32 Arcadia Avenue – the Cougar

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Arcadia Avenue is a fictional street that could be the street that you live in or want to live in. I have used it for the setting of a collection of stories and would stress that they are not a series although you may see passing references to other residents from other stories in the collection. The numbers in the title relate simply to the house number of that resident or residents and don’t indicate any order in which they need to be read. They vary across genres so please read the tags to ensure it is a story you want to read.


I lay in my bed staring at the ceiling as I heard the front door close and Danny and Steven left after a night of unbridled lust. Every part of me ached especially my pussy and ass which had been given a thorough workout beyond my wildest dreams. OK, I admit I have gone wild but since my divorce followed by the lockdown I decided to make up for the lost time. Danny’s words as he left were still ringing in my head, “Tomorrow we will try a screaming eagle.”


It all started a couple of years ago and like a tsunami, the whole thing progressed so quickly and with such force, it changed my world. One moment I was a reasonably happy married woman just the wrong side of 45 with a decent job in an estate agency. I had a husband who owned his own graphic design company so between us we had a good income and a very nice lifestyle. Then it hit, the pandemic started to send shockwaves through the world and at the same time revealed a few truths about what I thought was a settled life. Just as our prime minister announced that we were about to shut down the country and maintain social distancing I was told that I would be placed on furlough. I was getting 80% of my salary, which wasn’t as much as you would think as a lot of my income came from the commission on sales. When I got home to tell my husband of the news I found that he wasn’t socially distancing from our neighbour’s 18-year-old daughter, in fact far from it as I walked in on him fucking her senseless in our marital bed.

What happened next wasn’t pretty as hell hath no fury like a middle-aged married woman being scorned, especially by a girl more than half her age. I am not a big woman at 5’4″ and 110lb wet through but that day I was like a woman possessed. I suspect dragging the girl by her stupid ponytail, naked and screaming through the street before dumping her on her parent’s doorstep wasn’t the most subtle of moves, but I was pissy. I then went to work on his clothes with a large and very sharp pair of scissors and every time he got near me trying to calm me down, I threatened to use the scissors on him. He got the message and grabbed what he could and ran for his life, well to protect his manhood at the very least.

From there on everything was dealt with legally and employing the best solicitors I could I took him to the cleaners, ending up with the house and a reasonable settlement. Somehow the mother of the slut my ex-husband was screwing blamed me and called me a bitch behind my back to anyone who would listen.

As the lockdown took hold I found myself drinking far more than I should and generally just letting myself go. I tried chatting online for a while which was great until I turned the camera on one day and found people were clicking away and not interested. The final straw was when a guy around my age told me that he wasn’t into women who looked like his mother.

I sat and cried for a bit feeling incredibly sorry for myself but when I stood naked in front of the mirror and really looked at myself I was horrified at what I saw. At least 3 stone overweight, hair that looked like a pair of birds had nested in it and then had a huge domestic fight. That was it, the booze stopped, the chocolate went out of the window and I went on a fitness regime that would have had a marine in tears. The result after six months was a lean, mean fucking machine that after a trip to the hairdressers had men turning their heads and the lust in their looks was almost audible. I had totally revamped my wardrobe throwing out the more staid respectable clothes I had worn as a pre-lockdown middle-aged married woman. In their place, I had chosen a variety of outfits that showed off my new toned body to its full glory making sure that all the curves were highlighted in the right places.

With the lockdown lifted, a decent divorce settlement and a body to die for there was only one thing on my mind and that was cock, with a capital C and as much as I could handle. I didn’t bother going to the places I used to go to with my ex-husband instead I decided to broaden my horizons and go into town. The thing I used to hate about our town was the students, now I loved it. The whole town centre was packed wall to wall with throbbing young bodies that were pumped full of testosterone, the only trouble was that often hanging on their arms was girls half my age.

