A Battle for Domination Ch. 07

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Arthur spent the next few days devising ways to get back at Diego. He had been mind-fucked and humiliated by his younger co-star. But, of course, with contacts everywhere and years of showbusiness experience, muscular Arthur still knew how to pull the strings.

He confabulated a thousand possibilities for Diego to feel relegated, until he was satisfied with one of them: a direct intervention in the plot of the series.

In the special chapter of the series, five of the seven well-hung men who were the Bull’s companions on the island had been turned into marble statues. Arthur’s idea was that Iron Gladiator would be responsible for reversing the transformation, after learning that Stuart’s character was behind it.

Diego’s character, the Giant Bull, would have his ass eaten by every member of his horsemen clan, and then Arthur’s character, beefy Iron Gladiator, now appointed the new leader, would fuck all of them mercilessly in the ass, saving the Bull’s virgin asshole for last. It was the clan ritual, as the Bull had failed to protect and save them. This would be the most hardcore scene in the entire series. In the 1-hour final season special, the Spartan warrior would have dominated all Latin stallions, turning them into submissive men.

Arthur also wanted to put an end to this conversation of frontal nudity in the series. All the tribesmen would wear jockstraps from the underwear brand that sponsored the TV show. The exception would be the leader, Giant Bull. Arthur had reserved a special scene for him. After easily defeating him in a battle of strength, the Iron Gladiator would invade the forge of the tribe’s island, where he would build a chastity cage, locking the Bull’s dick forever in that device.

At least that way, Arthur would have images of him putting Diego in the place where the famous actor envisioned him. As one more of his conquests. He had goosebumps imagining the whole scenario.

When they learned of these intentions, the producers feared this plot could be the wrong direction to take the show to. Diego was becoming more and more a rising star, the ultimate masculine icon for a newer generation, responsible for reinvigorating the buzz about the show. They didn’t want to upset him. But Arthur was persuasive, and he was the one who called the shots after all.

By then, all that remained to be done was to record the final episode. The actors and the film crew had no other option but to agree on Arthur’s terms. They needed, however, a final deal for the scene to get full approval: Diego’s consent. After recording the chapter 9, Arthur invited him to his dressing room.

“Hey bro,” Diego said. “So, you are finally speaking to me again?.”

Arthur was rude. “You are late. I was expecting you here for ten minutes. Do you think I have time for this shit? You are wasting my time.” Diego was recognizing the same arrogant Arthur he met at the café years ago.

Diego replied, surprised: “So, what I am here for?”

When Arthur explained the details to him, Diego reacted calmly. “Under any other circumstances, I wouldn’t give a damn, but I know you’re just doing this to try to exert power. This is a scene, we’re actors, and if that served the script, why not? But that’s not why you’re demanding it. I refuse. Let’s stick to the original script, the one I agreed to.”

“Then you will be fired from the show. Either you submit to my rules or you’re out.” Arthur was confident Diego was going to accept it.

But Diego laughed, mocking him. “I didn’t expect you to react like that. Pathetic. You’ve been bothered since I fucked your tight ass and you liked it. But I will not bow my head to you, Arthur. Not this time. I quit.”

Diego put his phone down on the table. It showed the picture of Arthur, totally dominated, spreading his buttchecks, turning his head to give consent to the man who was dominating him. “I could play dirty with you and leak this photo. You are being a douchebag to everyone, but especially to me. I won’t leak this because I really liked the night we had, when you were a different man. But listen carefully. It is my last warning. Don’t act like a scum bag. Respect me. I am out of the show. You won’t do anything about that. Other than that, it’s your way. Happy?”

Diego exited the room, leaving Arthur almost dumbfounded. The muscular hairy stud wasn’t used to this: he always got what he wanted. Therefore, although frustrated, Arthur asked the producers for a week, time he expected Diego would change his mind.

But he didn’t. He was not even responding Arthur’s messages or phone calls. It was clear he was receiving them, but he didn’t even bother to give him attention.

Then, on the sixth night without any kind of agreement, Arthur had a dream. He was with Diego recording the famous shower scene. But this time, in addition to Diego, all the other seven uncut Latin actors were also there, naked, around Arthur. When they all saw Arthur’s tiny shrunken penis, they laughed nonstop, saying they Taksim Escort were sorry about that.

