24 Hours Ch. 02

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“But first I need to fetch my newspaper.”

As he walks to the front door, she follows him on all fours. He instructs her to get in front of him so he can watch her ass as she crawls. When he reaches the door, he leans down, strokes her face and hair, and tells her to wait for his return. She grinds her cheek into the palm of his hand and lies down at his feet.

He opens the door and heads to the main entrance of the building. He retrieves his newspaper from just outside the main entrance. It is raining very hard out. On his way back to his loft, he runs into a neighbor.

“Hey Bob.” He says as the neighbor approaches.

“Hey. How’s it goin'” Bob replies.

“Ok, this rain is a drag. I wanted to take my bike out. I guess we’re stuck inside for the day.” He replies.

“Would the two of you like to come by this evening for dinner? Judith would love to have you two over.” Bob asks.

“Thanks. But, she woke up feeling under the weather and she staying in all day. I have her lying down as we speak and I promised her some tea. I need to get back.” He replies.

“Well she is bound to get better.” Bob states.

“That I’m sure of. Have a good day Bob” He replies.

He heads back to his loft. He opens the door; she looks up at him and smiles. He crouches down.

“I ran into Bob, he asked if we would like to come over for dinner this evening. I declined. I told him you were not feeling well. I didn’t think you would want to sit around naked and not able to talk. So, I told him to stop by later and you would blow him.”

She shakes her head no. Her lips are tight and he can see she is trying not to laugh.

“What is so funny? You can’t picture lawyer Bob with his khakis around his ankles while you’re blowing him.”

She shakes even more with his commentary.

“With me banging Judith from behind with a plug in her ass”

She takes a breath and starts to laugh.

“Stop laughing!”

She continues to laugh.

“Get the fuck up and on you knees!”

She quickly stops laughing.

“Kneel facing me with your back against the corner.”

She quickly complies.

With her confined in the corner, he firmly grabs her by the throat. Tilting her head back and looks into her eyes.

Sternly he says, “When I tell you to quit doing something, I expect you to stop.”

He pulls his cock out, and shoves it into her mouth. She naturally reaches up to take a hold of it.

“Hands by your side. I just want to use your mouth. The next time I say stop you will.”

She nods yes.


He pulls his cock from her mouth, placing it back in to his pants, and walks to the kitchen.

“Now come along. I’m hungry.”

She crawls behind on all fours. He tells her she may stand in the kitchen while preparing his breakfast and he walks into the living room, sits down on the couch and switches on the television.

“I want two poached eggs, a large bowl of granola, double cappuccino, a tall glass of water, and cut up that large papaya. Make the cappuccino first. You can make some tea for yourself and you may enjoy your tea while preparing breakfast.”

She begins to make his cappuccino, and then starts the water for the eggs and her tea. As she starts steaming the milk, he gets up from the couch and walks to the kitchen. As he enters, she turns and hands him his cappuccino. He thanks her and she smiles. She prepares her tea and lowers the water to simmer. She sips her tea before she begins slicing up the papaya.

“There are 20 hours of motorcycle and car shows recorded. We are going to have so much fun sitting around watching the television.”

She rolls her eyes with his words. He reaches down, grabs the welt on her ass, and pinches it. She yelps and jumps with his pinch.

“You will sit and watch television with me and enjoy it. And if I have to I will put my cock in your mouth.”

She smiles.

He returns to the couch as she finishes preparing breakfast and he begins to watch one of the recorded car shows. He tells her to bring the food over on a tray and that she can walk to the couch. She walks over and places the tray on the coffee table. He tells her to kneel facing away from her, he secures her wrists behind her back with leather restraints and repositions her on her knee facing him.

With her kneeling before him, he takes a piece of papaya and consumes it.

“Mmm, Perfect! Are you hungry?”

She nods yes.

“I think we will start with some papaya.”

He takes a spear of papaya, leans into her, and slides the spear between her legs. She jumps as the spear slides along her clit.


