57 Chevy Moves Ch. 02

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Still shaken up over the events of the past few minutes I fired up the engine and quietly left the drive in as Hazel Court was being buried alive by Ray Milland. I gunned the engine to get into traffic and headed down University toward home for both of us. About a mile later I saw the flashing red lights behind me and realizing I couldn’t outrun him headed for the side of the road. I waited for the flashlight, rolled down the window and handed the cop my driver’s license and registration. He shined the light in my face and asked me to get out of the car.

“I smell alcohol,” he said. “How much have you had to drink? You do know it’s against the law to drink and drive as well as being underage.”

“I haven’t had much officer. I can pass the sobriety test.”

I proceeded to stand on one leg and put a finger on my nose. I did it three or four times quickly and proceeded to stand there with a silly smile on my face.

“Look punk,” he replied. “I pulled you over because your right tail light is out. Get it fixed but heed my warning. You’re awfully young to be drinking and next time you might not be so lucky.”

“I’m 18 and so is she. In some states we’re allowed to drink,” I said.

“If I were you I’d shut my mouth, take her home, and go home yourself. Anymore lip and I’ll run in both of you.”

Something told me not to say anymore and I got back into my Chevy, started it up quietly, and turned on my left turn signal and carefully pulled out into traffic.

Doreen looked at me and said “I’m glad there was no trouble, Mike.”

“I’ll take you home as it is getting late. No point in having any trouble with your parents. On another subject do you think Bobby could have had anything to do with that incident at the drive-in?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised Mike.”

“Could he be that jealous?” I asked

“If he got the idea that you’re interested in me there could be trouble. He doesn’t want me to have anything to do with anyone else.”

“Do you want to go back to him?” I asked.

“After what we did a couple hours earlier, what do you think” she said as she winked.

I smiled as we pulled up at the front of her house. We kissed and I said “My parents are gone tomorrow, want to come over?

“I do. Call me.”

I got out of the car, opened the door, and walked her up to the front door. For show to her parents, who could have been watching, I gave her a short kiss and waved goodbye. My mind focused on the great sex we had earlier in the evening and the nice boobs that Hazel Court has, thinking I’d like to be buried alive with that pair and not the near miss with the police or the scare/prank we had played on us. I had sex and booze on the brain. The lecture the police gave me was already forgotten.

I was greeted the following morning with a note underneath one of the wiper etiler escort blades.

You’re one and only warning was last night. Stay away from Doreen. You won’t like what I do next.


She was right I thought to myself. What would the next move be? Retaliate? Ignore? Wait and see? I better get in touch with her on the phone and tell her what is going on.

I phoned Doreen but she wasn’t home. Being a little bored I headed to the A&W Root Beer stand for a float and a burger and ran into Rhonda and her girlfriend Brenda who also had the same idea that I did about a root beer float. Rhonda was extremely plain with dull brown hair, brown eyes, and a bad case of acne. She had pointed ears, a pouty mouth, a slightly visible moustache, and average looking legs. However Rhonda had a great set of tits and I’d heard stories about her. She had on a pink sweater which really showed off her breasts. These were in the small grapefruit size and sampling would be a pleasurable experience.

“What are you girls up to,” I asked

“I was hoping for a ride in that hot car of yours,” Rhonda replied. “Do you mind Brenda?”

“Hop in and we’ll go for a spin up the 10 if Brenda doesn’t mind.”

Brenda seemed a little disappointed but shrugged her shoulders while Rhonda got out of her car and into mine. As she sat in the bucket seat she made sure that she arched her back so I could see how big her assets were. We took off and headed out the highway toward Turtle Lake. As I settled into 4th gear the conversation took a surprising turn.

“How big do you think I am?” she asked, as she motioned to her tits

“Gee I don’t know Rhonda. You’re at least 34.”

“I’m 36 and a D cup,” she said in a low sexy voice. “If you don’t believe me I have a tape measure that you could use. Of course I’d take off my sweater and bra for you. I really like it when men do things to my breasts Mike. You could squeeze, lick, bite, and fuck them if you want. Anything your mind can conjure up.”

She leaned over and felt my cock which was instantly getting hard and then took the hand I had resting on the shifter and put in on one of her breasts. Fuck I was getting horny in one hell of a hurry but could do little about it being on the highway. I squeezed her breast and she immediately gave off a low moaning groan. While I was kneading she was stroking my cock and it was getting bigger and bigger.

“Christ Rhonda we’ve got to find a place to pull over.”

“The lake is only five minutes away and I know a place where it is secluded and we won’t be bothered.”

To concentrate on my driving I had to take her hand away as well as putting my own hand back on the shifter. As we neared the exit I could see that she was taking her bra off and pulling her sweater eve gelen escort up over her breasts so I could see them in all their naked glory. She had one nice set of jugs. They stood straight out on her chest and were chalky white which accentuated the thin line blue veins and pink capped twin peaks.

