A Chance Encounter on a Train

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It is ?11.30pm? and I am finally on the train after a long day in the office with meeting after meeting and then a few drinks with the client afterwards. The train is surprisingly empty tonight. There are only a few seats taken and after a few stops they have all left.

Just as the doors are closing, you dart through them somehow managing not to get caught in between them. You fall on the floor with a thump as the doors close behind you. Instinct takes over as I jump out my seat and make my way over to you.

Dropping to my knees I help you up “Are you ok?” I ask holding your arm as you try to stand. “I think so” you say as you try and stand properly. As you do, you stumble. You seem to have hurt your ankle. “Here, let me help you to a seat, you need to take the weight off your ankle.”

As you hobble to a seat holding onto me at the same time, you sit down and place your bags on the seat next to you. I sit opposite you, lifting your leg up and resting your ankle on my knee. “Hopefully this will help easy the pain. I’m Mark by küçükçekmece escort the way.”

“Kerry” you say as you rub your leg down towards your ankle trying to take away some of the pain.

Just then the train jolts to a stop and the driver makes an announcement over the tannoy to say that this train is going to be held here for a while due to defective train in front.

“Looks like we stuck here for a while, better get comfortable” as I place your foot on the chair in front while I remove my coat, it’s getting warm in the carriage.

You also remove your coat while keeping your leg raised. You struggle a bit but manage to do it. “How’s the ankle feel?” I ask placing my hand on it. “Much better now” you say smiling at me.

You take your foot off the chair and manage to put some weight on it on the floor. Luckily it wasn’t badly hurt, just impact pain.

“So Kerry, were you in a rush tonight? Is that why you jumped on the train?”

You küçükyalı escort proceed to tell me about your day, I am listening intently but also taking in your beauty. You have shoulder length black hair and piercing blue eyes. I am instantly attracted to you.

Another announcement over the tannoy snaps me back to attention. It is going to be at least an hours wait for the train to move.

“This is ridiculous. What are we supposed to do now?” I say not expecting any answer to that.

What you say next shocks me. “I can think of something we can do to keep ourselves occupied.” You say with a broad grin on your face. Your foot starts stroking my leg, moving further up until it is between my groin.

I sit there silent and still as you start to rub my cock through my trousers with your bare foot. The feeling is good and I can feel myself starting to get aroused. My cock now straining against my trousers you move your foot away as you stand up you reach underneath maltepe escort your skirt and slide your panties down your legs. You kick them off and reach forward unbuckling my belt and trousers as I help you slide them down my legs.

You place each leg either side of me as you place your hand around my cock, slowly guiding it inside your already wet pussy.

It is tight to begin with but you then adjust to my size. Speeding up you bounce up and down on me letting out a moan as I thrust up every time you bounce hitting your insides hard.

With The thrill of being stuck on the train and in a public place, it doesn’t take long for both our orgasms to be building. You whisper in my ear for me to cum inside you as I grab hold of your hips and with one last thrust I shoot my seed deep inside you as you orgasm at the same time.

We hold each other in this embrace for a few minutes while both our orgasms pass.

You slide off of me and adjust your dress as you pick up your panties and place them into my pocket. “A little momento for you” as you kiss me on the cheek.

We sit back down and just chat for a bit as the train starts moving again. You stand to get off at the next stop. Just before it pulls in you ask me for my phone and give me your number. “Call me” you say as you get off the train.

I watch you as the train pulls away and look forward to our next encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32