31 Days of Summers (part 2)

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31 Days of Summers (part 2)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer – 31 Days of Summers (part 2)

8 August

Dear Diary,

Ever since I gave Andrew that hand job I’ve been thinking about his cock. It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen, okay, it’s also the only one I’ve ever seen, but I’m sure it is big.

It was a dirty comment by Faith over breakfast about sucking a sausage and then demonstrating (to Buffy’s annoyance) that made me think about taking the next step from hand to mouth. Especially as Andrew was so entranced by the way Faith was sucking down her breakfast he dribbled his down his shirt.

I spent the rest of the day helping round the house and trying to be as good as I could be so that when I asked Buffy if I could go out and grab a late night DVD rental she had to agree. And because it was getting dark she didn’t want me out walking on my own. Quickly I volunteered Andrew as a driver, she wouldn’t miss him too much on patrol and I didn’t think Andrew would miss it either, too many vamps about trying to kill him.

So that’s how I found myself in a parking lot, with Andrew’s pants down his thighs and my head bobbing up and down his thick shaft. As it was my first BJ I wasn’t expecting much, but I got it much further than I was expecting, the cock tickling the back of my throat. And I don’t think Andrew was complaining at my pacing and passion either as I bobbed up and down him like I was a nodding dog.

The only problem was that he came after about five minutes, filling my mouth with his salty sperm. I drank it down, I’ve heard good girl’s swallow. Then I gave him a second blowjob as he so loved the first.

I know, dear diary, I’m such a slut and I love it.

9 August

Dear Diary,

Wow, turns out I’m not the only person into exposing myself and voyeurism (apart from Andrew and Vi), turns out that Will and Kennedy also have a kinky side.

First I knew about it was Kennedy coming up behind me and taking hold off my titties, squeezing them through my top, whilst she nuzzled my neck. I gave a small squeak, but not too big, I wanted her to know, whilst also I wasn’t going to stop her, I thought she shouldn’t be copping a feel – not when she was dating Will. After a few moments a hand went down my panties and for the first time someone else’s fingers stroked my sex slot.

She suggested we went to her room and had sex. I would have been keen, but what about Willow I asked? Kennedy giggled and said that was part of an agreement they had, Kennedy could fuck other girls, but Will got to watch.

That made me even hornier than I was already and, if by magic, I was in Kennedy and Will’s room stripping off with Kennedy, as Willow sat on her chair, pulling her pants down enough that her hand could get easy access to her slot. I pretty much then ignored her, only knowing she was still there from her moans, as me and Kennedy went at it.

It was great, we sucked each other’s faces and titties and then she went down on me and me on her. Then we did each other together, me licking and fingering her twat as she pleasured mine until I was wet and screaming. Then to cap it off, we wrapped our legs round each other and rubbed our pussies together like we were a pair of copulating scissors…

I came, so did Kennedy, so did Willow…

That is how I almost lost my virginity.

10 August

Dear Diary,

I’ve come to think I’m not just a horny teen; I’m a horny teen exhibitionist – what with letting both Andrew and güvenilir bahis siteleri Vi seeing me play with my pussy and then having sex with Kennedy whilst Will watched (which was the biggest turn on yet). So it’s not going to surprise you that when I got the chance to expose myself to Xander I took it.

The lock on the door of the bathroom’s being going from wonky to bust; too many Slayers forgetting their own strength as they twist it shut. It meant that every time you took a bath there was a risk of an interloper; which means loads of bubbles if you don’t want to show your hot little bod to everyone. I liked bubbles, but was also happy to expose my pert titties and sweet pussy – so sacrificed them, lying back in the warm clear water this afternoon and hoping for an intruder, stroking my cunt as I relaxed.

If it’d had been Vi, Kennedy or Will I’d have been happy, I know they like seeing me playing with myself. Maybe I would have invited them to join me in the bath. Andrew I might have given extra to. Anyone else was a risk, not knowing how they’d react (unless it was Buffy who’d freak out, which is fair cos I’d prob do the same if I found her).

