18 and ready to Lose my Virginity (TASTER)

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Two people.
Is that one too many?

My name is Lily. I’m a 18 year old girl from England. I’m not going to say exactly where I’m from, but it’s in the North. I’d say I’m your regular teen girl, but I’m not. Where most girls are sluts or students these days, I’m not. I’m pretty alternative. I have my own style, and it makes me popular with quite a few people. 

I usually go shopping with some of my friends, or alone if I’m looking for something more personal. 
It was a Saturday, and I’d gone looking for some new clothes with my friend Tabitha. She’s my best friend, and she has been since we were both eight, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think she’s a slut.
She always wears fake tan. She draws her brows on and wears thick mascara and bright red lipstick. The clothes she wears make her body stand out too. She was wearing ugg boots, tight leggings (which clung to her long legs and her peachy butt) and a thin red vest. She had a way of slightly tucking her tops in beneath her bra, making her size 36D boobs look bigger. She was an amazing sight, with her long dyed black hair, and she had a good reason to look like that:
She has an obsession with sex. She always brags about how often she has it, and who with, and how it felt. And it’s not always guys she has it with.
Last week she told me how she spent her Friday night getting her pussy stretched by this lesbian girl called Chanelle in the year above us at school.
Chanelle is a coloured girl; tall, athletic and with curves that could make a guy lose his mind.
Tabitha told me how Chanelle had slid a 9″ dildo all the way inside herself, before squeezing it half out and scissoring Tabitha. The thought made me feel weird. Thinking of my friend doing that was weird, but kind of arousing. I wondered if I could take 9 inches, but being a virgin, I wouldn’t know. 
The reason I was still a virgin was that I wanted two things: 
1. A guy who loved me,
And 2. Something to outdo london escort Tabitha.
If I was going to lose my virginity, I was going to lose it better than my best friend. 
I’d gone shopping in my converse, a pair of denim hotpants with knee socks and a baggy Oasis shirt. I looked summery, and Tabitha assured me I looked “totally fuckable”.
The clothes semi hid my petite frame. At only 5 foot 6, I was only little, and my perky 34C tits weren’t anything amazing.
However, I was naturally quite tanned and my long, voluminous blonde hair always drew a few looks.

It was halfway through our shopping trip when Tabitha brought up me having sex.
We discussed her love life for a while, but then it turned to me.
She wanted me to lose my virginity. She lost hers to a german exchange student when she was 13. For me to outdo that she said I’d have to have a threesome, and that became my goal…

It was a few days later. The outfit I had worn to town still lay on my bedroom floor. If I was to attract two guys at once, I would have to look sexier than anyone else.
I got some scissors and set to work. I cut away the sleeves and the bottom of my Oasis shirt, making it into some kind of short vest. Then I started on the hotpants; I shortened them even more, so when I wore them my perky little buttcheeks poked out slightly.

But then I realised. I looked the part of the sort of girl all guys wanted, but I’d never done anything sexual.
I was overcome. Seeing my own reflection looking so hot in the mirror and the idea of losing my virginity was too much.
I flopped back onto my bed and stripped down to my underwear.
I pushed my panties to one side and looked at my little virgin cunt. There was a little bit of hair there, “I’ll fix that before I go out” I told myself, but then I set to work. I put my index and middle fingers into my mouth and coated them with my spit.
Then I moved down to my clit.
I gave it a quick touch london escort agency and a shiver of pleasure crept up my spine. I could feel myself getting wet, so I slid my two fingers in. A little at first, but then my lust overtook me and I plunged them both deep inside myself.
The feeling was pain.
With a little scream I pulled my fingers out; they were bloody.
I’d torn my own hymen in my ecstasy and called out!
I could hear my mum’s hurried footsteps coming up the stairs, with her voice calling “Lily! Lily sweetie are you okay?”
I quickly pulled myself into my bed and pretended I had just woken up. I could feel the blood from my vagina trickling down onto the bedsheets. I quickly wiped my fingers on the bottom sheet and turned to face my mother as she entered the room.
“Lily, what’s wrong?”
I had to think quick, it was 6pm and I’d just been found in my bed so early.
“Sorry mum” I replied, “School really wore me out today so I just fell asleep after removing my clothes”. Clothes! What happened to my clothes I’d been cutting up? If mum saw them she’d be suspicious.
“And what was that scream then?” 
“I had a bad dream mum. I dreamt I was drowning and then I woke up and I think I had an accident.”
“Oh sweetie, let me see.”
She peeled back my bedsheets to reveal what had happened.
My panties were a bit bloody and some small amount had leaked out onto my bed.
“Sweetie, all women do this sometimes, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just lucky you were using a tampon.”
I stood up as she began to remove my bedding, quickly nudging my remodelled clothes beneath the bedside cupboard.
I went to the bathroom to clean off.
I threw my underwear in the washing pile and stepped into the shower. The warm water made me quickly recover from the adrenaline still coursing through my veins. The water dripped off my skin and fell down the plughole, stained slightly by blood and mascara.
I needed to clean myself fully escort london down there, but it was too weird to put my hands down there again. I took the shower head off the wall and directed it at my fanny. The water seemed to caress me as it cleaned, and my desire returned all too quickly. I couldn’t hold it in, I needed to do more. I snuck out of the shower and went into the bathroom cupboard. I found the electric toothbrush on charge and my eyes lit up. 
I removed it from the charger and went back into the shower.
The bathroom door was locked, so I knew I wouldn’t be disturbed.
I turned the toothbrush on and immediately my pussy knew what was coming; I began to tease it with the toothbrush as I struggled to keep the moans of pleasure down.
I slid it inside me and ecstasy consumed me. I slid down the damp tiles and sat in the warm puddle of water at the bottom of the shower.
The water lapped at my clitoris as the shower continued and as I moved my new toy in and out of my now soaking wet cunt.
I felt a rush reach my groin as my legs began to quiver. This was it. I was about to reach orgasm. Soft moans escaped my lips and my breathing became heavy as it neared.
Then it happened.
It was like the whole world stopped. With one big gasp my whole body convulsed and my pussy exploded. My juices spurted all over the tiles and my legs. My bladder decided to relieve itself as my urine also mixed into the colourful mixture of blood, mascara, water and orgasm juice. It was too much.
The air smelt of shame and the water felt like lava around me. 
I stopped the shower and crawled out. I made my way to the toilet, watching the mixture empty down the plughole as I allowed my bladder to empty properly down the bowl.
I felt amazing, but also like I’d just discovered myself. The thing that made me so horny wasn’t thinking about guys.
Then I realised. The reason I thought Tabitha looked amazing, the reason the thought of her and Chanelle aroused me, the reason I found myself sexy. I realised I’m a lesbian! It wasn’t two guys I wanted a threesome with, it was two girls! And I was pretty sure I knew which two girls I was interested in…

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