1st Time Dom

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“I could be your whore.” Those five words couldn’t have shocked me more if they had been electricity. I know it took me a good ten seconds to regain my composure. The women sitting across from me is beyond the shadow of a doubt the most prim and proper hardnosed, lady I have ever know, there is no way I just heard her say that.

But before I go any farther, I should go back to the beginning, or at least the beginning of that night.

I was recruited by my sister to house sit for the weekend while she was out of town. We live on opposite sides of the city and not that she lives in a bad part of town but she always feels more comfortable if I can keep an eye on the place. Since she doesn’t ask that often I don’t mind, plus she has satellite TV.

Friday I went straight to her place after work and settled in for a night of movies and boredom. My luck being what it is the boredom came much faster than I had hoped when the TV went out half way through the first movie. With nothing to do I decided to walk down to the book store and find something to read.

I had often commented to people that ‘Hometown Books” was where the big chain store got their idea for their stores. I had been to some libraries that weren’t as big and they had the best coffee shop in the area.

After getting my coffee and pulling a couple of magazines off the shelf to thumb through I sat at one of the tables that gave a good view of the store to people watch and kill time.

It wasn’t too long before I heard a familiar voice behind me ordering coffee. I paused before I turned to look not sure if I wanted to talk to Jenny.

Jenny and I worked for the same company, luckily in different departments. She had a reputation as a real ball buster. Jenny was also known for her ‘special blend’ coffee that she would bring in for everyone. That is what made me turn around, she was bullshitting everyone about the coffee. She got it here and passed it off as her own.

I swung around in my chair so I was facing her. Jenny’s back was to me but when she turned around and saw me the look on her face was priceless. Not that it was a big deal but she knew she had been caught in her lie. Her coffee was the only thing that kept people from hating her; she could be a real bitch.

“Wow, talk about surprises, I didn’t even know you could read, or are you just looking at the pictures.” She sat down without invitation.

“Nope, you can drop the hard ass routine,” I knew I had the upper hand and this was my way of letting her know. “You got caught, ‘special blend’ alright.” I said with a laugh. I was about to let her know that I wouldn’t tell anyone but she jumped in before I could.

“So what is this going to cost me?” Jenny asked.It wasn’t her question but the tone of her voice, almost hopeful and excited, that caused me pause. What was she up to, I thought to myself? It was as I pondered this that I noticed way Jenny looked.

At work Jenny was very concretive and very much a plane Jane. I had never seen her without her dark brown hair pulled back into a pony tail. Tonight it was down and nicely styled framing her face. The normal business suit had been replaced by a low cut white blouse that reviled just enough of her ample cleavage to leave any man wanting more. I would describe Jenny as thick, definitely not fat, this was the first time I had seen her wear anything that showed off her shapely figure.

“You have nothing to worry about; I am not that type of person. Plus you have never done anything wrong to me so I have no reason to do you wrong.”

Her expression changed to one of doubt. “So I am just supposed to trust you? That is gonna be a little hard for me to do Sean, men always want something.”

Again it wasn’t what she said but her tone and body language that made me feel there was something behind the words. I wasn’t sure I wanted to find out what that might be so instead of trying to figure it out I decided to suggest a peace offering. “Ok I tell you what, you buy me another latte and we’ll call it good.”

The look of skepticism filled her face as she looked at me trying to decide if I was full of shit or not. I guess the fact that I really had no intention of ratting her out won her over and she went to order more coffee.

I watched her walk away and wondered why she didn’t show off her body more, she had a great ass. The other question was why I had never noticed before.

Before my thoughts had a chance to get out of control I was interrupted by someone asking for one of the chairs at my table. I told them to go ahead and take it. When they pulled it away the leg caught the leg of the chair Jenny had been sitting in and knocked it over. I bent down and pick up the chair and placed her bag back in the seat. I wasn’t trying to be nosey but did see the words “How to be,” on the spine of one of the books.

“So why aren’t you out at the bars trying to pick up something for the night?” Jenny questioned me as she set our coffees down.

