1 Apartment Hunting

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“And over here is the Exercise Room.” The building manager, Kyle Poirer, led me thru the apartment laundry room and gestured me through a door on the far side.

It couldn’t be called a “gym”, but the small room was well-equipped for a good workout. A stationary bicycle, a stair-simulator thing, a rowing machine, and the universal contraption of weights and pulleys. A few exercise mats lay on the carpet. A mirror spanned the west wall.

I waved a hand to encompass the room. “Is there a sign up list or schedule?”

Mr. Poirer grinned, putting his hands on his slim hips. “Nope. The place isn’t used a whole lot. Me and my wife are the only regular jocks in the whole building. Other tenants come and go.” He looked me up and down, head cocked. “Judging by your build, I guess we’re going to have to share.”

His frank assessment of my body made me squirm a little inside. I put on what I hoped was a cool poker face, but I’m not used to having anyone check out my form, let alone another man.

I smiled back, mustering my confidence. “I’m one of those rarest of the rare. A man who kept his New Year’s resolution. It’s taking me nearly a year to get to this stage, Mr. Poirer, and I’d hate to slide now.”

Mr. Poirer shook his head. “Kyle, please. I’d hate to see all that fine work go to waste. You should be very proud of that body you’ve created.”

Kyle’s physique was toned and solid, readily obvious under the unseasonable shorts and t-shirt. Another fellow who maybe was a bit conceited about the hard body hard work had produced. I had to admit to myself that after the years of blubber body, I was feeling that sort of smug.

I had a ways to go to reach the buff state of Kyle, but I took some egotistical pride in my full head of curly dark hair to his thinning grey fringe. I also had about 5 cents of height and several kilos of weight.

“And I’m Zach. I guess I’m taking the apartment.”

“Excellent! Leslie Ann, my wife, was sure we wouldn’t get a nibble on the vacancy until the cold snap broke. She’ll eat you with a spoon!” Kyle slapped me heartily on the shoulder.

“Well, uh…good stuff.” I cast about, uneasy at the excessive enthusiasm. “Say, what’s behind that door?”

“Oops!” Kyle strode the few steps to a door in the southeast corner of the exercise room. He opened it and disappeared. His voice came back with a slight echo. “Let me find that stupid light switch…ah, here we go. C’mon in.”

A narrow corridor with blank wall down the left hand side and a series of narrow doors on the right. The smell of cleanser with a hint of “swimming pool” hung in the air.

Kyle indicated the door near him. “Toilet.” The next door was frosted glass. “Shower.” The final door was dark wood. “Sauna.” Intrigued, I opened the sauna door and peered in at the compact room with benches and heater. “Nice looking little unit.” I wandered down. “A shower, eh? That’s a nice touch.” I opened the frosty door and stepped in to judge if the thing was a decent size. Not bad. Surprisingly roomy, actually.

“It’s freakin’ mind-blowin’ freezing out there!” An exasperated female voice complained to the universe. “I can’t believe we ever moved to this city! One side my studly one, but mama needs a sauna before her nipples pop off!”

I smiled at the rude sentiment. Some folks couldn’t cope when winter got nasty. I stepped out of the shower stall to greet my new landlady. What I saw was a fluffy mint green terry cloth robe hanging on a hook and Kyle Poirer tossing his shirt to one side.

I blinked.

Bending at the waist, Kyle skinned out of his shorts with a smooth swipe of his palms down his thighs. He grinned at me as he did that little marching in place step to clear his feet of the shorts. The muscles of his buff nude body didn’t jiggle much to the beat, but his dangling penis did. Soft but sizeable, it was hard to ignore as it bounced around.

I blinked again, becoming aware my mouth was drooping open.

“Leslie Ann is in the sauna. I’m going in to keep her company.” He applied toe to heel and pried off his sneakers, one after another. Now totally naked from bald crown to toes, Kyle strode to the entrance and closed the door to the exercise room. He padded back to me, still smiling. “She would be tickled to death to meet you.”

I gulped and tried to focus my wits. “Ummm…I…umm”. Kyle adopted his favourite pose of hands on hips. It was very hard to know where to focus my gaze. I think my discombobulation at his nakedness was giving him way too much fun.

The sauna door opened and Leslie Ann Poirer (I assume) stepped into the narrow hallway. “What’s the holdup out here?”

Now I was about a meter away from two stark naked strangers. Leslie Ann’s body was the firm female equivalent of her husband’s. I had a general impression of a strong, yet lovely face and stylish black hair. However, when I see naked women, my eyes zoom to the “naughty bits”. Can’t help it.

