A Brand New Ball Game Ch. 02

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Copyright 2012, 2020 Lisa Summers

Exhausted, I stared over my naked lower body at the blonde perched on the edge of the SUV seat.

“Goodness, Beth,” I sighed. “I’ve never felt anything at all like that!”

She smiled. “I wish that I could say I saw the need in your eyes, Callie, and acted on it – but the truth of the matter is, I just wanted to fuck you.”

“Well, I’m okay with that and all.” I was quiet for a moment, trying to screw up the courage to ask for what I wanted, at that moment, more than anything else on earth.

“I’d like to…umm…”

“Umm?” she asked, quizzically, her fingers idly stroking my calf.

“It felt so good for me, that I’d like, um…”

“Oh,” she laughed. “You’d like to eat my pussy?”

I felt my face turning red. “Yeah…yes.” Was I being naively shy, or was she being a little cruel? I kind of hoped that she was being cruel, because I was enjoying submitting to her.

“Honey, I’d like that. I’d like that a lot. Just the thought of me sitting here, and you kneeling in front of me, your mouth on my wet pussy, your tongue licking up my cum, your breath racing over my clit…I’m almost ready to cum again. Here, feel.” She took my hand and slipped it under the waistband of her shorts, then inside her panties.

Her crotch was dripping, and so hot. My finger had a mind of its own, slipping between her slick labia, into her tight, hot tunnel. I’d finger fucked myself on occasion when jilling, but with the different angle, and knowing it was another woman’s vagina my finger was exploring – or trying to explore – it was rapidly getting me excited again.

Beth shivered. “Aaah, yesssss, goood,” she moaned. Then she pulled my hand out from her shorts. “But I’ve got to go. Got to make dinner for Alex.” I looked at her curiously.

“Well, I told you I have a daughter,” she said, her blue eyes steady on mine. “Is it so surprising that I have a husband, too?”

“No…no,” I said. “I just assumed that…well, it was dumb of me…”

She brushed back a stray lock of blonde hair from over her eye in what I could only guess was an exasperated manner.

“Let me guess, you figured that I was divorced, otherwise I’d have been at the game with my hubby, and I certainly would never fuck another woman if I were married – is that about right?”

“I didn’t really think about it,” I said, which was true. After all, when WOULD I have thought about that? “Why are you being so sarcastic?” I thought to myself, although I found it exciting.

“I’m sorry, Callie,” Beth said. “Look, I loved fucking you, and I’d like to fuck you again – and again – but I have to find satisfaction where I can. I found it with you, god knows it was wonderful, but I have a whole other life, too.”

“It was my fault, thank you for everything, I’m sorry for assuming anything-” I reached for my pants – it’s hard to make a graceful exit when you’re naked – when Beth took my face between her hands.

“Listen to me. I’d like to make a place for you in my life, okay?” My nod was slight, but she could feel the skin of my scalp move a little under her fingers. “It’s hard for me to do that, and it may involve sneaking around on my husband, AND on my daughter – are you willing to be a part of that?”

“I…I don’t know,” I confessed. “Please let me think about it, please. My body says ‘yes,’ and maybe my heart does too, but my head says, well, ‘no’.”

Her expression softened. “Fair enough.”

Then she kissed me, and all the desire I had felt for her rushed back, overwhelming me. I put my arms around her, and pulled her close, wanting Beth in me, and around me, and to be a part of her. Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Love at first fuck?

Yes. No. Maybe? I just had never felt such a lust, such an irresistible sexual attraction to another woman. To someone with the same type of parts as me, but so goddamn exotic and different. My own vagina had never been all that attractive to me, other than for digital pleasure, but now I had an overwhelming desire to see, and smell, and touch, and most of all, taste Beth’s hot, pink pussy. I almost laughed, it was so funny.

Whatever. I wanted her pussy, and I wanted her to have mine, and whatever else of me she desired.

“Oh, Beth,” I sighed. “Can I call you?” With that, we both knew what our near future would bring.

She smiled. “Yeah, during the day. And soon, okay?” We kissed again, my heart soaring. I knew it was wrong, and I didn’t care.

I called her the next day, during an open period at school. I thrilled at the sound of her voice, and truthfully, my clit tingled during our brief conversation. We’d meet the next day – I immediately sent the principal a note that an emergency had come up, and I’d have to miss the next day’s classes.

