2 More Secrets

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Caressing Pussy

Until my cell phone rang it had been a very dull Saturday. But what a difference a single phone call can make.

The call was from Mindi, a family friend who had given birth to twins a couple of months earlier. We often had dinner with her and her husband, Chuck. She was South Korean, very petite and extraordinarily attractive. In fact, she had been second runner up in a beauty pageant in Seoul before moving to the US to get her MBA. I admit to having fantasized on many many occasions about how much fun it would be to get her naked; especially when she wore her very short cut offs. I swear they barely covered her ass and her flawless white thighs really looked inviting whenever she walked around holding one of the babies. One of my favorite pictures of the entire last year is one where she is holding one of the babies and doesn’t realize that her left nipple has leaked so much that her sweater is wet.

She had never called me before, so I knew something important was going on.

“Dan, I really need your help with something, but I have to ask for your word that this stays just between you and me. Do you swear that it will on the very lives of the twins?”

“Yes, of course I do if that is what you want. So, Mindi, how can I help?”

“This is really pretty embarrassing, so you really have to promise again that this is just between you and me. Right?”

“Yes, I do. Now what can I do to help?”

“I think that you knew that Chuck took the twins to see his mother in Palm Springs this morning and they are not coming back until tomorrow afternoon, so I am without a car.”

“Yes, Mindi, I remember because the last time we all got together we commented that Karen and Chuck were going to be gone at the same time. So what do you need me to do?”

“Well, here’s the embarrassing part. You know that I have been breast feeding the twins. Fortunately, I produce so much milk that even though there are two of them, I always have enough. Please promise that what I am about to tell you will be a secret forever.”

“Mindi, I have already promised at least twice, and you need to trust me that I will honor my commitment to you. OK?”

“Ok, Dan. Sorry. But I am pretty upset by what I am going through but I need to trust you. And, the reason I called is that I know deep down I can. Now here is the situation. I need to use our breast pump at least once every 4 hours when the twins are not here. Unfortunately as I was setting it up an hour ago, I knocked it on the floor and cracked one of the connecters … and now it won’t work. I called the store and they knew exactly which part was broken and told me that they could get one from the other store by 5 o’clock this afternoon.”

“Mindi, I will be happy to pick it up and take it over there to get it fixed. What time should I come over?”

“Dan, I knew you would. But that is only one of the problems that I have. And the other one is really hard to tell you about. But here goes. It has now been almost 5 hours since I fed the twins just before they left. I was going to use the pump right at the 4 hour mark when it fell and broke. But we were taught a simple procedure they call ‘manual expressing’ to get the milk out and relieve the pressure. Unfortunately, it is not working as fast as it needs to and I am really getting uncomfortable. In fact within an hour I will be in real pain and within two hours I will be in real trouble. In fact if this goes on too long the buildup of milk could actually cause some real damage. So this is the really embarrassing part. I think that I need you to come over and help me. You are absolutely the only person that I can trust. It will probably take us less than 20 minutes. I will give you a second to think about it. But can you come over in the next few minutes?”

It certainly did not take me even a second to think about it. If she was asking me to do what I thought she was asking me to do, suck her nipples until the pressure from milk buildup was relieved, the only problem was not getting a speeding ticket on the way to their house. I tried to be calm as I told her, “Of course I will help. Just tell me what you are thinking that I can do.”

Mindi went on. atakent escort “I have written the name and address of the store on a slip of paper and put it on the pump which is on the chair in the entry way. I have also left the front door unlocked. This is what I am thinking but if this makes you uncomfortable, we can talk about alternatives. When you come in, lock the door and then come up the stairs. You know our bedroom is at the top of the stairs on the right because that is where you first saw the babies because we had the crib in our room when my parents were here. While you are on your way, I will continue to try to manually express enough milk out so I can last until another 4 hours until about 6 o’clock when you get back with the repaired pump. If I am successful, I will lock the bedroom door so when you try it, it simply won’t open. You can then just take the pump, go to the store and bring it back as soon as they fix it. OK?”

“Absolutely. You know I will do anything that you ask.”

“If I can’t get enough milk out manually and am still in trouble because of the building pressure, the bedroom door will be unlocked. When we knew that the twins would be sleeping in our bedroom for at least the first two months, we had very good shades installed so the room is almost totally dark, even in the middle of the day. So, please come in and shut the door quickly behind you. The only way I can even ask you to do this is that I know that the room will be almost totally dark when you are here. OK, so far?”

