Woman of the House Ch. 03

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The next day I was sore in places I didn’t know could be sore. Horace had used me like he said he would. I had enjoyed it a lot, but still felt apprehensive about my status with all of them.

What woman really wants to become what I had? Even soiled doves had once been innocent girls.

I was surprised when I woke so late, but I couldn’t help but be relieved that Horace and the boys were already out working. For such a momentous night, it seemed that today would be like any other for them. I tried not to think of what and who I would be doing that night.

I did my customary chores, mindful not to move too quickly; lest I cause an ache to sprout up and remind me of how many times Horace had taken me the night before. Even so, sometimes a sharp reminder would ghost up inside of me, a fleeting feeling of abused flesh that would settle into a hot ache for more.

I made lunch for the men, and when I realized they wouldn’t be coming in, I took it out to them. Horace was easy to find. He was plouwing the fallow field in preparation for winter. He smiled almost shyly at me as I approached, and thanked me nicely for the food. He didn’t say was anything much, but he did more to put me at ease than any pretty words he had said the night before.

I looked for Josh and Reuben, but couldn’t find them where Pa had said they’d be, working on the fence by the pig pen, though I did see that it had been repaired. Usually when no one could find them, they were up in the loft doing heaven knows what. I tried not to see them too often. But, since that was about to change for me anyway, I marched into the barn with my basket of goodies a looked around for them.

I mounted the wood ladder that led above, and was heartened to hear some whispering. Once I had my head above the plank floor, I stopped. I couldn’t speak because of what they were doing to each other.

Josh lay sprawled on a pile of loose hay, his head thrown back in the same expression of abandon that Pa had shown me so many times last night. What I couldn’t comprehend was why Reuben was sucking and licking his brother’s cock like it was a stick of horehound candy. I watched as Reuben bobbed his head up and down, taking time to bring his tongue around the tip of Josh’s cock and then plunging back down, his nose touching the pale hairs at the base of his brother’s manhood. He did this several times before I noticed that Reuben had his own trousers open, his dripping member standing hard and proud, jumping each time his brother moaned.’

Josh moaned as Reuben latched his swollen lips around his cock and suckled. As Reuben’s bobbing and suckling picked up speed, Josh began to buck and thrust into his brother’s mouth. Reuben stopped his head’s motion, even while he pulled on his own cock, and let Josh use his mouth like Pa had my cunt last night.

I don’t know how long I stood there, transfixed by what they were doing, the now familiar heat and damp beginning to pool in my now sodden pantalets. Suddenly, Josh pulled on Reuben’s hair, jerking the darker brother up with a brutal movement. He said, “Don’t. I want to fuck you since you get her tonight.”

Reuben gave that lazy smile of his, before he said, “I think little sister wants to join us, Josh.”

Before I could move, both of them had risen and they pulled me up by my arms into the loft. Reuben asked, “Did you like the show, little sister?”

“No… I … I mean….” I stammered, but couldn’t finish before Reuben was plundering my mouth as Josh deftly undid the remaining buttons on my dress. I hadn’t got around to sewing back the few that Horace had torn off in his haste the night before. Warm afternoon air bathed my heavy breasts as both of the boys deftly stripped me bare. Reuben picked me up as if I was a rag doll and told Josh, “Lie down on that straw. We’re both gonna get what we like the most. You know I like to share.”

Josh scurried to obey Reuben, his expression wicked. “Fuck, I’ll bet she’s tight.”

“Well, she won’t be after you loosen her up, now, will she?” He laughed and swung me around in front of him, carrying me like I was a small child, my legs straddling his gut. His cock bobbed kütahya escort under me, slapping my soaking cunt as he took the few steps to his brother.

Before I knew what he was about, he lowered my bottom over Josh’s face. I squirmed against Reuben, aware that my juices were smearing his stomach as I did. I was ashamed that such a private area as my fanny would be seen by anyone. I felt Josh part my cheeks further and I cried out. “No! Please don’t!”

Reuben’s grip tightened and I knew I would have bruises on my legs where he held me. He said, “Yer making little sister wet, Josh. I can feel her juices on my stomach. I can’t wait ’til she feels we work our magic.”

To my shame, when Josh’s tongue snaked out and ran over ‘that’ spot, I screamed, but not in outrage. It felt so good, so forbidden. When he did it again, I writhed against Reuben, and the third time, when his tongue went past the ring of muscle into me, I screamed, “More! Sweet Jesus, I want more!”

Josh set about giving me more as he slipped a spit-slicked finger after his tongue. It was an aching kind of pleasure. I was too dry for him to go far, so he ran his other hand up between Reuben and me. He diddled me with his questing fingers and then brought the moisture he collected back up to my anus. This time two fingers slipped into me, and I couldn’t help myself, I gave into the sensation as he fucked my backdoor, scissoring his fingers as he did. His tongue entered me again, and again, until I could feel the moisture on my skin. Josh finally broke away long enough to say, “I think that’s enough. She’s ready.”