I laughed at her question. Not kıbrıs escort so much for what it was, but that this woman that I always had thought of as an uptight bitch had asked it. “Well if you must know, that is really not me and I am house sitting for my sister. She lives just a few blocks from here. And what about you, no hot date tonight?”

It was her turn to laugh. “No not likely to happen any time in the near future.” A look of utter disappointment came across her face, and it made me feel bad for her. I had always thought that she was yes a bitch but a strong and confident woman. But that look showed me something else.

I quickly decided to share with her what I had noticed tonight. “I don’t know why, you are very attractive and now that I have seen you outside of work and not in your normal business attire you have a great body.” She started blushing before I was done talking. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to embarrass you nor did I mean it as some cheap come on.”

She quickly changed the subject. “What are you reading?” Jenny reached over and lifted the cover of the magazine I had laying on the table. “Four Four Two?” she questioned with surprise in her voice. “I didn’t pick you for a soccer guy. I can’t believe we have something in common.”

“Well I must admit I am too. But if you tell me you are a Liverpool fan I am leaving right now”, I wasn’t totally serious but I did make it sound that way.

“Well thank god I’m a Man U fan then. I would hate for my night to end so soon” she answered.

“It would appear that we have two things in common. I’m a Red Devil fan too.” We shared a laugh and continued to talk about soccer for the next few minutes. When that inevitable silence filled the space between us I tried to keep the conversation going and asked, “So what are you trying to learn”, I pointed at her bag.

“Why would you ask that, did you go through my bag?” Jenny was very upset.

“No I didn’t, your chair got knocked over when you were getting the coffee and I pick it up. I saw one of the books was a how to something but I didn’t see what”, I replied defensively.

She must have believed me because her tone changed right away. “It’s just one of those self improvement things, trying to be a better person so I don’t have to bribe people with coffee.”

“Look I told you I wasn’t going to tell anyone about the coffee you were insistent. Plus I have had a rather good time talking to you.” I was being honest but trying to reassure her at the same time.

“No, I wasn’t talking about you so much as everyone at the office. The coffee is the only reason any one there speaks to me, that’s why I do it. In my position I have to be a hard ass or people will try and walk all over me. Believe me I wish someone would just take control sometimes.” Again there was an air of hopefulness in her tone.

When I took a second to think about it she must be in a tough spot being the only female department head had to be difficult. I didn’t know what to say and told her so.

“I don’t think either of us really want to talk about work, so what else do you read besides self help books?” I was very interested in getting to know Jenny now.

“A lot of mystery, romance, erotica,” Jenny’s hand shot to her mouth and she blushed a dark shade of red. Seeing how embarrassed she was I just let it go and changed the subject.

“What about music, what kind of music does Jenny listen to?” I could see the relief in her face as soon as I the words left my mouth.

Regaining her composer she answered and we slipped back into comfortable conversation. After my third coffee I decided it was time to call it a night. I told Jenny and she looked disappointed.

“You don’t have to bullshit me Sean, I am sure you have some sleazy girl waiting on you.”

I was kind of irritated by the comment and my tone showed it. “Jenny I told you I am house sitting for my sister and no I don’t have some whore waiting on me nor am I going to go find one!” That’s when she said it.

“I could be your whore.”

I don’t know what hurt more my jaw hitting the floor or my eye’s opening as wide as dinner plates. As I was trying to decide if I had heard Jenny right she bit her bottom lip and I felt my dick jump in my pants. I grabbed Jenny’s hand and without a word escorted her out of the book store.

Neither of us said a word as we walked back to my sister’s house, and despite the cool air I broke a slight sweat with the pace I set.

I don’t think the door had even shut before Jenny kissed me hard and passionately. We stood there in the front hall kissing for what seemed like a very long time before Jenny finally broke away and looked straight into my eyes and said, “Sean I meant it I want to be your whore, your slave and you my master. Dominate me, tell me what to do, how to do it and if you don’t like it punish me for it!”

My head was spinning and know my dick was so hard it hurt. I wasn’t a conscious thought but the words just jumped out of my mouth, “Suck konya escort my dick.”

