1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 10

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Retrieving her checked bag from the luggage carousel, Tess made her way through the holiday travelers, her eyes searching for, then finding, her step-mother’s BMW parked in the ‘pickup zone’ of her hometown airport.

Wisps of vapor throbbed from the tailpipe of her mother’s car due to the chilly air of November, and hearing the trunk lid pop open as she approached the car, Tess threw her bags into the trunk, closing it, getting into the passenger seat, her step-mother hugging and kissing her in one swift motion.

“So good to see you, Tess,” Step-mom said as she checked her side mirrors for traffic before pulling from the curb, “We’ve missed you.”

She was really an okay chick, Tess thought of her step-mom, never having a problem with her as their step-family found a working dynamic for themselves. Really thought of her as ‘mom’, more than ‘step-mom’, Tess thought, and she was really good with that.

“Missed y’all too,” Tess said in response, “Can’t wait to get some of your great home-cooking, though,” Tess admitted honestly.

Yes, her step-mom was a GP doc with a busy practice in their hometown but enjoyed cooking as a stress-reliever, and she did it well. Must be in their family genes, Tess thought, thinking about how good of a cook her step-sis and lover, Jo, was in the kitchen.

“So, I guess you know that Jo dropped a bombshell on us,” Chris (step-mom) said to Tess after she settled into the interstate traffic that would lead them from the airport and to their, somewhat, exclusive enclave of mini-mansions that they called home.

WOW! Let’s jump right into it, huh Chris? Tess thought, a bit shocked that the subject had been broached so quickly.

“Yeah, I heard,” Tess replied, giving Chris nothing else in response.

“So, what do you think about it?” Chris pressed further, obviously not leaving it alone.

“I think its her business, hers alone; if she’s okay with it, I’m okay with it,” Tess truthfully replied, uncomfortable that they were having this conversation.

“Yeah, your father and I think that, as well,” Chris said, her eyes sliding quickly to the side to see what, if any, Tess’ reaction was to that statement.

“As parents, all we want is for our children to be healthy, happy and in a good place in life; sexuality isn’t really a primary concern, we think,” Chris explained further.

“I say all of that just to let you know how we feel about the two of you, you and Jo,” Chris continued, “And, if at some point…….” Chris’ voice fading off, letting the statement just ‘hang’ there, in the open.

“Mom?” Tess said after a short pause.

“Yes, baby, what?” Chris answered, her hands squeezing the steering wheel just a bit tighter as if bracing herself for a collison that she could see coming.

“You and pop have done a good job of raising us, providing for us, worked really hard at making our family work, as a unit, right?” Tess said, her eyes staring straight ahead, not trusting herself to look to her step-mom as she said this.

“Yes. We’ve tried really hard, your father and I, to make our family close-knit and loving,” Chris proudly admitted to the step-child that she truly loved as if she had given birth to her.

“Then, you and pop need to trust us, both of us, to make decisions in life that are ‘right’ for us, decisions that we can live with, as adults,” Tess continued.

“Okay, I get that, and you’re right, of course,” Chris replied honestly.

“So, let’s leave it at that, can we do that? Can you and dad trust us, Jo and I, to make personal choices that, in the end, we will have to deal with? And, just be happy for us both, whatever those choices might be?” Tess asked Chris.

“Yeah, baby, we can do that,” Chris said softly, her eyes smiling at Tess when she said it, “If you’re happy, the both of you, with your lives, then understand that we share your happiness with you, okay?” Chris said in reply, the voice in her head affirming what she had known, in her heart, all along. Their daughters were gay, and that wasn’t a bad thing, it was just ‘a thing’.

“Okay. Good. Thank you,” Tess replied, giving her mom’s arm on the steering wheel an affectionate squeeze of love.

“So,” Tess quickly said to move their conversation to someplace else, anyplace else, now, “What’s the plan for tomorrow?” referring, of course, to Thanksgiving.

“Well, we’re hosting this year and will probably have a dozen or so neighbors joining us for dinner. Most of the prep-work is done, the turkey’s almost thawed, and you can help me put it altogether tomorrow morning. Should be a fun day,” Chris said brightly as she turned off of the interstate, taking the exit that will lead them home.

“Can’t wait,” Tess truthfully said, “Yams? Right? You’re fixing your yam dish, I hope,” Tess concluded by asking.

“Of course, wouldn’t dream of depriving you of that,” Chris answered her step-child, know how much Tess loved her baked-yams with marshmellows topping it, baked to a crusty, golden brown.

