You Won’t Remember This Ch. 03

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Again I was just leaving campus when my phone rang. It was Kathy saying she would meet me at my place. There was no explanation, no asking permission or anything. She just said I’ll see you there when you get there.

I was a little unnerved by that, but it wasn’t out of her character to play the boss. Yet I wondered what was up. I suppose I was still a bit leery of trusting hypnosis completely. After all I was an amateur and I only had the one class, although it was quite thorough with practice sessions and all.

She was waiting in her car as I pulled up at my apartment. “What’s up?” I asked.

As we got to my door and I unlocked it she said, “Well… it’s a little hard to talk about.”

“I’m sure you didn’t drive over here just to say that,” I answered.

Inside I closed the door and looked at her standing there thinking. “OK, I’ll just say it,” she finally blurted out. “Are you ever going to hypnotize Denice like we talked about rather than just having her go into a relaxing mode?”

Not wanting to let on that they were both strongly under hypnosis every time, I said, “Now you know I’m new at this and I have to be very sure she gets hypnotized when I do this,” I said. “So you just have to be patient. At least she liked the relaxation just as you did so she’ll come back for more. It just takes time.”

“I guess so,” she acknowledged.

“So when will the two of you be over again,” I asked.

Looking a bit sheepish she said, “Uh… I told her to come by around 5 this evening with tacos,” and she laughed tentatively. “I told her I’d pay half.”

“Well I’m glad you let me know,” I said with a slight tone of indigence.

“Can you do it tonight after dinner?” she nearly begged.

“So let me get this straight: you want to be able to… taste her?” I said.

“Yes,” she acknowledged looking away from me.

“That will entail undressing her and touching her. She’ll need to be in a deep state of hypnosis,” I said more or less to myself. “And I’ll need to be sure she is under deeply and not faking.” Kathy stood watching me as I posed these things to myself. “How will we explain you not doing any relaxation, as much as you profess to love it?”

“Why can’t you just relax me at the same time like always, then wake me?” she explained.

“That works,” I said thinking that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to have Kathy in the room when I used the phrase “passionately sleeping” without her going under as well and I didn’t want to teach her the long method of the so called “relaxation” technique.

Denice knocked, punctual as always. “Dinner,” she said with a smile, holding up her bag.

“I could get used to this,” I said in return.

Dinner was uneventful with chat going about the same as Saturday night. I got Denice to specifically admit that she wanted another session and of course Kathy agreed she did too. I helped clean up and in short order we were ready for the next session.

“OK,” I began, “we’ll have the two of you lay down on my bed like before. That was comfortable for you wasn’t it?” I said more to Denice than to my sister.

“Yes, fine,” she replied as she crawled up. The two of them laid side by side and held hands grinning at one another.

“No, don’t hold hands,” I ordered. I remembered my professor saying that sometimes even the smallest things can trigger memories. I wanted their attention not to be on each other.

“Now relax for a bit I said, leaving a pause as I watched them make tiny movements adjusting positions for comfort. “passionately sleeping” I said and like magic they were deep under. I looked at the two of them there totally under my control and was tempted to have some fun with them myself. But instead I decided to set up my camera to record what was about to happen.

After setting it up, I went to Kathy’s side and whispered in her ear, “Now when I count to 5 you will again wake up as always,” I began, “but you will remember everything that happened except that you will not notice the camera in here. Also, whenever I make a suggestion for the next few hours, it will become something you really want to try. And of course you won’t remember any of this discussion but you will follow my instructions.” With that I counted to five softly and told her to be quiet as she awoke.

She was now alert and excited. “Is she under?” she asked nervously as she got up.

“Yes,” I assured her, “go ahead and undo her pants.”

She looked at me indecisively. “Are you sure?” she said.

“Yep. Give it a try,” I told her.

“Should I?” she said even more nervously. “You try it first.”

“Why me,” I said. “You’re the one who’s waited for this moment.”

Then leaning over and straightening back up again she said, “Well you open her pants,” as she balked again.

“We don’t have to do this at all if you’re too nervous,” I said, trying to guilt her into it.

“OK…OK I’ll do it,” she said in a tone meant to convince herself.

