57 Chevy Moves Ch. 01

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I walked toward the school parking lot when I heard a familiar voice call out.

“Mike can you take me home?” asked Doreen one of my math classmates.

“Got to go to the auto parts store first,” I replied, “hop in and I’ll have you home in a little while.”

“I didn’t know this Chevy belonged to you. This is really cool.”

“Thanks,” I replied.

My 57 was a two tone aquamarine and white, 2 door sedan, with chrome rims stovepipe dual exhausts, a bored out 283 with a GTO four barrel. The front seat had been replaced with some Mercedes bucket seats that I found in a fire damaged one. It had 4 on the floor with a Hurst shifter. Remembering my manners I opened the door for her, walked around and got behind the wheel.

Doreen had light brown hair which she wore in a ponytail, blue eyes, too much makeup in my opinion to cover up pimples, a cute nose, and a blue skirt with a pink sweater. The sweater was thin enough that it showed her breasts off nicely which looked to be apple size and were held in with a white bra revealed through the sweater.

As I started the engine up it roared and crackled the mufflers as I moved out of the lot in first gear.

“Wow does this thing go fast?” she asked.

“Fast enough,” I replied

“These seats are really nice. Little hard for necking and petting with Kathy?”

“Nope, not at all,” I replied. I just get on her side and she sits on my lap.”

“Bobby and I have been fighting lately,” as she pouted her face.

“Now I see why you asked for a ride.”

I put my foot to the pedal, brought it up to 40 in second, and quickly shifted into third to impress her a little bit. I could see a look of excitement on her face as we headed down the hill towards the auto parts store. I had ordered a locking gas cap and it had come in. It was chrome of course as nothing was too good for my Chevy. As I got back into the car I was thinking about asking her to the drive-in tonight. Kathy was out of town and she did say she was on the outs with Bobby so why not.

“How about I drop you off and pick you up at 7 so we can go to the drive-in and see Premature Burial. I can’t remember the other one. What do you say?”

“What would Kathy say?”

“Well unless you blab she won’t know. I tell you what. I’ll call Bobby and Kathy and tell them, ok?”

“You don’t need to be sarcastic about it. Let’s go. No point in staying home on a Friday night.”

When I got home I decided that I’d borrow some of my Dad’s rum, bring a couple of bottles of coca cola, and we could have a drink. If I took a half pint from a quart bottle he’d never know. I put it in an old miracle whip jar, took two glasses, some ice, grabbed 4 cokes, and had a quick shower. I pulled up in front of her house and she was out the door running toward the car. I guess she was ready early and waiting for me, a good sign perhaps.

“I have to be home by 12, parent’s orders”

“No problem,” I said as I took off slowly not to draw any attention from her parents. I could see what looked to be her father looking out the window. At illegal bahis least I didn’t have to go through the meet the parent’s routine.

Doreen had changed into a white blouse and dark pants and had undone the top three buttons revealing a little hint of cleavage. I thought this could be interesting. I had heard in the halls that she had gone all the way with Bobby so maybe. Kathy and I had necked and petted but everything was above the waist. As we stopped at the next intersection Joey in his 58 Chevy pulled up alongside, honked and gave it a little gas.

“Want to race to the next stop sign?” he asked.

The light turned green and I floored it before he had a chance and was up to 50 in seconds burning rubber. I hit 70 and saw he was well behind me and downshifted to second to slow down for the next light.

“Wow this is one fast car. I’ve never gone so fast.”

As Joey pulled up he said “I can’t beat you even though I’ve got a 348 to your 283.”

“We’re off to the movies. Don’t tell Kathy or Bobby.”

“Keep it in your pants Mike.” The comment brought a smile to her face.

We headed to the back row of the drive-in which was the darkest row and unlikely anyone would see what we could be doing. I pulled up, got out, and got the beverages out of the trunk, rolled the window down and put the speaker on the window.

“I’ve got a little rum Doreen. You want a rum and coke?”

“I just knew you’d bring something for us,” she squealed with delight.

“I aim to please my dear.”

I poured about ¼ of the rum into each glass, added some ice and filled the rest with coca cola. I waited until she took a sip and then took a big gulp myself. She drank hers quickly and asked if she could have another which of course I provided. As we waited for the start of the movie I could see the drinks were beginning to take effect on her but I waited until the film started before I made my move. I got out of the car and opened her door and said “Why don’t you sit on my lap.” She got out of the car and I sat down and she sat right on top of me pressing one of her breasts into my chest. I gave her a quick hug and said “let’s watch the movie.”

It wasn’t too long before Hazel Court was on the screen in a 19th century gown that pushed her cleavage up for all to see. She had alabaster white skin and really tight cleavage.

“She sure has a nice pair,” I commented.

“You men are all alike. You get all hot and bothered by a couple of pieces of flesh.”

“Doreen, you fit right into that category. You’ve got nice melons. I know they’re twice the size of Kathy’s.” This made her blush slightly but also smile with approval.