Her tits were great. Aging a bit, but still a subayevleri escort pair of wonders with stunningly erect puffy nipples. I saw a full, but trimmed, triangle of black pubic hair.

This impression was gathered in a flick of the eyes. I came back to look into her deep green-grey eyes. These were wide with surprise and then crinkling with humour and interest. She leaned coyly against the open door and cast a look to her husband. “Who have we here, studly?” Her big eyes came back to me. She made no attempt to hide her naked charms as she gave me an assessment.

“This is Zach McAllister. He’s agreed to move in to 305.”

“Great!” Leslie Ann gave a little happy jump that set her body into heart-pounding quivering motion. Then she shivered. “Well, it’s not so simple as all that. We have to have a little interview and establish your character and such. We don’t want any mooks in this building. C’mon in and we’ll chat!”

With that, she shivered again and disappeared inside. Kyle supplied me with a wink and a shrug and followed his sultry wife into the growing heat of the sauna. I stood alone in the corridor. I struggled to make sense of this wild turn of events. Then I noticed that certain parts of my body weren’t so confused. My penis strained at the front of my jeans, apparently eager as hell to be part of a real life porn movie.

My upper head had nothing to offer. Total tilt. So, follow the tradition of men thru history and let my copilot do my thinking. I hung the parka I had been carrying on a hook. I stripped off my clothes with increasing eagerness. In seconds my cock bounced free in the cool air, finishing its expansion to full size. I loved it. I’ve always had a strong latent streak of exhibitionism in my soul so simply being barebeam and buck naked in a strange, relatively public space gave me serious wood. The fact that in a second I would be sharing my nudity with two handsome strangers in close quarters made my heart pound and my blood race.

I took hold of the wooden door handle, had a final deep breath and yanked it open.

A wave of heat washed over me as I stepped nimbly inside to the wooden slat floor. I snugged the door shut and turned to face my hosts. I mimicked Kyle’s favourite stance and put my hands on my hips, stating in clear body language I wasn’t going to be the timid one. The little muscle in my groin made my boner bounce, looking curiously about.

Kyle reclined as best he could in the cozy space. His legs stretched out on to the bench opposite him, ankles wide. His right hand cushioned his head against the wall and the other idly stroked Leslie Ann’s long flank. His cock stood flagrantly on display, full erect. He had a couple of cents on me, but I fancied my stout feller was thicker.

Judging Kyle’s size became a distant second to letting my eyes travel down Leslie Ann’s beautiful curves. She stretched the length of the bench so her head rested on her husband’s left pectoral. While he caressed her skin, she idly played her fingertips over his torso, dancing down to Kyle’s pubic hair and back. Leslie Ann’s large dark eyes regarded me from under long lashes. She smiled lazily and sat up. The move caused her delightful breasts to bobble and shift. The puffy pink nipples hadn’t diminished much. Possibly they were extended from something other than cold now.

“Zach, come sit down.” Leslie Ann patted the bench beside her. Kyle sat up so I’d sit between them. “I can tell already you’re going to fit into this building very well indeed.”

I sidestepped around the heater, keeping my hands clear so as not to obscure the sight of my cock bobbling and wobbling. When in Rome, do as the crazed exhibitionistic naked Romans do.

I sat. The toasty wooden slats pressed into my buttocks. I could feel the heat radiating from the sauna’s unit, but I swear I could feel a more potent radiation coming from Leslie Ann’s softly gleaming skin. I let my eyes idle their way up those ivory curves until I locked gazes with Leslie Ann’s twinkling deep brown eyes. She raised an eyebrow and quirked a smile.

I smiled slightly and shrugged. “When it comes to apartment renting, interviews go both ways.”

“Very true.” Leslie Ann leaned in closer. I could feel her breath on the newly formed sweat on my skin. I managed to keep my eyes steady on her, shattering all personal records for keeping cool. A year of self-image improvement paying off.

The sauna’s heat had brought up a sheen of sweat on all the exposed naked flesh. I lay so I wasn’t quite touching a sexy woman with her husband equally close on the other side. They kept up the erotic game, winding the tension higher and higher.

“Do you have a steady job?” Leslie Ann’s lidded eyes smouldered into mine mere centimeters away. Her breath smelled faintly of oregano.

“Um, yes. I’m a freelance artist but the work is coming pretty steadily.”

