31st Floor Ch. 02

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This is Chapter 2 of 31st Floor. Chapter 1 can be found in the Erotic Couplings section as at that stage of the tale, that’s where it belonged.

However, Chapter 2 rightfully belongs here in Fetish. I suggest any newcomers to Lisa and Bill’s journey read Chapter 1 first.


I spend the next two days letting my natural body odors rise. Hell, after the session with Lisa on Thursday night, I smelled like sex everywhere.

We never discussed it, but I have also decided to remain chaste for my smelly partner. No masturbation for this geezer, but after our initial sex and while anticipating Sunday, it’s no easy feat and I walk around with a hard on for most of those two days.

I kept imagining that co-workers could smell me as I have become pretty rank. I make a point of putting on fresh clothing each day and always wear a jacket as it is one more barrier from detection

But I use as little cologne as possible, actually coming to resent it. Somehow a violation of our covenant. With my ass, I clean my sphincter after use, but that’s it, no further, we promised to let the grease grow.

By Saturday night, I am plenty ripe and the anticipation of tomorrow’s “date” is turning me on. A swipe of my palm through the sweaty, greasy zone comprised of my ball sack and perineum, comes back fully ripe and stinking.

It takes all my self control not to jerk myself off. Instead, I go over interface protocols between the LVPD and Clark County Sheriff’s Department in active shooter situations. After the Rt 91 Festival massacre they have set the bar high on response plans and I am impressed at the pro-active thought that has recalibrated their tactical teams.

Sunday morning, I get up early to watch the Saudi Arabian Formula 1 race, but have a hard time focusing as I lay there, smelling myself and thinking about her. The race ends at 9:45.

I begin to prepare. As promised, I brush my teeth and gargle a bit of mouthwash as we both agreed that halitosis and gland stink are not even distant cousins. So

As I begin to get dressed there is a sudden knock on the door, then very quickly, another, more insistent knock.

Still naked, I peek through the spy hole and there is Lisa, as naked as I. Rapidly looking up and down the hall. It’s cute to see this bold, tattooed temptress actually nervous about her exposure and I am tempted to leave her there a bit longer.

But I throw the door open and she bursts in smiling from ear to ear. “Well, that got my blood flowing……. Damn, William, you stink!” She laughs, stands on her tip toes and kisses me full on the mouth, hers open and minty fresh.

There is a slight scent left of the perfume she has been covering up with for two days, but it is well overpowered by her various body odors.

She nuzzles her face against my chest and pushes up into my arm pit, inhaling deeply.

“Oh yes, this is what a man smells like! I am so hungry for you, so why don’t we get back to where we stopped? We can feast on each other and then order room service, have a proper brunch and make use of that tub afterward. What do you say?”

I do not say a word. I walk to her, then against her. She throws her arms around my neck. This opens up her pits and that deep vinegar stink I remembered from two nights before fills my nostrils. We began deep, wet kissing and I feel myself come erect, pressed between our bellies.

She takes my hand and leads me to my bed, still unmade from my sleep last night. She pulls the sheets and cover to the foot of the bed, then climbs onboard, laying herself out, spread eagled. I follow her, crawling onto the bed on all fours.

Like a dog, I begin sniffing her, drinking in the rank, sour odor of her underarms, my cock now fully tumescent. Her pits are wet and slippery and I bury my face in each one, smearing her across my forehead and cheeks. I lick each one clean with the flat of my tongue, as she trembles slightly.

She is lying as still as possible, allowing access anywhere. Her hair is a bit oily and I sniff her scalp. No discernible smell there…….. I put my tongue in her ear and I can feel her stifling a moan and the movement that often causes.

I do her other ear canal, tasting the flat grease of her ear wax and trying to see if I could smell it……… to no avail.

I move to her mouth, it’s mouthwash freshness a direct contradiction to everything else. Sniffing her eyes, I lightly kiss her closed lids, her eyelashes tickling my lips.

Turning my head 90°, I seal one of my nostrils over hers and inhale to see if there is a smell there. The seal is so tight that some of her snot slides into my nose as her nostril collapses. It is one of the erotic sensations I have ever experienced.

Aroused, I then slither my tongue into her nose, her snot sweet and greasy, I pull it out across her upper lip, into her mouth and this time she cannot stifle her moan.