She nods yes.

He takes the kütahya escort spear and offers it to her. She opens her mouth and he pulls the papaya back. He tells her to beg for it as he holds it above her. She lunges for it and he mashes it into her mouth. Juice drips from her mouth as she swallows the papaya. He offers her another piece of papaya and she lunges at it catching his finger with her teeth.


She looks up at him with sorry in her eyes. He leans into her, just inches from her face, and eye to eye. He reaches down, pinches her nipple firmly, and holds it. She squirms and squeaks trying not to make a sound.

“Now lets try this again.”

He takes another piece of papaya.

“Open your mouth.”

He slides the spear half way into her mouth and then he mashes it into her face. She swallows what portion she can and wears the rest.

“Look at my messy little girl.”

He picks up a piece for himself and eats it.

“Mmm, fresh, sweet, and juicy. Just the way I like ’em.”

She smiles at him.

“Want an egg?”

She nods yes.

He takes one of the poached eggs and eats it.

“Done perfectly. Poached eggs are so much better then fried.”

He picks up the other egg by the edge with his fingers. It is poached just enough to hold together. He tells her to open her mouth and she complies. As he lowers the egg, he can see the white straining to contain the yoke. He lowers the egg partially into her mouth and then he tells her to take a bite. She complies and the yoke sills out across her lips and down her chin and neck. She swallows and he tells her to open her mouth and he feeds her the rest of the egg.

With her a mess, he sits back and enjoys his cappuccino as she kneels dutifully at his knees.

“You know you’re a very lucky girl. Because, you have a very happy dominant.”

She smiles.

He picks up the bowl of granola and starts to eat it.

“Do you want any?”

She nods no.

He continues eating and watching his show.

“That is enough for me. Are you sure you don’t wants some.”

She nods no.

He puts the bowl back on the tray, picks up the glass of water, and takes a drink.

“Do you wants some water?”

She nods yes.

He offers her the glass, she places her lips on the rim, and he slowly raises the glass to help her drink. A bit of water slips from her mouth as she drinks.

“Do you want anymore to eat?”

She nods no.

“Ok. Lets clean up.”

He places the dishes back on the tray and picks it up as he stands. With her wrist still restrained behind her back, he reaches down, takes her by the forearm, and helps her to her feet. They walk to the kitchen, where he places the tray on the counter.

“You’re a mess, lets clean you up.”

He retrieves a washcloth from the bathroom. He turns the water on in the sink testing that it is not to hot and wets the rag. With some force, he washes her face, neck, and breast. She grimaces a bit. Nevertheless, he continues. As he finishes, he gives her a kiss.

“Now my girl is all clean. Turn around please.”

She complies and he removes the restraints from her wrist.

“You need to clean up the kitchen. Empty the dishwasher and do the dishes. However, I want you to do it as quietly as possible. Every time you clank something; pots, silverware, dishes, whatever, I will smack you on the ass with a wooden spoon. And one other thing, you have fifteen minutes to get it done.”

She looks at him with concern.

“Starting now. Remember. Quietly.”

She opens the dishwasher and starts removing the dishes and placing them in the cupboard. She is very careful and methodical about it. Nevertheless, as she places a plate on top of another plate in the cupboard, it makes a clanking sound.

“Hands on the counter and present your ass to me.”

She complies and he smacks her ass with the wooden spoon. She squeaks with its impact.

She continues emptying the dishwasher. Now he begins to tease her. He stands close to her as she works, sliding his hand on her ass and between her legs.

“Why is your pussy wet?” As if he doesn’t know.

She gives him a look and a smile.

She clinks a glass against another as she puts away in the cupboard.

“Assume the position.”

She assumes the position and presents her ass to him. He rubs her ass and slides his fingers between her legs, he feels her pussy, which is soaked, and he slides two fingers into her. She arches her back opening herself to him. With his fingers inside her, he strikes her ass with the spoon. With the strike, he feels her pussy tighten around his fingers. malatya escort He with draws his fingers and she continues with her task.