There was a bar come club in town called ‘Besties’ which had a wide range of customers who would pack into the bar drinking, flirting and sometimes get crammed together rus escort on the small dance floor. It was well known as a pick-up joint with lots of dark corners and shady places where all sorts could be concealed and was a very inclusive place where anything was acceptable. It was run by a woman who was rumoured to be the sister of one of the really bad men who ran the area. Whether it was true or not nobody really knew but there was never any trouble, even from the local hard nuts who would sometimes come in.

I had become used to getting propositioned by men of my own age though to be fair they were more interested in waving around their cash trying to impress the poor female students who would drink as much as they could without giving up anything. It was almost comical watching the men sweating and trying to get somewhere as they were strung along by the shrilly chattering girls.

You also got a good proportion of predatory lesbians who would chat up other women in the hopes of them straying over to their side for a short while. I had my fair share of offers including one woman placing my hand on the bulge in her jeans and making it very clear she would fuck me until I couldn’t stand, and then some. Whilst her offer was tempting my main focus was young youthful cock and as much of it as I could get my hands, or other parts on.

What I needed was to get myself known among the right group of people. The right circles for me were over 18 obviously and up to 25, but preferably closer to 20 than 25. There also needed bags of energy and a healthy desire to fuck a woman twice their age who was open to anything and everything. The opportunity presented itself one night when I went to the smoking area at the back of Besties to see a single youth standing there drawing on his cigarette.


“Hey there any chance you could spare a cigarette?” I said quietly making the young man jump.

Even though I had a half-full pack in my purse it was a good opportunity to weigh up what I was dealing with. He offered me a cigarette and I could see a slight blush to his cheeks which deepened as I cupped my hands around his as he held the lighter.

“Thanks. The name’s Lorna. You here on your own?” I asked him casually looking around.

“Steve,” he stammered in reply trying to look at my face but not able to keep his gaze from my unfettered 36C breasts that were only just contained in the sprayed-on silver dress that left very little to the imagination. Then catching himself went on, “Just a few of my mates, but they don’t smoke.”

“No girlfriend? Thought a handsome young man like you would have beauties hanging off either arm.” The way he blushed was so endearing it would have made my knickers damp, well it would have if I had been wearing any.

Sensing it was time to move in I smiled as I stubbed out the cigarette, “You have been so kind however can I repay you?” As I said it I stepped forward and could see the lust in his eyes as I pressed myself against him and the bulge in his trousers had got much bigger. Rubbing my hand over it, I purred, “Mmmm you are a big boy. How about I take care of that for you?”

Not waiting for a reply I pulled him around the corner before dropping to my knees as I unbuckled and unzipped him letting his trousers drop to his ankles. His boxer shorts couldn’t drop easily as the rock hard boner he had was pressed tightly against the material. Easing the waistband over the top of his cock I pulled them down to reveal a nicely sized uncut cock springing to attention like a velvet-covered steel rod. Peeling back the foreskin I licked the tip tasting the salty pre-cum before enveloping the head with my soft warm mouth and sucking gently.

He laced his hands in my short blonde hair that was cut short and in spikes so that it screamed sexy rebel. It also meant that on a practical level it was easy enough to deal with without the endless trips to the hairdressers that I used to endure back in my staid respectable days.

His hands encouraged my movements as I took him deeper and deeper increasing the suction as I worked my head back and forward. I used my hand to caress and tease his ball sack and could feel it ripple under my touch as it started to contract and his thrusting became more urgent.

“Oh God, I think I am going to shoot,” I heard him moan and start to pull away.

One of the first things I learnt was the young girls weren’t that keen on giving blow jobs and of the few that did they were either crap at it or didn’t swallow. I on the other hand was bloody good at giving blow jobs and back when married would often rather suck my husband’s cock than let him fuck me. I suppose the fact that I loved the taste of cum also helped.

Putting a hand on either of his taut ass cheeks I pulled him forward so escape was impossible and increased the ferocity and speed of my head movements. My efforts were rewarded as I felt the first jet of seed hit my throat and maintaining my sucking I drained another three or four spurts sincan escort that I swallowed with a moan of pleasure. Now the inexperienced cock sucker will let go with their mouth at this point and end up with streaks of cum in their hair and on their clothes. I have learnt that there is always more to come, so moving my hand to the base of his cock I gripped tightly and milked the shaft up to my mouth tasting more of his seed emerging from the slit.

