A Birthday Present

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It was a crazy summer, ending with my 30th birthday. My friends threw me a surprise party, complete with strippers. I cancelled the mud-wrestlers, thought that was too much. I loved the birthday bash, and as I was saying good night, my friend Ellie whispered, “I left a present in the den just for you!! Enjoy!” and walked away. I walked into the den and found a sweet man, about 6’5″, 240, and beautiful blue eyes and sandy blond hair, sitting there in the moonlight. “Hi there,” he said as he came to me. “I take it you’re Jules?”

I told him, “Yes I’m Julianna, but my friends call me Jules. And you are?” But he didn’t answer, just walked up to the radio and turned it on, playing my favorite CD. He took me by the hand and we started dancing. “Just relax, let me take care of you” he said as he nibbled my ear. We started grinding into each other, the dance turning more passionate. I led him to my room to continue our dance, but instead of jumping into bed with me, he grabbed a bottle of lotion and started rubbing my back. He hit every knot, every sore, achy spot, and I passed out before he finished.

I awoke to a note saying thank you for a very nice night and it was on him. Next to the note was an envelope with five grand in it. He asked to meet me for lunch at my favorite lunch spot and left his number and name. I quickly grabbed to phone and called him. “Eddie? This is Jules. I would love to meet up with you, but I have lesson plans to start. I don’t know if my friends mentioned to you that I’m a high school teacher, but I have been putting off making my plans until now… School starts in two weeks and I need to get to the grindstone. Sorry sweetie, I would really love to see you again though,” was the message I left him.

I hung up the phone and sat at my desk, working on the lesson plans for my math classes. Planning remedial math was simple; I just pulled the plan from last year out because no one was enrolled in my class. I started working on the plans for my other two classes and lost track of time. I awoke to the smell of fried chicken, clam chowder, and fresh potato bread. I ran to the kitchen, gun in hand.

“Who the hell is here?? No one is supposed… to… be…” I trailed off, seeing Eddie in my kitchen. “You left the back door open, and I came over to bring you dinner. I asked Ellie what your favorite foods were and I got what I knew how to make.”

Suddenly aware of my appearance, I turned to run upstairs to freshen up. No one, other than my mother, had seen me in sweats, a sloppy bun, and glasses, not to mention makeup free. “Don’t get dressed for me, I think you look sexy like this,” he yelled from the kitchen. “Dinner will be ready in ten minutes!”

I jumped in the shower, cooling off from the heat of the day. I put my bikini on under a sundress, planning to go swimming once he left. I go to the kitchen to find dinner on the table, including wine and candlelight. It was nice, having a real home cooked meal. We started talking about jobs and how he got into the escort business. “I’m not an escort, I am a personal assistant. Your friends hired me to assist you for the next two weeks so that you could relax. Go ahead and swim, I’ll do the dishes. You’ve been up since 6am, you deserve a break.”

I jumped into the pool, feeling the cool water on my skin. After a few laps, I removed my bikini and swam nude. The water cooled some of my warmer areas, as I was getting hot just thinking of his passionate kisses and the way his hands felt on my body. I started thinking my imagination was getting the better of me, I felt his hands on me as I rested on the side of the pool. I looked down to see him swimming next to me, hands slowly gliding up my inner thigh. I pulled him up and we started kissing. His hands were all over my body, finally reaching my swollen lips. He parted them as I gasped. How I had wanted this! The few lovers I had had were never this bold, always getting theirs and leaving me to my own devices. He moved in and out slowly, biting my neck as he plunged into my folds. I held onto him as I felt the orgasm build. I screamed as I came, such a feeling I had never known. He smiled and swam away. My legs were jelly as I climbed out of the pool and onto a lawn chair. I wrapped up in my oversized towel and dried off. He swam for a few more minutes, then came up and asked, “Are you done or do you want more? I can leave you alone for the night if you want,” he said as he knelt before my wet cunt, slowly licking my clit.

“I think I Kartal Escort can handle more, just don’t stop what you’re doing. Or would you like to take this inside? I do have a king sized bed where there’s more room and more privacy, in case you want to continue this further,” I tell him.

We went inside, but made it as far as my living room, where my towel fell off and he attacked my breasts, slowly at first, then sucking harder and harder as he fingered my wet snatch, bringing me to orgasm yet again. He was totally enjoying this and he was still in his jean shorts!! I reached down to unfasten them, never breaking from his attack on my breasts, and found a 9 inch cock struggling to be free.

“Is this for me?” I wondered out loud. He chuckled, releasing his hold on me to grab my face and kiss me. I dropped to my knees, placing his rock hard cock into my mouth. None of the other guys I had been with liked it, said I was lousy, but I seemed to know just how to do it for him. He growled as I sucked him, throwing his head back in extreme pleasure. “Oh Julianna, you suck me so well! Can I please feel you around me? Will you ride me till I cum?” We made love that night, first slowly, and then quickly, until both of us passed out. The next two weeks were a haze, as Eddie and I fucked in every room of my house, exploring each other’s bodies and learning new heights of each other’s pleasures.