Then leaning over Denice, she reached for mardin escort the button on her shorts, but then stopped and waved a hand past Denice’s face several times, and then looked at me questioningly. I just raised my eyebrows in a non-committal approval. Then again reaching out her fingers found the button and with as little motion as possible, she opened it and pulled her hand back, grinning at me.

I signaled with my hand to pull the zipper down next and she turned with a bit more courage now. Lifting the flap, she slid it down. Denice now laid there with her shorts hanging open.

Of course I could have simplified this whole thing by having Denice stand up and undress herself, but watching my sister do it was worth the extra time.

“Now what,” Kathy asked.

“Can you reach in there with your hand now?” I asked.

“Oh no I don’t think so,” she cried softly.

“Well then you’ll have to pull them down, I suppose,” I said smugly.

Kathy made a face, then looking first down at Denice and back at me she said, “What if she wakes up?”

“She won’t,” was all I said.

“Will you do it, pleeeeease,” she asked.

“So let me get this straight,” I said. “First I’m to hypnotize your friend so you can touch her sexually, and now it’s up to me to strip her for you?”

Embarrassed and smiling she giggled, “Uh huh.”

Rolling my eyes in false disgust, I leaned over Denice and took hold of both her shorts and panties and pulled them down and off one leg as if it were nothing, although if Kathy had checked out my pants, she couldn’t help but notice my bulge. In doing this her legs spread a bit as well, in perfect position for Kathy to touch her.

“OK, she’s all yours,” I said, arms crossed.

Then with a funny look on her face, Kathy said, “I don’t know. Maybe we shouldn’t do this.”

“It’s up to you,” I said. “Last chance though. If I were you I’d do it now or forever regret it,” I said remembering my post-hypnotic suggestion to her to accept my suggestions.

Then leaning over her preparing to do it she said, “You’ll think I’m terrible, won’t you?”

“I’ll think you’re terribly horny,” I snickered.

But then Kathy became all business. She leaned over and with her left hand, she spread Denice’s lips. Then with the middle finger of her right hand, she probed her opening to the first knuckle. While still bent over she put the finger to her nose to smell it then touched it to her tongue. “Ummm, she tastes the same as me,” she said. And holding out her finger she added with a grin, “Wanna taste?”

Without answering her, I said, “So that’s all you wanted? That tiny little taste. You can hardly tell what she tastes like that way. If I were you I’d want to taste it from the source.”

I could see the wheels turning in her head. “I’ve never done anything like that,” she said.

“Well you’ve never dipped a finger in and tasted it either, have you,” I said. Then leaning over Denice and inhaling I said, “She smells nice.”

“Lick her then,” Kathy said with a devilish grin.

“You’re the one who wanted to taste her,” I said.

Well I will if you do,” she countered.

“And if I don’t,” I asked.

“Please!” she begged.

How could I refuse such an invitation? I crawled between Denice’s legs, spreading them somewhat and, spreading her lips with my hand, I looked up at Kathy then leaned in and made a very obvious lick from the bottom to the top of her slit. I raised my eyebrows with approval and got up, licking my lips.

“Is she as good as me,” Kathy said.

“I don’t know. I need to taste you both in a side by side taste test. Take your pants off,” I said.

“Really?” she mused.

“Yeah. Take them off and sit her on the bed with your legs spread,” I suggested and she did as she was told.

Then, kneeling between her legs I spread them wide and parted her lips to a very wet and ready pussy. I leaned in and lapped up several tongue fulls of her nectar. The getting up I quickly get back up between Denice’s legs and licked her again.

“There is a difference,” I said as she anxiously awaited the results. I definitely like yours better… sweeter, less tangy.” She just smiled and blushed as I got up. “OK, your turn,” I said.

Then making a face as if this was something she dreaded, she climbed on the bed between Denice’s legs and laid down on her elbows staring into her gaping slash. Then carefully, she parted her lips and giving a look up at me watching, she leaned in and licked her a bit. But then she repeated it licking her more thoroughly a couple times.

“OK, you don’t need to get her off there,” I said jokingly.

“Do you think it would?” she said as if interested in trying.

“Well she’s sleeping, not dead,” I said sarcastically.