Satisfied I had drained his balls completely I stood and theatrically wiped an imaginary drop from the corner of my mouth I asked him, “Was that OK?”

“Please wait here,” he said and dived back into the bar.

I had hardly finished my cigarette when a friend of the lad I had blown a few minutes earlier appeared offering me a cigarette for the same deal, with a look of hope in his eyes that a puppy in a pet shop would have been proud of.

I declined the cigarette as I was trying to give them up but before he could protest and beg, which is so unbecoming in any man, I had dropped to my knees and unzipped him. His cock sprang out like a coiled spring and was already semi-hard, though within a few sucks was as hard as steel.

It didn’t take long for him to spurt down my throat, which I swallow with relish. As I removed his cock from my mouth I saw that there was a bit of a queue had formed so laughing I said to the guy who I had just sucked, “Be a dear and get me half a lager, I think I am going to be busy for a while.”


That was a few months ago and since that night, when I sucked off ten men, my reputation spread like wildfire. The pattern started to become the same every time I went to Besties. I would never normally have to buy a drink beyond the first one as within a few minutes one of the young men who frequented the place and knew me, or a friend of one of them, would start buying me drinks knowing there is the strong possibility of a blow job. The trouble was it was great for them getting a blow job but there was nothing in it for me apart from the risk of getting seed down my dress.

I quickly progressed from giving blow jobs to knee-tremblers against the large steel wheelie bin or being bent over a low brick wall. The trouble was they were unsatisfactory as it was often over far too quickly or even worse interrupted halfway through. I was getting plenty of young cock but not the prolonged fuck session that I craved.

I decided to start inviting them back to mine as it was just a short walk from Besties to my house and there was always one guy who was more than eager to spend a night with a sex-mad middle-aged woman. Some nights I would get lucky enough to have a couple of guys come back for a wild threesome and I learnt pretty quickly that what young men lacked in experience they made up for with enthusiasm… a lot of it. I had forgotten just how quickly younger men recover and most of them would be able to rise to the task at least twice a night.

Then one evening I was being chatted up by a lovely lad called Danny and things started to get a little strange.


I couldn’t help but run my fingers through Danny’s think black wavy hair and move the lock that had fallen over his eyes away from his forehead.

“You are very kind Lorna,” he said his green eyes twinkling, “You will have me thinking you are my mother looking after me like that.”

Being his mother was the last thing on my mind, well unless that was he was in the habit of fucking his mother senseless for a few hours, which was the plan I had for him.

“I just need to powder my nose,” I said, “be a dear and get me a white wine will you.”

With that, I moved to the ladies room and locked the cubicle door as I sat down and relieved myself. Slipping off my knickers I stuffed them into my purse as I had no further use for them tonight and wanted to make sure Danny had free access. More than once I had allowed one of the lads to remove my underwear before a quickie resulting in them never being seen again. It was getting annoying, not to say expensive, to keep replacing them so I found it easier to slip them off.

Leaving the ladies I spotted Danny over by the bar and to my annoyance and surprise, he was chatting to some young thing who was clearly making a play for him. Walking up behind him I slipped my hands under his arms and caressed his chest through his shirt, making it very clear to the girl that he was already claimed. Leaning forward I pressed my breasts into his back as I stood on tiptoes and nibbled his ear before I whispered throatily, “So where’s my drink then big boy?”

The girl got angry and started to say something but before she could form her words I snarled at her, “I saw him first so why don’t you fuck off little girl and leave him to a woman who can handle him.”

The girl looked like she was going to react and then thought better of it before she stormed off flicking her hair as she went.

“Well that was very possessive of you and I have to say I am sıhhiye escort very flattered, but I do have one question… who are you?”

At the same time as he said that a voice beside me said, “So I see you have met my brother Sean then.”

To my embarrassment, I turned and found myself looking at Danny who was holding a glass of wine and had a wry look of amusement on his face. I turned back to look at Sean and it was like looking at his double and blurted out the obvious, “You are twins…identical twins.”

