Winner Takes Both

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Asa Akira

My boyfriend’s parents were going away on vacation for two weeks which we thought would have been perfect if his brother wasn’t going to be visiting those same two weeks. Harry my boyfriend is 19 and in junior college, he’s a handsome stud 5-11 tall and 175 athletic pounds. I’m a little older at 22 a blonde 5-6 tall and 240 pounds pleasantly distributed in my 48DD bust and 50 inch plump round ass. What can I say some guys like the big girls and here I am to fill the need.

So the first night I went over with hopes Ted, Harry’s brother, would be cool about me staying over. We were sitting around having a friendly chat when a commercial for some wrestling came on and I said casually, “It’s more fun to play that game than watch.”

Ted answered, “Oh have you been active on the mats recently?”

It’s not something Harry and I did but I grew up wrestling my brothers and at my size and strength I’m pretty capable. “Not recently but I’m game if there’s a match being offered.”

Harry slapped me on the thigh and said, “Well let’s make some room and you two can get at it.” So I guess he had no objections.

Ted and I stripped down to our underwear lucky for me I had a sports bra on and I got a good look at my 24 year old, 5-10 tall 170 pound opponent and figured I could hold my own.

Ted is in great shape and could wrestle but my legs were much stronger and he just couldn’t cope with my weight advantage. Not to mention as with most guys tits and ass were a bit of a distraction to him and I’ve got distractions in abundance. Finally I rolled on top of Ted, across his chest I had one arm pinned with my legs and the other with my arms, his head buried in my tits and I pinned him.

I was excited, all that close contact with Ted got me hot and damn I beat him. I got up as Harry helped a grinning Ted to his feet and said to Harry, “So do we got at it in a title match?” He said sure.

Although I was a little winded seeing Harry’s boner I knew he would be at a disadvantage. We came together and were pretty even pushing back and forth. I managed to get Harry in a side headlock and after a good struggle we both went down on the floor.

We both got to our feet and I made a move low beylikdüzü anal yapan escort to get Harry around his legs to dump him on the floor. Instead when I made my move Harry lunged at me and ended up on my back. I was squatting under him and for whatever reason I grabbed his arm with one hand and hooked his leg with the other and used my legs to straighten up hoisting him up on my shoulders. Once I had him up there I don’t know who was more surprised, Harry or me but he was in a good spot and I was strong enough to hold him there.

After almost a minute of standing with my boyfriend draped across my shoulders and enjoying the power pose I really wanted to body slam him, not to hurt Harry but to see what it was like but first I decided to give him an airplane spin. Unfortunately I got a little dizzy and in shifting to the body slam Harry fell, dropped or whatever off of me onto the floor. I stumbled and dove, landing with my shoulder in his stomach. This stunned and winded Harry pretty good so I plopped my fat butt down on his stomach, grabbed his wrists to stretch his arms out over his head and buried his face in my boobs for the pin. There’s something about burying a guy’s face in a fat pair of jugs that just takes the fight out of him, or at least he forgets what’s going on long enough to pin him.

Ted helped Harry to his feet and Harry recovered pretty quickly. Harry and Ted were standing across the room, arms around their shoulders staring back at me with big grins and two serious boners stretching their boxer briefs so I said, “Gaze upon the champion boys, took you both so what kind of trophy will I be getting.”

They both smiled and Harry said, “We salute the champion.” Then they both dropped their underwear. I was well acquainted with Harry’s 9 inches but got a lump in my throat seeing Ted’s 11 inches waving at me.

I walked over to my foes, took a stiff cock in each hand and said, “The champion claims her prizes and I intend to enjoy them both to the max.”

We shared a big hug, I kissed them, there was some major groping all around and let me tell you four hands can handle more of a woman than two. Then I looked beylikdüzü balıketli escort at Harry and said, “Ok I whipped your asses and now it’s time for me to get very well fucked. Down on the floor you’re munching first.”

Then I turned to Ted and squeezing his cock said “Cause I want to down this monster.”

I then sat on Harry’s chest and met his outstretched tongue while Ted stood over him and I opened my mouth wide to take in his manhood. I got my lips around the head of Ted’s cock easily enough but the damn thing was so big and it was throbbing against the roof of my mouth and tickling me. Finally I was able to work a few inches of it into my mouth and slide along the thick shaft. Getting into a rhythm I was able to slip about nine inches of Ted’s long rod into my mouth and pull back sucking pretty damn hard while jiggling his big balls, another thing the brothers share, making Ted weak in the knees.

At the same time Harry was proving once again he knew what he was doing getting me off several times, of course I was really hot with a mouthful of cock while he was eating me out. I was working up a good sweat when I took almost all of Ted’s big dick in my mouth and gave a good hard suck while pulling back. That was all Ted could stand and he shot his load down my throat.

Swallowing I took a look back at Harry and he was good and stiff so I slid back toward his cock. Raising up, I lowered my wet pussy down on his flagpole and rode that pony. Harry leaned forward holding my hips to keep me balanced.

I would have liked to get a hold of Ted’s cock and see if I could get him hard again but I was so fucking hot that I was lost in my own orgasmic pleasure banging Harry.

When Harry came I sort of toppled off of him into the arms of Ted who was laying next to us. We kissed and he rubbed my pussy so I naturally had my hands on any part of him I could get and it wasn’t long before I found what I needed. Watching Harry and me got him hard and I gave Ted a huge smile, he said, “How do you want it?”

I rolled onto my back, spread my thick thighs and humped my butt off the floor, “Pump it in good and hard, lot of cushion, beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş lot of pushing Ted.”

Ted slid between my thighs, stuck his cock in me and proceeded to fuck my brains out. Not that I wasn’t doing what I could, humping back at him as hard as I could while he pounded my ass into the carpet. Harry was kissing me and playing with my tits, I wrapped my legs around Ted’s body, oh it was awesome and after a few minutes in my grasp he shot his load.

I released Ted from between my legs and he rolled onto the floor, thoroughly squeezed and well fucked. It was no surprise that I turned to see Harry next to me, smiling and hard again. I gave him the signal and he moved to a familiar position and sank his cock to the balls in my well worked wet pussy.

Harry fucked me good before shooting his load. Needing to catch my breath and knowing my boys needed some time to recharge I had them lay face down on the floor and I sat down on their butts to give them both backrubs.

The relaxation did them both good because when they rolled over I discovered that I had two stiff dicks at my disposal. I was still as horny as I’ve ever been, fortunately with a stiffening cock in each hand I said, “OK boys it’s double my pleasure time, we’re going to get ourselves in a comfortable position and I’m going to get it front and rear.”

Ted layed down on his back and I straddled him slipping his cock into my pussy. Once I shifted on my knees Harry lined up behind me and eased his well greased boner up my butt.

Getting plugged on both ends was the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. When I sank down to take Ted all the way Harry drove his cock all the way up my ass I felt completely stuffed. I had my eyes closed and was just enjoyed the moment having Harry pump his cock into my ass pushing me down to take Ted’s big dick in my pussy. What a team. They both hugged me tight and our bodies just melted together like a big hero sandwich and I was happy to be the meat in the middle.

I couldn’t say how many times I came before Ted let out a groan when he came then Harry pushed deep and held his cock up my ass and came. I layed on top of Ted with Harry capping the pile and we just enjoyed being there.

Well that was draining so it was my turn to lay facedown on the floor and Harry and Ted gave me the double back rubdown which was so relaxing but went one better when I rolled over to have them take care of the front side. That started a whole other round and I was very fortunate to have two horny brothers on hand who got it up and put it to me until the sun rose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32