A Birthday Surprise

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It was her birthday. A beautiful cool spring day, though a pretty boring Tuesday. Even though Lacey had to work, her love promised to make her day special anyway. After work, she expected to spend the remainder of her afternoon alone, hoping that it wouldn’t be too late to go out to dinner by the time he finished up at work.

The kids were busy elsewhere, so she figured she would pour herself a glass of wine and maybe do a little housework before getting dressed for dinner.

He texted her little love notes, sweetly and obediently throughout the morning, but got busy after that, so she lost herself in her paperwork-covered desk for the remaining few hours of her workday as she watched the clock slowly tick.

Finally, quitting time came and as she headed home, her mind drifted away to the upcoming birthday festivities. She and her husband always tried to make birthday sex extra special in little ways. It could be new lingerie, or trying a new position, or just focusing totally on the birthday person allowing them to fully relax and enjoy. She remembered birthday sex last year..and it sent a tingle down her spine.

She suddenly realized that she was turning onto their street, briefly thinking that she was so deep in thought that she hoped she had actually stopped at the traffic lights on the way. Upon arriving home she was surprised to find his car in the driveway. She didn’t expect him home so early..it was only late afternoon. Confused and a bit concerned, she walked into the house to find him in the kitchen, holding in his hand a rum and ginger ale, her favorite drink. A big smile filled his face, proud of himself for the surprise that he had managed to pull off.

His perfectly curvy blond wife, still a bit confused, hesitantly asked what was going on. “Happy birthday beautiful!” he said. “I had to beat you home to get your present ready.” Lacey curiously sipped her drink, looking at him with a puzzled look on her face..eyes narrowed and nose crinkled, wondering what he was up to. He usually wasn’t big on surprises, nor all that romantic, and she certainly wasn’t expecting him to leave work early-that was a surprise in itself! She noticed an unexpected sexiness about him there in the kitchen, as he smiled in confidence that she would be pleased by his gift.

After pondering his now smug grin for a few moments, she asked where this big surprise present was. He said, “Oh, it’s a big surprise all right, and you’ll find out soon enough.”

Lacey sat her drink on the counter and giggled at him as she slipped off her silver work heels and walked towards the bedroom to get into some comfy clothes before it was time to dress for dinner, wondering what he was up to. Maybe he had made reservations at her favorite restaurant? As she walked she contemplated what meal she would order. Steak? Lobster? He followed close behind.

Upon entering their bedroom, her eyes were immediately drawn to the various colors on her nightstand. Lacey took a step closer and smiled a wicked grin when she saw the contents haramidere escort of their usually well-hidden “sex box”, lined up and on display, as if they were tools in an operating room. She dropped her heels to the floor.

Her eyes filled with surprise as she admired their collection of dildos, vibrators, and anal plugs, in different shapes, lengths and sizes and all colors of the rainbow. Some had batteries, and others were hand-driven. There were some for her, and even a few for him. Several models they even shared. They had been working on expanding their collection, but seeing them all laid out together at once made her realize that they had more than she thought, and a nice variety it was.

She loved toys, although they were a fairly recent addition to her life. Their sex had always been great, but sometimes life, work, and kids took over and it was a fight to prevent it from becoming routine. The toys helped to keep things fresh and different.

She turned towards him to speak, but before a word could escape her glossy, red lips he grabbed her waist and pulled her in close for a kiss.

She melted at the feel of his tongue in her mouth, knowing what heavenly pleasures it was capable of. He teased her with a passionate kiss before pulling away to say, “I’m glad we have the house to ourselves for a few hours because your birthday gift is going to make you squeal out loud!”

Lacey’s eyebrows raised and she could feel wetness start to dampen her panties as she looked into his eyes with surprised anticipation. She touched her lips to his mouth and circled her tongue around his.

She started quickly fantasizing about what the surprise entailed. It was out of character for him to do the planning for anything. He was much more spontaneous and laid-back than she was. She was sinking into her thoughts when she suddenly felt his hands start sliding down her sides until they met in the middle of her waist in the front.

Their mouths stayed connected as he unbuttoned her gray work pants and slowly slid them over her hips onto the floor.

Their lips parted as he sat Lacey on the bed and straddled her knees while slowly unbuttoning the shiny silver buttons down her black silk blouse. Her heart started beating wildly as she started to suspect what he had in mind.

He slid the shirt off her shoulders to reveal the red lace bra underneath. He reached around her with his right hand and immediately released her bra hooks in one flawless attempt, making her feel like a giddy teenager again in the back seat of her boyfriend’s car.

He started softly kissing her neck as he unlocked her perfectly round tits from their red lace vault, and started kissing his way down, briefly stopping to moisten each nipple with his tongue, then gently pushed her onto her back as he followed with a trail of kisses down her stomach. When he reached her red satin panties he could smell a hint of her musky wetness but instead of stopping içerenköy escort there, kept going on to kiss her thighs.