“Oh, no one has ever done that to me and I have always Kartal escort fantasized about it. Keep going………..”

Moving down her torso, I can see some of my dried semen still crusted around her navel and I begin to smell her cunt. The sour cream funk has a bit of tang on top of it and she brings her feet up flat on the bed, knees bent and spread open, flaring both inner and outer labia open.

I will never approach a lotus again without thinking of the smell of Lisa’s pussy at this moment. The rich, fecund mud that nourishes most lotus plants has nothing on the fructuous hole that anchors her flower.

A thick, creamy nectar shows from inside, savoring the scent, I slowly lower my face into her moist private chamber. It is oily slick and has a dozen flavors which I lap up, probing into her, tickling her urethra and then coming back out. I push her legs back and her ass rotates up from beneath her.

A bit of trepidation on my end, but her ass is hairless and there are no fecal remnants, just a strong, musky ass funk and I drink deeply of the odor and work my nose and then my tongue into her for a while.

By now she has stopped being still and has grabbed me by my wrists, pulling on me, grinding her ass into my face. I slowly break free and she lays there, whimpering slightly as I kiss my way down her legs.

Behind her knees, there is actually a wet, greasy smear with its own scent. Who knew? I rub my cheeks into it.

Taking time to admire the mandalas tattooed on the tops of her feet, I let the softer, skunky aroma of her feet overlap with all the other smells now covering my face.

Finally, I lick my way down her metatarsals and eat the jam from between each toe before sucking all ten of them clean.

“Come up here, I want to smell myself on you.”

I crawl back over her and slowly bring my face to hers as she begins sniffing me, starting with her own stink covering my face and then pushing me over onto my back and mimicking my previous journey.

Eye kiss, forehead lick, tongue in ear………..Then going beyond me, she takes my whole nose in her mouth, sucking and probing both nostrils with her tongue. She pulls my snot out and delivers it to my mouth. I almost come.

Licking and nibbling down my torso, she tongues up some the come crusted into my belly hair.

When she gets to my crotch, I can hear her inhaling and then burying her face in the crack between my thighs and balls, lifting my balls and nuzzling them and my perineum, moaning loudly “Yes, yes, this is what I want.”

She pushes my legs back and begins rimming me and probing my anus and then quickly works her way down my legs.

Her tongue and lips slather my toes and she then straddles one foot working my big toe into her cooze as she plays with her nipples. She coaxes them erect, the cherry blossoms vibrant on her proud breasts.

Rocking on my toe, she reaches toward me. “Okay, I think we both qualify as the stinkiest, possibly kinkiest pair in Las Vegas, certainly this early in the AM. Now can we get back to the interrupted feast from the other night?”

It’s rhetorical, because she has already reversed herself and is squatting over my face as she rocks her breasts across my cock and balls. Once again grabbing a pillow, I elevate my head a bit so it is right up against the stinking, open pink wound above me as her mouth envelops my rank cock.

Her clit has already pushed her hood and barbell aside, standing up pink and proud.

There is a creamy white flow slowly oozing out from deep inside her. With my tongue, I spread it around, slathering it over her clitoris.

Almost in unison we begin probing with our fingers, mine into her cooze, hers into my ass.

She swings her lank, greasy hair back and forth across my spit covered cock and then takes it back into her mouth. She finds my prostate and begins learning her way around my pressure points.

I am curling my fingers deep inside her, bringing out the creamy, cheesy funk of the past two days. It has a flat taste, but I can’t get enough and I smear it onto her lips, clit and hood.

She is mouth fucking me, her moans vibrating on my cock. Knowing she is a squirter, I search out her G spot, this time without a membrane separating us. I begin stroking the area that I think will release her and let her moans guide me in finding the sweet spot.

She actually stops, lifting herself off my cock to tell me “Yes, that’s the spot and don’t you dare stop until I have drowned you. Now let’s dance, my stinking fuck friend.”

We both pause our fingers and then very slowly, getting into rhythm, we start stroking each other. As she presses harder on my prostate, I do the same on her G spot. I increase the length of my stroke, so does she. We settle into a groove and I feel myself building inside.

Sucking on her clit, I tongue its surface as I suck and release. I take one end of the bar in my teeth and pull the hood away from her clit and then push the other end back Kurtköy Escort and forth on top of her swollen nub.