I reached up with my left hand and gave one of her breasts a nice slow squeeze. Her response was to kiss me and I knew it was going to be ok. The kiss was a sloppy one as the alcohol definitely had an effect on her. Her tongue instantly darted into my mouth and began a slow exploration of tongue, gums, and teeth. It turned me on and I proceeded to do the same right back to her but also feeling both breasts as illegal bahis siteleri my tongue explored her mouth. I slipped my hand under her blouse and unsnapped her bra freeing up her breasts. As she continued to explore my mouth again I pulled her blouse and bra up baring her beauties for my hands. While it was dark there was enough ambient light that I could see the innocent looking pale pink nipples capping her apple size peaks. They were pure white, lightly blue veined, and pimple free unlike her face. There was no sag; they stood straight out on her chest for me to gaze upon. As I forced her tongue out of my mouth I went straight for her nipples sucking on first one and then the other.

“Suck on my tits,” she cried. “Bite the nipples harder. You’re turning me on Mike. I can feel your cock getting harder and harder underneath me. I want you to fuck me.”

I continued with the breast worship as she pulled her skirt and panties off and then started unzipping my pants and pulling them down. I squeezed her titties until I thought her nipples would pop but she just moaned for more and more. With both of us naked from the waist down it was easy to slide my cock into her love tunnel and slowly fuck her until she couldn’t stand it. She knew how to move up and down on the love stick, slowly driving me crazy. I wanted her to go faster but she knew exactly what to do which was to slowly lift up and down on my cock.

“You can’t cum inside me. You’re going to have to pull it out but not now. Fuck me some more. Squeeze and suck on my titties.”

I had both hands on her breasts squeezing while my mouth was biting her nipples making them even harder if that was possible. I couldn’t get enough of these ripe love mounds. They were so pure and beautiful I wanted to go on forever and I think she did too as she came once and then started up again. She was a fuck machine that just kept getting hotter and hotter.

“Do you like my breasts Mike? I like what you’re doing to them. Squeeze and suck as much as you want. There only for you now. No one else will ever touch them again.”

I replied, “I’ll never get tired of this baby. They turn me on as much as fucking you. I don’t ever want it to stop.”

As I grew even a little more she moaned in ecstasy and began to cum again. Between her tight and wet pussy and her perfect breasts I was in heaven. I made sure that every inch of her titty flesh was covered in my saliva as I licked, kneaded and watched her nipples get harder and grow even more. She had a body that was made to be worshipped and I was going to take full advantage and get my fill before I exploded. She began pushing her breast into my mouth so that it was filled with breast flesh. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better she pulled it out and squeezed both of her titties together and said “Lick both of my nipples at the same time.”

I licked both of them back and forth like a wiper blade as she continued to grind on my cock more and more. As she held them together I put my tongue into her cleavage and began licking the salty sweat from her. canlı bahis siteleri

“You’ve got the greatest tits in the world,” I said. I’m addicted to these beauties. I can’t get enough of them.”

“There all for you Mike. Only for you,” She said. “There going to be sore tomorrow but I’ll remember it all. If I had milk I could only imagine what you’d do to them. Bobby never did this to my titties.”

“Your body is made to be worshipped. I’ve never had a pair of tits that turned me on so much. If you had milk I’d drain you dry. You need to take care of me now. I can’t hold back much longer.”

She pulled back forcing my cock out of her hot oven and had just enough room with the front seat all the way back to get down on her knees in front of me. She grabbed my cock with her hand and with her love juice on me for lube proceeded to stroke up and down with her hands holding it on her breasts. The feel of her hard nipples took me to another level.

“Do you like me rubbing your cock on my tits?”

As she pulled back I cried out “Don’t stop.”

With her hand still on my cock but holding it away from her tits she said, “If I rub your cock on my breasts will you cum for me? I want to rub it in and smell you all night. Will you cum on my nipples too?” “Oh yes,” I moaned.

She was rubbing my cock back and forth on her swollen nipples smiling and knowing what was going to come would be white and gooey. My staying power was gone and I came over and over on her love mounds coating the nipples and her breasts with my cum. God that felt good.

“I could do that everyday,” I replied. I can’t believe how much you turned me on with your fucking and your titties.”

“As far as I’m concerned you can squirt me everyday as long as you fuck me first. You’ve got a nice big cock that I’d love to suck on sometime.”

I watched as she slowly rubbed the cum into her breast flesh and smiled lovingly as she did it. I watched in disappointment as she packaged her titties back into her bra and put her blouse, panties, and pants back on. I also wondered what Bobby and Kathy were up to and if Doreen and I would get a repeat performance.

We had gotten dressed in the knick of time as the attendant had started up and down the rows with his flashlight. As Doreen and I got out of the car to change positions I waved at the usher but was greeted with a rapid series of cracks with small flashes of light in the darkness. I dropped to the ground taking Doreen with me not knowing what was going on. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it felt like it was going to burst. Doreen screamed and I heard the running of footsteps away from the usher who also heard the noise and started toward us. For a brief moment I thought I was being shot at.

“Are you ok Doreen?”

“What happened?” she asked

“I don’t know,” I replied

By this time the usher had arrived at the scene and quickly interjected “Are you two ok?”

“We both seem to be alright,” I replied.

I watched as the attendant kept walking in the direction of the footsteps. I went to the trunk and got the last of the rum with a coke and some ice. As I got back in the car I made one drink, drank half of it down in one gulp, and offered the rest to Doreen who politely refused. It felt so good I drank the rest and started for home…

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