A Christmas to Remember

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It’s three days before Christmas and I’m on my way to Your house for the holidays. Thoughts of our last visit floating through my head. It was so special, being our first time together. But this one is different. I’m flying to Your house, not a hotel to meet You. The idea of this has me a little apprehensive, actually being in Your home for the first time. Being aware of my feelings, You assured me everything will be fine and we will have a great holiday together. I’m really excited about having a real “White Christmas” since I live on the West Coast and don’t see much snow. Having snowball fights, snuggling up together in front of a roaring fire, watching the snow fall slowly to the ground. With a sigh, I think to myself, it all sounds so wonderful.

My day dreaming is interrupted by the captain’s voice saying we will be landing shortly. I buckle up and think how brief the three-hour flight seemed. The butterflies in my stomach start to act up again; this is really upsetting me. I don’t want to be so nervous when I see You again. Trying to ignore them I take a few deep breaths and start to gather my things together. The landing was smooth and before I know it I’m walking through the terminal trying to find You. I see You standing, waiting patiently, not far from me. You haven’t noticed me just yet which gives me a few minutes to calm my nerves. I start to move towards You, watching Your face the whole time, waiting for You to spot me. Your eyes finally find mine and hold them for just a moment. Knowing I am not to look much longer, I lower my head. I feel the heat coming from Your stare and my whole body blushes in response as You stand there waiting for me to come to You. There is a certain pleasure in knowing what is expected of me and with that feeling I make my way to You with my eyes lowered. When I’m no more than two inches from You, You reach out with both hands pulling me in, one hand around my waist the other gripping the back of my neck firmly.

“It’s good to see you again my dear”

You say with a harsh voice, then crush Your mouth onto mine. With our lips pressed firmly together, teeth grinding and tongues dancing my heart begins to pound. Sensing my legs are about to give, You grip my waist even harder, pulling me closer. I wrap my arms around You, paying no attention to the bags falling to the floor. After what seemed like hours yet wasn’t nearly long enough, You break our connection. You place a hand under my chin and tilt my face up, my eyes flutter open yet still lowered and You smile down at me.

“It’s good to see You too, Master” I whisper.

With a light laugh, You reach down and pick up my things for me. Hand in hand we make our way to the parking lot.

In just a few short minutes we reach the car and are on the road to Your home. On the short drive I admire the city. Seeing street venders, tall buildings and snow, so much snow. People are bustling all over the sidewalks and cars jam the streets. You drive in what seems like cause, with practiced expertise. We chat about my flight and plans we have for the week while we make our way through the city. As we get further from the city the trees get bigger and bigger. The houses are large and the lawns are manicured nicely. Just about everyone has twinkling Christmas lights strung over their homes. The neighborhood looks very festive and friendly; I smile to myself as we zig zag around the corners.

We finally stop in front of this big, beautiful house. The lights are strung over every corner and there is a snowman in the front yard, greeting us with a coal smile and a carrot nose. I giggle as I climb out of the car and look him over. I turn to catch Your eye

“Did You make him?” I joyfully ask You.

“Yep, and there is plenty of snow for you to make him a buddy.” You say, with a wink of the eye and a wiggle of the brow.

I laugh to myself and think this trip is gunna be a lot of fun.

Not being used to such cold, I’m shivering before we can even make it inside. With frozen fingers and blue lips I step within Your home for the first time. My eyes catch the tall ceilings and pictures on the walls first then roam over the rest of the room.

“There will be time to see the rest of the place later. You need to get warm and rested.” You inform me as You lead me from the entryway.

“Follow me”

I do as instructed without a second thought of seeing the house fully. Moments later You lead me into a small yet beautiful room. There’s a large, very comfortable looking bed, bookshelves and an over stuffed chair and ottoman in the corner. It looks like it’s just waiting for me to climb into it and crack open a book. With Your hand on the small of my back You lead me to the bed.

“Get undressed and get into bed. I’ll wake you when I’m ready for you.” You tell me right before walking out of the room. The stab of disappointment hits me sharply as I hear the door shut behind You. I’m more than a little baffled that You didn’t want to be with me, but understanding that You are doing what is best for me, I begin to get undressed. With my clothes folded and yalova escort stacked neatly in the chair I climb into the bed. Expecting the sheets to be cold and crisp I’m delighted to find them soft and warm. Snuggling deeper into the bed I fall asleep fast, my last thoughts are of You.