Kathy went back to licking her and I leaned into Denice’s ear and said, “You’re going to dream that Kathy is eating you and you will melt into a delicious orgasm.”

Denice’s hips began to move mardin escort bayan to the shock of Kathy. “She isn’t waking up is she?” she whispered.

“No she’s reacting to your manipulations there. Work on her clit and you’ll push her over the edge,” I suggested.

Soon Denice was bucking and twisting and Kathy was having a hard time keeping up. Then Denice arched her rear and trembled as she came hard. “OH…” was all I heard from Kathy.

“What’s wrong,” I asked.

“I think she came,” was her reply as she pointed to a wet spot under Denice on the spread. “She’s going to see this and know what happened!”

I leaned in and spoke into Denice’s ear as Kathy got up to see what I was doing. “When you awaken, you won’t notice the wet spot on my spread, I said softly but loud enough that Kathy could hear. “There simple as that,” I said to her. “Now get up and get dressed,” I continued to Denice.

As she arose and began to pull up her panties and shorts, Kathy said, “You could have done that to undress her.”

“I never thought of it,” I lied.

Then I told Kathy to lie back down on the bed the way she was before. I said to Kathy then, “passionately sleeping”. Then with her asleep I put away the camera and told Kathy she would remember laying down this last time and she would feel super when she awoke, and she would remember her fun with Denice, but nothing else. Then I told her she would from then on begin to desire to seduce Denice in a 3-way with me.

“You’re also going to have this urge to tell me all of the secret little things Denice and you do and talk about,” I said.

To Denice I said she would remember the erotic dream of Kathy eating her, and she would begin to realize that these erotic dreams were because she had a deep down desire to seduce Kathy. I told her too that she would have a strange desire to tell me everything that the two talked about and also anything and everything that she found erotic in her life such as dreams, thoughts and desires. As always she would awaken super refreshed and feeling great. I then counted to 5 and the two of them snapped out of it.

Afterward, they didn’t stay long but headed home leaving me to my homework, as best I could, but not before reviewing the video I just made and relieving myself of the “pressures” of the evening. As I came hard, it occurred to me that I hadn’t actually had any real sex with either of my ‘slaves’ for a while. I needed to do something about that.

That evening before bed, I checked my emails and found one from Kathy and strangely another from Denice. That was the first one she’d ever sent me. I supposed my sister gave her the address. I opened the one from Denice out of curiosity first.

She began by explaining that indeed Kathy had given her the email address just to personally thank me for the wonderful relaxation sessions. But then she went on with much more – several paragraphs. She said on the way home, she and Kathy had been talking about the sessions and they both raved about how wonderful they could make one feel. She said how nice it was that Kathy and I had such a close relationship and that being included in these sessions, she too felt almost like I was a brother rather than just a friend.

Now most guys, reading that a beautiful woman considered them like a brother, would be insulted. I’d prefer to be her lover, but then I knew that could be arranged, so I read on. She basically went on to say how in dealing with me and Kathy she felt that she could trust me with her secrets as much as anyone in the world.

She closed by saying not to get the wrong idea, that she wasn’t coming on to me, but that she had many thoughts and feelings that she held inside for a lack of anyone to discuss them with that she felt safe with, and could she discuss them with me without being judged?

I replied saying I really appreciated the vote of confidence in me and that she had no worries about anyone hearing anything she felt she wanted to discuss. I told her I never judged anyone since no one ever knows just what it’s like being that person nor what they are going through.

Then I opened Kathy’s email and she said too that they had discussed how much they enjoyed the sessions and that she’d given Denice my email address so she could thank me herself. She hoped that was OK. She said Denice was acting strange. Nothing in particular, but she hoped it wasn’t anything related to what we had done that evening – no memories in particular.

She went on to say that she felt strange doing what she had done tonight, and especially right in front of me, and she hoped I didn’t think less of her. She explained that tasting her own fluids and then me mentioning Denice’s right after just hit a nerve. She felt strangely driven to know what she tasted like. But that actually getting her off that way was just something that happened. She said she had no intention of doing that when she started and that it didn’t seem to be sexually driven. escort mardin She just felt that once she started and Denice reacted, it was just something thrilling to follow through with out of curiosity.