Jenny dropped to her knees and undid my belt and the lowered my zipper, slowly pulling my pants over my engorged penis and dropped them around my ankles. Pulling the waist band of by boxer’s way from my body she reached in and gently grabbed my dick and then tugged the boxers down too. She hesitated only a second as she looked at my cock and then licked the head before taking it into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head as her wet lips slid down the shaft.

I was in heaven as she slowly moved her mouth back and forth on my dick. After a minute Jenny started to squirm and I looked down to see her hand move to her own crotch. I continued to play the part she had given me even though I really had no idea what I was doing as far as that went. “Stop touching yourself, I didn’t give you permission for that.”

Jenny stopped and gently cupped my balls with the hand she had been using on herself. “Yes master”, she said the head of my cock still in her mouth.

The way she said it and the extra stimulation on my nut sack had me ready to blow. I tried to step back but Jenny seemed to be stuck to my dick. “Jenny, I’m gonna come.” I was trying to warn her so she could get my dick out of her mouth, but I wasn’t sure she heard me. “Jenny, Ohhh god I’m gonna cum. Where do you want it?”

I think she thought I was still playing the part of the master to her slave and responded more to what she thought I wanted to hear than what she really wanted. “I want to taste your cum Master.”

With that it didn’t matter if she meant it or not the way she said it pushed me over the edge and as soon as her tongue licked the underside of my dick my entire body tensed as I shot hot ropes of cum into her mouth. I lost count of how many times my dick pulsed sending cum down her throat, because I was concentrating on staying on my feet.

I can’t remember ever having such an intense and huge orgasm, but Jenny took it and what she couldn’t dripped out the corners of her mouth. Jenny wiped up the remnants with her finger and liked it off like it was the best thing she ever tasted.

It took me a long time to recover, my head was swimming and legs were week. As the world came back into focus I saw Jenny looking up at me expectantly. I couldn’t believe what was going on and damn sure couldn’t believe who with. At that moment I didn’t give a damn about Master, Slave, Dom or Submissive, I just wanted this women naked and in bed. I reached down and picked up Jenny’s bag from the book store and took her by the hand. As she stood up I kicked out of my pants and underwear leaving them on the floor we headed to the bedroom.

I knew it was going to take me some time to be ready to go again after that huge orgasm so I quickly decided to try and talk to Jenny. Not as a ‘master’ to a slave but person to person, I wanted to make sure this was what she wanted and if so why. When we got to the bedroom I stopped at the end of the bed and turned Jenny so I could look at her. For just a second she looked me in the eye and then dropped her head to stare down at the floor.

“Ok, Jenny, I am sure you can tell I have never done any of this Dom and Submissive stuff, so can we stop for just a minute and talk like the two people that was back at the bookstore?” Her head came back up and she smiled like I a kid on Christmas morning. I was struck again by the fact that I had never realized how beautiful she was.

“What do you want to know Sean?” She sounded so relaxed like we were about to discuss the weather.

My questions poured out like I had no control over my own mouth. “How long have you been doing this, why do you do it and for god’s sake why me, “I asked in one long stream?

Jenny laughed before she answered and then took my hand in hers. “I have wanted to be a submissive for a long time but I have never acted on it until tonight. The why is pretty simple really, I have been the one that has been in charge and had to make all the decisions since I was in high school. After my mom passed my Dad fell apart and I had to raise my little brother pretty much on my own. I set everything social aside in collage and for years when I started working to get to where I am now. So I want to be the one that is told what to do, when to do it and how. This might just be an experiment right now, but so far I liking my decision and could see this becoming a life style.” Without much of a pause she continued. “Why you, I have had an eye for you for a long time. One of the first things that got my attention was that everyone describes you as completely trust worthy, then I noticed how you are so completely unaware of how good looking you are and that made you even more attractive. Tonight when I let it slip that I read erotica and you just changed the subject that proved everything I thought about you, and here we are.”

I took a moment to absorb everything she had just said. I was flattered about what she had said of me kuşadası escort and her reasons for wanting to be a Sub made since I guess. But I was still apprehensive, and Jenny must have sensed it.