I can feel her vulvar vestibule open around my fingers and her cunt grease becomes ever more slippery. My other palm is anchoring her ass cheek while my fingers play with and tease her anus, which is now pushing out, begging for penetration.

Her cunt gapes further open and keeping my lips firmly around her clit and my other two fingers on her G spot, I push my nose and cheeks into her. It is getting mighty crowded in there and she begins bucking against me.

She buries me deeper in her mouth, her groaning cries, now buzzing around my cock. Her tongue works the underside of my shaft and I begin to unload my semen down her throat. I can feel her starting to gag, but she keeps swallowing as I continue to come.

As I empty myself into her, she begins to come and I back my face out of her cunt, dropping my tongue under the flared edges of her urethra, guiding her squirt, straight into my mouth.

I am drinking her nectar, taking deep swallows and clearing my mouth for more.

Finally we both subside and she rolls off me. I sit up and look down at her. No makeup, lank shoulder length hair needing a shampoo. Nice features but not really pretty. Past middle age like me. Apart from her spectacular ink, Lisa is quite plain.

I have always said that we all have the same tattoo: Mi Vida Loca — My Crazy Life. Tattoos are our way of externalizing our inner selves for all to see. Her’s radiate strength, vitality, courage and a beauty that is all too rare.

Right now, her eyes alight with lust, errant bits of my semen scattered about her face and hair, spittle drooling from her lips, she is stunningly beautiful, the most extraordinary woman I have ever seen.

While most women are overly fastidious about hygiene, she took it in the opposite direction…….. and invited me along for an extraordinary ride.

I lean down and kiss her. As I come away, I see that I have left a white smear across her cheek. Looking over into the mirror, I see that much of my face is covered in cheesy white cunt ferment and realize her semen drizzled face is nothing compared to mine.

There are some clear streaks where her squirt rinsed it away, and I look like I have war paint on.

“God, do you taste good!” She pulls me back down to her.

We kiss a bit longer, neither of us minty fresh any more, tasting of feet, ass, cunt and balls.

We stand up in front of the mirror, two tattooed, elderly kink fiends covered in the sexual detritus of our mutual passion. Like on the elevator, we smile at each other in the mirror, appreciating how unique and rare our situation is.

“Shall we let it fester?”

“Absolutely! Let’s have breakfast and we can then figure out what’s next.”

We order room service (poached eggs and bacon for me and pancakes for her). We clean up the bed a bit and put on the hotel bathrobes to take receipt of the room service, like a nice, normal couple……………yeah, right…………..

The waiter rolls the table in, but seems anxious to get out quickly. I tip him well for his discomfort. After his departure we raucously debate whether his unease came from our smell or my war paint and her semen festoons.

We dig into our breakfasts. Halfway through, she asks for one of my poached eggs. I oblige by taking a spoon and lifting it from my plate…….. but she snatches it from the spoon and cupping it in her hand she drops onto my crotch, breaking the yolk and smearing it across my cock and balls.

She pushes the table back and drops to her knees, proceeding to nibble, chew, lick and suck the yolk and egg white off of me. Taking a piece of toast, she makes sure she mopped up anything that might have slid between my ass.

Smiling, she offers “My pancakes are really good too……………” and with that, she climbs back onto her chair, smears some butter on a pie shaped piece remaining on her plate and starts pushing it inside her.

I immediately drop to my knees…………..”Wait, I’m not done” She leans back and pours the maple syrup over her lotus and spreading her legs wide open, the syrup follows gravity down her slit and around the bulge of her pudenda.

“Now I am ready”.

As she holds herself open, I proceed to eat the pancake out of her cunt, coming up for a bit of sweet syrup now and then, continuing until not a crumb remains. The tastiest lotus root a man has ever eaten.

I lean back on the floor, looking up at Lisa, admiring this open, freakish gal and begin laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“Now I know why you came to MY room……….”

“Damn straight buddy, I wanted to make a mess and figured since your room is comped, housekeeping and management might be a bit more tolerant of the mess.”

We climb up onto the bed, fluff up the pillows and just lay there side by side, learning a bit more about each other’s lives and discussing how incredible it is to have Pendik Escort an experience like this with an absolute stranger.

