A Change of Heart

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We’d barely been back from a couple days down the shore when Jim let me know that he wanted to go back. We’d been with a bunch of friends and Jim had made a connection with Julie so it didn’t surprise me that he wanted to go see her again. She and her friend Dina had remained behind at the condo owned by Julie’s family when the rest of us departed for home. I had a feeling that Julie would not be disappointed by Jim surprising her, which was pretty much our only option back in those days before cell phones. The condo had a land line be we had no idea what the number was. It would only take us an hour before we’d be at her door so I was more than willing to join Jim and thought maybe something might happen with Dina with it being only the four of us.

Julie was thrilled to see Jim again but Dina seemed pretty indifferent about me, which wasn’t really anything new for me. It had been late already when we’d arrived so we sat up for a bit having a couple of beers before we were ready to call it a night. There were only two bedrooms and Dina and Julie had obviously already claimed them, which meant Jim would be sharing Julie’s but I’d be in the living room on a futon. It wasn’t the worst place I’d ever had to sleep but I woke up just a few hours after we’d killed the lights because I had to pee. I made it to the bathroom fairly quietly and, after I’d peed, flushed and washed up, I checked out the other bedrooms before intending to head back to the futon. The one Julie and Jim were in, of course, had the door closed and I did not try to open it. The other bedroom, however, was open and the blinds weren’t closed so I could see pretty well. When I peeked in, I could see Dina sleeping alone in a very big bed that looked much more comfortable than the futon. I didn’t even hesitate; I just slipped in with her, far enough away that we weren’t touching, and was asleep again almost immediately.

The next time I awoke, it was when Dina got up to use the bathroom. I don’t think it was possible that she didn’t know I was there but she didn’t say anything when she left. I didn’t fall back asleep because I was expecting her to throw me out when she returned but I was beyond surprised by what happened instead. She never said a word when she returned and quietly slipped back into bed but, rather than going back to sleep, she scooted over close to me and said something that shocked me.

“I’m horny,” she whispered.

“Would you like me to make you cum?” I asked, my cock rising as I thought maybe if I made her cum, she’d return the favor.

“I would love that,” she replied.

“Well, there a few ways I can accomplish it,” I whispered, “but let me start with this way.”

I slipped my hand up along her inner thigh and found that she had panties on under her nightshirt. I moved my hand over the front of them while feeling the coarse texture of her bush through them, then slipped my hand inside. My cock was fully rigid as my fingertips passed through her trim bush and encountered her hot, dripping slit. She moaned softly as I slipped a finger into her, pumping it briefly before lightly caressing her clit. She was on her back with her legs spread and I was lying on my side so, as I was stroking her clit, I leaned down to kiss her. She was responsive and it only took a moment before our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths.

After Dina’s reaction when we’d showed up at the door, I never would have expected to find myself in this position. I was happy that it was because she was horny, not because she was drunk, because, if I was able to make her cum, this could be the start of something whereas, if she was drunk, she’d be more likely to wake up feeling regret. My goal was to make her cum multiple times in a variety of ways so that she knew she could count on me whenever she was horny in the future. The way she was writhing and rocking her hips suggested that what I was doing was making her feel pretty good. I dipped my finger into her pussy occasionally, finding it becoming even wetter and more engorged, but mostly I was focused on stimulating her clit.

Ultimately, she ended up pulling her lips from mine and pressing her face into my neck as she tried to hold back her moans. A few soft ones slipped out and she was breathing hard and fast as her body started tensing up. She was holding onto me tightly and only let go when she started cumming. She went from tense to almost completely limp, then her body started to shake. Another soft moan slipped out as she experienced her orgasm, which appeared to be fairly long and pretty intense. I didn’t stop caressing her clit until she went completely still and let out a sigh. I slipped my hand out of her panties and tasted her nectar on my finger which just confirmed my intentions to make her cum via another method.

As she lay there catching her breath, I moved down between her legs but, before sliding her panties off, I kissed her soft, smooth inner thighs so she’d know I was down there to eat her not necessarily to fuck her…at least not yet. I caressed the front of her panties then started sliding them down as she lifted her bahis firmaları ass to assist me. As I set her panties aside, I was admiring the trim, light brown bush that surrounded her pussy in the dim light. Glancing up, I noted that her nightshirt was still covering her tits, so I resolved not only to make her cum but also to get her naked before I left that bed.