“Good,” trabzon escort Tess said with a beaming smile, “Hate to have to hunt you down if you didn’t,” joking back, but happy with Chris’ answer.

“Get settled into your room, your father will be home shortly and we thought we’d go to the Club for dinner tonight, let somebody cook for us tonight, if you’re okay with that,” Chris said as she and Tess entered their large home through the attached garage door.

The Club was the on-site country club of their enclave.

“Oh yeah, that definitely works for me,” Tess said brightly, already knowing that she’d have the specialty of the house, a done-to-perfection Filet with twice-baked potatoes and Italian-dressed salad.

Damn, does it ever feel good to be home, Tess thought to herself as the familiar smell of her room assailed her senses, a glance to her bed flooding her mind with images of the terrific sex that she and Jo have shared in that bed.

Hearing the front door open and close, Tess ran down the stairs and into the arms of her father, a rock-steady influence in her life, all of her life.

“There’s my baby-girl,” Robert said happily, wrapping his arms around her in embrace, his heart soaring with joy that his baby-girl was home. As they hugged each other in gladness, his eyes caught his wife’s for a moment, registering the slight head-nod to him that answered the question they had talked about in private for a few years.

Didn’t matter, Robert thought in that moment, that their girls were gay; didn’t matter in the slightest to he and his wife. Their choice, they were still their girls and would always be so.

Robert poured them all a glass of Sherry, the preferred afternoon, pre-dinner, drink of choice for their house. Sipping, the trio caught up with each other’s lives, the ‘rents beaming proudly as Tess recounted how well she was doing in school.

They should be proud. Tess was maintaining a 4.0 GPA and a shoo-in for the Dean’s list, again. That speed bump last semester of a B+ in Dr. Willie’s class had been handled, and she was now cruising along rather nicely, all in all.

Jo had graduated near the top of her class, was honoring her commitment to the Army ROTC that she belonged to during college and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Regular Army, getting ready to serve her country overseas.

So, for the Clancy Clan, all was good on that Thanksgiving eve as they sat in the fireplaced-warmed living room of their house.

“The Browns will be joining us for dinner tonight, Tess,” Chris said to her step-daughter, “Your dad and John can’t get enough of talking about the hunt,” Chris chuckling afterwards.

‘The Hunt’ was a yearly ritual of her dad and a few male friends from the neighborhood and had gone on for years. Duck season opened on the Friday after Thanksgiving and ‘the boys’ always went, never missing an opening of the season. Didn’t mean that they ever brought home game, however, Tess ‘thinking’ that once, maybe twice, they had returned with one or two ducks. Tess hated duck anyway, finding it too ‘gamey’ for her tastes so, from that standpoint, she just didn’t care if they ever brought home game.

Her dad and his friends enjoyed the boys-only getaway and that was just fine with her. She liked seeing her dad happy.

“Oh good, it’ll be good to see them,” Tess said in reply to her mom’s announcement of guests joining them at the Club for dinner.

“Hope won’t be there, I’m afraid, Miriam told me something about a national debate thing or something, can’t remember,” Chris added, Hope, being the Browns’ daughter.

“Awww, too bad, I’d like to have seen her on this trip,” Tess replied with a bit of a frown, the frown really a result of the realization that she’d not get a romp in the sack with Hope this weekend.

Well, Tess thought, there’s always Miriam, Hope’s mom, her mind already conjuring up the possibility of a roll in the hay with Mrs. Brown.

They had a history, did the Brown women with Tess, a very sexual history, and Tess was sure that neither Miriam or Hope knew of Tess being the lover of them both, separately.

Hope was a year and a half older than Tess, closer to Jo’s age, really, but when they first met as pre-teens, Hope found more common ground with Tess on which to base a friendship. So, through that, she and Tess became friends, untold nights spent at each other’s house as their friendship bloomed. In truth, Hope was a bit immature for her age, somewhat socially awkward around her peers. That, alone, made it easier for her to befriend Tess.

Six or seven months after her seduction by her step-sis, Jo, Tess set her sights on Hope as her first, non-Jo, pussy to eat. She had been paying attention, however, in those first several months of making love with Jo. Two things that Tess knew she could do well was, kissing another girl and eating pussy, for Jo had taught her well.