Reuben put me down, right on top of Josh. I rose as he pushed me forward. I didn’t know what he meant to do, or I might have tried to run. As I leaned forward, I felt something much harder, larger and blunter pushing at where Josh’ mouth had been only seconds before.

I tried to get away, but Reuben was firmly in front of me. He had taken his cock in hand and was milking it. It was hard, red and glistening at the tip. He said with a little smirk on his face, “Act like yer shittin’ little sister. It’ll go better for you.”

I tried to push past the smirking bastard, but he caught me by my hair just as I felt the head of Josh’s cock go past that ring of muscle and into my gut. He surged upward, and suddenly I was full of his cock, panting from the pain of it going in so fast. Josh said, “Goddamn! She’s so tight I can’t hardly move.”

“Fuck him.” Reuben commanded. “Get on your knees and ride him like you did that mare your whore of a mother stole when she left.”

God help me, I did as I was told, the bruising presence of Josh’s cock in my anus becoming an agonizing kind of pleasure. Josh bucked underneath me, pushing my face into the dripping end of Reuben’s cock. I thought Reuben might expect me eat him like he had been eating Josh, and so I opened my mouth, my tongue out. “No, little sister, not right now, after I come, I just may let you lick it clean for me.”

At that, he pushed me back towards Josh’s supine body, and knelt between my legs. I thought he might be going to taste me like Pa had the night before, and the idea made me embarrassingly wetter. Instead, he spread my legs further, opened my nether lips and eased the tip of his cock past my entrance. Josh stopped bucking into me as his brother breached me.

I screamed from the pleasure and pain as he moved back and then sank further into me. I was so full, being fucked by both of them in each hole. I didn’t know how I could stand the sensation. I thought I might go mad. They began stroking their cocks inside me, each one alternating, and each one driving inside me as the other pulled out and the other pushed in. I was so full of sensation, of shame, of dirty pleasure, tears leaked from my eyes. I was their whore, and they knew that whatever they did to me was allowed because they owned my body. That thought freed me to know that I had no choice, and so I began to seek all the pleasure I could from this strangely fulfilling situation.

Josh’s hands roved over my breasts, pinching fingers teased the peaks that were pressed into his kütahya escort bayan brother’s body. It didn’t shock me as it might have earlier, as Reuben leaned past me and captured his brother’s lips, never easing up on the long, turgid thrusts that he treated me with.

Yesterday I had been untouched, and last night, I had one man that I called pa, between my legs, now today, I had two men, my brothers, fucking me. The unreality of it shamed and excited me even as I began to peak. I felt my legs trembling, my cunt clenching, and while they kissed, I nearly lost consciousness from the tide that rolled over me. My vision blackened, my focal point became the two cocks in me. My world dissolved into pure sensation and I screamed my fulfillment. In a flash, I felt first Josh and then his brother jerking erratically before they spurted their baby juices into me with cries of completion. Reuben collapsed on me, crushing me between him and Josh. His mouth sought mine and I kissed him back as he forced his tongue past my lips. I loved being their whore and wondered if this was the way they would take me each time it was their turn. Heat pulsed into my already full nubbin. I wanted more of them like this and I thought, wickedly that I would love to see both of them doing the same to each other at some point. I remembered how Josh had commanded Reuben to get on his knees, and if Josh could fuck me there, surely he could fuck his brother there too. That thought sent another spasm of pleasure through me, and my cunt clasped onto Reuben’s softening cock in a series of pleasurable spasms.

“Damn, Little Sister, yer little twat’s hotter anything I’ve ever felt. Definitely hotter than that whore of a mother of yours.”

“W-why do you keep talking about her?” I asked muzzily through the fog of pleasure that still encompassed me. Reuben moved to the side, exposing my used body with its leaking juices to the air.

Josh was the one to answer as he slid from underneath me, “We fucked her all the time. But she never liked it like you do. She just laid there mostly.”

They had fucked my mother? My mother had let them… between her legs and elsewhere… she was… The words that Pa had said the night before began to make sense. She had lied to me. She was their whore, and knew what they would do to me when she left. My guts clenched in anger. I hated her!

I hated that she had them all for so long while I had been told to be a good girl. I hated that she hadn’t prepared me for this, that she had convinced me that enjoying my own body was a sin. I hated that she was just a whore and I was a whore’s daughter.

I was pulled from my thoughts as Josh began his exploration of my body. His hands roved over my breasts, his fingers plucked my nipples, and his mouth tasted my belly. He moved lower, between my legs, his tongue snaking inside my still spasming cunt. I couldn’t help but writhe against his smooth-shaved face as he swiped me from my nubbin to the hole he had entered. He licked me clean down there and then kissed my inner thigh before he began taking little nips and licks of what his brother had left behind. It was filthy, the thought that he would like tasting both what he had left and his brother, but it left a heavy feeling of warmth and desire deep in my guts. I opened my legs wider, put my hands on his head and held him there by his hair.