I ran my tongue along her slit and heard her gasp then felt her hands on my head. She didn’t pull my head toward her pussy, at least not at that moment, but held it in place as she started rocking her hips. I lapped at her pussy, slurping up the juices that were abundantly flowing, before slipping a finger into her. She was pretty snug but, with all of the lubrication she was producing, my finger slid easily into her once again. I slowly slid it in and out as I licked and sucked her clit and she continued rocking her hips in rhythm. Glancing up again, I could see an expression on her face that suggested she was experiencing a great deal of pleasure, which I didn’t doubt. I was happy to be able to help her deal with her horniness and hoped that she’d think about me first in the future when she had a similar itch that she didn’t want to scratch by herself.

I don’t know if it was because she’d just had an orgasm, but she seemed to be building up even more quickly toward her second one. It may have been that or it may have just been that a finger and tongue combined provided more pleasure than just a finger. Either way, she was rocking her hips faster as her pussy was becoming hotter and wetter around my probing finger. She started tensing up again, now pulling my face against her pussy, but I was able to continue what I was doing while savoring the opportunity. If for some reason she decided the following morning that she wasn’t interested in having me help her cum ever again, I was still planning to fondly remember this occasion when I did get to.

As with the previous orgasm, just before she came, the tension abruptly left her then her body started shaking. I continued eating her, slurping her clit while pumping my finger in and out of her juicy pussy, as she experienced her second orgasm. It appeared to be just as long and intensely pleasurable as the first one had been, which was obviously good for her but potentially good for me, too. When she finally went still and let out a sigh, I raised my head and slipped my finger from her pussy into my mouth.

“Come here,” she said, breathlessly, so I crawled up over her and we kissed again. She started pulling my shirt up and over my head so we stopped kissing then she reached for the waist of my shorts. I moved over to lie beside her as she got up on her knees and opened my shorts. She reached inside, feeling my rigid cock through my briefs but, before taking them off, she straightened up and removed her nightshirt. I gazed upon her long, lean body as she moved around to slide my shorts and underwear off. Her tits were on the smaller side but very perky with small areolas and hard nipples. As she worked my shorts and underwear down, my rigid cock sprang out and she paused momentarily to look at it before completing the task. Once my shorts and underwear were cast aside, she stroked my cock for a moment before leaving the bed and going over to her bag on the floor. She rooted through it briefly as I stared at her ass and her pussy peeking out between her legs as she was bent over. When she turned back, she was tearing open a condom, which she then handed me.

I rolled the condom down my rigid shaft as she climbed back on the bed and straddled me. She guided my sheathed cock toward her pussy and lowered herself onto it, causing both of us to moan softly. Her pussy was snug and slippery and hot and, even through the condom, felt completely amazing. She started to slowly ride me as I reached up to fondle her tits, caressing the soft, smooth flesh and brushing my palms over her hard nipples. She had her back to the window that was letting light into the room, so she was blocking some of the light for me but, because the walls opposite the window were white, there was some reflection that allowed me to still make out most of her features. I could tell that she had her eyes closed and that the expression on her face was reflecting the pleasure she was apparently feeling. When she started riding me harder, I could feel her tits starting to bounce so, when I moved my hands away, there was also just enough light so that I could watch them.

I was really psyched as I ran my hands around to caress her ass while watching her tits bouncing because, since she’d cum twice already, I wasn’t feeling any pressure to hold out for her. I could feel my orgasm building because her pussy felt so damn good as it moved up and down my tool and, even though I would like to have fucked her for a lot longer, I was okay with blowing my load because I knew it would feel awesome. Because she was controlling the pace, though, I was able to enjoy it for longer than I imagine I would have had I been on top. I was just trying to commit every detail to memory, from the feel of her pussy through kaçak iddaa the condom to the visual of her tits bouncing to the feel of her ass cheeks against my hands. She was gradually moving faster and, as she did, I could feel my orgasm coming closer. My cock started swelling even more and I think this might actually have been enough to push her over the edge because, right as I was thinking I was reaching the point of no return, she dropped down on my cock and started shaking.