Using a similiar ruse of ‘teaching’ Hope how to properly trabzon escort bayan kiss that Jo had used with Tess that first time, Tess nailed Hope on one of their frequent sleep-overs, Tess knowing that she ‘had’ Hope with that very first kiss. Before that night was over, Tess had showed Hope the pleasures in playing with other girls and Hope liked it a lot, coming back frequently for sex-play when she was horny. Hope was dating guys at sixteen, but they were of the nerdy, geeky types; Tess didn’t know if Hope had any kind of sex with guys, they never talked about it if she did, but judging by how much and often Hope sought Tess for sexual play, she doubted it. And if she was, it couldn’t have been very good for her, Tess thought.

Miriam, Hope’s mother, well, that was another matter. As she and Hope matured together, Tess could look back on those times, remembering when she first started noticing how Mrs. Brown, Miriam, looked at her a ‘little differently’. It wasn’t until after Tess started having sex with Jo and, later, others, that Tess realized that the looks were ones of desire, of want. Miriam would never act upon it, Tess realized after a time, and decided that she, Tess, would take matters into her own hands when she was ready to.

Over the next year of so, as Tess’ body began to bloom, her A-cups growing into Bs quickly and to Cs by her sixteenth birthday, Tess would purposefully, but discreetly, tease Miriam with enuendos, sexy dress and the like, priming the pump, so to speak. One day, when Tess knew Miriam to be alone because of a visit Hope and her dad were on to see relatives, Tess ‘dropped’ in on Mrs. Brown, alledgedly to confer with her on an art project, Miriam being a closet artist, herself.

That day, sitting with Miriam in her home studio, Tess maneuvered her head near Miriam’s on the pretense to look closer at a technique that Miriam was showing her. In a move that caused Mrs. Brown’s eyes to go wide with surprise, Tess suddenly kissed her, pressing her advantage of surprise, gripping Miriam’s head between her hands. Miriam’s protests soon gave way to acceptance, her arms wrapping around and pulling Tess tight to her body as she returned Tess’ kisses, tongue probes and breast fondling.

They were in Miriam’s marriage bed within five minutes, naked and hungrily devouring each other’s pussy, Miriam absolutely not being able to get enough of Tess’ teenaged snatch as they sixty-nined with each other..

Until she graduated High School, Tess and Miriam continued their affair; not as often as Miriam had wished, but often enough that she found needed release with Tess. Tess never understood how a statuesque beauty like Miriam hooked up with the roly-poly gnome that was John Brown. Money, she supposed, but wasted little time in being concerned about it. Hope, thankfully, had her mother’s genes as far as build and beauty…..

“So good to see you, my how you’ve grown, yada, yada, yada,” the hugs and greetings between the Browns and Tess out of the way now as they made their way to their reserved table. Puposefully, Tess seated herself next to Miriam, between Miriam and her step-mom actually, so that the ‘boys’ could discuss their plans for The Hunt, day after tomorrow.

Polite neighborly coversation occuppied the ladies of the table while John and Robert finalized, checked, and double-checked their plans. All the while that she kept up with conversation between she, step-mom, and Mrs. Brown, Tess kept her leg next to Miriam’s, her foot discretely rubbing Miriam’s leg under the table cloth, hidden from view by others. Tess could tell that these subtle flirtatious rubs were causing Miriam to squirm just a bit, her nervousness apparently only noticed by Tess.

Tess liked teasing Miriam, knowing that it served to get Miriam ‘hot’, horny for Tess, and Tess liked having that kind of control, she liked it a lot. Excusing herself to go to the restroom, Miriam stood to leave when Tess said that she’d go with her, seemingly a last-second decision. But, of course, it wasn’t that at all. Tess was just waiting for an opportunity to get Miriam away from the others.

Walking into the bathroom first, Tess quickly checked the stalls to insure that they were alone. Seeing that it was empty of others, Tess quickly locked the door and taking Miriam into her arms, she kissed Miriam lustfully, her hand quickly on the older woman’s breasts, squeezing and fondling Miriam, much to Miriam’s delight.

“Oh Goddamnit, Tess, I want you so badly,” Miriam breathed into Tess’ ear as she held Tess tightly, her heart pounding from excitement and desire.

“You’re alone Friday, right?” Tess replied as she kept her hand squeezing Miriam’s breast, “I’ll find a way to come over, okay?” Tess said with lust in her voice, because now, she wanted some of Mrs. Brown’s tasty cunt, plain and simple.

“Leave it to me, sweetie,” Miriam said as she reapplied her lipstick and freshened herself as Tess unlocked the door.

The main courses escort trabzon were being set down on their table when the duo rejoined their table. About half-way through their meal, Miriam addressed Chris.