Quickly and quietly she finishes emptying the rest of the dishes from the dishwasher, all that is left to put away is the silverware. She looks at it troubling.

“Yes. Silverware. Now that may be somewhat of a problem. How are you going to put it away with out making a sound? I’m not going to smack you while you’re putting the silverware away. I will simply count the number of times you make a noise. In addition, I want you to keep track. The difference between your count and my count will be added to the highest of either of our counts. So it is in your best interest to keep an accurate count.”

She reaches down and begins to pick up the silverware basket. It clanks.


She gently carries the basket and lays it down on the counter adjacent to the silverware drawer. It clanks.


She shakes her head as she opens the drawer. She removes the silverware from the basket as if a thief. However, she still clanks some of the silverware as she puts it away.

“I hope you’re keeping count. By the way, you have nine minutes left. For a every minute over the allotted time, you will be spending 10 minutes in the bath room bound on the cold floor in the dark.”

She finishes putting away the silverware and she turns to him.

He tells her to use her fingers to show how many times the silverware made a sound. She flashes him thirteen.

“Are you sure?”

She looks concerned. However, she nods yes.

“I hope you’re right. Because, I didn’t count.”

She looks at him with dismay.

“So, it is thirteen smacks for you. Put your hands on the counter and present yourself.”

She complies and he begins, counting off each smack of her ass. With each smack, she jumps.

“Thirteen. Now finish up doing the dishes and wipe up the counters. You have five minutes. When you’re done join me on the couch.”

As she finishes up in the kitchen, he returns to the couch and informs her that he is still counting. Try as she might, she is not able to finish with out making six more clanks. However, she does finish on time.

“You made it with time to spare.”

She begins walking to him, as soon as she is out of the kitchen he tells her to get on all fours, she quickly complies and crawls to him. She kneels before him when she gets to the couch.

“Now, I want you across my lap.”

She climbs on to his lap. He strokes her ass with his hand.”

“I counted six more clanks and I’m going to add two for not being on all fours when you exited the kitchen.”

He tells her to rise up a bit. He slides his hand between her and his lap. He places his hand against her pussy, slides two fingers into her and gives her a smack on the ass. With the smack, he feels her pussy tense up. He grinds his palm into her clit and continues with the other seven smacks, all the while his fingers probing her.

“Do you want to come?”

She nods yes.

“Well, you have to wait.”

He positions her face down on the couch and hog-ties her wrist and ankles behind her back. He sits back down on the couch and places her head in his lap. He strokes her hair as they lay there watching the television. Another episode of “American Hot Rod.”

“Sweetheart. I’m going to spank you and rub your pussy during every commercial.”

She eagerly shakes her head with approval.

A commercial comes on, he begins spanking her ass and he reaches between her legs and rubs her pussy. She moans with his touch. He can tell that she is close to coming. As the commercial ends, he can hear her sigh as he quits playing with her.

“Never thought I would see you disappointed that a commercial was over. Should I use the TIVO to fast-forward through the commercials?”

She shakes her head no!

As they continue to watch television, he knows that she is waiting for the commercials. As the commercial comes on, he simply waits to see her reaction. A few moments pass and she begins to grind her cheek into his crotch.

“I know it’s a commercial.”

She continues to grind. He takes his hand and gives her a hard smack on the ass, then another. He turns off the television and unties her ankles leaving just her wrist bound. He gets up and grabs her by the forearm.

“Get up.” Tersely

She complies and looks at him confused. He holds her firmly by the arm.

“We are going downstairs.”

He pushes her towards the staircase, manhandling her, and almost lifting her off the ground as he escorts her down the stairs. When they get downstairs, he unties her wrist.

“I’m manisa escort not sure how long we will be down here. I want you to get the pair of shoes Laura wants. Just encase she shows up while we are down here. You can walk to get the shoes.”