He continued down her legs with kisses, first the left, then the right, teasing her with his mouth so close to her pussy, which was really starting to throb. He paused at her knees, reached up and grabbed her panties, pulling them down in one swift movement, past her knees, then her ankles, allowing them to drop to the floor.

Lacey was so wet that the hopeful expectation of his mouth on her pussy was almost too much for her. She couldn’t resist reaching down to see if she was really as wet as she thought. Her clit pulsated under her fingers as they struggled to stay in place without sliding off.

He picked up her hand and said, “No Baby, rubbing that pussy is MY job,” and he brought her fingers to his mouth as to not waste a drop of her luscious goodness. He slowly licked her wet fingers and sucked each one clean. She loved it when he tasted her, and her arousal grew as she watched him.

Her swollen clit was hoping to feel his soft tongue next, but instead he surprised her again by grabbing her ankles and pulled her body towards him until her ass was at the edge of the bed. He teased her swelling clit with his finger, while choosing a toy from the nightstand with his other hand.

He selected a small pink vibrator and turned it on, then barely held it to her clit, just enough to make her wild for more. In the soft daylight of their bedroom, he watched her pussy get shinier with wetness as he made her squirm around on the bed.

After a few minutes of carefully controlled pleasure, he laid the vibrator back on the nightstand. He used a finger and the thumb on his left hand to part her wet lips open, revealing that swollen clit which he then began to tease with fingertips of his other hand.

He gently swiped the tip of each finger over her clit, one at a time, as if it were a graceful dance, and he enjoyed watching it bounce back each time, which made her squirm more with each finger. He lifted up her hot red clit with his thumb, just in time to see a drop of wet juice appear at her hole and begin to run down towards her tight little asshole. He knew exactly what to do next.

He carefully chose her favorite purple anal toy from the nightstand

and gently teased the rim of her opening with the tip it to pick up some of that slippery juice before moving it down to the tighter hole below. When she felt its tip kiss her asshole, she immediately recognized the familiar feel and softly said’ “Yes” in approval. She instinctively reached down with both hands and spread her cheeks apart, silently begging for an ass fucking.

Her pussy looked so good and wet in the golden light filtering in through the window blinds that he just had to take a taste of it. He leaned in and gave her clit a few big licks before slowly plunging the knobby toy deep into her ass. She gasped and grabbed his body with his innovia escort legs. He admired how pink and delicious her pussy looked in the daylight. He felt his dick grow rock-hard in his boxers as he watched the toy go in and out of her round ass, feeling her tighten her muscles around it.

Next, he slid it deep inside her and left it snugly in place. He took a big red dildo off the nightstand. It was shaped like a real cock, with a profound head, complete with strategically-placed bumps and wrinkles to escalate her pleasure. He spread her legs apart at the knees like butterfly wings, opening them until they laid flat on the bed at each side of her.

He briefly allowed her pussy lips to feel the cold tip of the red dick, before slowly entering her cunt. With her asshole still grasping the anal toy, he fucked her with the dildo as deep as it would go, followed by a faster, more shallow pounding, which made her scream out only primal grunting sounds since she was unable to form real words. She grabbed the turquoise bedsheets with both hands, desperate to stabilize herself. He continued to fuck her as he watched her hole tighten around the rubber dick, while enjoying the sound of her sloppy wetness with each entry and exit.

Lacey could feel that she was already laying in a wet puddle and hadn’t even cum yet. He shoved the red dick inside her and left it there as well, then leaned in to bless her clit with his tongue. Her body raised up into the air with an arched back upon feeling all of these glorious sensations at once.

She managed to mouth the words, “Please Don’t Stop” as he circled her clit with his tongue, tasting her wetness and swallowing it down.

Lacey squirmed under his tongue as he kept licking faster and faster. He buried his face into her pussy and felt her legs wrap around him again, gradually squeezing his body tighter as she reached the top and exploded in his mouth. She arched her back again and grabbed his golden brown hair with both hands, using it like a handle to pull him into her. He sucked her juice down as she struggled to recover from the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. She tried to catch her breath.

Lacey couldn’t speak. She was panting fiercely, soaking in everything that had just been done to her. She tried to force her breathing to slow, fearing she may hyperventilate. He looked at her with sparkling green eyes and said,”This was supposed to be a birthday surprise for you, but seeing your pussy and ass take all these toys has made me so painfully hard and i have no choice but get some relief. I need to fuck you so badly.” Lacey opened her eyes, looked at him and, still breathless, managed to say, “Take anything you want!”

He backed out the toys from both of her holes and let them fall to the floor. He dropped his blue boxers and mounted her, clumsily trying to get his hard wet dick inside her before it was too late.

It only took a few heavy thrusts of his cock deep inside her cunt until he shot a heavy load inside her. She screamed out, “Yes! Give it to me!” He kept pounding hard until he could no longer continue, then stopped over her to catch his breath.

Lacey, still recovering from her orgasm, forces her eyes to open again and look at him, and struggles to form the words, “Oh my God Honey!” He opens his eyes and looks into hers beneath him and says with a sexy smile, “Happy Birthday Baby’.

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