I don’t think I had even taken a breath since I figured out what she was asking me to do. But as calmly as possible, I just said, “I am totally o.k. with the plan so far. What would you like me to do then?”

“I plan to be sitting with my back leaning against the headboard and when you come in I will put a pillow on my lap. Just come over to the bed and lie down with your head on the pillow. I will tell you how I need you to help as soon as we are both settled. O.K.?”

Holy shit. She was actually asking me to suck on her nipples … and do it as a favor to her! Making my voice as steady as possible I said, “O.K. I will leave in about 5 minutes and be there in 15 or so. But please, if the manual method is not really working do not risk anything. Just relax and let me help. And I promise this will stay just between us forever.”

“O.K., Dan. Remember, if the bedroom door is locked, it means that the manually method is working and I will see you about 6 o’clock.”

Please, God, continue to give her so much milk she could feed hungry children all over the world.

I jumped in the shower with an erection that embarrassed even me and set a world record for taking a shower: 4 minutes and 15 seconds. I slipped on some shorts and a shirt and was out the door in 5 minutes flat.

Only with great discipline and concentration did I managed to keep my speed at or below the speed limit all the way over to Mindi and Chuck’s house … but the erection never weakened, and if possible, seemed to be getting bigger.

I opened the front door and, as Mindi said it would be, the pump was sitting on the chair with the address of the store very neatly written on a slip of paper on top of it.

I took off my shoes and walked (not ran) up the stairs. After taking a deep breath in a feeble attempt to calm myself, I tried the door knob. With great relief, it turned so I could open the door. Remembering what Mindi said about opening and closing the door quickly behind me, I did exactly that. But while the door was open for a brief few seconds I saw that Mindi was sitting on the far side of the bed with a sleeveless top and cutoffs. Her perfect thighs were stretched out on the bed. I was pretty sure they were the very short shorts that I had seen and fantasized about so many visits. I did not say a word but slowly got onto the bed while she was putting the pillow onto her lap. After positioning myself at about the right point I put my head on the pillow without saying a word.

She finally broke the silence. “Dan, I really appreciate your coming over. You are the only one who I could trust with helping me with this ataköy escort situation. Are you still o.k. with what I need you to do?”

“I am here to help you so just coach me, so I can.”

“Ok. I am going to take off my top now. As you probably know, my breasts are not very big so if you need to use your hands to kind of help you locate them, you can go ahead and do that.”

I then rotated very slowly toward her and placed one hand on each side of her just below her arms. Then I brought both of my hands around toward the front and steadily got closer to her breasts until I was touching the side of one with each hand. I then moved my left hand so that her right breast came closer to my mouth. It took all I could do to not play with the nipple with my tongue as I moved it toward my mouth. As it made contact with my lips I opened my mouth and very gently began to suck on it.

Mindi let out a small gasp and trembled as she said, “Thank you thank you thank you. I really needed that done.”

Even though I was cautious and not at all greedy, the milk exploded in to my mouth. It was both warm and slightly sweet and there certainly was lots of it. Within a few seconds I had to swallow. I continued to suck gently but firmly and actually swallowed what seemed like a lot. But after a few minutes, I moved my right hand around and pulled the other nipple into my mouth. Mindi let out another gasp as I relieved the pressure in her left breast.

I said, “I know I did not get all of the milk in the other breast but felt that I should relieve some of the pressure in this one first. But if I am not doing this right, please just tell me.”

“You are doing exactly the right things,” she said with another small shiver. Then she went on, “Can I tell you another secret?”

I swallowed and then stopped sucking long enough to say, “Sure,” and then went back to the first breast.

“You noticed that I have shivered a couple of times when you put your mouth on my nipple. In fact I, like many women, have small orgasms every once in a while when I am nursing the twins. I do not think that most women admit this to anyone but I am sure I am not the only one. At any rate, if I squirm around a little bit and my breathing gets a little heavy every little while, please don’t pay much attention. OK?”

In fact I had dated two women who specifically told me that they experienced significant orgasms while nursing and I suspected Mindi did too, even if she was a little too embarrassed to admit it right now.

After a few more minutes on her left breast which was now not producing much milk I moved back to her right one. Over the last few minutes she had squirmed around 5 or 6 times and I knew what it meant … and was very happy to be part of it. I would guess that I had been in the bedroom no more than 15 or 20 minutes, just about her estimate. I was finishing with her right breast when she said, “Can I share another secret with you?”