As she begins to walk off, he smacks her on the ass. She goes to her closet and he can hear her rummaging through her shoes.

“Sounds as if you have to many pairs of shoes?”

She pops her head out of the closet, looks at him, and shakes her head no. She fines the shoes and carries them back to him. He takes them from her, places them at the bottom of the stairs, and tells her to get on all fours and wait there.

She complies.

He walks over to his bondage bench and sits on it.

“Ok. Sweetheart, I want you to crawl to me on your elbows and knees. As slow as possible.”

She gets on her elbows and knees and begins her crawl. He tells her slower. She complies. She grimaces as she crawls across the cold hard concrete floor. She finally reaches him.

“You’re a very good girl.”

He helps her to her feet.

He has built the bench with her comfort in mind. It is padded and supportive. There is a dildo secured to the bench. He positions her on her belly with the dildo in her pussy. He places leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles and fastens the cuffs to the bench with rope. He secures her torso to the bench using two belts: one low on her waist and the other right below her underarms. She is not going anywhere.

“Bob did say you were bound to get better. If he only knew how true his words were.”

He kneels at her head, looks her in the eyes, and asks if she is ok.

She nods yes and he gives her a kiss.

He places a blindfold over her eyes. With her secured and blindfolded, he begins to tease her. He takes his fingers and lightly drags them down her back across her ass. As he crosses her ass, he takes his fingers and taps the dildo hard. She rolls her head and tries to arch her back as teases her.

He retrieves a flogger from the closet and begins to use it on her. At first, he lets the strokes fall softly across her shoulders and down her ass. He repeats these soft sensual strokes several times.

Then he slowly increases the intensity. He begins counting has he strikes her. Each stroke is harder then the previous.


With the twenth strike, he stops and kneels in front of her and removes the blindfold. He looks into her eyes. They are a bit glassy.

“You’re not going to say anything are you?”

She nods no.

“You’re a good girl.”

She smiles.

“Now, I’m going to put my cock in your ass.”

Again, she smiles.

He pours some lube at the top of her ass and lets it flow down the crack of her ass. He takes a well-lubed finger, slides it into her, and slowly, gently strokes it in and out. He feels her relax around his finger. With his fingers, he can feel the dildo in her pussy. He then inserts a second finger into her and again slowly, gently strokes it in and out of her. He feels her again relax and accepts his two fingers.

He pulls his cock from his pants and strokes it with some lube. He positions himself behind her and slides his cock around her ass hole. Then he places it against the opening and gently pushes just the head partially in and then he removes it. Again, he pushes it in, but this time the entire head. He withdraws and applies some more lube and places the head of his cock back into her. He grabs her by the hair and pulls it as he pushes the length of his cock into her. She moans as he slides into her.

As his hips touch her ass, the buzzer for the front door rings.

“Fuck! It is Laura. God Damn it.”

He withdraws his cock and places it back in his pants and quickly finds a plug and inserts it in her as a surrogate for him.

“I will be right back.”

He rushes pass the shoes and up the stairs. He gets to the intercom and presses the button.


“It is Laura. Is she home?”

“No. She went out again. But, she did leave the shoes out for you. I will buzz you up.”

He buzzes open the door and he can hear the entry door close behind her. He quickly goes to the bathroom and washes his hands. As he is drying his hands with the towel, he hears a knock on the door.

He opens the door and there stands Laura.

“Hi, How are you doing?” He asks.

“I’m Ok. I have a date with a new guy tonight. So, were are the shoes?” She asks.

“Oh, Shit, They’re downstairs. I will get them wait here.”

He rushes downstairs, goes to the closet, and retrieves a different pair of shoes. He shows her and she shakes her head no.

He rushes back upstairs and hands the shoes to Laura.

“Ah, These are not the ones I wanted.” She says.

She starts heading downstairs.

“I’m sure I can find them.” She says.

To be continued…

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