I was happy to have been able to make her cum three times, just as I’m sure she was happy to have had the opportunity to cum three times. She just sat on my throbbing cock as she rode out her orgasm, which appeared to be another long and intense one. Even after she seemed to have finished cumming, she just sat there catching her breath for a moment as I waited to see what would happen next.

“Now it’s your turn,” she finally said, breathlessly, as she climbed off of my cock. She moved backwards until she was kneeling between my legs then stripped off the condom and pumped my throbbing cock. She lowered her head and wrapped her lips around my tool causing me to moan as it was engulfed in her hot mouth. She gently pumped the base as she moved her lips up and down while I pulled a pillow up under my head so that I could watch her. There was enough light that I could see her face as she bobbed her head up and down, which only made me even more aroused. Based on her reaction when we’d arrived, I never would have expected to have the opportunity to watch her sucking my cock so I was absolutely relishing it. Her skills left nothing to be desired, either, so I was also relishing the pleasure that her mouth was providing and which continued to build in intensity.

I’d been pretty close to cumming when she’d been riding me so it didn’t take much of her skillful cocksucking before I was right on the verge again. She did manage to somehow draw the pleasure out longer than I was expecting to last but, ultimately, my cock was swelling again as I got closer and closer to cumming. When I started spurting into her mouth with a moan, she just swallowed my load and continued sucking me off. It wasn’t until I was fully spent and starting to soften that she let my cock fall from her mouth and crawled back up to snuggle against me.

“That was outstanding,” I whispered.

“Thank you,” she replied softly and just moments later we were asleep.

We slept solidly for a few hours but, as the sun was starting to rise and more light was coming into the room, we both started stirring. Of course I reached over to caress her tits and she reached down and got my cock to start rising again. We made out briefly before she got up on her knees and moved around to straddle my head as she lowered hers toward my cock. I was gazing up at her trim, light brown bush when she engulfed my cock in her mouth once again. I moaned softly then ran my tongue along her slit, causing her to moan around my cock. As she continued bobbing her head up and down on my cock, I was lapping at her pussy, tasting the juices that were flowing abundantly once again. I was relishing her skilled cocksucking once again and wanted to make sure she was feeling an equal level of pleasure so I slipped a finger into her hot, wet pussy while I licked and sucked her clit. My focus was split between pleasuring her and savoring the pleasure she was providing, which I think was keeping me from cumming too quickly despite how good her mouth was feeling. I suspected that it wasn’t the same situation for her as I felt her pussy becoming even wetter and more engorged around my finger as I continued eating her. I figured if she came first, that just meant that I’d be able to lay there and enjoy her cocksucking.

I wasn’t trying to push her toward a quick orgasm so that I could savor her blowjob but I was putting my efforts into providing as much pleasure as I could, whether quickly or over a longer time period. It seemed to me, though, that she didn’t seem to have issues with cumming fairly quickly though I had no idea whether it was due to her being horny or due strictly to my efforts. I suspected that it was a combination. It wasn’t as easy to tell how close she was to cumming this time since she was not tensing up and remained fully committed to blowing me. When she suddenly gasped and started shaking, I was taken by surprise but continued fingering her while licking and sucking her clit. It appeared to be yet another long and intense orgasm, which pleased me because, the more she enjoyed them, the more likely I’d be invited to continue providing them.

She tried to continue sucking my cock but, once she really started cumming, she raised her head. When she appeared to have finished cumming, rather than going back to blowing me, she crawled off of me and climbed off of the bed. She grabbed another condom and handed it to me after unwrapping it. As I rolled it down my tool, she lay beside me on the bed and opened her arms, inviting me to climb on top of her. I lowered myself over her while guiding my cock into her pussy. We both moaned as I slid into her then kaçak bahis we started making out as I commenced fucking her, slowly at first with long, full strokes. Once again, her pussy felt outstanding even through the condom and I could feel my orgasm beginning to build immediately. I tried to maintain the slow pace and savor the increasing pleasure, as I got closer to cumming, I couldn’t help but fuck her harder and faster.