“How interesting! Do you do portraits?” Kyle’s hands moved independently yenidoğan escort of his conversation. He reached across me to touch his wife. With casual light strokes, he began to trace his fingertips over Leslie Ann’s sultry flesh. They traced up her thigh and up over the smooth hill of her womanly hip, skiing down the trim waist. His forearm grazed off the hair of my chest and belly.

“Oh, uh. I have done a few.”


“Whenever possible.”

“We’ll have to keep that in mind for next year’s Christmas cards. The photographs we usually send are getting stale.”

As my fevered mind ricocheted off to think of how large a circle of friends such lusty extroverts would have to have in order to exchange nude holiday greetings. While the sexual wonders of such a social circle momentarily dazzled me, Leslie Ann took to stroking Kyle. Like him, her fingers only made minimal contact over his muscular body, keeping away from his rampant cock as he was avoiding her turgid nipples and swollen pussy lips.

I had two arms reaching across me, ever-so faintly making “accidental” contact with my sweating skin at random moments. The two hedonists, just to reach other of course, came ever closer on each side of me. The sultriest, hottest bookends a man could fantasize about.

My breathing was getting a bit laboured.

Kyle spoke up “So, you work out of your home on your own schedule? That’ll leave you plenty of time to exercise down here whenever you want, with whoever you want.”

Leslie Ann’s eyes closed as Kyle carefully did a close orbit of her left nipple, index finger pressing slightly into the breast. Her body gave a minute shudder before she huskily added, “That’ll be great. I look forward to working up a sweat with you again.”

“I get the apartment then?”

Leslie Ann’s breath was even more ragged than mine. Her eyes were boiling hot chocolate as she said thru gritted teeth. “Only if you plow that cock in me now and fuck me like there’s no tomorrow!”

Kyle laughed as Leslie Ann sprang to her feet like a tiger. “You win Zach! Leslie Ann’ll never accept she’s too hot-blooded a slut to ever win a ‘staring contest’.”

I only heard this with half an ear. I was too busy being subjected to the luscious result of my victory. Leslie Ann flattened me down on my back, took a firm hot grip on my desperately hard penis and lined the fat purple head up into her pussy lips. I barely registered this contact when she sank down on to me in one fierce thrust. I moaned a chest-deep growl of delight as my cock was gripped in the sweet heat of her buttery hard cunt. My eyes closed and the back of my head thunked against the bench as I gave a long growling moan. It had been so goddamn long since I had fucked. Nothing can match the sensation of rock hard cock in the slippery grip of a hot cunt. Nothing.

I came to reality enough to hear Leslie Ann giving stuttering growls of her own. “Oh, Kyle, his cock is so nice and fat. I love it.”

“Then fuck him, you slut, fuck him!”

And she did. Though Leslie Ann’s order had been for me to fuck her like there was no tomorrow, she was doing the majority of the work. The muscles in her thighs bunched and relaxed as Leslie Ann started to ride me. The muscles in her cunt were as trained as those in the rest of her body. The sexual massage my straining penis was getting had my eyes rolling around in my thrashing head. Each downthrust squelched our pubic hairs together and my balls touched her ass. Each rising nearly lost contact, but somehow the head of my cock never quite left her dripping lips.

Leslie Ann’s grapefruit-sized tits bounced lusciously. The sweat now dripped off her like rain, spraying my hot skin and rolling with my perspiration. Her hair came only to her shoulders but somehow it whipped like a flag as she flung her head from side to side.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck…”


I don’t know who was making which animal noise that filled the sauna. I wanted to run my hands over every square cent of her radiant skin. I wanted to squeeze those tits and pinch those fat nipples. I couldn’t do either because I had to clutch the narrow bench beneath me or we’d flounder off from the violence of Leslie Ann’s fucking ride. I had to settle for the raunchy delight of seeing her writhe and buck.

The intensity of it all brought my orgasm up in short order.

“I can’t hold…much…longer…gonna cum…”

“Yes, cum, cum, cum…” Leslie Ann clawed at her pussy, frigging her clit for the last jolt she needed. Her scream of satisfaction must have been heard on the street. Her writhing, moving body froze like a statue above me. One of the sexiest triggers for me is the sound of a woman in orgasm. I chanced our stability as I grabbed Leslie Ann’s hips and brought her down as hard as I could while my hips drove my erupting cock as deep as I could. Gotta go deep, deep deeeeeepppp…my muscles strained as I fired blast after blast.

We yenimahalle escort didn’t cum at the same time, but Leslie Ann and I unclenched simultaneously. My muscles went limp and gravity sucked me down on to the bench. Leslie Ann collapsed forward, and I dimly sighed in gratification as I finally made contact with all that hot, sopping wet skin. She gasped and purred in my ear and I gasped and grunt-chuckled into her’s. I brought my leaden arms up to run my palms over her skin, skimming sweat off her heaving back.