“Anything, Mindi, anything at all,” I said.

“Well, as you know the twins are almost three month old now and Chuck and I have only had sex twice. You know that I had a very rough delivery and he is so worried that he is going to hurt me in some way, he stays away from me. And I am going a little crazy. This is NOT why I asked you to come over but you have been so kind and sweet I have just decided to ask you if you can stay with me another few minutes.”

WTF? Really?

“Mindi, I will do anything you ask. I think that you know that by now.”

“Good. I thought that you would. Please just stay where you are while I get up for a minute. OK?”

Then I heard the most glorious sound that I had ever heard. It was the sound of Mindi unzipping her shorts. She then got back onto the bed and put her left leg over me so she was straddling my chest. Oh my God, she was going to ask me to give her oral right there.

As I was processing this idea, she said, “I left my panties on so if you are really not interested in what I am thinking that I want you to do, you do not have to go any further.” She then moved higher so that her panties were pushing against my chin. I used both hands atalar escort to gently cup the cheeks of her ass through her panties and pulled her closer to my mouth. I then began to probe the crease of her panties with my tongue. I could tell they were already wet. I kept paying a lot of attention to which places seemed to give her the most stimulation. Within a minute or two she was rhythmically moving against my tongue and it was clear she was very close to an orgasm. While leaving my left hand on her ass I used my right one to quickly move her panties out of the way so I could get my tongue exactly on her clit and use my entire mouth to capture her pussy. As soon as my tongue touched her, she had a massive orgasm and crushed her pussy into my mouth. I continued to move my tongue around, used my hands to stabilize her on my chest and gradually brought her down from the peak. She had what I call a few “aftershocks” on her way down and each time she used my tongue to give her just little extra pressure as just the right moment.

“Oh God, Dan. I really really needed that. Thank you!”

“Why don’t you just stretch out here next to me and we can just enjoy being with each other for a little while?” She lifted herself off of me and while on her knees she slipped her wet panties off. Then she lay down on my left side and threw her left arm over me. I managed to stay very still, not knowing what was going to happen next. Had there been any light in the room at all she would have seen a very noticeable bulge in my shorts which certainly hadn’t gotten any smaller in the last half hour.

After a few minutes of very relaxed and quiet breathing she began to unbutton my shirt.

“Do you mind if I take your shirt off,” she asked.

“Not at all. It feels good to have your hand on me.”

She continued to unbutton it and then helped me slip it off. We then snuggled some more. It was still dark but by now my eyes had adjusted quite a bit and so I could make how her face and the outline of her breasts and nipples. She was even more beautiful naked than I had ever imagined. I then caught some motion in her left hand as she moved it toward my shorts. Then I heard the second most wonderful sound of my life as she unzipped them. Moving down and off the bed, she pulled both my shorts and underwear off in one smooth motion. Even in the partial light, my erection was now very visible to both of us.

“Two more secrets, OK, Dan? This is the first one.”

I did not even get a chance to answer before she was teasing the bottom of my cock with her tongue. Now I was the one breathing heavily and gasping each time she got more creative. When she finally put her mouth around the head of my cock, I let out a short cry but managed to hold back from having a climax. She was very good and the feelings became more and more overwhelming.

“Last secret, Dan,” she said as she got onto the bed and then slowly slid down onto my cock while lifting my hands up to her nipples. She did not wait long before she began moving up and down and it became clear she was preparing to climax using my cock rather than my tongue this time. As she got closer and closer I matched her movements and within another few minutes we both exploded into each other. I can honestly say it was one of the deepest and most intense orgasms that I have ever had … and I suspect she felt the same even though we never talked about it then or later. After quieting down for a minute or two, she lifted herself off of me.

I then pulled her next to me and we stretched out side by side with her hand resting on my very satisfied cock. I think that she may have actually fallen asleep for a few minutes.

When she woke up, she caressed my chest a few times and then said, “Thank you. I am going to take a shower but I won’t be long. You can stay right here if you want.” As she opened the bathroom door I had a full and perfect view of just how beautiful she was. It was very apparent that she was energized; and her nipples were still stiff and standing out.

She got up and went into the bathroom and I grabbed a Kleenex from the nightstand and cleaned myself up a bit before retrieving my shorts and underwear and putting them on.

After she came into the room dressed only in a towel I got up, slipped on my clothes and we shared a long and intense embrace.

I then left, picked up the pump, went to the store, had it fixed and dropped it off. And our secrets continue to be secret.

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