Soon afterward the dreams come, slow at first then stronger and stronger. There’s a hand flowing over me, starting at my calves and making it’s way up the back of my thighs. I can almost feel it in my sleep as it glides over me, soft yet firm. Then I’m on my back and the one hand seems to have doubled. The feeling is getting stronger. My breasts are

squeezed and I feel the groan come from inside me. Then my lips are covered and I feel something soft on my tongue. I begin to stir in my sleep, not wanting to wake up. I don’t

want this dream to end. But I feel something pulling at me, some strong urge to awaken. Something deep inside me is telling me to leave the dream behind and open my eyes. I begin to stretch and purring like a kitten I open my eyes, a little jolt runs through me when I see You leaning over me.

“It’s about time you woke up.” You say with a smile.

“I was having this wonderful dream, didn’t want to leave it.”

“Well, it’s time to get up. We have things to do today, oh and I bought you a present.”

You tell me as You hand me a beautifully wrapped box. My insides melt as I take the gift. Looking up at You, smiling, I begin to unwrap it.

“Thank You so much Master. But You didn’t have to get me anything, just being here with You is enough for me.”

“Just open it my dear. I’m sure You will love it.” You tell me, with a wink.

Picking up my pace, I have the wrapping off in a matter of seconds. Just by looking at the box I have no clue what it is. I look up at You with curiosity in my eyes.

I begin to slowly open the box, as if I’m afraid something is going to leap out at me. Moving the tissue aside I see something that is shaped like an egg, which seems to have a remote control next to it.

Puzzled, I raise my eyes to Yours for just a moment and ask

“What is this and what is it for Master?”

Leaning in, placing Your lips on mine for a quick yet soft kiss You whisper to me

“Lye back and I will show you.”

Doing as instructed I lay myself back down on the bed, resting my head on the pillow closing my eyes. I feel Your hands running up my thighs, spreading my legs open wide. My heart begins to beat faster and my hands tensely gather the sheets.

You place Your fingers on either side of my pussy, gently rubbing, stroking, and making me moan softly. Then I feel the egg being inserted inside me. I jump slightly, not sure what You’re doing, but trusting you totally, I lye my head back down on the pillow. You push it deeply inside, wiggling it around a bit. I try and catch my breath as You instruct me to sit up. With an evil smile, You hold up the remote for my viewing and start to work it. The buzzing inside me is a shock to my system. It’s low at first, then speeding faster and faster.

“Oh gawd” I moan loudly.

“Master, that feels so good.” I’m breathless as You continue to work the remote.

“Yes my dear, I know it does. I hope you enjoy it as I show you around this afternoon.” You tell me.

My eyes widen with a mix between pleasure and horror.

“You can’t mean to keep this inside me all day?” I plead.

“Yes my sweet, I do.” Leaning in, just a breath away, You crank it up all the way and shock me even more by saying, “And you are not allowed to cum.”

The vibrations so intense, Your words so fierce, I almost cum at that very moment. But I work up the strength to control myself and my reward is the low humming deep inside me. Knowing I couldn’t take much more of the brutal speed You had set.

An hour later we are in town, You showing me everything, me wide eyed at how stunning it all appears. Doing my best to ignore the low vibrations, I admire all the storefront windows. Just when I have become accustom to the leisurely feel of the egg, You rocket the power up to it’s highest. Stunned by this, I lose my balance and have to grip Your arm to keep from collapsing to the ground. I try my best to ignore the stares coming from our fellow shoppers, but my face is flushed and my body is shaking. As the egg rockets inside me, I feel my impending orgasm building up deep within me. My legs are wobbly as I stand in public fighting off an orgasmic explosion from within. Just when I think I can stand no more, You turn it to the slowest speed. Relief and frustration mingle together in my head. Not wanting You to stop, but also begging You to at the same time. How will I make it through the day?

“You need to learn how to control yourself my dear, or I will keep this sweet little toy of yours on high all day and never give you a break from it.” You whisper in my ear as You grab my hand and pull me along.

After hours of shopping and You tormenting me, we finally walk into the small Italian restaurant, my legs shaking, my pussy aching, and zonguldak escort my head spinning. We are seated in the back booth with our menus to skim over, while waiting for our waitress. The buzzing inside my pussy slowed to a low hum, at last.

