to know that I needed to cool üvey anne porno my jets a bit. Hence, Danielle sliding up and down my shaft.

I reached up and kneaded her breasts and stroked her nipples into tight brown nubs. She was moaning now, loud, and I let her come on my cock, she screaming with her release. I had to take hold of her wrists to keep her from scratching me with her nails, and I humped her harder and harder, I wanted rid of her, so I sat up, flipped her on her back, and gave it to her that way, the way I did that first time, the way that made my sexy teenage plaything go absolutely insane. She rose up on all fours and screamed, “Fuck me, fuck me like a dog, oh, shit, yes!” She was so loud that I’m sure the whole neighborhood heard. Good advertising.

“It’s never going to be better than this,” I said savagely as my orgasm welled inside me. “You will never get fucked this good the rest of your life. When you finally fuck that piece-of-shit Mike you’re going to lie awake all night because you’ll be wanting me and my cock.”

“I don’t want Mike, I just want you, I only want you to fuck me!” she sobbed.

“SORRY!” I groaned as I came. I came and it was good, very, very good. I soaked her insides and I laughed with the pleasure of it all. I leaned down and kissed her behind the ear. “I’m sorry, honey. That was rude.”

“Yes it was,” she said. She was upset, but she wasn’t bright enough to be really angry. “Are you still going out with that woman tonight?”

“Of course.”

“Are you going to fuck her too?”

“Oh, yes.”

“You’re sick! You treat me like shit!”

“So leave,” I said, and I pulled my penis from her sheath, making her sob with distress. “If Mike makes you happy you won’t ever come back. But somehow I think you’ll be back here in a few days.”

“No I won’t!”

“If you don’t come here next Wednesday,” I warned, “I’ll never fuck you again. Ever. Think about that before you go mouthing off again.”

She was cowed, but not enough, so I finished by saying. “And next time, I’m not going to fuck you. Next time you’ll give me a blow job and I’m going to come in your mouth and make you swallow every drop of it. Then we’ll see if I’m in the mood to fuck you anymore. I’m sick of you whining all the time.”

“I’m sorry, I just get jealous, I just…”

I held up a hand. “I don’t care. Just stop it.” Her eyes drooped, I thought she might cry. To soothe her I said, “Do you want something to drink before you go, honey?”

I managed to get her out of my house soon after that. I had a few hours to get ready and I took my time showering and shaving. I selected a tan suit with a sky-blue tie and white shirt and, I must admit, I looked absolutely fantastic. I got in my Mercedes and drove to a shopping center five minutes from our complex that we’d selected for our rendezvous. I couldn’t very well pick u a married woman at her door.

I saw her black BMW parked in a secluded spot and I parked beside her. When she got out, wow. It takes a lot to get to me, but I’ll admit it, she looked so good that I grinned from ear to ear. She was wearing a tight, fitted burgundy silk shirt that showed the firm swells of her breasts, and a leather miniskirt cut five inches above her knees. Her slim legs were sheathed in black stockings, and she was wearing black spike heels. A woman dressed to kill, and tonight I was her prey.

I said what I felt. “Rita, you look stunning, absolutely stunning.”

She smiled and said. “So do you.”

I leaned down and kissed her and cupped her ass and pulled her against me. “Let’s forget dinner and go right to the hotel.’ I meant it, too. My cock was acting like it hadn’t fucked the brains out of an 18-year old slut three hours before.

“I’m hungry. We’ll need our strength.”

Dinner was excellent, the food fantastic, the wine well-chosen, the service prompt and proper. I liked the eyes that kept looking us over, this gorgeous couple. Were they mother and son? Not the way he kept running his hands up her thigh. I couldn’t keep my hands off her. When we were done and our waiter brought our check I said, “Finally.”

“Was dinner so disappointing?” she teased.

“It was delicious. But I’m hungry for something else right now.”

She leaned close, her eyes glowing from the wine. “Pussy?” she asked.

“Is it as smooth and clean as it was when I shaved you?”

She crossed her legs under the table and bit her lower lip. “I’m smooth as a little girl, honey.”

I looked around for our waiter. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

“I bought a special razor just for pussy. My husband asked what it was for and I just told him, ‘it’s a woman thing’. I’m smooth as a glass, baby. I can’t wait for your tongue to lick üvey erkek kardeş porno me all over down there.