My softening cock slipped free of Leslie Ann’s gooey heaven. I felt I could lie there forever with her hot body pressing down into me. I flexed my pecs to better savour her breasts sliding and across my chest and my own nipples. The sweet feeling of a mouth washing around my prick, cleaning it off. Leslie Ann let a lazy tongue lick my ear. My cock stopped retreating and regained some iron.

The stupidity of stampeding sex faded, finally letting my brain be heard. I had forgotten all about Kyle in the glory of fucking Leslie Ann. It didn’t take stupendous powers of deduction to conclude that my cock was now being sucked, and sucked very well, by another man.

I’ve let my latent exhibitionism run loose a few times in my life. Nude beaches and the like. My secret bi-curiousity has never seen the light of day, even if it has enlivened many jerk-off sessions. In for a penny, in for a pound…

I whispered softly into Leslie Ann’s ear. “Your husband is one helluva cocksucker.” To make my acceptance plain, I made a little satisfied yummy noise.

“Ooooh, baby, you’re definitely going to like this apartment building…” Leslie Ann grinned at me before laying a long, sloppy kiss on me. As our tongues wrestled, Kyle slurped on my sausage, cleaning off all the assorted cum juices.

Sexual fantasies were erupting in my mind like a chain of volcanoes. Since puberty hit 30 odd years ago, my masturbation sessions had featured torrid visions of lust. The major love of my life had helped realize several of those fantasies in our time together. However, porno-style spontaneous sex with strangers, encounters with multiple partners and naked gropings with another man had all been left in fantasy land.

Until this morning.

Fantasies made flesh in the slippery form of Leslie Ann writhing slowly along my body (while checking to see if I had tonsils with her agile tongue) and Kyle’s superb sucking efforts, made my sexual energy reach atomic levels. Totally buried the needle on the dial. My cock returned to full power.

Leslie Ann withdrew from our kiss, keeping my bottom lip in her teeth for a long moment before letting it snap back. She brought her luscious form erect, dragging her sopping pussy along my torso. I could feel the wet hairs tickle along my stomach and chest.

“You’re getting your cock all nice and clean, but what about my poor full pussy?”

For reply, I only smiled and stuck my tongue up into the air, wiggling it in invitation. I had a glimpse of Leslie Ann’s smiling face framed by wet hair before my vision was obscured by beautiful pussy.

I love licking pussy. I love burying my face into the soft folds and smearing my cheeks with the tangy juices. I love bumping my nose into the clit. And this is what I did. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed this treat, but by sounds of Leslie Ann’s oohs and ahs, the technique was coming back to me. When she gripped my hair and scalp in both fists, I knew I still had the touch.

This time I had a distraction. My penis was nearly as hard as before my wild fuck ride and Kyle’s mouth was hard to ignore. My buttocks clenched and my hips oscillated to the blowjob.

Leslie Ann suddenly came. It wasn’t the explosion of earlier, but rather an abrupt little yodel of delight. The telltale sign was my hair nearly being ripped out as she tried to force my entire head up her cunt. Deep sea divers and pussy lickers both need to have exceptional lung capacity. When the hands grip and the thighs lock down, you hold your breath or learn to breathe pussy juice.

The snappy cum was fortunately short and sweet. Leslie Ann released me, gurgling happily.

“Oh, Murr baby. Your tongue is a treasure.”

“Well, greedy guts, let me experience it. You’ve had two to my zero!”

“Ah, poor hubby left with aching balls? I’m so sorry.”

I wasn’t consulted in the matter as Leslie Ann stood shakily, leaning against the wall for support. She had barely left before Kyle’s legs swung around and over me. My cock was left vibrating and wet in the open air. I had barely time to recover my breath before I had a nut sac dangling above my forehead and a slender, throbbingly erect 18 centimeter penis bouncing across my face like a sausage windshield wiper.

Moment of truth time. Bisexual fantasies generated by my fevered mind while I whacked off were one thing but did I want the reality? A mouth on my cock was a mouth on my cock. I could brush away the detail about that mouth being male or female.

The musky aroma of excited penis filled my nostrils as Kyle’s member bumped my nose.

I decided that the odds were good I wouldn’t turn into a flaming homo. I extended my tongue and, with a long lollipop lick the length of Kyle’s cock, I entered the ranks of the bisexual.

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