I was just starting to think that even though I hadn’t told anyone, everyone knew I was in the bath and not coming in, when the door creaked open and in stepped Xander. I think he looks cute when he blushes and he went really, really red as he saw that not only was I naked and in the bath, but having what for most people would be alone time.

I smiled and told him he could watch if he wanted. He blushed redder, said ‘no’ and stayed, watching as rubbed and fingered my sweet snatch, the girl cum merging with the bath water as I giggled and came. I went at for about ten minutes, before the orgasm hit me so bad that I squealed and arched, closing my eyes as the warm pleasure tore into me.

When I opened them Xander was gone, though I guessed the reason his room door was closed wasn’t so that he could have an afternoon nap.

11 August

Dear Diary,

Me and Buffy went shopping today; she got this new jacket which I’m really going to have to borrow and I got this really stylish red top; and we both got some new boots which look fantastic on us.

Oh and I lost my virginity…

To Andrew…

I’ve had eight inches of cock in my cunt and loved it.

It was after we went shopping, Buffy had dropped her things in her room and had headed to the gym with a few of the others to limber up before going out on patrol. It left just me and Andrew in the house and I was showing him what I’d bought. I didn’t want to spoil it my wearing anything else, so there I was parading round his room in ankle length high heel boots and a red top which barely covered my pussy,

It didn’t take long for Andrew’s excitement to show, his cock straining at his pants. And I decided to show him more by slipping of my top and sliding my hands over my naked pussy and tits.

Within moments his cock was out and he was beating it to my moves, I took off my boots and took on hand job and blow job duties, jacking him and sucking him in turn. My own cunt was soaking and I was a horny as hell…

So there I was naked and horny, with a cock in my hand….

Well you can guess what’s next, Andrew’s as naked as I am and we’re on his bed with him on top of me thrusting in.

I always thought sex was going to be good, and after a few uncomfortable moments, it was. I’d casino oyna thought I’d cum before, but those were nothing to what it was like as his cock pounded my pussy.

I could have done it all afternoon and would have done if he hadn’t cum.

Note to self – remember morning after pills…

12 August

Dear Diary,

Yet more lesbian voyeur sex.

I was sitting in my room, reading a book when Kennedy came in and asked whether I wanted to join her and Willow for a picnic. From the dirty smile on her face I knew it wouldn’t just be sandwiches I’d be eating – I thought it’d be an outdoor repeat of me slurping on her with Will watching.

I was half-right.

As we were packing the food Buffy came in the kitchen, talking innocently about how nice it was that Willow and Kennedy were taking me along for the picnic and getting me out of the house. I don’t know how I kept a straight face, Buffy would go like a rocket if she knew that it was a pussy-fest we were going for.

I don’t know if Willow and Kennedy had found the place beforehand; but we ended up in a small clearing next to a stream, ten minutes walk from the car. As it was sunny and I was horny I stripped off my top and pants, so that I was sunbathing in my panties and eating my lunch. Willow brought out her camera and took a few photos of us, getting dirtier and dirtier as I played with my titties, stuck my hand down my panties and then removed them so that she was taking shots of my shaven snatch.

Things got even kinkier then, as she passed the camera to Kennedy and herself started to do some poses. Her first ones, were fully clothed, standing against a tree, but quickly her clothes began to come off and I stroked my naked twat as she performed and preened, her fingers pulling apart her pussy and fingering it.

Once she was fully nude, Kennedy suggested we posed together. And she quickly moved from us from shot with our hands round each other’s waists, to us tonguing each other’s mouths and groping each other’s tits to fondling pussy. I’m not sure when Kennedy stopped directing us and just let nature take its course, but I was lying on the blanket licking Will’s cunt whilst Kennedy snapped away and then me and Willow switched position so that I was having my slit slurped. We sixty-nined and fingered each other, using several at once and really stretching our pussies; before ending up with me licking Will’s asshole as her girlfriend stood by recording it.