“Feeling all right, my dear?” You lean in and ask me.

With a smile I say “Yes Sir, thank You for slowing it down for me.”

You lay Your hand on my thigh and tell me not to get used to it. My throat goes dry and I reach for my water, wondering how am I going to get through this. Moments later my

eyes begin to roam the room. They lock on the back of woman with the most beautiful blonde hair I have ever seen. Her hair was just about to her waist with soft curls. My eyes start traveling over the rest of her body. She had long slender legs, shapely hips, and a lean narrow back. She wore a short black skirt and a red blouse with a little apron tied around her hips, indicating that she was one of the waitresses. Realizing I’ve been staring at her, I shake my head a little to clear the thoughts that had flooded my brain. I feel your hand tighten on my thigh and my head spins around to catch Your eye.

“Do you like what you see?” You ask me.

The blush covers my whole body. With a quick nod I answer yes, completely mortified at being caught looking at another woman.

“Good.” Is all You say.

My eyes flash to Yours intending on asking You what You mean by that, but before I open my mouth to ask I’m interrupted by our waitress. Which happens to be the same women I was staring at.

“Hello there sweetie. How are you today?” she asks You with a friendly smile.

“Hi Gabrielle. I’m great, thanks. How are you?”

“Fabulous sweets, thanks. And who is this you have brought with you today?” She asks looking me over. Her eyes wander over my body, making me feel naked and exposed.

“This is my subbie. Remember, I told you she was coming to visit this week?” You tell her.

With shock in my eyes, I take her extended hand for a quick shake of introduction.

“It’s nice to meet you, Gabrielle.” I manage to say.

“You to sweets.” She practically purrs at me. A small shiver runs down my spine and at that very moment You chose to turn the vibrations back up to high. My whole body feels like it’s going to explode. I begin to whimper, not being able to hold back much longer. Then You drop it down again. My head leans back on the booth, relieved for the break. Not realizing Gabrielle is watching me the whole time; I open my eyes to find hers locked on me.

With genuine concern she asks. “Are you ok, sweet heart?”

You answer for me, telling her yes, I’m just excited to meet her.

After taking our order, Gabrielle departs from the table with my eyes on her until she is out of site. I turn to You, my mouth open, but before I can utter a single word You place Your finger to my lips.

“No questions my dear. Just relax and enjoy the evening.” You tell me, just before You place Your lips to mine. The kiss is soft and sweet at first then You deepen it, taking absolute control of my mouth. Your grip is firm on the back of my neck, pulling me closer, making me moan into Your mouth. By the time You release me my head is spinning and I have forgotten all questions. Gabrielle makes her way back to our table with the wine You have ordered and sits for a brief chat.

It seems You two have known each other for quit some time now and she knows all about me. I’m a little shocked and embarrassed that she knows so much, but I manage to join in on the conversation when necessary. Later, our food has arrived and we sit, talking. I enjoy talking with You. You make it so easy to say what I am feeling or thinking. Our evening goes quickly and before long we are on our way back to the house.

Once inside, Your voice changes slightly, getting a little sterner, telling me to go to my room, get undressed and wait for You. I do as instructed and wait for You in the middle of the room on my knees, bottom resting on the heals of my feet, legs spread, pussy exposed for Your view, hands resting behind my back and my eyes lowered. My back is straight and beginning to ache under the strain. Soon, I begin to wonder if You intend to leave me here like this all night. But, before long I hear the door open, Your footsteps echo all around me as You do Your inspection. Kneeling behind me, You trace Your hand along my shoulder, down my back then up to my neck, informing me that You are very pleased with me. Whispering in my ear You tell me that You have yet another gift for me. Your breath so close to me sends a shiver down my body, my nipples grow hard and my heart begins to pound. Then I feel it, soft yet firm clasp around my neck. My eyes open wide in complete surprise.

“You belong to me now, my sweet subbie.” You tell me as You walk around me, lifting me from the floor, leading me to the mirror.

“Do you like it?” You ask while kissing my neck, shoulders, ears. Your hot mouth making it’s marks over my upper body. I lift my eyes to the mirror seeing the collar zonguldak escort locked around my throat for the first time. The feeling is overwhelming and I am almost brought to tears.

“Yes Master, I love it, thank You so much.” I tell You, breathless.

