A Christmas Wish…

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“Shhhh be quiet or he’ll see us!” Maggie told her younger sister Sarah who had just turned eighteen-years-old.

“I can’t help it Maggie. I giggle when I am nervous. What if he finds out it was US?” She asked as her sister aimed the digital camera at the Dean of their college.

“He won’t, we are going to post this on the school bulletin board after he leaves tomorrow.” She told her smiling taking pictures of the dean prancing around in his bedroom wearing a red Santa’s dress while a young man was wearing the Mister Claus suit laying on the bed with a huge hard on sticking out of his pants.

Maggie and Sarah quickly ran out of the bushes when the dean looked at the window with a strange puzzled look. The two sisters began to giggle as they ran down the street heading back to the campus. Their long blonde hair flew wildly in the night’s air. Snow began to fall down on them from the heavens, as they ran and ran down the street. Their giggles could be heard into the night as they entered Cambridge Hall.

The next morning the alarm rang wildly waking the two mischievous sister’s. Sarah jumped out of her bed onto the cold wooden floor wearing just her white camisole and matching thong. Her hair wrapped up on top of her hair. Her blue eyes gleamed with the thoughts of their dean being totally exposed as the hose sucker he was. Sarah sleepily rolled out of bed with her blonde hair hanging loosely around her, she slipped her feet into her black furry slippers as she made her way to the steaming hot coffee.

Sarah looked out the window smiling as the first snow fell hitting the ground. Both girls could be twins except for the two-year difference in their ages. They looked like modern day Marilyn Monroe’s and men of all ages desired the girls.

“Dress warm Sarah it’s snowing out and I need to get going.” She told her sister as she pulled on her tight black low riser’s, red turtle neck shirt, her black snow boots and black swede jacket. Maggie left with her picture of the dean.

Sarah left for school shortly after Maggie bundled up in her multi colored fur jacket, Black velvet blouse, her black jeans, and snow boots. She grabbed her book bag and out the door she went without any worries of the pictures she helped her sister to take. She felt her stomach go into flips when she saw Philip the major crush of her life.

Philip smiled at Sarah with his snow white teeth, his features were chiseled and his blue eyes were bright and sparkled when they gazed upon Sarah. His long lean body was muscular in its own rights. He smiled at Sarah as she began to fumble with the lock on her locker.

“Here let me help you open it Sarah.” Philip told her moving her out of the way by grasping her shoulders.

“Thank you.” Sarah smiled at him trying not to blush.

Sarah’s joy quickly came to an end when Charlene the big busted bimbo shoved Sarah to the side. “Philip I have been looking for you! Now come on sweety we’re going to be late for class.” She told him pulling him away from the locker and Sarah.

Sarah watched as they walked down the hallway, Philip kept looking back at Sarah as Charlene kept her tight death grip around his arm. Sarah opened her locker where she smiled seeing his picture that she had taped inside of the locker. Dumb bitch. Sarah thought bursa escort to herself as she headed to the class that Philip and Charlene had headed to.

Sarah was happy that her desk sat across from Philip’s while Charlene’s was moved to the back for passing notes to Philip. Philip caught Sarah’s attention by dropping his folder on the floor.

“I want to see you tonight, be in front of Lucky’s pizza and I will pick you up.” He whispered to her as he picked up the folder.

Sarah smiled and nervously mouthed ok. Sarah could not think of anything else but her date with Philip. The rest of the day she walked around in a daze, she was unaware of the dean’s friend from the night before following her around campus. She hurried to meet Maggie at the bulletin board for their dirty deed. She waited and waited but Maggie never showed up at their arranged meeting place. Sarah hurried home and no Maggie.

Sarah began running through the streets of the small college town and still no Maggie . . . She was gone. “Where are you Maggie?” She asked with a feeling of doom enveloping her soul. She walked to the pizza parlor in hopes that Philip would know what to do.

Sarah climbed into Philips black ford 150 telling him how she cannot find Maggie anywhere. Philip was not too concerned since Maggie was known to be a party girl.

“I am sure she is all right Sarah, the police won’t even take a report for 24 hours because she is an adult.” He told her trying to comfort her.

Sarah stared out the window of the truck wondering what had happened to Maggie? Philip took Sarah back to his room. Sarah stood under the mistletoe as Philip cleared away the clothes from the only chair in his place. He saw her standing there looking so lost. He walked over to her taking her in his arms. His arms felt so safe to Sarah.

“You know I have to kiss you since the mistletoe is right over your pretty head.” Philip told her as he placed a soft kiss on her velvet like lips.

Sarah’s belly began doing flips and goose bumps covered her flesh. Her tiny pink nipples became erect. She pressed into Philip and his hands roamed down to her plump firm ass. His hands squeezed her ass checks and pulled her closed to his erection. He began to undress them both and then carried her to the bed. Her heart began to race as his body was now over top of hers, his mouth covered hers as his tongue began to explore the inside of her mouth. She began to suck on his tongue as his hands found her small round mounds. Her thighs opened wide allowing his hard erection entrance into her body. Her hips and back arched upwards as her legs wrapped around his waist and he was now buried deep inside of her. Philips hips thrust his erection deeper with each thrust and grind of his hips. Her nipples were erect and swollen in his mouth. Her fingers dug into his back as her climax built to the boiling point and they both erupted spilling their juices together. They laid quietly in each others arm until sleep finally over took the two of them.

The next morning they awoke to a screaming alarm clock. Philip smiled at Sarah pulling her on top of his hard erection.

” Someone needs attention.” He told her

“Mmmmm and does someone need attention from Lil ol’ me?” She asked smiling devilishly and feeling him bursa escort bayan entering her.

Their bodies were so in tuned to each other, their hearts were falling in love and neither were fighting this glorious feeling.