The next day, a Friday, I woke early – in truth, I couldn’t sleep from excitement. I felt the anticipation of a young girl going on her first date. A little trepidation, too, but mostly excitement. https://www.cfimi.com In the bathtub, I lingered, bubbles clinging to my feet as I occasionally added hot water with my talented toes, my fingers finding and stroking my little pink clitoris. I didn’t want to come then, I just wanted to raise my level of excitement. I thought that my vulva would explode!

Ordinarily, I just took a quick shower in the morning, but obviously that day would be special. I dressed, ate a quick, light breakfast, and then drove over to Beth’s. She lived in a lovely two level, modern style house on a cul-de-sac, in a very nice part of town. I parked at the next house down, as directed, then walked over to her house.

“Oh, darling, you look BEAUTIFUL!” Beth exclaimed as I entered, as she held the door open for me. She kissed me lingeringly on the cheek. “And you smell scrumptious,” she added.

She was dressed in a powder blue silk caftan, with a high open slit on the left side, showing one slim thigh as she moved, and lace around a similar slit in the top of her gown that echoed the first, but centered from her throat down to her cleavage. I had worn a more business-like black Ann Taylor triacetate jacket, with arabesque pencil skirt.

Her long, blonde hair cascaded down over her shoulders. Her lips were a deep red. I felt drawn to them. Beth saw me lick my own lips, and took me lightly in her arms. “Darling, I missed you so.” We kissed, our lips coming together as though drawn by inexorable forces, and I was in heaven.

Her right hand rested on my upper back, while her other held the back of my head. Her hand slipped down, and I felt her mold it to my ass, cupping my round buttocks through the fabric of my skirt, and my panties. Selfishly, I had skipped wearing a half slip – my intent was to end up wearing little to nothing while in her arms.

“Such a cute little ass…may I make love to it?” she asked, teasingly.

I shivered with the anticipation of pleasure to come, a pleasure in and of itself, no? “Yes,” I murmured into her cheek.

“Come,” she said, taking my hand. “Let me show you the house.” I expected a tour of the downstairs, perhaps a show kitchen of ultra-modern conveniences. Instead, she led me up the wide, straight staircase into a large bedroom at the top of the stairs on the second floor.

“This is where I will bathe you, and where I will eat you, and where we will sleep in each other’s arms. And if you wish, where you may pee and shit, if that is your need…or taste.”

I gasped. Her inclinations were very much more extreme than I had considered…although I wasn’t so offended that I made an effort to leave. She stripped me, gently removing my jacket, delicately hanging it on an old-fashioned valet. “Alexander uses that for his suits, when he’s too lazy to actually hang them up,” she said, with a sneer.

She did the same with my skirt, followed by my blouse. Standing before her in lace bra and panties (matching, for once), I didn’t know what to do with my hands as she walked around me several times, as though inspecting me. Judging me. I was beginning to feel very insecure, when she spoke.

“Your body is absolutely perfect, you’re amazingly beautiful, Callie,” she said, and I thought I could see the truth in her eyes. Or perhaps, I just wanted to. As she circled me, her hands would lightly pass over some part of my body – most often, my ass, or breasts, or the curve of my waist.

“Thank you for the compliments, Beth,” I returned. Boldly, “But I would like to see yours now…”

I led her to the bed, and took her in my arms, kissing her, feeling her warm lips on mine, her body soft, but distressingly so clothed against my partial nudity. I caressed her own warm, round ass mounds as she wriggled into me, her hands on my neck pulling me into her. She gasped as I squeezed one perfect buttock, then she slid one hand between my thighs, seeking out my wet, lace-covered feminine center.

I shivered at her now-familiar touch, and began lifting her caftan, her lush body slowly revealed to my hungry eyes, as fabric disappeared from knees, then thighs. I cooed with wonder and delight as I beheld her small, pubic patch, dirty blonde, above a tight, barely visible pink slit, the opening darkly pink and glistening. Pearl shaped clitoris already revealed, clitoral hood receded, my breathing increased as I grew even more excited.

I slowed my disrobing of her exquisite body, the soft fabric bunched in my hands at her lower tummy, her skin smooth and fresh.

“I must…I’ve got to kiss you…there,” I gasped, as she smiled.

“I’d love it,” she murmured, spreading her stance slightly, to allow me better access to her. I knelt before her, my face within inches of another woman’s pussy for the first time in my life. A wet, sweetly fragrant pussy, fresh and pouting for me, readying itself for my first attempt at cunnilingus – god, that word is so clinical, but so damned hot, at the same time.