We agree that far more than the acts themselves, what is most exciting about stepping outside society’s sexual mores is the unique trust it requires and subsequently engenders, especially in our case.

An hour or more goes by. We share the stories behind every one of our tattoos. Oddly, we both have had few tattooed sex partners, most of our lovers being “blanks”. Off topic are prior relationships. We keep it deep on personal, but light on inter personal.

She swears to me that she has never done anything like this before. I have my doubts. But frankly, I could care less.

“How about we make use of that big jacuzzi tub.”

“Sounds good to me, but damn, I am a bit addicted to how fine and funky our miasma is.”

We jump off the bed like a pair of kids. I take her hand and lead her into the bathroom. As I reach over to turn on the taps, she chides “That’s not the use I had in mind……….”

Nothing more needs to be said as I quickly intuit what she has in mind. Only one thing to settle, who goes first? But she has already made the move of climbing into the tub. She kneels at one end as I climb in and stand before her.

“Sorry, I can’t help myself!” She nuzzle her face into my balls, taking one more deep whiff of me. Then she leans back, rolling her eyes up at me, she nods just a bit and I begin relaxing my bladder.

I slowly start pissing and aim the stream onto her breasts and down her belly and back up again. Rubbing my piss into her breasts and armpits, she then drops her head, her face in the stream and shakes her hair. Understanding, I shampoo it with piss. It cascades off her and down her back until I finally run dry.

“Let’s trade places, my turn!” She stands up, I sit down in the warm puddle of my own piss and she pushes me lower and lower.

Straddling me, she pushes my head down between her legs and squats.

As she braces her hands on the sides of the tub, I can feel her slippery pussy lips riding back and forth across my bald head and the feeling is fucking fantastic.

Slowly, the temperature changes and streams of her urine trickle out between her piss flaps and my skull. As the flow increases, it begins to cascade down my face and the back of my neck.

A bit clumsily, she pushes herself up off my head, her stream randomly hitting my face, shoulders and chest. Standing upright over me, she holds herself open and aims the stream up and down my chest.

I look down at the bright yellow co-mingled piss puddle and realize both our pee was not very hydrated and has raised our stench to new heights. I also see that I am once again rock hard and so does she.

She tries to squat down onto my cock, but the tub just isn’t wide enough to get our knees out of the way to form a union, obviously frustrated, she kneels between my legs.

She reaches out and holds my face between the palms of her hands and gently kisses me. First on my forehead, then on my nose, each cheek and finally presses her soft, closed lips onto mine in a sweet, tender caress.

“Don’t freak out……. I want to try something new for me…….it’s not a challenge or anything, just something I want to try.”

She brings a palmful of our piss to her face, pouring some into her mouth and then smearing the rest across her cheeks, lips and chin. I reach down and do the same to myself. I have tasted my own piss and a lovers, but never a mouthful, never together and never this yellow (that time it was planned play and we were well hydrated).

The taste is strong, but I like it, I like its source, it feels completely natural, the next step. She cocks her head and just watches me for a moment. We watch each other swallow together.

“Oh Billy, I don’t know where you came from, but I almost feel like you are a perfect mirror of my own unique desires. At no time have you ever questioned, ridiculed or looked askance at any of my suggestions. Nor have you gone to that male bullshit of ‘You’re so filthy, I’m gonna fuck you, you dirty sexy whore, I know you love this’ idiocy. You met me halfway down each road.”

She leans closer to me, her eyes boring into me and I feel she is not done.

“I know my kinks are deep, and I tend to use men like toys, I like to freak them out, push them, challenge them, but you are so very different or maybe you are just like me. You have me feeling like the Pygmalion of Fetish. We have blasted right through my biggest fantasy and I feel…………… shit, I don’t know how I feel………… like this is all new and anything is possible now.”

“Can we just slow this down and try to just be lovers? I know that sounds silly, kneeling here in a puddle of piss, but our dynamic here has me on my back foot and I am thrilled by how this makes me feel.”

“Yes, Lisa, I would like that.”

Lisa breaks into a broad smile and again takes my face in her hands.

“You dear, sweet man.” She resumes her tender caresses, but this time her mouth opens and our tongues writhe inside each other, fully tasting the rich blend of our urine.

We continue kissing. It is slow, warm, vulnerable and amorous. It just happens to taste of piss.

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