A Close Knit Family

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When their father died, Mike and Michelle’s Grandparents moved in with them and their mother. They were the paternal grandparents. Their mother Georgia, was devastated and the John and Martha decided to help her. John was 62 years old and Martha was 59. Mike was in his bedroom looking at the newest edition of Nude Girl magazine, and had just began to stroke his hard cock. Martha unexpectedly entered and saw him with his 8 inch cock in his hand. Mike quickly covered himself and was very embarassed.

Martha told her grandson that their was nothing to be embarassed or ashamed of. She told him that as a matter of fact, he should be proud of that big, hard, young cock. She sat down on the bed beside him and reached beneath the blanket and touched his still erect cock. Mike moaned as his grandmother began softly stroking him. Martha began unbuttoning her top, and Mike freaked when he saw his grandmothers humongous breasts. Yes, the were quite old and saggy, but they were very large. He reached out and touched the giant nipples and they became very hard.

He slid his hand up his grandmother’s skirt, and was pleased to find that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her old pussy was soaking wet already. He slid a finger inside of her, and found that she was quite tight. Martha tossed the blanket off of her grandson and began sucking his hard cock. Mike moaned with pleasure. Michelle had heard the noises coming from her brother’s room and entered to investigate. She couldn’t believe what she saw. Her grandmother was sucking her brother’s hard cock, and he was furiously fingerbanging her gray haired pussy. Michelle became quite aroused and stripped off her clothing.

Martha spotted her granddaughter standing behind her naked, and invited her to help suck Mike’s cock. Michelle leaned forward and took her brother’s cock into her mouth. Martha spread her granddaughter’s tender young thighs and began licking her wet pussy. Martha nibbled on Michelle’s swollen clit, and began thrusting her fingers inside of the pink wetness. Michelle ground her pussy against her grandmother’s face, and continued sucking her brother’s big cock. Georgia just happened to walk by, and peeked inside of the bedroom door which was slightly ajar.

Georgia began watching as her motherinlaw ensest hikayeler ate her daughter, and her daughter sucked her son’s large cock. Georgia knew she should stop this, but the aching in her loin and the dampness in her panties wouldn’t allow her. Georgia stood in the hallway and slid her hand inside of her panties, she began rubbing herself while watching the hot horny 3some going on. John had quietly come behind Georgia and noticed what was going on. His daughter in law was in heat. She was softly moaning as she played with her pussy. He could smell her pussy in the air. Georgia hadn’t been laid in over 6 months.

Georgia fingered herself as her son shot his load all over his sister’s face. As Georgia watched her daughter lick her brother’s cum and saw her mother in law eating her pussy, she climaxed furiously. She fell backwards, and landed in John’s arms. She freaked. John had been behind her watching her masturbate. Her face was very red, and she tried to quickly run away. John told her not to be embarassed. She watched as John unzipped his pants and removed his very hard 10 inch cock. She couldn’t believe a man in his 60’s could have such an erection, or such a large cock. She reached for him. She began stroking his very large hard cock. The precum oozed from the huge swollen cockhead.

Georgia knelt on the floor and took him into her mouth. God, it tasted so good. It had been so long. She had loved sucking her husband’s cock very much, and missed it greatly. Meanwhile, Mike was still very hard, and his grandmother was lying on her back with her legs spread widely. Mike looked at the fluffy grey patch of pubic hair surrounding her wet, pink pussy. He shook as he guided his hard cock inside of her. She moaned as her grandson plunged his cock inside of her. It felt so good. Michelle was sitting on her grandma’s face.

Grandma had her tongue deep inside of Michelle’s young hot pussy. Michelle’s juices flowed rapidly, filling her mouth with her sweet pussy juice. Georgia was now deepthroating John. He held his daughter in law by her long blonde as she swallowed his 10 inch cock. John told Georgia that they should go into Mike’s bedroom and join the party. So the 2 headed inside of the bedroom. John began peeling Georgia’s clothing from her. She stood there totally naked now, Mike looked up and saw his mother’s large firm breasts and he reached for one and began sucking her nipples.