The first day school was great until last class. Advanced Algebra was my class of the day and I had a small class of eight. I liked the smaller classes so I could help each student if need be. I started taking roll when Eddie walked in. I was shocked, not only because I had him in my class but because I had fucked him senseless only twelve hours previous. “And you are Mr….” I asked.

“Edward Jaxon, are you Mrs. Shredle? This is AA right?” He answered. I told him to take a seat and started with the lesson of the day. I had a hard time, because he was in my class. At the end, I asked him to stay after to clear up any “questions” he may have had.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were underage? I could get in a lot of trouble!! You should have told me…” I started but he started kissing me. He informed me that he was 19 and that he had told my friends how old he was but after he stripped for them, they said he was perfect for me, that I needed a good fucking. He took my hand and led me to a storage room.

“Wait here. I have something I want to show you.” He told me and then started moving boxes. Behind the boxes was a door I had never seen in the 5 years I had been teaching here. He opened the door and led me inside. There was a glass wall, followed by another door. He looked and said, “Look over there. That room is for people that want everyone to see what they’re doing, or for gangbangs. We won’t need to go in there; I don’t want to share you with anyone.” I smiled as I followed him through the different rooms off the main room and informed me that only a few people knew of this area. The school was once a hospital and the room I had seen was an operation room. When the school was built, the room was supposed to be sealed off. It wasn’t, but no one knew it was there till a teacher found it when trying to find a way to hide his affair with a student.

Eddie found an empty room and soon we both stripped naked, eager to pick up where we had left of this morning. I loved sucking his cock, just as I loved it when he ate my cunt. The things he could do to me!! I craved it more than anything. I asked him I the rooms were sound proofed as I started screaming in ecstasy. “Yes, baby, they are, but we forgot to shut the door and we have an audience. Look!”

I looked down to see a little mouse watching us with fear in its eyes. When I made eye contact, it scampered off. Eddie then picked me up, flipped me over onto my back, grabbed my ankles, and started pounding into me. He slammed the door so I could be as vocal as I wanted. “Ooh baby, it feels so good! Do it harder! Straight A’s all year!” I cried out.

Eddie stopped, looked at me, and told me, “That’s not why I’m with you. I want you, not the grade. I want to earn my grade with my work, not my dick. If you see it that way, we’ll stop this right here and now.” And without another word, he grabbed his clothes, and walked away. He came back and led me out, then told me he would see me in class tomorrow.

The next few weeks were hard. Eddie wouldn’t talk to me, look at me, or even answer Tuzla Escort my calls. His grades were excellent, to the point that when I had a substitute, I told them in the plans to let him teach because he knew the material. The students called him my little assistant because he graded all the tests.

I wanted him so badly, but he wanted to prove to me that he was a great student, that he wasn’t fucking me for a grade. I understood that and wanted so badly to apologize to him, but he wouldn’t talk to me. It really hurt, but I let it be for now.

My ex-husband came to see me one afternoon after school was over. He told me he was missing me and started making the moves on me, trying to bring all the old feelings back. “Get your hands off me, you jackass! I can’t believe you’re coming up in here trying to put that tiny thing back in me, the woman who spent ten years with you, that put you through school, who worked two jobs to support both of us just for you to take off with some twenty year old. Back off, sumbitch, and go peddle that shit to someone else.”

He looked appalled, like I was speaking a foreign language. He came towards me again, only to get slapped. I told him I didn’t want him and that if he kept going, I’d inform the cops that he was harassing me. “Come on baby, you know I still love you! I still want you, the sex was great and I’ve gotten better. Please let me show you; let me woo you the way you deserve. I’m not fucking anyone else but you, if you’ll let me. Come on baby, you know you want me.” And with that, he leaned over and kissed me. I heard a door slam and I saw Eddie running off. “Awe, was that your little man? I didn’t mean to upset him. I just want to taste that sweet ass again. You were the best ass I’ve ever had. You let me fuck you again and I won’t tell the school board you’ve been fucking a student. Then I’ll leave you and your little man alone.”

I ran after Eddie, trying to apologize and explain what was happening. He turned to me and said, “Why? Why did you kiss him? Why did you talk to him? I was coming to apologize and you, you were kissing him. You want him, you can have him! I’m done. I wanted you, wanted to marry you, but if you want him…” I grabbed his face and kissed him, hard, grinding my hips into his. I missed this; I missed his lips on mine.

We went back to my classroom, picked up my files, and went home. We didn’t make it past the front door before his cock was in my mouth. I couldn’t wait to feel him in my mouth again. It felt so good, slobbering on his knob, making him moan and fuck my mouth. He made me stop, wanting to save it all for later. I was burning to feel him inside me, to feel every inch of his manhood slide in my maidenhood, to feel it fill me and make me feel whole again. We made slow, passionate love all night. I showed him just how much I had missed him, how much I had ached for him. He, in turn, showed me how much he missed me. We spent all night reacquainting ourselves with each other. God, I had missed him! He was so perfect! He hit every spot, over and over, until we fell asleep.