I exited on 140th which the Turtle Lake turnoff was, doing my best to keep my eyes on the road and not on the nicest pair of tits I’d ever seen. Her face might have been a C but her breasts get an A for sure. Her cleavage was pencil thin and her pink nipples were becoming erect in anticipation of what was to come.

“Turn left Mike and then right down the hill. You can pull off the side of the road and no one will see us. Then you can do whatever you want to my titties. Suck and fuck as much as you want. I know I’m not pretty but you do like me a little don’t you?”

“Of course I do. One day the acne will all go away and you’ll be a knockout,” I replied as I turned off the road.

While I was parking in a secluded spot Rhonda had not only taken her pink sweater off but true to her word she had gotten the tape measure out of her purse for me to measure. I wasn’t interested in measuring but if that is what she wanted then who am I to turn down a lady? As she lifted up her arms I slid the yellow cloth measuring tape behind her back and then carefully placed it right over her pink nipples which had hardened into small pebbles, just waiting to be bitten and sucked on. It measured 37″ not 36″ as she had said.

“Your erect nipples must have added another inch to these huge knockers,” I said as I let the measure drop and immediately began sucking, biting, and kneading one of her glorious mounds. She began to moan and at the same time she tried to push her breast even further into my mouth as she was also unzipping my shorts and pulling out my erect rod and then pulling her shorts and panties off, quite a talented girl.

“There is a blanket in the trunk,” I said. “Let’s have a little room to explore and fuck each other properly.”

In less than a minute we were on the blanket and I was on top of her with my cock in her wet pussy and my hands and mouth were on her magnificent tits which appeared even larger as she was laying flat on her back. They were like two cones of pure pleasure capped with pink. As I continued fucking her I squeezed both of her breasts together and rapidly licked the nipples back and forth with my tongue, kneading the white flesh and making the nipples even more erect as she moaned and groaned with delight. I could feel her climaxing underneath me and it was a miracle I didn’t let loose myself.

“Damn these are nice titties,” I cried out. “I could do this all afternoon,” I exclaimed in ecstasy.

“Bite my nipples harder,” fatih escort she cried. “I’m going to fucking cum again.”

I bit on her nipples until I thought I would crack a tooth they were so hard and swollen with blood. First one nipple and then the other and I never stopped kneading the pure white flesh. Damn I was in heaven. These were the best fucking tits I’d ever experienced in my life. I knew I was going to cum but wanted to prolong it as long as possible, enjoying every squeeze, lick, and bite I could. I stuck my tongue out and pushed it between her cleavage and then pushed her titties together surrounding the tongue with only breast flesh and proceeded to lick the salty sweat from her as she started to get excited yet again.

I took my cock out of her pussy and slid the well lubed rod in between her titties and began to pump away. Seeing the cock head appear and disappear from the top of her cleavage was definitely a turn on for me. Her once white breasts were now slightly flushed from the activity I’d given to them yet she continued to rotate her thighs underneath me.

“Where do you want me to come?” I asked. “In your mouth, pussy, cleavage, or do you want me to spray my cum all over your breasts?”

“I want to feel that hot come all over my titties. Hose me down good,” she replied still groaning with pleasure underneath me.

Somehow I still wasn’t quite ready to cum so I continued fucking her breasts squeezing them tight enough that her nipples were almost touching. This felt better to me than her pussy. My cock was on fire being surrounded by her tits and I was ready to explode. I pulled my cock out of the love tunnel and aimed right at her nipples. Rope after rope of hot cum came out of my cock and covered her nipples and the top of her cleavage with hot semen and when I finally slowed down it began to drip off her nipples like frosting from a cake. What a turn on for me. These tits gave me the best cum I’ve ever had in my life and the chick loved every moment of it. The cum covered beauties looked even better with my semen all over them.

“Good Mike?” she asked

“The best fucking cum I’ve ever had in my life,” I replied

“I like what you did to me and my titties. You could have them everyday if you want.”

The crimson flushed breasts looked so inviting that I’d have done it all over again. Al The load was put to good use but it would take time to refill. If only men could come over and over again. But then I’d never stop fucking and I’d be so raw I wouldn’t be able to even stand anymore. Rhonda got up and put her clothes back on not even bothering to wipe my cum from her magnificent melons Her pink sweater showed spots of moisture as she didn’t bother to put her bra back on.

We left the lake area and headed back up to the 10. As I turned onto to the road and headed home I wondered what the hell was I going to do about Doreen? She was likely in the mood for fucking and I doubt that I could get it up again so soon. And what about Kathy who was due to come back from her trip with the parents. I stopped at the light and started up when all of a sudden I saw the flashing red lights again. What the fuck did I do now…

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