90% True Ch. 09

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Chapter 09 — Backdoor Camping

– – –

Authors note – To anyone joining the story this late;

90% true is a mostly true to life recounting of some of the sexual escapades I had early in life. It is a chain story which has largely been group sex up to this point, but has dipped into other categories. This chapter is an example of that as the story starts with me, in the current day, telling a story from my youth to my wife. The story then jumps to where the last chapter left off, me in the hot tub with 3 girls. But then jumps back to my wife and I before going back to a time early in my sexual life, to the first time my girlfriend and I ever had anal sex.

I know it sounds a little confusing and I suggest starting with chapter one. Each chapter is over a 4 rating so people seem to like them. But just for clarification Ann is my wife in the present, Jen is my very first girlfriend, and the other two girls in the past, Nina and Heather, are mentioned but have little to do with this story.

Thanks for taking the time to read it, I hope you enjoy it. If you like it, please feel free to leave me a good rating and a comment. I love getting comments!


– – –

I wasn’t surprised at all the next night when Ann requested more of the story. “You know,” she said, pretending as if the thought was just occurring to her. “I can’t help but wonder what happened with you and Heather that weekend. It sounds like you two really made quite the connection.”

I nodded, and set my book down as she finished toweling off from her pre-bed shower. “Yeah, she was very sweet,” I said knowing that I’d be telling more of the story tonight.

“But what was up with her? Was she a virgin or not?” Ann asked as she climbed under the blankets to cuddle up next to me, her skin soft and moist from the shower.

“No, not technically,” I said as I started the story that I knew she wanted to hear.

– – –

After laying with Heather for a while I heard movement in the great room outside the bedroom door. Moaning and crying out from Nina told me that she and Jen were going at it again. Heather looked up at me, her eyes twinkling in the candle light as if she were asking me if I heard them. “I wonder if we should go join them,” she said quietly.

I shook my head, “I need some more down time to be honest.” It was my third orgasm of the night and I needed a little while longer to recover. Heather simply nodded and began running her fingers across my chest.

Finally she spoke up, “That was really fantastic Pete. If that had been my first time, I may not have ever tried out girls.” She smiled and cuddled up to me a little more.

My curiosity finally won out. I had looked down at my cock after I’d pulled out of her, and noticed a little bit of blood. Not a lot, but a little, and I just had to ask. “Yeah, Heather, I have to ask. I know you said you weren’t a virgin, but I could swear to God I broke your hymen when we had sex.” Heather looked up at me her eyes questioning, and I had to finish my thought. “So what’s up with that?”

Heather looked a little embarrassed, “You’re going to laugh at me.”

“No,” I said stroking her shoulder, “I wouldn’t, I promise.”

Heather sighed, “My grandmother lives with my family, she always said that ladies used pads, not tampons. She said that tampons were sinful. So I never used them, so you know….”

I slowly agreed, “Right… but your boyfriend…You said you’d had sex?”

She sighed, “Yeah, but I think he didn’t like… um… tear it all the way I guess?” Her face was bright red with embarrassment now and I could tell that she was really uncomfortable talking about this. I felt satisfied with her answer and simply nodded, willing to let the matter drop.

We lay cuddling for a while longer and eventually the cries from the other room stopped. A minute later there was a knock at the door. Heather whispered, “I think our alone time is over huh?” I smiled and pat her ass when she rolled away from me to get up off the king sized bed. She stuck her tongue out as she headed to the bedroom door.

Opening it, Jen and Nina were both standing there totally naked. The shiny wetness on their faces and thighs told us that they’d definitely been enjoying each others company. Nina pushed into the bedroom and towards the bathroom, “We want to hot tub it up, and there’s no way we were going to go out the front door to walk around the house in the snow.”

Heather laughed and nodded as Nina hopped in the shower first with Jen waiting her turn. “That sounds like a good idea, Pete and I will join you,” Heather volunteered.

Jen laughed, “Hey you’re bossing him around like he’s your boyfriend now, I thought he was my man.”

Nina stepped out of the shower dripping wet and said, “Nuh uh, I get him next don’t I?”

“Don’t I get any say in this?” I asked from where I was laying on the bed.