Then she said, “OMG maybe it was sexual. How else would it be exciting?” She then continued trying to rationalize what happened and assure me that it was a one time thing. I knew however that I had planted the idea of Denice as a sexual partner when I put the suggestion of having a 3-way.

I replied that first, she could relax and be assured that Denice was not acting the way she was out of remembering anything that happened. Second, I said I understood her feelings and that whatever they were toward Denice didn’t make her any less in my mind. I told her that it actually turned me on watching her excite Denice, and that I wished I could have joined in with the two of them. But I didn’t since I would have preferred it all being by choice, rather than by trickery. I finished by saying that I was glad she (Kathy) got her fantasy.

I knew these two emails would quickly spawn more. Then I showered and went to bed. I knew classes tomorrow would be difficult at best. But that didn’t bother me in the least. I was on top of the world. My dreams that night were over the top!


I didn’t check my email until lunch on Tuesday. I found one from each of my girls. I opened Kathy’s and read it:

“So you would have liked to join in when I got Denice off, would you? I don’t know if I like that or not,” she began. “I sort of want you to myself for the time being…lol. But then I wonder what a 3-way with Denice, you and me would be like? No, just kidding but it sounds like you’re interested…lol”

I decided to reply in a way she would expect and in my usual “hard-to-get” way”

“I’ve had sex with you and it was (is) fabulous. I’m always game for that again anytime anywhere. As to Denice, I think she might have a little something to say about that, don’t you…lol. Besides, to do that, you’d have to let her know that we… are… more than siblings, if you get my drift.”

I hit send and opened Denice’s email:

“OK, I’m trusting you like I have no one else in the world, Michael. Please don’t let me down. Now I’ve always been straight, understand. Oh how to put this? OK, it’s like this. I’ve been having sex dreams about your sister lately! I have no idea where these thoughts came from. I have no control over what I dream, and I’ve never thought of her that way when we’re together. I have no desires whatsoever to have any sort of bisexual affair with any girls. So two questions: What would make me suddenly have such dreams about her? And do you think I should tell her?”

Boy nothing like coming right the point here I was thinking. I replied:

“Wow, you weren’t kidding about confiding. Not sure I’m even qualified to answer this. But as to your second question, I would think that it might not be such a good idea to tell her just yet. I mean, it’s a big deal so maybe wait and just see if the dreams go away or change any. After all you say you’re not interested so why blow them up more than they are. As to why, well it could be any number of things. My psychology teacher would say you probably have some repressed desire to experiment in that way and since Kathy is a close friend, that’s how you manifest it.”

Couldn’t wait for the afternoon literature class to end. I wanted to get to my emails and see what might be brewing.

That afternoon I got just one returned from my sister:

“I was just kidding about the 3-way. Hope you never let her know we joke around this way. Anyway, mind if we drop by this evening after dinner. Just love those relaxation sessions.”

I of course replied:

“Sure come on by, but come early so I can do it and then get some homework done.”

The rest of the afternoon dragged by slowly. I had a couple pieces of left over pizza for an early dinner so that I’d have things cleaned up when they arrived. And sure enough they were here by 6:30, all smiles and ready for their session.

“OK, you guys know the drill,” I began as we entered my bedroom. It still felt funny having two good looking women walk so casually into my bedroom, kick off their shoes and just lay on my bed. I was semi-hard already but had to maintain my seemingly uninterested attitude. Once they laid down I had them relax for a bit as always as if that was part of the procedure, yet if it were, it would never work. They were never very relaxed at that point.

“Sleeping Passionately,” I’d finally say and they were truly relaxed… and completely unaware of their surroundings. “Now, as always, you will remember nothing from the time you went under until you awaken, except for a couple specific things I tell you to remember,” I said.

“When I wake you up, you both as usual will be totally relaxed and completely rested, feeling wonderful. But you will also feel quite horny. You’ll go back to Denice’s apartment together leaving her door unlocked. Upon entering you never see me and will not know I’m there. You won’t be able to see or hear me no matter what happens unless I say ‘stop’. Then you will stop what you’re doing instantly, go into a deep sleep and obey every instruction I give you both.

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