Dina didn’t seem to mind and was raising her hips to accept my thrusting, keeping up with my increased pace. I didn’t think it was likely that I’d be able to make her cum again but I didn’t feel any guilt about that since she was doing just fine as far as cumming. The bed proved to be sturdy and well-built, neither squeaking nor banging against the wall regardless of how hard and fast I was fucking Dina. As I found myself right on the brink of cumming, though, I did slow down again to draw out the pleasure. Finally, with a grunt I started spewing into the condom and continued thrusting until I was fully spent. Before there was any risk of condom leakage, I slipped out of her pussy and rolled off beside her. She grabbed a couple of Kleenex from the box on the nightstand and took the condom off of me, wrapping it within them. She then lay against me again though we never really got back to sleep, just dozing off and on as the room grew lighter.

“You know, I wasn’t too thrilled when you showed up last night,” she confessed once we were both obviously done sleeping.

“The hell you say,” I replied with mock indignation.

“Julie and I were having fun,” she explained, “and I knew she was going to ditch me for Jim, so I was pissed at both of you. Then, once I was in here, I started thinking about how happy Julie was to see Jim and I was not only feeling guilty but like I’d wasted an opportunity. When I woke up and saw you here with me, I knew I had a chance to redeem myself.”

“By letting me make you cum three times?” I asked, “That’s my kind of redemption.”

“You seemed eager to please,” she replied with a grin, “so I just rolled with it.”

“And regretted every second?” I asked.

“Let me just say that I’m glad I found out how good you are at providing orgasms,” she replied, “because it’s much more fun than providing them for myself.”

“Dina, are you awake…Oh My God!” Julie said as she stuck her head into the room and saw my bare ass. I was lying on my side with my back to the door but Dina was on her back so Julie probably got a good full-frontal view of her. She quickly made herself scarce but Dina broke out laughing hard and loud. I smiled and watched her tits jiggling as she was laughing. She finally sat up and found her nightshirt and pulled it on.

“You probably want to put some clothes on, too, before you come out,” she said, giving me a kiss, “but I will be taking them off of you again so we can shower together.”

She headed out the door as I found my clothes and pulled all of them back on. By the time I reached the kitchen, I could smell the coffee and was ready to enjoy a cup.

“Thank you for getting dressed before coming out,” Julie said.

“Hey, it could have been worse,” I replied, “You could have seen Jim’s hairy ass in the light of day.”

“Hey, I’m right here!” Jim announced from behind me.

“Aw, I like Jim’s hairy ass,” Julie said as he went over to her and they kissed.

“You guys all suck,” he replied then poured himself a cup of coffee. Given what I knew happened between Dina and me and what I assumed happened between Julie and him, I couldn’t disagree but kept my sentiments to myself. As we were enjoying the coffee Julie had brewed, we talked about what to do that day. We all had to head back home that evening but decided that, after showering, we’d go out for breakfast then take a walk on the beach. It was supposed to be a nice enough day for March but there would definitely not be any swimming or even wading. Once we had a plan in place and had each caffeinated ourselves, Dina called dibs on the first shower and led me back to the bedroom with her. Jim and I hadn’t packed a change of clothes but we hadn’t worn what we had on for that long so wearing it again wouldn’t be too big of a deal. Dina went through her bag and not only brought out a change of clothes but a number of toiletries, as well. With that all coordinated, we went to the bathroom.

Before we turned the shower on, we slipped into each other’s arms and made out for a moment, my hands dropping down to run over her ass, which was bare beneath her nightshirt. She then started pulling my shirt up over my head and, once that was cast aside, hunkered down to open my shorts. She soon had my shorts and briefs at my ankles and stood again, briefly stroking my cock, as I stepped out of them. I then raised her nightshirt up over her head and stared at her naked body, even as she turned around and reached into the shower to turn it on. With the temperature adjusted, she stepped in and I followed. As she stood under the spray, wetting herself down, I continued to ogle her nakedness even though I expected that this would not be my only opportunity. We switched places once she was thoroughly wetted and she grabbed a container of shower gel. Once I was also wet enough, she shared some with me and we set about lathering each other up.

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