2199 Pt. 04: Riley

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Alice Green

The following is part of an elaborate story series that will explore a vast number of themes in kink. The themes explored in each chapter are highlighted beforehand so you can make your own decision if you would like to continue reading. All characters depicted are fictional and over 18 years of age.

If you enjoyed all or any of it or if you have any feedback, please leave a comment or like!

Themes in this Chapter: Domination & Submission (mdom/fsub), Watersports, Electro-play

** Prelude from Pt. 1:

One of the most prestigious courting schools in the galaxy is the Bernulhi Academy. As such it is also one of the most selective. To gain admittance, candidates are expected to complete and send in a portfolio describing each of their physical and mental attributes in great detail. The portfolio must be accompanied by an audition tape specially made for the application; a 30-minute video where the candidate must masturbate in front of the camera. During the audition the candidate is not allowed to interact with any other human partner, but aside from that is permitted to use any material, toy or lubricant to pleasure themselves. They are also allowed to be nude, partially clothed or even fully clothed during the act. Orgasm is also not necessary, but self-gratification must be evident in order to achieve a high score i.e. faking it may not grant you very good marks.

Of the millions of applications that come flying in each year, the vast majority of them will get disqualified due to violation of rules for the audition. Of those that remain, the audition tapes are vetted carefully and scored, and only a handful of candidates are selected and invited to the institute for an in-person physical test.

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** Part 4: Riley

“So, you have expressed interest in becoming a professional dominatrix,” Regina inquired.

Riley nodded. As a black woman in her mid-twenties, Riley was exceptionally beautiful and quite tall as well. She also did a considerable amount of weight-lifting and sported a moderately muscular build and ripped abs. These attributes led most men to be somewhat intimidated by her. This was perhaps what had sparked her initial interest in becoming a dominatrix. She was currently wearing fishnet stockings, stiletto heels and a tight black top that hung from her neck and exposed all of her flawless back. She wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the test, but she had decided to bring her best foot forward. And she could say she certainly had the best feet around as well.

“Unfortunately, here, we don’t have any special curriculum for dommes. Over time, all courtesans must learn to be both dominant and submissive. There is no having one without the other. It is part of the general coursework every student must persevere through in order to become a special courtesan. If you are admitted, you will learn that here at Bernulhi there is no taking the easy way out,” Regina explained sternly.

Riley was starting to get the impression that Regina did not like her very much. Riley, of course, only saw this as a challenge, and wanted to shut her up and whip that bossy attitude out of her.

As they walked along the dark corridor, their paths crossed with another woman pacing down in the other direction. She appeared disheveled with makeup smeared down her cheeks, and was naked all but some loose clothes she was clutching tightly before her breasts. She seemed visibly upset and avoided eye contact with the duo as she passed by them.

“Today you are being granted a privilege that not many candidates receive. Master Wyn has decided to take time out of his busy schedule to vet you and a select few others personally. So please be on your best behavior. However if you find that you cannot handle it at any point, you may speak the word ‘Applewood’ and your examination will stop,” Regina explained.

Riley nodded. She had no intention of going out that easily.

Regina led Riley to a dungeon area of the mansion that was almost entirely illuminated by candles hung along the stone-lined walls. They finally approached a room with a man sitting comfortably on top of a two-by-two steel cage. There was a naked woman inside of the cage, uncomfortably crouched in order to fit in the tight little area, and peeking out somberly. She had a ball gag that illegal bahis restrained her from making much of a noise, and she was dripping drool down her chin. To their right was a wooden table with an immaculate collection of dildos, whips, chains and other electronic equipment.

“Master Wyn, the next candidate is here,” Regina spoke. Riley could swear she could sense a sudden nervousness in her voice.

“Regina, if you would be so kind as to prepare her,” the man spoke with an ominous tone of voice. He had grey hair and was wearing an ordinary t-shirt that still showed off an extremely well built and muscular frame, despite obvious signs of age. As soon as he gave the instruction to Regina he calmly began to leave the room.

“Of course, master,” Regina had replied and started to get to work. Turning to Riley she gave the command to “Strip” as she gathered things at the table.

Riley did as she was told grudgingly, slightly inconvenienced that her well-planned outfit was not being utilized in the slightest. Regina returned with a collar and a black leather full body harness. Riley put on the collar, and after several minutes of fiddling with it, the two women managed to dress Riley completely in the harness. Riley was then led to a padded leather bench, where she was commanded to lay down face up, and where subsequently Regina fastened her wrists and ankles to a set of shackles with the bench. Then she strapped a pair of blindfolds on Riley. The bench had a thin cross-section and was extremely uncomfortable as it exerted pressure against her back and buttocks. Shortly afterwards, Regina left the room as well.