Reuben had been watching his eyes glazed with what I now recognized as lust. He stroked his cock as I rode his brother’s face. When I grabbed Josh’s hair, he moved behind Josh, dragging his brother’s hips up, pushing Josh’s face and roving even closer to my musky holes.

I watched as he aligned himself with his brother’s hole and with a sharp thrust, Reuben was buried deep in his brother. Josh’s scream was muffled against my cunt. I let go of Josh’s hair and I cried out, “You’re hurting him, Reuben! Stop!”

Josh raised his head, “Oh, fuck, no… don’t stop! Oh, Reub, I love your cock in me!”

“I know you do, sweetheart.” He slowed his brutal thrusts. “Now that you’ve cleaned her up, baby brother, I want you to fuck her in that sweet twat escort kütahya of hers.” Reuben pulled on my ankle, “Move under him, little sister. Give him that wet hole.”

I did, eagerly taking Josh’s now red and throbbing member in my hand. He hissed as I lifted my hips and slid the flanged head of his cock through my nether lips. Josh gave me a heated kiss and said, “Say what you want me to do to you, little sister.”

“I can’t!” He bucked, causing Reuben to go deeper in him. Both men began moving, making Josh’s member tease my achingly needy cunt. I flushed knowing that they were such bastards that they would take their pleasure with me or without. I finally stammered, “I-I want you to… f-fuck me, Josh.”

Josh pushed into me, filling me with his fat cock as neither his brother nor his father had. Behind him, Reuben gave a quick, hard thrust, and suddenly I was filled completely with Josh’s thick, hot cock. He buried his head in my neck as Reuben moved, muttering, “So good, so sweet… You feel like home… little sister.”

Reuben rocked into his brother and then leaned down to capture my lips, pressing Josh so fully against my nubbin that it made me gasp. Reuben captured my lips with his. He deepened the contact, forcing my lips open with his questing tongue, and began pumping into his brother. I could feel Josh’s tongue on my neck and then a sharp pain as he bit it and then suckled it, soothing it with the gentle glide of his tongue over the surface of my skin. Reuben moved more frantically as I moaned at the sensation both of my brothers were giving me. I was close to that spiraling feeling again, and I began moving my hips. Even the scant few inches I could move dragged Josh’s hardness against my nubbin, giving me more pleasure than I thought was possible.

After just a few moments of the give and take between Reuben and me, Josh gave a hoarse shout and I felt his cock jerking in my cunt, depositing the hot baby juices in my womb. I followed him into that void that was only sensation and light, and over the pounding of blood in my ears, I heard Reuben’s shouted release.

When I came to my senses, Josh was gone, and Reuben lay curled against me, his arm over my perspiration-covered belly. He opened his eyes lazily and kissed my shoulder. “You are so beautiful to me right now, Darlin’. I can’t wait ’til Pa makes his decision about who gets to marry you.”

Marry me? I thought in confusion. “What do you mean, Reuben?”

“It’s always our way.” Reuben slid his hand lower, wetting his finger with the juices that Josh had left before he brought it back up to my nubbin. “One of us always marries the women we share. We don’t want everyone thinkin’ she’s a whore when we get her with child, do we?”

“I-I… you’ve all done this before… I mean, even before my ma?” He pressed his finger against that button of flesh in the hood of my cunt, swirling it around. “Yes, Darlin’.” He slid his thumb down against my nubbin and began pulling it between his thumb and forefinger. It was driving me to distraction. I tried to close my legs and push his hand away, but he commanded, “Don’t. I like to watch you come undone. You don’t know how pretty you are when you lose control.”

“I-it… It’s too much! Please, it’s beginning to hurt.” I said, and it was true. My nether parts were unused to all the abuse they had been given in the past twenty-four hours.

Reuben laughed, but slowed his movements. I sighed with relief until he stopped the fluttering motion his fingers and moved his body over mine, but instead of taking me, he kissed my lips.

This kiss was different than the one he had given me before; it was sweet, almost chaste. He broke contact and said, “We all love you, Darlin’. We have since you and yer ma came here. We wouldn’t want anyone thinkin’ you were a loose woman. But, if Pa gives you a choice about who you want to stand up with you to make it legal, say you want me. I want the world to think that I was the one who put a baby in you.”

“But, why?” I asked.

“Why don’t you ask Pa about who my ma was? That’ll tell you everything you need to know.”

He rolled off me. “Now, go fetch me that basket. I’m half-starved.” I sat up, my feeling my sweat matted hair fall against my back and the dribble of liquid coming out of my abused holes. He said as I rose and walked painfully to the basket, “I’ll get you something for that soreness later. We still have tonight to look forward to, you and me.”

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