Two hearts were becoming as one as his seeds were being planted deep within her body. Their bodies molded together as the explosion rocked their bodies.

“I am telling Charlene it’s over, I can’t stand sneaking around with you when it’s you I want to spend my life with. So open your early Christmas gift.” He told her reaching into his night stand and pulling out a small black box.

Sarah opened the box as tears spilt from her eyes and fell down her cheeks. “Oh Philip, an engagement ring.” She said as he placed the ring on her finger.

“Your mine now, we will live happily ever after.” He told her laughing feeling alive for the first time in a long time.

Sarah was on top of the world when Philip dropped her off at her dorm. She was hoping Maggie would be there just waking up. She opened the door slowly only to find Maggie had never came back to their dorm. Sarah dialed the police. Her heart dropped when she heard they had a Jane Doe that matched Maggie’s description. Sarah hurried out of the room and to the ICU at Memorial General. The girl laying in a coma in the hospital bed was not her sister Maggie.

“Where are you Maggie? ” She asked as she rode the bus back to her dorm.

Sarah walked into her room to find Maggie sitting on the bed. She was happy and angry all at the same time. “Where have you been?” She asked her older sister.

“I was with the dean and his friend.” She said smiling wickedly.

“What do you mean Maggie?” She asked her sister looking at her like she betrayed their country.

“I tried to pin the pictures to the board but his friend caught me. So he took me back to the dean and well let’s just say it was a kinky night little sister.” She told her smiling until she saw the ring on her finger. “What is that?” She asked Sarah.

“I am engaged to Philip Maggie.” She told her knowing she was going to go ballistic on her.

“Are you fucking suicidal? He’s going out with Charlene! She will kill you!” Maggie yelled at Sarah.

“She can try, but he’s mine now, now and forever Maggie.” She told her knowing Charlene will kill her.

Maggie stormed out of the room with Sarah right behind her when she saw Philip standing in her hall way. “Sarah, we need to talk baby.” He told her with an expression that told Sarah everything.

“She isn’t letting you go she is she. ” She told him as Maggie stood by her sister quietly.

“No, she’s uh . . . she’s pregnant . . . she showed me the papers from the doctors.”He told her with tears in his eyes.

Sarah’s heart heaved up and down as her face showed the pain her heart was inflicted with. Maggie grabbed her sister as Philip looked down at the floor. Sarah sobbed as Maggie held Sarah knowing this was going to take sometime before her sister’s heart was mended. Sarah broke away from Maggie and head down the winding staircase when she tripped falling down the stairs. Maggie screamed out her name.

Sarah’s crumpled body laid at the bottom of the stair’s. Philip dialed 911 on his cell phone. Maggie tried to bring Sarah to consciousness. escort bursa “Sarah wakes up please, You have to be all right or I’ll be all alone in this world.” She cried into her sister’s chest as she cradled her for fear of moving her too much she may hurt her more.

Two weeks had gone by and Christmas was only two days away. Maggie sat vigil by her sister’s bed. Philip would visit only when Charlene was at the doctors. It was on one of these visits that Charlene showed up at Sarah’s bedside. Alone in her room she bent down and whispered in her ear.

“You need to die now, because you will never have Philip now, I made sure of it. She told her as she was thinking to herself, I had better get pregnant before he finds out it was Cherry’s pregnancy test I showed him.


Christmas Eve . . .

Maggie decorated the small Christmas tree she had bought, tears flowed down her eyes as placed the angel on top of the tree.

“Please I hope you hear me, I know I have never been very religious and I have committed a lot of sins. Sarah is innocent and she has a bright future ahead of her. Please let her come back to me God, please don’t take her away . . . what will I do?” She prayed as she fell to her knees feeling so lost and scared.

Maggie’s tears hit the floor as she cried feeling despair. She looked up her sister seeing the engagement ring flickering as if a sign. “What . . . What do you want me to do?” She asked the sparkling ring.

Suddenly she had a vision of Charlene not pregnant. ” That lying two-bit whore. ” She said as she got to her feet and walked out the door to find Charlene and Philip.

She went to the dorm and banged on Charlene’s door, Cherry swung the door opened and gulped seeing an angry Maggie. “Maggie what do you want?” she asked her.

“Where is your lying ass room mate Cherry and tell me how she got the pregnancy test?” She asked as she tried to put all the pieces together.

” Maggie I didn’t want to deceive anybody, but she was so anal about the whole thing and your sister. I was scared of her and feared for my baby.” She told Maggie as she finished packing her bags, “I am going home and not returning here so here is your gift to give to Philip and Sarah.” She told her unaware of Sarah’s condition.

“Sarah is in the hospital because of the lie that was told. Merry Christmas Cherry.” She told her walking out of the room.

Maggie finally caught up to Charlene and Philip at the local hamburger joint. “Philip give this lying bitch this pregnancy test and it will prove she is as pregnant as I am.” She told Philip daring Charlene to make the wrong movement.

“I am not doing it!” Charlene yelled.

“You will or you are lying.” He told her.

Charlene ran from the place cursing at the top of her voice. Philip smiled at Maggie. “Thank you.” He told her.

“Come on and tell Sarah the wedding is still on!” She told him grabbing him by the arm and dragging him out of the place.

Philip sat on the side of Sarah’s hospital bed. “Sarah you have to wake up so we can get married baby, Charlene was lying.” He told her with his eyes misting over.

Sarah’s heart monitored showed a response to what he said. Her eyes opened slowly her face held a small smile. ” Philip . . . Maggie what happened?” She asked the two most important people in her life.

On that night a Christmas Wish was answered and Caroler’s sang throughout the hospital’s hall . . . And to all a Good Night.

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