Riley lay in that position, uncomfortably shifting around every few minutes to get into a better position, with no success. With her blindfold on, she couldn’t see a thing, and the only thing she heard was the occasional breathing and stirring coming from across the room. She assumed it must have been the other woman in the cage. She hadn’t managed to get a good look at her and she felt more sorry for the poor thing than she did for herself.

A significant amount of time passed, much too long for anyone in that uncomfortable position to endure. During this Riley had begun to sweat and had started to feel a wetness across her back as it made contact with the leather bench. Finally she heard the footsteps of someone re-entering the room.

“Riley Evans,” it was the voice of the man from earlier. “Your profile has attracted me because you have mentioned pain as a significant source of your arousal.” He traced a fingernail down her neck, through the middle of her cleavage and through her abs. Perhaps it was the long wait that had preceded it, or perhaps it was the unbearable position she was resting in, but the slightest touch from this man seemed to make her tingle profusely. She noticed that her pussy had already gotten wet, though she did not yet know what she wanted.

“You strike me as someone who is quite strong,” he said this as he held her face with the palm of his hands. “Someone who does not relent easily. I admire that, actually. It makes it all the more fun for me when I get to break you,” he said this as he playfully flicked her chin.

“You see, I am breaking the rules myself today a little bit. I am not supposed to vet candidates directly,” he said this as he stroked her knee, having evidently moved on from her teasing her face to her legs. “But its so much fun to break-in fresh meat, I cannot resist,” he said calmly still.

Then all of a sudden Riley felt a sharp pain on her thighs that resonated all across her body and she let out a scream, more out of shock than actual pain. It stung for several more seconds. It was absolutely infuriating to have to just lie there and endure it – she was not regularly on the receiving end of things. Riley had been spanked before, but it never felt quite like this before. Perhaps it was being blindfolded that had amplified her senses. Or perhaps her previous boyfriends had just always been holding back when they did it with her. This man did not seem the kind to hold anything back.

As the pain slowly ceased, she heard some more footsteps and realized the man had walked away from her. “Take, Amelie, here. She was like you once. Strong, proud. Like most french women are, I suppose. But you have come such a long way since then haven’t illegal bahis siteleri you.”

“Mmhm. Mmhm.” the muffled sounds of a woman nodding in agreement was heard. Then Regina heard some clanking of metal and the croaking of something old and probably rusted. Then she heard the footsteps return to where she was laid down.

“You know what to do,” he said. Riley realized he was speaking to the other woman. She heard the unbuckling of a belt and the noise it made when it felt on the floor. There was a moment of silence. She felt the sensation of warm water start to drip down on her chest. An instant later it had become a steady stream, as the warm liquid splashed all across her breasts, her waist and eventually splattered noisily on the floor below the bench.

Realizing what was happening, Riley tried to jerk her body away instinctively, but was caught by the shackles that still held her hands in place, only winding up hurting her own wrists. “No!”, she heard a confident masculine cry from her captor that made her shiver. Then she felt the warm stream hit her squarely on the forehead. She tried to move her face sideways so as to avoid direct contact with it as much as she could as the nasty thing showered her. Some of the liquid seeped down her nose regardless and she tasted the pungent warm golden piss at the back of her throat. She felt like she was going to puke. Some of it dripped down her hair and clung to it. Some of it trailed down her neck. Soon enough she had been entirely bathed in the stuff. Then it came down to a drip once again and eventually stopped. Riley still continued to hear the dripping of water falling off her body and onto the floor below, and an odd slurping noise coming from underneath.

“Be thankful, Riley. You don’t have the more difficult task of cleaning up after me. Amelie is not allowed to let a drop of my urine go to waste. Otherwise she gets whipped also,” Master Wyn said. Riley realized that it had been Amelie crawling around the floor beneath her bench.

“Besides, you enjoyed that somewhat didn’t you,” Wyn spoke to Riley as he moved his hand up her thighs and felt the wetness in her crotch. Riley felt slippery fingers hover over her delicate flesh momentarily before moving right through it effortlessly, aided by the copious amounts of natural lubricant she had produced. The fingers moved violently back and forth and Riley cried out a moan – her body was ready, but she had not been expecting such a sudden burst of penetration. She felt a warm thumb press firmly on her sensitive clit, sending spasms of pain and pleasure across her body. Then just as abruptly it had begun, it stopped. And the hands moved away. Riley toiled violently, yearning for continued stimulation that didn’t seem to come.

“Well, we can’t allow that just yet. Although it is tempting to see how much filth I can make gush out of this dirty cunt of yours,” he said this as he slapped the sensitive skin just above her clitoris loudly, making her quiver once again.

