12 Toes 13 Stories Pt. 05

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May 2020

Chad and Karen walked hand in hand through the park. He was tall, strong and muscular. He was the star kicker for the high school football team, the leading scorer in the state. He was walking with a confident swagger thinking about his potential NFL career after college.

Karen was wondering if Chad’s swagger was due to concealing his rather large erection in tight shorts, or perhaps it was due to asymmetric muscle development due to his position on the field. She decided that she didn’t really care. He was attractive, but not smart. He made a good trophy boyfriend. With graduation coming up he was going to be off to a UMCP with a football scholarship. It was a a Big Ten school, well number 12 but it was something. She had considered going to Stanford for CS like her mom but she was doing so well contracting without a degree that she thought about just skipping out and cashing in.

“Baby, are you sure you want to go to school?” She asked Chad.

“I have to baby. I can’t play pro ball until I’m 21 or have a degree, besides it’s just around the beltway.”

Karen smiled and pulled Chad off towards the bushes. She loved the way his cock felt inside of her. It was so much better than her toys, the warmth, the firm but soft texture and the way the skin slid.

“Did you remember the condoms baby?” Karen asked when they were out of sight.

“Fuck. I had my books though.”

“No walking in the rain without a raincoat.”

“I can pull out.”

“Nope sorry. Not even once. I won’t let you down completely though.”

Karen pushed Chad down behind some bushes. The light from the street lamp behind them shown brightly on the area but the bushes hid any activity. Anyone looking would have to look into the light and through the bushes.

Chad was lying ankara eve gelen escort on his back as Karen slid his shirt up. This was why she was with him. His cock was nice, but his body was dreamy. She slid her hands over the stubble on his chest. He shaved pretty much his entire body and every inch of his body was hard muscle. He was almost like a Ken doll until she got his pants off, there the difference pleasantly ended with a supersufficient cock.

She kissed him and then lightly bit his nipples. He groaned in pleasure. Down she slid, kissing along the way. Her tongue danced in his belly button and her warm breath blew as she undid his pants. She slid her panty clad pussy over his underwear; fabric rubbing against fabric.

Karen lifted her top and bra enough to bare her breasts. Chad took the invitation and reached up and squeezed. Her breasts were medium sized and firm with reactive nipples. He squeezed them clumsily but thoroughly. Karen sighed in pleasure. Man candy doesn’t need to be qualified she thought as she ran her hands over his rippling muscles.

Karen leaned down over him and whispered in his ear. “Bring condoms to Stacy’s party and I’ll let you fuck me.”

Karen bit his earlobe as she drew her fingernails along his chest. She swung her feet to either side of his head and slid off her sandals. Chad turned his head to kiss her ankles as she ground her crotch against his. Her panties were starting to get wet and she lifted her feet up and rested them on Chad’s face.

“You like this don’t you? Sucking the toes of a nerdy girl. Worshiping her feet.”

Chad started to suck on her toes. Karen slid her big toe into his mouth. “Count them off.”

He sucked on her big toe. “This little piggy went to market.”

She moved gaziosmanpaşa escort her feet a little offering him the pointer toe of one foot.

“This little piggy stayed home.”

She moved toes again and started to grind her crotch harder against him. She thought about freeing his cock and riding it, but she wasn’t on birth control and new the fertile cycle was coming up fast. She would get off in dry humping and perhaps letting him lick her pussy. If he didn’t get off it was his fault for forgetting the rubbers.

“This little piggy had roast beef.” Karen vaguely wondered about the shape of her pussy. She had seen girls with large beefy labia but unless she was highly aroused hers were politiely tucked in.

Karen sighed and slid a hand into her underwear rubbing her bald pussy. She was enjoying this. The school stud degrading himself sucking on her toes. He could have almost any girl he wanted and here he was sucking on her toes. She moved toes again.

“This little piggy had none.” No pussy without protection, she thought. None tonight and if you don’t shape up none ever.

“And you won’t get any if you forget the condoms.” She felt his cock twitch. He really was the perfect toy. She should keep him tied up naked. She wondered if he would like that too much. He was sucking hard on her toe now. She pulled it out and slid the next one in.

“This little piggy cried wee wee wee all the way home.” Karen felt Chad smile around her toe and slid in her sixth and final toe on that foot.

“This little piggy was waiting with a kiss.” He said and sucked the toe into his mouth.

“Yaasssss…” Karen moaned as she ground down against Chad. She felt herself shudder as her breath caught. It was nice teasing and controlling him but gölbaşı escort she wanted a little bit more to get a really good orgasm. Karen got up and spun around and sat down on Chad’s chest. Her flexibility from yoga classes allowed her to give him a foot job and a blowjob at the same time. She wrapped her feet around his cock, his prick between her big toe and pointer toes. She bent over and took the head of his cock in her mouth.

Chad sighed deeply and leaned forward and started to lick her panty clad pussy. Karen jacked her toes up and down on his cock as she circled the head with her lips. She sucked hard and slid her tongue across his pee hole tasting his pre cum. Karen felt his hands spread apart her cheeks and pulled aside her panties. She moaned softly as she scissored her feet up and down on his cock.

Karen smelled her toes as she moved them up and down on Chads cock. She could see his saliva on them along with a hint of precum from his cock. His tongue started to stutter against her pussy and she leaned back. Grinding it against his face, grinding to another orgasm. Chad arched his hips up and Karen wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked hard.

He flooded her mouth with his cum. The taste was neither good or bad, but she loved that she did it to him, that she made him do it. Chad came and then relaxed. Karen felt his tongue resume a half hearted licking of her pussy as his body pooled with sweat and his cock grew soft between her toes. She realized that he wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of another orgasm.

She stood up and stepped into her sandals.

“If you could have lasted a bit longer I would have come again” she complained.

“You came once, isn’t that enough?”

Karen screwed her mouth to the side and leaned in for a kiss.

“Sorry babe. Tasting cum is majorly gay.”

Karen sighed and they walked in silence toward her home. Chad followed half heartedly behind her. Chad wandered off as they reached the sidewalk to her door. She slipped in silently. As she walked to her room she swore she saw her brother walking to his room naked.

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