All sweaty, Arthur woke up with a hard-on. He got up and, absorbed by his own status, looked for the ruler Diego had given him. In the mirror, Arthur measured himself again. A little over 5 inches. Looking at himself, Arthur was proud of the gains he had made in all these years. He was actually at his peak. Manly chest, the ideal amount of hair around his torso, his large arms, ripped abs, very firm thighs. Yeah, there was his average cock. Not a match at all to the big proportions he had achieved. As he turned around, he noticed his strong broad back tapering down to a narrow waist forming a V-shape. And then his bubble butt. Yes, it was really awesome. Firm, muscular, with two, big, round, hairy muscle cheeks. He remembered Diego fucking it. It became unbearable.

He texted him. “I decided to make changes in the scene. You don’t need to bottom; the Giant Bull is going to be exiled. This is going to be your plot for the next season. Let’s talk, please.”

Diego saw it and finally replied to him, with a location. It was a cabin in the woods, a little bit far away, north of where they lived. Arthur was supposed to reach him in the next evening.

The veteran actor spent the next day excited. He phoned the producers and assured them everything would be settled. He went to the gym in his house, then dressed in his favorite clothes: a red and black flannel shirt and a pair of good old blue jeans, which made him look like a lumberjack. He was looking hot as fuck and he knew it.

As he drove to the location, Arthur noticed that he was getting more and more aroused. He parked his car next to a motorbike, probably owned by Diego.

It was a house made of dark wood, rustic, with a pleasant climate for cold days. It was so silent that Diego heard the noise of the car and opened the door to welcome Arthur. The Latin stud was dressed only in a white tank top, which highlighted his giant pecs, and pale blue shorts. It became clear, by looking at the bulge in his shorts, that he was not wearing underwear.

Diego seemed receptive, but at the same time straight to the point. “Welcome to this house I rented. I am having fun all alone here. You are the first visitor. So, tell me Arthur, why did you come all the way?”

Seeing Diego caress his own dick over his shorts made Arthur a little nervous: “Everyone wants you back on the show and I am the emissary. I can even modify more scenes here and we can discuss them.”

“OK, hand me the new script and I send you a message later. You can leave.”

“Wait. Read it. I wanna make sure you are gonna enjoy it.”

“There is no need to pretend we have a good relationship. We’re not friends. Or… let’s assume you are just being a coward. What is the real reason you are here?” It was a direct question, which left Arthur disconcerted, especially because Diego’s visible dick line was all the bearded stud could see. Arthur stuttered to give an answer that sounded authentic. Diego continued:

“I see you looking at it all the time, you moron. Say it. You came all the way for it, don’t you?”

Arthur looked once more at Diego. He was leaning against the door of the house, annoyed. What a fucking insane bulge!

Diego embodied masculine superiority. He had the strength, the muscles, the confidence, the fat monster cock. He had outmanned each and every man on Arthur’s life. Arthur shook his head in disbelief. Feeling himself sweating, he finally succumbed to his desires. He walked towards Diego’s direction. The muscular Latin was smiling confident as he heard his masculine idol say those words: “Hey, man. You won’t like the script. I haven’t changed it to satisfy you. In the end, we both know you are going to quit the series and we are never going to see each other again. So, can I see your cock again, please?”

Grabbing Arthur by the chin, Diego concluded: “You are telling me you came all the way just because you wanted to see my cock. Right?”

“Fuck! Yes. Yes!” Arthur was desperate but relived to admit it.

“And why do you want to see it?”

“Because… because it’s so big!”

“I can show it you, Arthur. You just need to say: Sir, can I see it, please?”

“… Sir… Can I see it… please?” As soon as he said those words, Arthur looked at Diego’s ripped physique. The muscular hairy man always had a particular attraction to younger handsome guys in their early 20’s. He enjoyed watching the progress of these guys submitting to his unquestionable power and success. His own looks matched this fantasy: he was tall, virile, bearded, hairy-chested and had a deep voice, which perfectly complemented his macho figure. During sex, he often liked to be called Sir.

However, here he was caught in a complete role reversal because Diego also demanded he called him Sir. Although he was like the apex of everything a man aspires to be, Diego was just 25, younger than hairy bearded Escort Bayan Arthur.

“Sir, please, let me see it,” Arthur begged. Diego also knew it was time to be on full Dom mode again. It was what Arthur deserved.