She didn’t know how he knew, but she was certainly a squirter. Oh wait, she thought, she must have squirted in the audition video. So perhaps he had watched her then. The notion that this man had been watching her and eagerly waiting for a chance to exploit his authority and have his way with her, was creepy. Yet current circumstances was making her feel more horny than mad.

A few more moments passed as she heard footsteps back and forth. Then she felt a sharp pinching pain across her nipples one by one, what she imagined to be nipple clamps. More clamps were attached to the skin along her torso, her armpits and her thighs. With each attachment, the sensations went closer and closer to her most sensitive areas. She then felt delicate fingers sift through her labia sprawling it apart. More metal things were attached, that now kept her labia spread wide open, fully exposing her clitoris and vaginal opening. She still had her dignity and wanted to maintain her strong resolve, but it was getting more and more difficult by the minute, when every sensation across her skin had just been amplified tenfold and it took all she could muster to not scream out.

She heard the soft familiar humming of a vibrating magic wand. An instrument she had used on herself on many occasions, but never when she was quite so vulnerable. The moment canlı bahis siteleri it touched her crotch she felt like her body was on fire – the hypersensitive skin of her labia igniting like a match.

“Oooh,” she gave out a couple of whelps involuntarily. She bit her lips as tightly as she could to try and restrain her noises as the vibration became continued steadily, delivering continuous sensations from her legs throughout her backside.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” he asked slyly.

Riley was much too focused on keeping her composure to form a response. Then when she thought she had some semblance of control over her body, she felt something cold touch her skin and a sharp jolt of electricity resonating through body. The sensation spread from her hips and sharpened as her whole body started to shake uncontrollably. The firm muscles in her breast and back started to contract. More painful and sudden than anything she had felt up to this point, it felt as if every nerve in her body wanted to jump out of her skin. “Aaaaaaaaaaaah, fuck!” Now every muscle in her body ached as she jerked back and forth, pulling even harder against her shackles. Although the pain of the tight restraints now were nothing but a shadow compared to the shock-waves flowing through her veins. It eventually died down like everything else, but it left her numb, drenched, and for the first time, truly afraid.

The vibrator kept humming away as it sent steady waves of pleasure up her thighs. Not significant enough to make her cum by itself, but significant enough to make her want to be fucked as violently as possible, just to make it all end. She was legitimately afraid now. Afraid that that thing would sting her again. Afraid that she would lose control and orgasm right there, or perhaps even worse – lose bowel control and shit herself.

She was not left to wonder for long. The brief moment of inactivity passed and Riley started to feel more cold things being stuck onto her skin – two above her breasts and two on her thighs. Electrodes. Moments later it was turned on as she felt a surge of steady but slow electricity flowing through her body. Riley started gasping loudly, unable to fathom what was being done to her, and just how much worse it was going to get. Just then she felt something warm touch her asshole. It was lube. Shortly afterwards she felt a tiny nozzle touch the entrance of her asshole. Riley tried to squeeze all of muscles to block it out, but it was in vain – the steady waves of electricity flowing through her made it impossible to gather her thoughts and the tiny nozzle slipped in little by little. A minute passed, and to her horror she realized that something had begun to fill up her insides.

“Noo, please no,” she begged, desperately afraid of losing control and whatever remained of her dignity.

“You claim to want to be a domme. You like being in control, don’t you? But I guess that strength is just all for show,” Master Wyn spoke.

She could feel the water toiling around freely inside of her belly now. It was starting to make her feel uncomfortable.

“Deep down inside you are just a scared little girl. Masking your fears with a pretense of strength. But you are just a scared little girl afraid of shitting her pants,” Wyn said tauntingly.

She felt the palm of his right hand rest gently on her stomach. The nerve on him, she thought, his arrogance was revolting. “Do you want me to stop?” he whispered coyly into her ear.

Riley thought for a second, but feeling the liquid actively rolling around inside of her she didn’t want to think for too long.

“If I say yes, will you reject my application?” Riley asked.

“What do you think?” he replied.

“No. Do whatever you want with me,” Riley replied panting loudly in between her words, barely able to make them out. “You. Can’t. Break. Me,” she said not having any no idea where this last ditch of rebelliousness was coming from.

“Ha! that’s what I wanted to hear!” he said viciously as he whipped the blindfolds off her face. Riley’s vision returned to her slowly as the fuzzy shadow of her torturer became clearer and clearer overhead. Intense, remorseless, hungry green eyes stared back at her. He was bare chested now. She could see several thick scars all across his chest and abs and the remnants of a deep pink gash on his lower waist, neatly covered up by a tattoo. It was a dragon with its wingspan outstretched and jaw open. A dark birthmark or scar sitting there became the fire erupting from the dragon’s mouth. Its ruthless eyes stared right at her, enraged and thirsty.

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