2019 July

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He had emailed us the day before and said he was free the next day if we were. This email tag had been going on for 3 months or so and frankly was getting a little tiresome. We told him we were free and plans went into play. After a run of ghosts, we didn’t really think he’d show. That there would be something that would pop up last minute.

But here we were the next morning standing and waiting for his arrival. Honestly until I heard his car coming over the hill to our house, I was still afraid he wouldn’t show. A mid sized SUV pulled up and stopped and we got in the car. Ron got into the back as he always does leaving me the front with our date. Introductions were done and small talk ensued as he made his way back to the highway with Ron’s directions.

For those that don’t know us, I’m Mary and my hubby is Ron. We’re on the north side of 60 and having the time of our lives. Ron rejuvenated our marriage of 38 years last year by allowing me to find and have lovers occasionally. H, 30, was the latest that had answered an ad we ran and gone thru the vetting process. He had gotten our attention with the first couple of emails with his humor, honesty and his face and ‘equipment’ pics didn’t hurt. We had chatted on email for awhile leading up to today and he seemed just as nice and harmless in person as he did in his mails.

The trip was about 20 minutes to his place. Ron suggested we stop at a convenience store and we’d get some gas for him and a drink for us. Ron was on edge as always and had to have his coffee. As H pulled into the pumps Ron got out and went in to take care of everything. H and I chatted about a lot of life stuff. Staying away from the topic of the day, we had an enjoyable talk. H had mentioned he’d pump the gas but Ron exited the store and started pumping. We’d gotten engrossed talking and time got away from us.

When we got to his apartment he told bonus veren siteler us he was puppy sitting and may have to contain him. But once we were in a very lovable Terrier made his way to us and made us feel at home. It broke the ice wonderfully. H walked toward the bedroom and Ron suggested I change so I went into the restroom. Ron stepped outside on the balcony for a quick smoke as I changed. I think he was giving us some alone time. I came out of the bathroom and found H standing outside the bedroom door. We talked for a sec and when Ron heard us he came back inside.

Ron hugged me from behind and I followed H into the bedroom. He nudged me toward the bed and I made my way to the middle. Before I knew it I had a set of lips on each breast. My nipples responded immediately and I felt myself getting very wet. It had been a very long time since I’d gotten this kind of attention. Pretty soon, there were fingers gliding along my slit. Gently pressing inward and finding the damp results of his actions. A middle finger found it’s way into me. I know it was H since his fingers are larger than Ron’s. The pistoning action of his finger was causing my hips to rise to meet him. Ron was still working on my right nipple and caressing my breasts. He’d move up to kiss me deeply and feel the moans enter his mouth as I was coming from H’s attention.

Ron moved away from the bed and began to undress completely. After he did he got his phone and began taking some pics of our day. H had moved down and was at that moment applying his tongue to my clit and doing it very well! My thighs clamped to his head and were moving in forty different directions as he licked away. Then a finger entered me. Then two. Licking and sucking and fingers… a winning trifecta if I’ve ever seen one. And it was going all on video. A few more minutes and another orgasm or two and H moved up my bedava bahis body. Ron had moved to the other side of the bed and laid head to head with me. H moved up and presented his marvelous cock to my lips. I used my fist to stroke him and sucked and licked on the head. Ron was snapping pics and then switched to video. He’s always enjoyed watching me give head. He reached over and took my hand away from H’s cock. I kept sucking as he taped it but it kept slipping from my lips. The head was huge. Ron took his hand and guided H’s cock to my lips. It was like he was giving me permission to suck another man’s cock. An act I had performed in front of him countless times before but he was telling me it was still ok.

This went on for a few more minutes when Ron leaned over and asked me if I was ready. I moaned, “oh yes.” After some negotiating of body parts I found myself over Ron in a 69. H had moved behind me and was getting into position. Ron had to be staring straight up at him as he was to enter me. Then I felt Ron’s lips on me. Pulling my clit into his mouth. Flicking his tongue across it just the way I love it. Sucking it against his teeth and flicking it.

Then H entered me. The huge head moving slowly inside me.

“Oh god…”

I had never felt anything like it before. So many sensations. Ron backed off as H entered me slowly. Two men vying for the same space. Ron relinquished to the cock. Giving it the space it needed to invade me. I felt his head move down my thighs a little. Probably just enough room for H to maneuver. And maneuver he did! He thrust into me. Faster, deeper his young 30 year old cock moved into me. Just long enough for pleasure and thick enough to keep my attention.

For the next 25 minutes I experienced ecstasy I hadn’t felt in years. The attention of two men was heaven to me. On two occasions H had thrust into me and held deneme bonus himself there. Ron coaxed him to relax prolonging my pleasure. Both times he pulled out for a few seconds before reinserting and thrusting harder into me. I coaxed him to fuck me harder and he did. He was pounding into me and I could feel Ron’s tongue getting as close as he could to my clit and my nipples were rubbing his stomach as I went back and forth. Finally there was no coaxing H out of his third attempt to come. I heard a grunt and a moan from him and felt that wonderful warmness of his semen blasting into me. Two mighty volley’s entered me and he eased out on the third. I felt it on my outer lips and heard Ron moan. I didn’t know at that time what had happened. H had left me and Ron had hugged my thighs to him and pulled me to him. His tongue was on my tender lips loving them. He buried his face into me.

A few minutes later he moved me off of him and laid back. I heard a sigh. Then movement up the bed to me. He kissed me and I could taste my juices on his lips. He then moved his cheek and right eye to my lips and asked me to clean him up. I then realized what had caused his moan earlier. It must have happened when H pulled out of me still spurting some. For Ron had a good sized deposit of cum on this cheek and in his eye. Yes, I cleaned him up too.



H drove us back to our favorite restaurant and we invited him to lunch but he had other obligations that afternoon. We went into a store to get me a hairbrush. Ron said I had ‘the just fucked look’ and I certainly could not disagree with that. We then walked down to our favorite Mexican style restaurant and got a booth near the back. We laughed and discussed all that happened and got a few strange looks sometimes from other customers. We didn’t care.

We are at the point where we are doing what we want to do. It’s all legal and nobody else’s business. It’s not that we love and care for each other more now than ever but for the first time in a long time, we’re showing it to and discussing it with each other.

Isn’t that what a successful marriage is all about?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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