Jen looked at me with a very condescending look on her face, “Oh baby, of course you don’t. You gaziantep escort know that.”

I sighed and threw my hands up in the air as the girls laughed and decided that for the weekend they would all share me equally. All four of us took quick showers to wash off the sweat and sex from our bodies, then gathered by the patio door. Then in a rush, Heather threw open the patio door and we all rushed out into the light dusting of snow that had blown up onto the porch. She shut the patio door behind us and then quickly hopped over to the hot tub cover. Unlatching it she slid it off and stood it up as the three of us slid in.

The sensation was indescribable. If you’ve never been in a bubbling hot tub while the air around you was under freezing, it’s not like anything else I can describe. In a way it felt a little bit like being drunk or stoned, and I felt like my whole body was turning cartwheels even though I wasn’t moving. The water was so hot, too hot for my tastes, but there was no escaping it, the air and wind were so cold.

“Holy fuck,” I said as I tried to get my bearings. I was grabbing the edge of the hot tub, thankful that it was plastic and warm, if it had been metal I think my wet skin would have stuck.

The girls laughed at me as they bounced up in down in the hot water, getting acclimatized to it quickly. Heather told me, “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it quickly.”

The conversation was mild and surprisingly unerotic as the four of us sat in the tub. I kept splashing hot water up onto my face, and then feeling the crazy feeling of cold every time the wind gusted, blowing away the hot air that collected above the bubbling tub. I wish I could explain what it felt like then at that moment. One part of me felt like I was floating, so hot and so cold at the same time. I’d had three intense orgasms over the last few hours and I strongly suspected that these girls weren’t done with me. I was very happy that they seemed to be interested in talking about the week at their school and for the moment were leaving me alone.

I looked at all three of the lovely teenagers. Jen, my girlfriend in theory, tall and athletic with long straight brown hair. Her hair wet from the shower and hot tub looked black in the dim light, highlighted by the lights from under water in the hot tub and the dim light coming from inside through the closed glass patio door. Her large full breasts floated right at the water line, pale due to lack of sun, but still darker because of her natural skin tone. Her native American heritage was offset by her mother’s polish side, and as such she was fairer in skin color than I was. My mixed European heritage of course leaned heavily towards swarthy Italian skin.

The other two girls were much lighter of complexion. Nina, who I was beginning to think of as a second girlfriend of sorts was very pale, short and curvy, her blonde hair was also wet and plastered to her scalp, making her normally blonde hair look almost brunette in the dim light. Her blue grey eyes twinkled as she talked, and the fact that Nina had submerged herself in the hot water all the way to her neck left me wondering if she was cold or if she was perhaps touching herself or one of the others in the tub. She was a very touchy feely type of girl.

The last girl, Heather, who I’d just had sex with not half an hour ago, was the most unknown to me. She had fair skin as well like Nina. But instead of blonde hair, she was a ginger. Her bright red hair was practically orange and flew about her head wildly in crazy uncontrolled waves. Her emerald eyes didn’t glitter the way the other two, but instead held a dreamy far off look. I’d like to think that it was because of the good fucking I’d given her earlier. I wondered if she was considering her choice of being a lesbian now. I can tell you that it certainly didn’t hurt my ego to think so.

Despite the flashes of tit and other body that I kept seeing, my cock stayed deflated. I needed some water, I could fuck a lot, one of the universal truths of an 18 year old boy. But truth be told I was enjoying the rest. I kept mostly quiet as the three friends laughed and giggled and chatted about the typical things that teenage girls talk about.

I think I had started to drift off into a light waking sleep when suddenly I heard my name mentioned casually. I focused and listened into what they were talking about.

“…camping trip up in Canada.” Jen was saying. I knew instantly what they were talking about. The camping trip she and I took with my family this past summer was when Jen had given me her anal virginity, and realized how much she liked ass sex. One of the girls must have asked her why she liked it so much.

“So there we were,” Jen was saying, “It was like one in the morning and Pete woke me up with this raging hard on.”

– – –

“Whoa whoa whoa,” My wife interrupted me with a slap on the arm. “Are you about to tell a story about your ex telling a story? I think that might be a little too meta for me.”

I laughed escort bayan and said, “Ok, I can skip it if you like.”