I had never before imagined that I would ever want to lick another woman’s excited vulva, to drink her sweet, musky liquid excitement, take her swelling clitoral pearl between my lips…my own pussy was dripping now, a sweet itching between my legs signaling my own sapphic desires. I barely noticed Beth taking the fabric of her robe from me, but with hands free, I caressed her bare rump, her ass globes soft and perfectly round under my avid fingers.

Fingers traveled from pleasurable, soft and warm ass, to silky thighs, making her giggle as my fingertips trailed over, first the hot, moist crease of ass joining thigh, then over the backs of her thighs themselves.

“That feels nice,” she cooed, her lower belly unconsciously pushing out towards my face, offering herself to me. I could smell a combination of the soap she’d cleaned herself with earlier, her body splash, and the darkly exciting musk produced from within, and which I could see glistening on the lower part of her labia.

“Oooh, lick me, please, I’m so ready,” Beth moaned. But I was enjoying the role of tease, for once. I brought my mouth to her wet slit, but stayed apart from it, lips and tongue less than an inch from the pleasure of touching and tasting her silky, wet feminine opening. Beth moaned.

“Lick me, Callie, I need your tongue on my clit, I want to cum in your mouth,” she whispered, excitedly. I shook my head. As excited as I was, I was enjoying momentarily having Beth under my thumb. My fingers continued to caress her legs, then urged her to turn in place. She wasn’t sure of what I was up to, until I almost forcibly twisted her around, then it became clear to her.

“Aaahhh,” she said. “Yeah,” and she shuffled her feet, allowing me to begin kissing her – not on her most sensitive clit, or wet lips, but on the side of her thigh, firm, smooth and warm skin, redolent of her earlier bath or shower soap, but sadly, free of her exciting sexual musk. She continued, as she held the damp fabric of her blue caftan above my head.

Shortly, the plump globe of an ass cheek filled my vision, her sweet cheek pink and perfectly round, held up high. I eagerly kissed her ass, silky ass flesh under my lips, then licked her, anxious to taste a woman’s ass (or anyone’s, for that matter!) for the first time.

I discovered that a woman’s ass cheeks, her fat, full globes themselves, are a visual treat – perfect roundness epitomizing femininity and the bounty that a woman offers her lover. And they are a wonderful sensation, to the touch and even hearing – fingertips dancing over the warm, full globes encounter silky smoothness, and the soft giggles of the owner, a stifled, “That tickles!” exclaimed under her breath, but not asking for a halt to the teasing pleasure.

Continuing the tour of Beth’s sweet rear, a dark cleft came into view, the bounty for my senses expanding beyond mere touch. A deep, shadowed valley between her soft ass cheeks, demanding further investigation, hidden treasures hinted at by a dark fragrance of earth and sweat.

My fingers pressed into her ass globes, one hand to each, leaving white impressions in the pink softness. Beth gasped as she felt me press there, perhaps suspecting what I was up to. “Ohh!” she exclaimed softly, then pushed towards me slightly with her ass, bringing it closer to my eager face.

My fingers separated her ass cheeks, dark valley opening up for my pleasure. The shadowy cleft ran from her lower back, where it turned into rising bottom pillows, down through the plump splendor, to disappear between her taut thighs. But my attention was captured by the sweet rosebud center of that cleft.

The smooth furrow was interrupted by a small, tan, puckered opening, tightly closed, but amusingly, flexing involuntarily as cool drafts and my breath touched it. Beth’s anus was certainly the first I had ever seen, and I found it charming and attractive, a true hidden treasure. Did mine look like that, I wondered. Did other women’s? Perhaps I would someday get a chance to find out.

For the time being, however, I wanted to know more about Beth’s sweet rear. I poked my nose closer, scratching the tip of my nose against her plump bottom as I did, and Beth wriggling her ass saucily as I did, causing my nose to rub against her damp skin there.

“God, Callie, no one’s ever done THAT before!” she gasped.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked her.

“Oh, god, no! Tease me, I love it!” she exclaimed. I thought it was funny how we each in turn were submissive to the other.

I returned to her anus, so new and mysterious to me. Of course, we all initially fear that area, we’re taught that it’s ‘dirty’ and ‘forbidden.’ That was a big part of its allure while making love to Beth, though. Perverse as some may find it, I wanted to take for myself Beth’s most intimate area, an area that possibly no one before me had visited, at least so familiarly.