“Fuck, bitch, you are so desperate for my big cock. Here it is.” Diego lifted his shorts almost to his crotch and flopped his big dick out, through the left side. Suddenly, Arthur became starstruck. How Arthur missed it! He had been literally dreaming about seeing it again. The sheer weight, size, girth, and the superiority of that perfect cock. He had been resisting, but it was finally in front of him one more time.

Seeing Diego naked was intoxicating and the bearded stud became harder than he ever remembered being. He was more than ready to worship that big cock one more time. But Diego had other plans. “Let’s be completely naked. Drop the pants. Your underwear also.”

Ashamed of his dick, Arthur felt embarrassed to be exposed like that. He remembered the sensation of being mocked at, still vivid from his dream. After taking off the flannel shirt, displaying his muscular hairy torso, he begged: “Let me keep at least my underwear for a while. I thought you didn’t care for other cocks.”

“I don’t. But you do. Your underwear must go.”

Diego also took off his own tank top and shorts, before approaching the muscular hairy idol. Arthur gulped, noticing the way Diego’s big soft cock swung between his legs like a pendulum as his co-star walked towards him.

Big-dicked Diego unbuttoned Arthur’s pants and lowered the jeans and the underwear all the way down to his knees. Uncomfortable, Arthur became completely naked. He tried to cover his hard-on with both hands, but Diego did not let him. “Already like that?,” Diego joked.

There was no time for Arthur to dwell on this humiliation, as his muscular younger co-star pulled him next to his giant pecs and laced his own huge arms around Arthur’s back. Their jaws rubbed together as they pressed their lips in a violent kiss. Diego grope Arthur’s butt cheeks and immediately prodded Arthur’s hole with a finger. As a result, the bulky younger stud started to have an erection. He loved ass, but Arthur’s was his favorite.

As the two extremely unequal-in-size cocks were pressed against each other, Arthur felt Diego’s cock throbbing, reaching dimensions much beyond average. Arthur’s hard dick wasn’t just much smaller. The unparalleled combination of thickness and length Diego had made any competition unfair. By the time Arthur opened his eyes and looked down to observe what was happening, Diego had his dick 100% hard, by far outmanning him in volume. The memories of it would always be a punch in his self-esteem.

Truth is the comparison was a voiceless insult to Arthur’s own manhood. It wasn’t just those markings on the ruler that had bothered him so much. He was almost coming to terms with the fact that Diego’s cock was more than twice as big as his. But, as he was realizing at that moment, thickness could not be left out of this equation. And the thickness of Diego’s cock was mind-blowing. Arthur felt inadequately thin and envious. It was almost like a tiny pencil being compared to a bottle of wine. The younger stud’s cock was heavy and menacing, and, due to the humiliating contrast, Arthur’s penis looked even more humble and fragile. Diego, on the other hand, was proud, smiling like a true champ.

“Do you honestly think I am that small?” a scared Arthur questioned, hoping for a satisfying answer.

But Diego was not in the pity mood: “Bro, not only small. Thin. Come on… have you ever thought your cock was impressive? For real???”

“I guess… it is small,” Arthur said, admitting it loud for the first time.

“Great, bro. Embrace the truth. Now that you have acknowledged your real size, be a good boy and kneel. Because not only your cock is fucking small, you also like big dicks, don’t you?” he asked rhetorically.

Without further ado, Diego slapped repeatedly his cock against Arthur’s cheeks while bragging about its dimensions, letting Arthur even more envious. It became a brutal scene of small penis humiliation. As his younger rival verbally abused him, Arthur screamed of pleasure. Both his cheeks were hit by a monster cock. Nonetheless, he displayed a smile, poorly hidden by his beard. The manliest man in Hollywood was being tamed.

“You will only open your mouth when I say to do it,” Diego said. The Latino hunk rubbed it all over Arthur’s face, marking it with his alpha scent. Arthur felt the sweat, the musk, the manly smell hitting his own nose, as he was becoming desperate to savor that fat piece of meat down his throat.

The younger stud grabbed Arthur’s arm and compared his own cock to it. It was thicker than his forearm. Arthur had this crazed big cock-addicted look on his face. “Now open your mouth,” the Alpha commanded.

Aware of his own giant size, Diego let him adjust for a while. The experienced actor seemed as scared istanbul Escort as he was fascinated. “Did you think it was going to be easy, Arthur? This is a real man’s cock; it is nothing like your skinny little boy penis. Relax your throat.” Then, using his fingers, Diego helped to stretch Arthur’s cheeks so that his thick cock had an easier entrance.