I woke the next morning to the sound of someone pounding on my door. I looked next to me and saw a note that said he’d be back tonight. I put my robe on and went down to answer the door. There were two police officers there to arrest me for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. After I was processed, I called Eddie, who came down to the station and bailed me out. He found out that my ex had called the cops, not knowing that Eddie was not only nineteen, but was the son of one of the richest men in the world, which even I didn’t know.

As we lay in bed that night, Eddie told me that he wanted to take the GED and get out of school. He had enough credits to graduate, that he just wanted to take my class to see me more often. He then got out of bed, reached in his pants pocket, and proposed. “Jules, you are the most wonderful woman in the world. You didn’t care that I was rich, you loved me for me. I don’t care about the age difference, all I care about is Will you marry me?”

“Of course, Eddie, but I need to tell you something too. We need to get married soon or I’ll be too big to wear a regular dress. I’m pregnant with triplets!” I told him as a surprised look came over his face. He just hugged me and said we’d go elope tomorrow. That didn’t go as planned, however, because his father called and said Eddie’s grandfather was ill; that Eddie needed to come home. We left that Anadolu Yakası Escort afternoon, eloped, and got to his father’s house in time for Eddie to say goodbye.

Eddie introduced me to his father, who seemed quite shocked that, not only were we married, but that I was older than he. “You’re old enough to be his mother!” Albert exclaimed, “I want this marriage annulled!”

“No can do. First off, I would have had to have been ten when he was born and secondly, I’m pregnant with his children. I love him, he loves me, and before you call me a gold digger, until yesterday, I didn’t even know he was rich. So back off, old man, and mourn the death of your son’s grandfather!” With that I walked off in a huff to the garden to cool off.

Eddie informed his dad that all I had said was true; he kept his wealth a secret in order to find real love, not someone in love with money. He and his father talked as if they were college buddies, discussing how good a woman were in bed and how easily she put out. They came to the garden and Albert apologized, saying it was all a misunderstanding. We were shown to our room and left alone to unpack. Eddie left and let me know he’d wake me for dinner.

I awoke two hours later to the feel of a tongue on my clit, working its way in and out of my pussy. I laid there; enjoying what I thought was Eddie eating me out. I flooded his mouth more than once with my juices. I felt his fingers kneading my ass as he dove again and again into my folds, making me cry out. As it was dark, I had no idea it wasn’t my loving husband, it was his father, who was doing these things to me. He pulled my legs up, placing them on his shoulders, and in one quick thrust, shoved his whole cock in my cunt. He alternated going fast and slow, bringing more powerful orgasms that I had ever had. I heard a door open and then I heard, “Dad how could you? My wife? We haven’t even been here a day and you fuck my wife? I know she didn’t know who it was, you came under cover of darkness. Just tell me why!”

“Eddie, I wanted to see if she was as good as you said. If you both agree, we can all live here and raise your children together. She has so much desire built up, why don’t we share her? I am happy you found a woman like your mother. She fucks like a bitch in heat. Julianna, sweet Julianna, would you have let me do what I was doing had you known it was me? Would you have fought me or would you have given in? I want my son happy, but I have needs too. Could we share you?” he asked me, still buried to the hilt inside me, still hard as a rock.

“Have you two ever shared anyone before? And what if I get pregnant? Who’s child would it be? Eddie’s? Yours? I don’t want to worry about who the father of my child is. If you’re okay with it, Eddie, I’ll go along with it, but under one condition: after this pregnancy, Albert, you use a condom. That way I know if I get pregnant its with Eddie’s child. Does that work?” They both agreed, and I said, “Eddie, baby, come to bed and let me suck that beautiful cock. Albert, get busy!!”

We fucked all night and we into the next day. I quit my job as a teacher; seems I didn’t have time when I was caught between two men who were hung like prize bulls. As I got further along into my pregnancy, Eddie was the only one allowed to penetrate me, as “Dad” was too rough. I swallowed I know at least a gallon or more of sperm from Al within the last few months of my pregnancy.

My children came, three strapping young boys, and after that, the sex stopped for the six weeks required for healing. We hired a nanny to care for them when we were busy. Dad visited less and less, only once or twice a month, which was interesting, since he was the one who wanted to share me. Eddie came to me one day asking about Sherri, the nanny. We found her and dad screwing up a storm in dad’s room. From that day on, Sherri would fuck dad, Eddie, or both, and I would too. We somehow always ended up in a pile together, screaming and cumming and the guys loved it. Sherri and I would always shower together after and her fingers would find their way into my hole as mine found their way into hers. The guys came running when they heard us moaning. Sherri was a blond, about 5’10” with 44DDD and a 32″ waist. Dad said he loved sucking her titties, which it made him think of Eddie’s mom Angelique. After the boys, I had gone from a 36C to a 42DD. I lost the weight, it all went to my chest. I would nurse the boys and then the men would get the rest. I loved it when they would nurse, and so did they, especially when they were inside me. They could feel my cunt tighten up. We kept this up until the boys were in high school when Al passed on. Sherri met a wonderful guy and got married, but she would still pop over for a fuckfest every now and again.

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