I just hope they take greater care of the photos than Buffy and Faith did with theirs…

13 August

Dear Diary,

I wouldn’t have said I had a major crush on Xander, just a small one. I mean if it was between him and Brad Pitt, it’d be Brad every time. But as there’s no Hollywood hunks hanging round my room Xander’s kinda cute. Especially when we were sitting in the lounge and he began to talk like a pirate – he’s pretty funny as well and given that he really lost an eye to Mr Evil Priest to be able to make fun of it shows he’s tough inside.

And speaking of inside all the time he was acting like a pirate and Faith was rolling her eyes and Kennedy was grinning and Buffy was telling us if wanted to eat we needed to get washed up now cos it wouldn’t stay hot for ever and why is she always the one who has to cook – well my insides were tingling. Especially my pussy hole as I imagined him as wicked Long John Silver (except with two legs) having his way with me as a slot oyna captive.

Well, that was a fantasy that had me rubbing my pussy as I showered after dinner. And thinking that perhaps the fantasy should come true (or trueish, there was no way, dear diary, that I was going to be able to magic up a desert isle and a parrot). I was able to magic myself naked into his bedroom, whilst everyone was out on patrol. Worse that could happen was Andrew would come home first and find me sitting naked on the desk; and I’d have sex with him again and do Xander the next night.

But it was Xander who was back first, his eyes bugging out when he switched on the light and there was me, nude with legs spread waiting for him. He said a few words, and I quieted his reservations by slipping down on my knees and working on his dick with my mouth. He’s bigger than Andrew, near nine inches I guess; if I had a ruler I could have checked, but as I didn’t I was estimating by how far I could get it in me. After a few minutes of using my mouth I got on his bed and spread my legs. He’s a quick undresser and was as naked as me, clambering on me like a pirate scrambling up the rigging and plunging down into my cunt like an anchor dropping into Davy Jones Locker. His boarding technique was more than ship shape and I didn’t resist his cannoning, as he gave me broadside after broadside before flooding my inside with his seed, so much that it spewed over my bulkheads, leaking down between my thighs.

Then as a real pirate would he took me again and again; leaving me sated.

I only just made it back to room, almost bow-legged when I heard Buffy and Andrew return. I listened inside my door as Buffy called to Xander asking if he’d had a successful patrol. I didn’t hear his reply, but Diary, if he hadn’t I certainly had…

14 August

Dear Diary,

Sorry didn’t write you last night, had other things happening.

You may think that vamps and demons are uber-hard killing machines. Turns out with a bit of rain they’re scared they’ll do a Wicked Witch of the West and melt or, like Spike and Angel, scared their hair-do will be ruined. So as there was a torrential cloud-burst Buffy and Giles had given everyone the night off.

Trouble is that it was raining and no-one had any money, so it turned into a Slayer mopeathon in front of the TV (though Willow and Kennedy snuck off sometime after the Jeopardy started). Thinking about them getting down and dirty and then Xander and Andrew’s big cocks I was wishing I could do the same, but it would have been too obvious if I’d winked at one of them and then we both vanished. Even Buffy might realise I wasn’t painting my nails.

With no chance of even a quickie I was as horny as anything when I went upstairs with Vi to bed. Seeing that she looked as horny as me I suggested a bit of self-pleasure might be order before shut-eye. She agreed and soon we were sitting on our beds opposite each other, our night-shirts up round our waists and our pussies wet as we massaged them with sex-toys.

Vi’s cunt looked so lovely, that I asked if she wanted a hand in toying it. She blushed and nodded. Next thing we’re locking lips and toying each other’s twats, sliding the dildos deep into slick slots. I gasped and shuddered in pleasure as she made me came, and then I showed her what a pussy licking could do for her. It could do a lot, she had to shove a pillow over her face to stop her squeak and squeals waking everyone else. She returned the favour and I found I was biting the pillow as well as her licks sent me to orgasm heaven.

Afterwards we got into her bed and kissed and cuddled and fondled each other until we were so tired we slept.

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