From behind, Your arms wrap around me and hook the leash to the small ring in the front. I’m a little stunned, not expecting there to be a leash as well. It’s tugged on and I’m forced to move along behind You. I’m a little slow, and You have to tug me along, telling

me to keep up. I work hard at keeping up with You, as I’m lead through the house, naked. You stop in front of a closed door, turn around and place a blindfold around my eyes. I hear You open the door, walk in, leading me behind You. You tug on the leash making me stumble slightly, as I’m lead through the room in total darkness. With Your hands on my shoulders, You gently guide me to the bed.

“Time for this to come off.” You tell me when You unhook the leash. I begin to panic slightly, when I feel Your hands at my throat. Knowing my thoughts, as always, You tell me to calm down Your only removing the leash. Once off, You proceed to push me on my back, cuff my ankles, legs spread wide, to the corners of the bed. My wrists are cuffed together, brought up above my head and hooked to the headboard.

Then silence. I hear nothing, feel nothing. I lay there completely exposed, I feel my nipples getting harder and my pussy begins to ache to be touched. My ears perk as I thought I heard voices. There they are again, whispers, “Yes” and “I understand,” is all I am able to make out. I feel my whole body blush knowing there is someone with You. I hear footsteps getting closer and closer. My heart begins to pound wildly in my chest.

“She looks beautiful like that, doesn’t she?” I hear You ask, and a soft yes is the reply.

I feel the weight of someone sitting on the bed, a hand running up my stomach, over my breasts then along my newly acquired collar. I can tell it’s Your hand and am relieved.

You lean in and whisper, “This is your new toy my sweet. I hope you like her.” Then You’re gone. Her, did He say her!? And my fears are confirmed when I hear a soft voice telling me how amazing I look bound to the bed. Her hands are on my breasts, squeezing hard, rubbing my nipples with her palms. Trying to fight the desire I have had buried deep inside me, I close my eyes and focus on breathing. Then her lips are on mine and I lose all control, it feels as if she is sucking it right out of me.

Her tongue presses past my lips and she tastes like sweet strawberries. I moan into her mouth and have the greatest desire to wrap my arms around her. Leaving my lips, her hands and mouth begin to slide down my body. I quiver in fear and anticipation, knowing where she is going. My breath catches in my throat as I feel her lips on my inner thighs, first the left then the right. Soft, wet female lips pressed into my thighs, something I never thought I would experience and now thanks to You, I am.

I can feel her wet mouth making it’s way closer to my aching pussy. Her hands resting on my thighs as her tongue lightly licks my smooth lips. My hips jerk up from the intense touch. I hear You get up and head to the bed. As her tongue glides over my clit for the first time, Your mouth clamps down on my nipple. The pleasure is too extreme for me and I can’t control my orgasm as it comes slamming to the surface. I feel my pussy explode under her tongue as my orgasm rockets through my body. You lift Your mouth from my breasts and tell the girl, “Do not stop. Make her cum again and again without stopping.”

Your hands clamp down on my nipples, squeezing them hard, making me cry out.

“You will pay for that, my dear. I did not give you permission to cum.” You tell me as Your fingers squeeze even harder. The pain and pleasure mixed as one, makes my body explode again and again. The orgasms rip through me one after another, to many to count. It seems like hours before You release my nipples and tell the girl to stop. Intensely relieved that you both have stopped, I lay there, strapped to the bed, exhausted. I feel the girl begin to climb up my body, kissing, licking, and sucking. Your hands are at my ankles unhooking them, then as You climb on the bed You bend my knees back and press the head of Your cock at the entrance of my throbbing pussy. The girl has climb up to my head, I feel her on either side of me. I jump when I feel her pressed against my mouth. I’m not really sure what to do as she sits there, but I manage to slide my tongue over her clit. She begins to moan and move her hips, rocking back and forth. This encourages me and I move my tongue faster, pressing harder. Your cock is still pressed against my pussy, as if You are just sitting there watching us. Then You slam into me fast and fierce. Your cock feels like it’s going to rip me in half. I’m moaning into her pussy, sending small vibrations into her. She begins to scream and grind her pussy on my mouth. You grip my legs tossing them over Your shoulders, fucking me harder, faster. The girl on my face screams through her orgasm, hips rocking, thighs gripping my head, fingers squeezing my nipples. Her orgasms seems to last forever as her juices flow in my mouth and over my face. When finally spent she climbs off me, lying beside me panting.

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