When Diego dragged Arthur near the wall, the rough scene became even more ruthless. The thickness of his rival’s cock was scandalous. The task of blowing him was proving to be much more difficult than Arthur imagined, but the famous actor was already inebriated. As his own mouth was turning into a cock ditch, Arthur gagged and cried, breathing through the nose as a way of prolonging the sense of satisfaction he was feeling.

The olive-skinned man from Argentina stabilized Arthur’s face. It was the right thing to do, since Diego pushed his dick so hardcore, he thought Arthur could get a concussion from his head hitting the wall. When he finally pulled out the tip of his immense cock from his idol’s mouth, Arthur looked exhausted. “Did your jaw hurt?,” the top asked.

“Yes,” Arthur said, looking hungry still. He had to let his mouth wide open for a long time. “Thank you, I loved it.”

Diego realized that Arthur was no longer referring to him as “Sir,” so he used a trick that had always worked to impose authority: slamming his big dick against the palm of his own hand, as if it were a thick police baton. Impressed, Arthur realized the mistake instantly. “I loved it, Sir.”

The big-dicked rookie actor towered naked over his hairy-chested rival. “Looks like I’ll fuck you again,” Diego said. Then, lifting Arthur by the waist, Diego placed the older hunk’s huge thighs over each of his shoulders and pressed Arthur’s torso against the wall. He then raised Arthur’s thighs a little higher so he could plant his face in that hairy crack.

Diego kissed it passionately. It was a tongue bath, wetting a ring of sparse hairs. Diego was extremely talented at that, which Arthur thought it had to do with how greedy he was for his ass. This perception was indeed correct. Diego was the number one fan of Arthur’s bubble butt.

The Iron Gladiator interpreter lost track of time as his asshole was doused with saliva from the only real top in the house. He was snapped out of the trance by Diego’s statement: “You are ready for me to fuck you again.” To fulfill this duty, he brought Arthur to the main bedroom of the house.

The muscular younger man was the one in control as Arthur’s only fate was to endure the punishment for his previous behavior. But even the bearded older man was surprised he agreed with what would come next: the room was structured so that the fuck between them could be filmed, with Diego’s phone on recording mode placed on a tripod, well-positioned lighting devices and a screen that would reproduce whatever Diego wanted to record.

Arthur froze but the younger stud tried to tranquilize him. “Of everyone I know you are the one who can’t run away from a camera.” Diego teased: “This video is private, but who knows if it’s going to end being an extra scene for the show someday? The Giant Bull fucks the Iron Gladiator. Come here, Arthur.” An obedient Arthur joined him in the bed.

Diego was grabbing his fat cock with both hands. He had a cocky smirk, as if he always knew this was going to happen. “By now you have accepted that you are my sub. Your hole is always gonna ask for my cock. Always.” Arthur’s worst nightmare was happening. And yet it was proving to be better than any of his dreams.

Showcasing his strength, Diego turned Arthur around and put his middle finger in his anus, playing with it. “Relax or the pain is going to be unbearable. You went crazy when I licked this. But now it is going to be the real thing.”

The younger stud was on top of the world. This was going to be Arthur’s best performance on camera, and he was part of it. Calmly, Diego lubricated both his big cock and Arthur’s tight hole, giving him time to adapt. Teasing his bottom, the younger hunk circled the head of his cock around the area near the bearded stud ring. Then, suddenly, although slowly, Diego thrusted his cock in, counting aloud every inch that entered. Arthur was in pain, like he was being ripped from the inside. It was way too thick.

When the top said the number 6, he teased his rival once more. “This is already more than you could do if you were as thick as me.” Arthur panicked from the thought he had not been fully entered. “There is more??? Fuck!!!! Fuck!!!” he screamed. The hung top gave Arthur time to breathe. He then started counting again. Each new number said aloud gave Arthur a necessity to worship him. At the 10.5 mention, when Diego was fully there, Arthur understood it was a path of no return. His hole would be forever owned.

And then it happened. A popping sound, indicating the younger muscle man had reached a very sensitive area. Arthur almost lost his mind. It was a moment of absolute pleasure, of fullness, the best thing he had ever felt. Arthur’s inexpressive length prevented him to cause this level of pleasure to his bottoms, since only big cocks could reach there: Diego had hit what is popularly called the second hole.

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