“Well not quite identical,” laughed Sean, “Danny has a partner for the night and now I don’t,” he said looking at the girl who was on the other side of the bar scowling at us.

“Well I have to make it up to you somehow,” I said thinking on my feet and to be honest wanting to get out of the bar before the girl decided she had enough friends to make a scene.

“Well me and Sean shared everything when we were younger, a habit we have carried forward to university,” said Danny looking at me in a way that left no doubt as to what he meant. The very thought turned my legs to jelly and I couldn’t get out of there with them quick enough. It wasn’t far to my house from the bar and I am sure that all the rest of the respectable residents in Arcadia Avenue curtains must have been twitching as they saw me. I was between two gorgeous identical young men who if you added both of their ages together they wouldn’t have reached my age, but I didn’t give a hoot.

As we entered the house I kissed one of them hard on the lips as the other lifted my dress up revealing my naked lower half. I went to break the kiss so he could lift the dress over my head but he had other ideas as I heard him unzip and the sound of his trousers falling to the floor. Reaching behind blindly I felt a strong erection and I tried to push my ass outwards but was unable to do so without breaking my kiss.

Finding myself bent forward the guy I had been kissing unbuckled himself and letting his trousers drop pushed my head down towards his groin. This made my ass stick out further and I felt the head of a cock rub over my pussy lips before it was thrust deep into my wet and soaking flesh. As I started to suck on the cock near my mouth I realised two things. Firstly I had no idea which one was fucking me and which cock I was sucking. Secondly, I was getting spit-roasted in my own hallway separated from the outside world by a door that wasn’t locked.

The first question was answered when the guy thrusting into me from behind said, “Danny boy this is some sweet pussy here.”

To which Danny replied, “Well I have to say this is one hell of a talented mouth.”

As Sean behind me gripped my hips and started to fuck me with hard fast stories I concentrated on Danny’s cock, letting it slide into my throat as he thrust forward. I heard Sean grunt with pleasure as he thrust forward hard, nearly causing me to choke on Danny as he pumped his seed deep into me.

I felt Sean pull put as Danny withdrew his cock from my throat leaving me doubled over and seed starting to drip out as they swapped over. I looked at Sean’s cock in front of me gleaming from my juices and pearls of cum oozing from the slit. Opening my mouth I swallowed it in sucking the length as I savoured the mixture of tastes in my mouth.

“Looks like you filled her pussy good and proper,” I heard Danny say and felt him wipe the head of his cock over my pussy lips coating it with my juices and his brother’s seed. I had a pretty good idea what was coming next and withdrew my mouth from Sean’s cock as I felt Danny press the head against my anal star. Pushing back I felt the head slip inside and then he paused for a moment letting me get used to it before he continued his journey until he was balls deep in my ass.

We both gave a synchronised contented sigh as he started to drive slowly in and out of my ass as I pushed back to him meeting his thrusts. He started to increase the speed and intensity making me moan with pleasure and to my surprise and delight, Sean had knelt and reached under me, rubbing my clit as his brother drove into me. I was bucking and screaming as Sean tweaked my clit as Danny grunted and unloaded deep into my bowels.

I pulled my dress over my head leaving me naked between the two young men and growled one word, “Upstairs.” The two boys looked at each other with glee and then followed me to my room.

The rest of the night became a blur as the two boys took turns in using my pussy, ass and mouth over and over making me lose count of the number of times I orgasmed. When they had finally had their fill they dressed and Danny paused at the door and looked back at me and with a big grin on his face said, “Tomorrow we will try a screaming eagle.”


I sat there nervous as a kitten waiting for them to arrive. I had debated what to wear but in the end, decided that a short silk robe that would allow me to get ready for action quickly was the best idea. Danny had promised me something special tonight, his take on a screaming eagle and I still had no idea what it was. I’d resisted the temptation to look it up on the Internet as the excitement of what was about to happen seemed to intensify by not knowing. Because the robe was short and had fallen open when I sat down I started touching myself, picturing the young cocks that’s would be eager to fuck me.

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