Ann shook her head, “Well I want to know why Jen loved anal so much too. Why don’t you just tell me that story and you can come back to the winter time jacuzzi later?”

I nodded, “If you insist. It was the summer of nineteen ninety five, about seven months before the hot tub at Heathers cabin. Jen and I were on a camping trip with my whole family…”

– – –

It was the third day of our camping trip and Jen and I were going absolutely insane with crazy teenage hormones. “I want to fuck you so bad,” Jen whispered in my ear as we sat on a rock ledge overlooking the crystal clear lake.

“Shhh,” I hushed her as my father, sister, and two brothers swam in the water not thirty feet from us. I knew there was no way they’d hear us of course, but still felt like Jen’s voice was carrying in the serene outdoor setting. My mother was several hundred feet away, where we’d all pitched our tents, reading in the shade of a stand of large trees.

The idea had been that my family, at the beginning of the summer was going to take a week long trip up to this remote camp ground north of Toronto. It was perfect because it was very remote, but it was an organized camp ground, and there were showers and flush toilets and taps about a mile from where we’d chosen to camp. What made it even better is that the camp ground didn’t really get very crowded till a few more weeks into the summer when the lake started to really warm up. It was still pretty chilly even in late June. So the camp ground was a perfect blend of privacy, but with just enough others like us who were willing to trade some cold water for some extra breathing space.

Technically we had a single ‘lot’ on the camp ground. Though the borders of our ‘lot’ that we were renting for the week were only marked out with pink painted stakes driven into the ground about three hundred feet apart. Our ‘lot’ that we had was on a slight incline, and the back edge of it was a cliff face that dropped about fifteen feet straight down to the lake below. You could jump right off into the deep lake, but you’d have to swim a ways to climb back up and walk back to our camp. Since I enjoyed rock climbing as a hobby, showed everyone how to scale the cliff face with ease, but my mother yelled that it was unsafe, and the rest of my family always took the long way back up.

The way our camp was set up, Jen and I were sharing a tiny pup tent, just the two of us. The on one side, a larger tent for my mom and dad, and on the other side, an even bigger one for my three siblings. I think my parents assumed that we could have the privacy of a pup tent, because other than a little kissing, there really wasn’t any privacy. I could hear the sounds of my family breathing through the tent walls, so there was no way I was going to be able to have sex with my girlfriend on that trip.

I knew that was going to be the situation, so it was why I foolishly made the decision not to bring along any condoms. Jen had just started her birth control at the beginning of that month, and we were still using condoms. We’d been told to use them for at least a month or two till her body got used to the new hormones, that it wasn’t safe till then. But since my parents went through my bags before we left, not wanting me to bring a lot of extra ‘fluff’ as they called it, I didn’t really have any good way to sneak condoms along. Plus I figured there wouldn’t be any privacy anyways.

I was such a fool. The new hormones were making Jen crazy horny. Plus sleeping next to her in a pup tent every single night meant that I was going to bed with raging erections. We’d managed to sneak into a shower stall early one morning the day before, and we fooled around. I tried to fuck her against the wall of the shower, but she made me stop. She was too paranoid about getting pregnant and it only made us more manic.

I couldn’t take my dad’s van into town and buy some on my own, because it was a stick shift and I only knew how to drive automatic. Also when we stopped in town on the first day, I thought maybe I could sneak off and buy some, but my two brothers were with me the whole time, and they would have narked me out in a heartbeat.

Jen squirmed on the rock and took my hand and put it on her thigh as we watched my family splashing around in the deep clear water. “I can’t help it, I’m going crazy,” she whispered. She slid my hand up her thigh till my pinky fingers pressed against the crotch of her suit. I gasped, it was wet. We hadn’t gone in the water yet though, which meant that she was so horny that she was juicing her suit.

My dick grew instantly hard. “I can tell you are too.” she whispered and I nodded.

Just then I heard a noise behind me and saw my mother walking towards us. Not wanting her to see me with an erection tenting my bathing suit I lept from the cliff face into the water below. The crisp cool water quickly shrunk my hard on, and it was a good thing too, because my siblings swam over to ask me to play marco polo with them.

I played with my brothers and sister as my dad swam laps. I looked up to see my mother and Jen talking and wondered what it was all about.