“Sean I am new to this also, maybe we could learn together?” As she said it she reached for her books that were still stuffed safely in the bag along with her coffee grounds. Jenny pulled out the two books and showed me the cover of the ‘how to’ book I had seen earlier. The cover read, “How to Establish the Dominate/Submissive Relationship”, and below the words was a picture of what appeared to be a red leather dog collar and matching leash.

Something about the hopeful look in her eye made me want to do anything I could to satisfy Jenny. “Maybe you should read to me for a while,” I suggested. Then I suddenly realized that I was half way nude and the only item of clothing that Jenny had lost was her shoes. “But I think that first you need to get out of those clothes and into bed with me.

Without a word Jenny placed the book on the bed and stood up. She began slowly unbuttoning her blouse and doing an effective job of teasing the hell out of me as she did. As her shirt began to fall open it reviled the most beautiful set of tits I had see, at least 36D and possibly DD. There was no way that the white lace bra she had on was holding them up. They stood out from her chest like two perfect round melons just begging to be kissed and fondled. It took some will power not to pounce on her right then.

When she got to the last visible button before the blouse disappeared into her skirt she stopped. She turned so her back was now facing me and she was looking over her shoulder at me. Reaching both hands behind her she lowered the partial zipper and then without bending her knees, she bent over pulling the skirt with her, until her hands were planted firmly on the floor just in front of her feet.

Her ass was wonderful even slightly covered by the boy shorts that matched the bra. Her back still to me she stood and unlatched her bra in the front. She flipped it over her shoulder and held it there for a few seconds before letting it drop to the floor at her heels. Jenny lowered her blouse off each shoulder and brought it down to her waist before letting it drop. Finally she turned to face me, one hand and arm trying to hide her ample breasts, and the other reaching down to hide her love box. The excellent job she was doing teasing me was having the desired effect as my dick began to stir back to life.

I slid in between the sheets and folded the other side down, inviting her to join me. She did still playing shy and pulled the sheet up to cover her massive tits. I laughed to myself and handed her the book. She opened it and began to read.

The interdiction, written by a long time dominatrix, quickly established that the submissive is never to get their way unless that is what the master wants. As quickly as I heard those words I reached up and pulled the sheet down exposing her naked body. She paused only briefly and looked at me as I examined her in all her glory, then continued to read.

She was absolutely gorgeous; every inch was perfectly proportioned to the next. I gently pulled her right thigh closer to me exposing her wet pussy. At the top of her slit was the neatest patch of hair shaved into a triangle pointing down almost like an arrow.

I lightly ran my fingers up and down the inside of her thigh, each stroke drawing closer to the apex of her groin but never quite touching her pussy. After a minute or so of this teasing I placed the back of my hand on her lower stomach and a finger on either side of her outer lips. I didn’t pinch so much as push her lips together. Jenny’s breath caught and she stopped reading waiting for more.

Not wanting to rush things I released the pressure and looked up to Jenny and told her to continue reading and not to stop unless I told her to. I gave her enough time to get her normal reading rhythm back, before I began to tease her pussy again. I slid one finger down her slit, not penetrating her outer lips. I did this a few more times before I let my finger slip into her folds and slide down. I was surprised at how wet she was, Jenny was absolutely dripping.

When my finger finally rubbed her hooded clit, Jenny pulled in a sharp breath and I swear I felt her pussy quiver. I was having a hard time keeping the slow teasing pace I had set and it wasn’t long before I switched hands a slide a finger in Jenny’s soaked love. Using my thumb on her clit and rubbing her inside with a ‘come here’ motion Jenny was quickly losing control. The look on her face told me she was not far from having an orgasm.

“I thought you were reading to me, why did you stop? Do you want me to stop?” I slowed the motion of my fingers to enhance the meaning of my words.

The book jumped back up level with her face and Jenny almost cried out, “ohh, god no please don’t stop, please Master!”

I figured if she was calling me master in addition to reacting the way she was to my touch that I must be doing something right. I continued to let my fingers explore her as I tried to make up my mind if I was going to let her cum now or force her to wait. I decided to try and push her just as far as I could and then stop.

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