“Chris, could I steal Tess for a few hours Friday to give me a hand with an art project that I’ve been fooling with? I hate to steal your time with her but I had planned on Hope helping me, but, well, you know, she’s off with the debate team in D.C. this weekend, and…..” her voice trailing off, the need to explain further, not really needed.

“Actually, that would work out just fine; assuage my guilt a bit,” Chris replied after swallowing her bite of food, “No off days for Doctors as you know and I have to be at the hospital Friday making rounds for myself and one of the partners who’s out of town, so I’ll be there most of the day, I’m afraid.”

“Perfect!” Miriam said happily, “Now I won’t feel so bad about having Tess to myself for a few hours,” the double-entendre not lost on Tess.

“And I won’t feel so horrible at having to work; win-win, I’d say,” Chris responded with a smile.

Win-win indeed, Tess thought to herself, but for different reasons, of course.

The Thanksgiving meal-feast,actually-could not have gone better at the Clancys. Enough food to feed an army, it seemed to Tess, and enough liquor to get that army quite drunk. Neighbors that Tess hadn’t seen in a few months were there, and it seemed all wanted Tess to catch them up on her life and school. She did, of course, spreading herself around as well as she could. Miriam and John were there, of course, but they, Miriam and Tess, didn’t make any obvious indiscretions of trying to ‘sneak’ off for a quickie or anything like that. Nope, they knew that they would have their time together, tomorrow, on Friday, and the anticipation of that alone, kept them both with horny motors on idle. Oh, they exchanged a few ‘eye-fucks’ during the day but not so anyone else would notice.

After the last guests departed, Tess and the ‘rents worked quickly, efficiently and had their home cleaned up, dishes (2 loads) washed, and food saved. Pronouncing the day done, Chris and Robert retired for the evening, as did Tess, quite tired at that, none of them taking very long to fall asleep.

Tess woke to a silent house, almost creepily so, she thought as she found her way to the kitchen and the awaiting coffee that Chris left for her. A note from her dad stating that he’ll be home mid-day on Saturday and that he had a surprise for Tess, did pique her curiosity quite a bit. A note from Chris saying that she and Tess would have dinner at Marco’s on Friday night, one of Tess’ favorite bistros, made Tess smile broadly.

Three cups of coffee and a shower later, Tess made the short stroll to the Browns’ home, her excitement building with each step that brought her closer to her older, married lover.

“‘Morning, sweetie,” Miriam said as she gave Tess a short buss on the lips, locking the front door of her house behind them.

“Like the look,” Tess commented as she took in Miriam’s choice of dress that morning. A simple blouse/pant combo that accentuated the older woman’s long legs and toned ass as well as her rather firm, for a broad of forty-five, breasts, her cleavage peeking from the vee of her blouse, unbuttoned to her mid-driff.

“Hoped you would,” Miriam replied as she trailed her fingers across Tess’ breasts, braless under her long-sleeved tee shirt.

“To the studio?” Miriam said/asked while taking Tess’ hand in hers, leading them that way. Since that very first time when they had each other in the bed that Miriam shared with her husband, their trysts were conducted in Miriam’s studio space of the house. This was the one spot that both her husband and daughter knew to avoid when Miriam was on a project knowing that Miriam absolutely needed the privacy to ‘create’. It was true, of course, she did need that privacy for her creative side but it also served her well knowing it was ‘safe’ to have her illicit flings.

True, her flings had been mostly with Tess these past few years but there had been a couple of others in Miriam’s life as well, two exactly, both with neighborhood teenaged boys who appreciated the oral skills of Hope’s mom who had a love of sucking teenaged cock. Never fucked the boys, but surely did drain their young hard cocks of sperm on more than one occasion.

“Feel like posing for a bit so that I can take some shots of your body for my photo montage project?” Miriam asked as she checked her camera and lenses.

“Sure,” Tess said agreeably, her pussy warming at the thought of being photographed in various stages of nudity. Never any face shots, never, but many body shots that even her own mother, Chris, didn’t recognize when viewing some of Miriam’s latest creations.

Miriam like working in both oils and photography and, as an amateur, was quite good with both mediums. Exciting is how she viewed her photo work for these montages, loving how she could take snippets of photos and combine them for an image when viewed from a few feet away.

Working with Tess was particularly exciting for Miriam for, as Tess revealed more and more of her exquisite nineteen year-old body to the camera’s lens, Miriam’s pussy became increasingly wet with desire for her neighbor’s daughter.

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