John was now naked and he entered Georgia from behind. She loudly grunted as his long thick cock worked it’s way inside of her very neglected pussy. It felt incredible. John began fucking her deeply, as her son sucked her breasts. Mike was furiously pounding away inside of his grandma’s old wet pussy. He was thrusting wildly. Grandma came, and her pussy muscles squeezed Mike’s young cock so hard, that it caused him to cum. He began filling his grandma with his hot cum. She felt the hot liquid splash inside of her, and it made her cum again. Mike continued shooting inside of her. John fucked Georgia doggy style totally filling her pussy with his hard throobbing cock.

Georgia came and came again. She fell to the floor face first, exhausted from her muliple orgasms. John watched as his granddaughter stood in front of him, with her nubile breasts standing out firmly. Her tiny nipples were rock hard, and her pussy glistened with it’s sweet nectar. She asked her grandpa if her would fuck her now. John removed his cock from the still motionless Georgia and began rubbing the swollen purplish cockhead up and down her young moist slit. He began pushing the head inside of her. It was the tightest pussy he had ever felt. He had trouble entering her, but she insisted that he get it in. John finally forced his large cock inside of his granddaughter. She moaned and groaned loudly as his big cock split her insides. Ooh grandpa she moaned.

He began sliding deeply inside of her, then would remove all but the large head, then he would slowly push it back inside. He continued fucking her this way, and she began climaxing. Mike saw his mother lying on the floor, and he crawled between her legs and began licking her pussy. Georgia began moaning as her son eagerly licked her wet pussy. Martha began sucking her grandson as he ate his mother. John was still slowly fucking Michelle. She begged him to fill her pussy with his hot cum, and John began to erupt. He erupted inside of her tight young pussy. Michelle squealed as she felt the hot thick liquid blast inside of her. Her grandpa was shooting an enormous load. Her pussy was completely filled with his hot cum. It made her cum again. John continued fucking her until the last of his cum shot from his cock. He began to go limp, and withdrew it from her. Meanwhile, Georgia was holding her son by the back of his head, and was grinding her wet tasty pussy against his mouth. She climaxed and Mike sucked all of the sweet juices from his mother’s excellent pussy. Martha continued deepthroating her grandson. Michelle began sucking on her brother’s balls. Mike announced that it was time for him to fuck his mother.

Ooh yes, moaned Georgia. Mike quickly thrust his cock inside of his mother. He was immediately buried in her wet tight pussy. As he fucked his mother, Michelle began eating grandma’s pussy. Grandma maneuvered into a 69 position and the two hungrily ate each other’s hot pussies. Grandpa began jacking off and his cock became very hard and long again. Mike was banging his mom with all he had. Put it in my ass, his mother begged him. He began rubbing her wet pussy juice all over her tight brown asshole, getting it all wet. He began sliding his cock inside of his mom’s ass. She grunted as his 8 inches entered her. She thrust back against him taking him all the way inside. Mike had never fucked anyone’s ass before, and this was incredible. He didn’t last long, and his hot load exploded into her ass. Georgia groaned and bucked violently as she climaxed. John stood beside his wife and granddaughter as they 69’d and began sliding his hard cock up and down his wife’s wet slit. Michelle licked her grandpa’s hard cock as it rubbed her grandma’s pussy. He then slid it inside of Martha’s pussy. Martha moaned as her husband slid his long cock into her wet pussy.

Michelle crawled from beneath her grandma and joined her brother and mom on the floor. John furiously pounded away at his wife’s pussy. Martha climaxed loudly. Her screams filled the room. As he felt his load build up her removed his hard cock from her and began jacking off over Georgia and Michelle. His cum erupted, splashing across their open mouths. Both began licking up the white fluid as it covered them. As his last drops seeped from the large head. Georgia began french kissing her daughter. They shared John’s cum with each other. They were all totally wore out, and decided it was time to take naps. They all knew that this would be considered A Close Knit Family from now on.

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