I pressed the tip of my nose into the center of her puckered hole, the opening allowing me to touch her there. I inhaled bravely, wonderingly, hoping that I wasn’t making a mistake. Thankfully, I found her aroma there earthy and pleasant, not at all like the unpleasant smells we usually associate with that area. Daringly, I kissed her anus, so very much like a mouth awaiting my kiss, then thrust my tongue through her tight opening, slipping a tiny inchlet into her rectum.

Her flavor was much like her fragrance, not unpleasant, but stamping itself into my memory as a mark of Beth, one I could never forget or mistake for any other. I heard Beth groan above me.

“God, you’re so fucking dirty, Callie…I never suspected you were such a slut.”

Her words excited me. I was truly virginal at lesbian sex, but I was a fast learner! I kissed her sweet, brown hole again, lapping at her tight opening, then pulled back, admiring the gleaming pearl of saliva I left behind, a small pool of my own special liquid momentarily filling the tiny depression.

I teased at it with my index finger, spreading the clear lubricant from my mouth into her anus, then forcing my finger through it. She resisted at first, then surrendered to my invasion, her anal sphincter relaxing slightly to allow entry, Beth submissive to my domination, as I was submissive to her unspoken desires.

“Ooh, yessss,” Beth hissed as she felt my slim finger invade her most intimate opening. I felt a rhythmic shaking, then realized that she was frigging her clit as I fucked her hole. I felt her shudder as she came, a strong orgasm washing over and through her.

“Uhh, uhh, fuck, fuck, fuck Callie, fuck me, fuck me,” she crooned as she was swallowed by ecstasy. Her sphincter reflexively grabbed at my finger as I slowed my fucking motion. Beth doubled over, the pleasure in her midsection collapsing her entirely, and she was barely able to keep her feet.

I slowly removed my finger from her ass, then marveled at how intimate a sharing it would be if I immediately thrust it up my own ass. But, perhaps some other time.

I stood, and then Beth slowly rose back up, into my arms, her back resting against my near naked front. Her head lolled onto my shoulder and I inhaled the scent of her throat and hair, fresh and fruity, underlain by a damp salty sweat. I kissed her throat, and felt her heart beat under my lips.

“I want you naked, and wet,” I growled, as I furiously pulled up the fabric of her robe, which she had let drop in her excitement and heat. She mewed, a cat-like sound deep in her throat, voicing her own renewed lust. I pulled it over her head, revealing her complete nakedness, then tossed it onto the bed, unlike her careful handling of my clothes.

Her body, her back to my front, was warm on mine, firing my aggression with even hotter flames. Our flesh together, heat on heat, moist on moist, was now a burning desire deep in my soul. My hands cupped her full breasts, damp and hot in the crease where they hung, breasts firmly upright in my hands. My thumbs and forefingers cruelly grasped her nipples, deeply pink, and as hard as bullets, evidence of the depth of her excitement and lust for me.

She leaned back and hungrily sought out my mouth. The thought that my mouth, just moments before, had been on her ass hole and was now on her lips, and the tongue which had stroked inside her rectum now danced over hers, excited us both. As I felt strong tendrils of orgasm course outwards from my clit, I reached down with one hand to stroke her slickly wet and hot lips, then her vagina, with my fingers, as my thumb strummed across her clitoris.

Beth screamed quietly as she massively came in my arms, and then fell onto the bed, on her side. I pulled her completely onto it, her head resting on a pillow, then lay next to her, gazing on her face. She opened her eyes and smiled.

“You’re a constant surprise,” she murmured.

“Oh? How?” I asked, curious.

“I thought that I would be leading you into the loveliness of girl sex, perhaps haltingly, but you’re very enthusiastic – and very good at it. Are you sure that I’m your first?” She smiled again to reassure me that she was joking.

I answered her seriously, though.

“Yes, you’re the first woman that I’ve ever had make love to me…and that I’ve touched in return. But, we’ve only started…” I pushed Beth onto her back, and she giggled with pleasure.

“Oooh, then take me, I’m yours, darling.” I kissed her sweet breasts, full and only slightly sagging – that’s a terrible word, really, what the hell do you expect hemispheres of mainly fatty tissue to do? Her nipples had lost some of their turgidity since her orgasms, soft nubs of pink I easily took in my mouth, each in turn, tasting her salty sweet body, warm under my lips.

I suckled on her, and felt her hands on the back of my head, as she murmured softly and endearingly to me. I felt a great sense of comfort, as well as a rising excitement at having a beautiful woman’s nipples in my mouth. We lay like that for a long time, both of us just enjoying the feminine comfort we each felt, and not rushed by the need for immediate climax, as welcome as that would be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32