Only later, when we were eating an oh so classic meal of hotdogs cooked over a camp fire did I find out. “Dear,” My mother said to my dad, “I think Jen and Pete should take the pup tent over to another lot. Jen told me that she was having trouble sleeping last night because the boys (my brothers) were so loud last night when it was bed time.”

Jen hadn’t said that to me, and while she did have a history of migraines, I wondered if she’d lied to my mom earlier. My dad responded, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He grimaced, “We told her parents that we’d keep an eye on her, I don’t think it’s a good idea for her to be out of our camp.”

My mother set her face, and I knew right then how the argument would end, with her winning. “Well, the idea is for us to relax and enjoy nature… do you think she’s ever going to want to come back if she gets a migraine from our children….”

The fight continued for a while, but ended with Jen and I pulling up the pup tent and taking it to the other side of the hill we were camping on. The trees between our new lot and my parents was just enough to give us privacy, though we could still see the campfire from our new location. We could, unfortunately, also hear the sounds of them talking, though we couldn’t make out the words. In other words, my mom thought it was just far enough to give us a little privacy, but not so far they couldn’t keep an ear open for us.

As we set up the pup tent I asked Jen, “Did you tell my mom that you were getting headaches?”

Jen practically beamed at me, “No, this was her idea. She said it wasn’t right how little privacy we were getting.” Then she blushed, and I could just make it out in the setting sunlight, “Plus she said that she knew you didn’t have any condoms, and she trusted you to not do anything stupid.”

I blushed too, embarrassed. My mother was kind of a hippy in a lot of ways. She’d grown up when she had kids, but she still thought that my dad’s more puritanical views on sex were pretty outdated. I knew my mom was thinking that we’d probably fool around a bit, and have a romantic time in the wilderness. She tried very hard to instill a love of nature in all her kids, and I think that was why she’d lied to my dad for us.

I built a fire and we sat around it talking for a few hours as it grew dark. As expected, my brothers and sister came over about three dozen times to pester us and ‘see what we were doing’. A task that I figured my father had sent them on. But Jen and I were happy for the privacy no matter what.

We saw their fire go out and heard them call out ‘night Pete and Jen!’ from across the way and we realized how dark it had grown. There was only a sliver of the moon out that night, not much natural light at all. The only other campers we had met were about half a mile back towards the road and showers, and it was almost still enough for Jen and I to pretend that we were all alone in the wild. Only the occasional lights of a plane flying far ahead or the twinkle of a cabin’s lights far across the lake were enough to remind us where we were.

Jen and I dropped into a quiet conversation over the slowly dying embers of our fire, and finally I yawned too hard to ignore. Jen looked at me, “You’re tired huh?” I nodded and she said, “How bout a quick moonlight swim before bed?”

I nodded, this side of the hill had a gentle slope to the water and wouldn’t be hard to navigate. Plus I figured with the shallow side of the lake on this side of the hill, I could maybe get in a little groping. How little I knew. “I’ll go get our suits,” I said, knowing we’d left them over at my parents camp.

Jen shook her head, “Don’t bother, you’ll just wake them up and then we might have to deal with your sibs again.” If I’d been about to ask what we were going to swim in, it was halted in my mouth as Jen pulled off her sweatshirt and tshirt in one motion. Then she reached behind her and unbuttoned her bra.

My eyes went wide. We’d gone skinny dipping a few times in her pool, but this was unexpected. She slid out of her jeans and ran, a glowing white shape, for the water. I quickly stripped down and followed her.

We didn’t swim for long, and I don’t even think you can call what we did ‘swimming’ technically. It was more hardcore making out and groping in chilly water in the middle of the night. Several times she ran the head of my cock against her pussy lips, but we never actually went further than that, no matter how much I would have liked too.

I chased her out of the cold water and back to the camp where she grabbed her sweatshirt and toweled off the worst of the water clinging to her dusky skin. I did the same with a tshirt, then crawled into the pup tent after her.

We cuddled and fooled around for god knows how long. But I know the smell of sex filled the tiny pup tent and my cock was so hard for so long it was beginning to ache. I finally said, “You’ve been on the pill for like three weeks, it might be safe….”

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