Our waiter finally showed, and I handed him the bill. “It’s all there, thank you,” I said, and reached across the table to take Rita by the hand. I looked at her and saw from her bemused expression that my face betrayed my lust. “Come with me, you little slut.”

We walked to our car and as I opened her door I stepped behind her and cupped her breasts. “We could fuck right here, right in front of everyone.”

“No,” she hissed, but I heard the desire in her voice.

“Yes,” I said. I slid my hand all the way between her legs and massaged her pussy. I could feel how wet she was already. The skin beneath was as silky as the panties she wore. I could also feel the straps of the garter belt she was wearing. “How did you know I love women wearing garters?”

She leaned back into me. “I thought you might.”

I had to have her, right here, right now. Fuck the hotel, fuck the people walking through the parking lot. I had to fuck Rita Clay, and damn the consequences. I pulled up her skirt and slipped her panties down around her ankles. “Rob, stop!” she said. But when I knelt she obediently stepped out of her panties and whispered, “Throw them in the back seat and get your cock inside me!”

I unzipped and pulled my erection through the hole in my boxers. “Oh, God,” she moaned, as moved in behind her and pressed my dick against the smooth skin between her legs.

“Ready?” I challenged.

“Just hurry, before I change my mind!”

I stepped close behind her and speared her with my penis. It was so much better than it had been with Danielle. It was better because Rita wasn’t just some blow-up doll, she was a smart, exciting, sexy woman, and coupling with her was the most thrilling thing I’d ever done.

Her shaved pussy was heaven itself, I sheathed my penis deep inside her and my pelvis ground against her smooth-as-glass skin She was so wet that every thrust into her made a loud sucking sound. I pinned her against the car and began fucking her with long, quick, snapping thrusts.

“I want to scream!” she whispered.

“Well, don’t,” I hissed back. “People will hear.”

And there were lots of people around who would hear. The parking lot was alive with people coming and going, and so far no one had come near us. I fucked Rita like a animal, pounding her, and I couldn’t hold back anymore.

“I’m coming,” she moaned, beating me to the punch.

“So am I, honey, soon!”

Just as my orgasm began to erupt a man and a woman, amiably chatting and strolling through the lot, suddenly appeared in our row and walked past our car. They saw us a second after I saw them. If they had been two cops with handcuffs ready to take us away I couldn’t have stopped. I kept thrusting inside Rita’s heavenly slot, and I knew she’d seen them too by the way her lithe body stiffened.

“Yes, yes,” she cried despite her embarrassment, and I groaned, “Rita, baby, yes!!!” I came inside her, my semen gushing out, and I pulled her close against me and kissed her neck as I filled her vagina with a hot pint of my semen.

Only after I was done did I turn back to look at our audience. They were an older couple, in their 50’s, looking properly shocked. I grinned at them. “I’m sorry, is this your car?” “Oh, yes,” the man said. His wife was holding a cigarette and it was frozen in her hand. I tucked myself back inside and zipped up, and I helped Rita smooth out her skirt.

“It’s a lovely evening, isn’t it.” I observed.

“Yes, quite,” the man agreed, leering at Rita. I let them past to their car, and as the woman walked by Rita said, “I’m sorry, do you have a cigarette I could have?”

The woman looked like she hadn’t heardr, but then she came to her senses and said, “Oh, of course, certainly.” She pulled a pack out of her purse and offered it to Rita, who took one out and bent to accept the light from the recovering woman.

“Thank you,” Rita said. “I really, really needed this.”

“Yes,” the woman observed, with the barest hint of a smile. “I suppose you do.”

They got in their car and drove away, both of them waving to us as they passed.

Rita leaned against the car and put the cigarette to her lips. She blew a thick plume toward the darkening sky. “So, what do we do now?”

I opened her car door for her. “First, we stop somewhere and buy you a pack of cigarettes.”

“I quit years ago,” she said. “Now I only smoke after I make love.” Her lips closed around her cigarette and made the tip glow.

“I know. After the night I have planned for you, you’ll need the whole pack.”

She eased into her seat, her sexy legs stretched out. She puffed on her cigarette and blew smoke through the open window. “I’ll need to buy a carton, because you and I are going to be so busy together, I’m going to pick up the habit again.”

I went around to my side and got in the car. Rita was just finishing her cigarette and stubbed out the butt in the ash tray. “Take me to our hotel,” she said. “I’m in the mood for another cigarette.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32