0258223 , the Purity Laws Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – caught

I was sitting in my room – curtains drawn – only the faint light of the computer lighting up my face. I had a look of extreme concentration about me as I looked at the images in front of me.

Naked women were spread-eagled on medieval-looking contraptions – nothing was left to the imagination. As I clicked the mouse and images changed there was a growing wet patch on the front of my lightweight trousers – just above the growing bulge.

I knew it was wrong. I knew of the new laws brought out by the strictly Puritan regime. I knew that if I was caught looking at pornography I would be made to pay. I knew the consequences. But I couldn’t stop myself.

I’d heard that the Government had a new kind of spy system that tracked people’s internet use – but felt that, so long as I never used my national card number to actually pay for anything, I could never be traced.

I was wrong. Even as I got warmer and my left hand slipped to my groin the Purity Brigade was moving. As my hand closed around my growing cock they were making their way towards my flat.

I released my prick from my trousers and ran my hand up and sown the shaft. Occasionally I cupped my tight balls and gave them a twist as I looked at the tied up women with their nipples clamped and their cunts invaded with pieces of piping. The wet patch at the end became thoroughly lubricated as my hand movements became more and more violent.

A particularly nasty picture of a girl (a very young-looking 18) appeared – her hair was tied to the top of a crucifix – her arms outstretched and tied to the arms of the cross. Each nipple was pierced and a small chain through each ring pulled the nipples and whole breasts upwards to where the chains were attached above her head. Her legs were pulled around to the back of the down piece of the cross – thoroughly exposing her glistening cunt. A masked man holding a knife was beginning to introduce the dagger into her cunt – her face said that it hurt.

Although I knew that the picture was totally staged – nothing was going to happen – it was enough to have my cock throbbing with paroxysms of ecstasy as I came all ısparta escort over the computer desk. A thick puddle of cum spread rapidly towards the keyboard.

Suddenly there was smashing sound as the front door splintered and the room was suddenly filled with men and women in black uniforms.

“Stand perfectly still!” the order was barked out by a woman with long blonde hair holding a Z87 stun gun pointed straight at my still-exposed prick as two others grabbed my arms and held fastened my elbows together behind my back. She looked at the computer screen and sneered. “If you think that fictitious crap is exciting – just wait until you see what we’ve got in store for you!” As other members of the troop photographed my quickly shrinking member; the still-spreading puddle of cum; and the computer desk her voice became more like that of an automaton. “0258223 – I am PO Carver and I am arresting you under the 2008 Purity Law. You do not have to say anything at thins stage – but silence may indicate an acceptance of guilt. You will be put before a Purity Council as soon as you are returned to the station. Do you wish to say anything?”

I couldn’t think of anything to say. Carver’s hand flew out and she struck my dick so hard it slapped against my thigh. “I said do you have anything to say?”

“N..n..no.” I gasped.

“Good, that’ll make a conviction much easier!” she laughed. “Take his trousers off properly – he’ll not be needing those – and get him into the van.”

A girl I vaguely recognised from my school days stood before me and unceremoniously removed my lower clothing. The smell of her perfume and her hair tickling against my thigh as she leaned down was enough to give me a new erection.

“How disgusting!” she curled her lip. “Ma’am – we’ve got a real perv here!”

“Photo that thing,” barked out Carver and a number of cameras flashed at my disappearing manhood. Removing her right glove she came right up to me and put her lips to my ear. I felt the warm flesh of her right hand touch my balls – suddenly there was a shooting pain from my groin as she grasped them hard and twisted violently, “I’d make kars escort the most of these, while you’ve still got them!” she whispered.

As tears came to my eyes she spun back round, replaced her glove and said, “Right, let’s get him back to the Council.”

I was pushed violently towards the door, only prevented from falling by the fact that someone had hold of my elbow restraint. I was bundled out into the street and was shocked to see a small crowd of neighbours watching. When they saw that I was naked from the waist down they booed and I felt a lump of mud hit me just above the eyebrow. A second splattered against my shirt. When a third hit my privates there was a cheer. Before I knew it I was lying face upwards in the back of a van – the girl with long hair leaned over and attached my elbow restraint to a short chain just behind the driver’s seat. She then shuffled over me, grasped my right ankle and tugged it towards one corner where I felt it being cuffed – she repeated the process with my left ankle. I realised that I was lying spread-eagled in the van at the same moment that I saw that the windows were filled with the faces of the on-lookers.

The van lurched forward, siren sounding, and the faces disappeared – only the girl as still visible – I suddenly remembered her name – Josie White – I’d quite fancied her and we’d actually gone out a couple of times together. Crouched at the end of the van in her tight leather uniform I couldn’t help but notice the size of her nipples showing through the material. The effect was automatic – my cock started to stir. I felt the blood pumping into my organ as it began to swell. Her hand reached out and gently she pulled my foreskin forward with the finger and thumb of her right hand. ‘She’s going to wank me off,’ I thought, ‘Will she wrap her tiny mouth round me and suck me off?’

Before the thought had passed through my mind I felt a sharp pain in the shaft of my penis as I realised that, her only purpose in holding my cock was so that she could touch the point of her knife blade right in the base of my prick just above the ball sac. I screamed, “No – please!” A small smile played kastamonu escort across her lips.

“Don’t worry – I’ll not cut it off – if I did you wouldn’t have the next few days to look forward to.” But she didn’t let go or remove the knife – she continued prodding.

“What do you mean?” I asked, a cold sweat breaking out on my forehead.

“Well, just think of the lovely line-up of punishments awaiting you for your disgusting little habit.”

Suddenly I remembered what I’d been seeing on the tv – the new 2008 Purity Law. It contained a list of measures intended to make a spectacle of the first people found to be breaking the Masturbatory and Pornography Rules. A shiver ran down my spine.

“Ah, you’ve just remembered,” she said. “Yes you’ve a lot to look forward to – the Twist, the Cage, public humiliation, hanging and crushing these,” she prodded the ball sac itself causing me to let out another yell, “and, of course, the Ordeal by Fire.” She seemed to lick her lips at the thought.

Before I had time to ask her what these things actually meant the van screeched to a halt outside the police station causing her knife to slip up to the opening at the en of my prick and nearly go inside. “Ooops,” she said and she let go of my prick and put the knife away as the van doors opened.

I was quickly unchained and unceremoniously bundled out of the van and into the brightly lit reception room. There appeared to be a welcoming committee – about five police officers stood in a line watching with a mixture of curiosity and disgust as I was marched up to the desk. The young black WPC behind the counter was very matter of fact.

“What’s his number?”

“0258223. He’s in breach of Purity law subsection 22 paragraph 14 a. I’m the arresting officer, PO Carver 1897”

“Ah,” she said, looking straight into my eyes, “a fucking wanker.” Her lip curled as she filled in the charge sheet on the computer keyboard. It took only seconds – all that was needed was two numbers and the law – the date obviously filled itself in. “Right, get him stripped and photo’d.”

My clothes were quickly removed and I stood totally naked in front of a group of angry looking strangers. I was pushed towards a yellow door marked “Prisoners”. Someone said, “Don’t forget the hood.” The lights went out as a hood was put over my head – I was totally blind. My heart was in my mouth – what the hell was going to happen to me?

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