A Business Arrangement Ch. 1

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It is 10:03 a.m. on the office clock … I am late for our meeting. I hastily enter the boardroom where already the chairs are filled as they sit waiting impatiently for me. They are business people .. men and women .. they number eight in all. I enter and lock the door behind me. I remove my clothes. In this soundproof conference room I am the only one naked. They settle back and contemplate .. all eight pairs of eyes lustfully scrutinizing me.

That is our arrangement. I was laid off in my previous office job due to cutbacks but I had excellent administrative skills, an outgoing personality, and an attractive figure, with blonde hair and a smile that often drew people’s attention.

It didn’t take long for me to land my first interview. It was at a very prestigious office for a large marketing company. My interviewer was a handsome man in his late 30s. It was a good interview. I handled myself very well in spite of my nervousness and he was pleased with my answers. He seemed to find me attractive, as he kept looking me up and down which only made me fidget more.

The office was sparsely decorated with his large cluttered desk dominating most of the space. There was a print of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers on one wall .. on the opposite wall was a large mirror which I remember thinking looked rather peculiar and out of place in an office. He excused himself and returned minutes later with a pleased look on his face.

Finally he told me. My office qualifications are impeccable .. but there are a group of people in the office who need more from me … they need a slut … a blonde slut. They interviewed hundreds of applicants but had found none to their liking. I was exactly what they were looking for.

He told me they would triple their advertised salary if I agreed to it. I was intrigued. Deep inside of me is a slut yearning to be released .. at times the lust I feel is almost overwhelming. I loved the thought of being a dirty little girl. I listened more.

He said they are a group of people who need to have a slut at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. ataşehir escort every day. It is camouflaged as a meeting to others who are not in the group. The conference room is soundproofed and locked. No one outside knows as they hustle back and forth across the hall outside attending to their urgent business.

I have been working here now for six months .. pleasing my bosses as their slut.

Randomly one calls out to me. Today it is the tall bald man in the grey pinstripe suit. He is slightly overweight but engaging nonetheless. I climb on top of the table and crawl towards him naked as always.

He asks me to play with my nipples … they are not hard enough for him. He likes to see my nipples firmly pointing out towards him. I play with them and I am getting hot. They are all watching me so closely, so carefully.

He tells me to stand up on the table and show him my clit, which I willingly do. It is throbbing by now with excitement. He tells me to turn slowly so everyone can see .. and asks me to play with myself. I love to play with myself for them. I love to please them in that way. It makes me feel so slutty.

He tells me to insert 2 fingers into my pussy and fuck myself so they can watch their little blonde slut. My fingers are dripping with my cum as my body begins to quiver and I moan.

The woman in the tight navy blue dress wants a taste of my cum. I crawl to her on the table and spread my legs wide the way she likes me to. Her tongue feels so wet and so hot on my cunt. I can feel her breath. It is unbearable. I cum for the first time at our 10:00 that day. She is so beautiful with her red hair tied back away from her face and her mouth is dripping with my hot juices. She is pleased with me .. she loves me to cum in her mouth for her.

I am called on again. This time it is the younger man with the earring in his left ear .. he is always so impatient with me. I crawl back to him. I have been a naughty girl he tells me and I need a spanking. I was three minutes late for our meeting. He avcılar escort stands up and spanks my ass until it turns the shade of red that he so desires. I love to have my ass red for him. I know how much he likes it.

He then takes me from behind … unzipping his pants and pulling out that huge cock of his. He shoves it into my dripping pussy hard. He knows his blonde slut well. He knows to fuck me hard and deep as he pulls my hair hard … while I cum again. The others are watching with deep concentration. He shoots his hot load on my breasts and there is so much cum this time that it spills over to my face. I am allowed to wipe his cum from my face and lick it .. but not allowed to remove the sweet juice from my body. I would lick and swallow his cum anytime he desires. I love to please my impatient lover this way.

I am called yet again. I am surprised because she does not call on me at every meeting. I must be arousing her very much. She is the one with the toys. She loves to see her hot slut take her toys for her. I crawl on the table to face her. She has chosen a big one today .. the blue one which has always been my favourite … and she fucks my mouth with it so I can get it nice and wet the way she wants it. She lays me back and spreads my legs wide. She fucks my pussy that is still dripping and quivering from cumming only moments ago. She fucks me hard with that big dildo of hers as she watches my face closely and calls me her little blonde slut. I cum again harder … the others are watching even more intensely now. They are all telling me how pleased they are with their little blonde slut. They have never seen such a good slut before. The muscular black man with the gigantic hands then demands that I once again stand on the table. He asks me to spread my ass cheeks and show everyone what a sweet tight little ass I have and everyone examines it closely. They are pleased.

He then calls me back to him so that he can lick my ass hole. My ass is covered with his saliva. I am dripping as he inserts his finger. He avrupa yakası escort is fucking my ass now with his finger .. and he unhurriedly slides another finger in. It feels soooooooooooooo good. I quickly cum again in spasms as I beg him to fuck my ass.

The others confer amongst themselves … no I must fuck my cunt with a bigger toy. I am pleased to do so for them. I shove it in and continue to beg while I fuck my pussy.. begging him to fuck my ass. I love feeling his cock in my ass. It is so big and powerful and stretches me so.

He grabs me by the hair with those massive hands of his and demands that I suck his aching black cock making sure it is big and hard enough to stretch my ass the way he wants it stretched out. I eagerly swallow his cock as he thrusts it back and forth deep into my throat until I can barely beg anymore.

He fucks my ass deep the way I crave to feel it … fucking me deeper as I cum again and again screaming with each plunge of his massive cock.

The quiet one of the group .. the tall lanky man in the grey buttoned down collar shirt then decides he wants to fuck my mouth while I am cumming. He shoves his cock in my mouth while he pulls my hair .. fucking my mouth harder with each firm shove. I am cumming even harder .. his cock is stifling my screams.

The bald man in the grey pinstripe suit says he did not fuck me yet at our 10:00 and demands I pull out the dildo .. he wants to fuck my pussy. I am being fucked in the ass now and in my dripping cunt and my open mouth … I am cumming sooooooooo hard for them.

The four of us cum together .. the men grunting and moaning and the quiet one almost screaming .. calling me their good little slut. I am covered in their cum. My mouth is dripping, my ass is oozing with hot steamy cum and the mammoth sticky load in my pussy is slowly trickling down my legs.

The tall shapely woman in the corner finally walks over to me. She slowly licks my breasts and pussy and ass hole clean for me while she pats my hair and tells me what a good little slut I have been. She then offers me her tongue, which I readily embrace with my willing tongue, as I taste the hot juices that once covered my body.

Our 10:00 get-together is over. I put on my clothes and we go back to our offices. I will be ready for our 3:00 meeting this afternoon. I am their blonde office slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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