Wife’s Mom, Sister , Best Friend Ch. 11

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Chapter Fifteen — Roger implements stage one of his violent, sexual revenge plan

While he remained the faithful, loving, albeit oblivious husband to his wife’s sexual affairs for years, Roger was angry, hurt, and sad. Trusting her implicitly and with the thought his wife was sexually faithful and that he was her one and only, until she confessed, little did he know that every man he knew has had sex with her. He had to repeat that fact to wrap his brain around it to acknowledge it, understand it, believe it, and to digest it. Every man he knew has had sex with Gwen, his beloved wife, and the love of his life.

Shocking but true, Gwen violated his trust. His wife wasn’t faithful. Shocking but sad, she had sex outside of their marriage. She not only cheated on him with one man, she cheated on him with nine men. How about that? Even though she confessed and even though he believed her confession, he couldn’t picture his wife sexually active with nine men.

More than just his wife cheating on him, every man he trusted had betrayed him. The one woman he loved unconditionally had sexually cheated on him with not just one man but with nine men. Nine men? How could she have sex with another man? Why would she have sex with someone else? How could she have sex with nine men behind his back with him not only not knowing but also not even suspecting? How dare she do that to him? Why would she do that to him?

Everyone he knew, her mother, her sisters, and her best friend, his brothers, his father, his best friend, and his boss, the mailman, the UPS man, and the pizza delivery man all knew that she was having sex with others. Aside from the wives of the men who were having sex with her, with him the only one who didn’t know that she was fucking and sucking everyone, how could he not know? How stupid could he be not to see her unfaithfulness? With him always working and with her always home alone while working from home, it was understandable how she could have a secret, sexual life.

Stripping her naked and seeing her without her clothes while touching, feeling, and fondling her naked body, it broke his heart and forever wounded his spirit to know that they all had their wicked sexual ways with his wife. It made him crazy to know that Gwen was unfaithful to him and has had sex with nine other men. As if these men were all her surrogate sperm donors, on the pretense of trying to get pregnant, was her supposed reason and justifiable excuse to have sex with others outside of her marriage. Still, at the very least, as husband and wife, her having sex with another man for the sake of getting pregnant, should have been something that they discussed between themselves first.

First trying with his brothers, then trying with his father, next trying with his best friend and with his boss, and last trying with the mailman, with the UPS man, and with the pizza delivery man, they all enjoyed the sexual charms of Gwen. Then, with her reason for having sex to get pregnant morphing into her enjoying having sex, she became addicted to sex and was unable to do without having daily, sexual orgasms. With him believing that he was the only man that his wife had ever been sexually intimate with, she was the only woman he’s ever been with in a sexual way. Sexually faithful to her, she wasn’t sexually faithful to him. If ever he caught her in bed having sex with someone, claiming temporary insanity, in some states and in many countries, he’d get away with murder by shooting his wife and her lovers dead.

“Honey. I’m home. Oh, my God. I can’t believe you’re naked and in bed with my three brothers, my father, my best friend, my boss, the mailman, the UPS man, and the pizza delivery man. It’s a good thing my gun clip has nine bullets and there’s a tenth bullet already in the chamber,” Roger imagined saying while pulling his gun from his jacket. “It’s a good thing I’m temporarily insane,” he imagine saying to his wife and to her nine lovers.

“Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam! Good-bye Gwen. Bam!”

Yet, she wasn’t the only one lusting over having sex with others. He was too. He’s always sexually lusted over her MILF of a mother, her sexy sister, and her hot best friend. With him filled with erotic dreams during the night, he’s had lots of thoughts of bedding other women during the day. Only, he only thought about having sex with others. She actually had sex with others. With him just imagining having sex with three naked women and her actually doing the dirty deed over and again with nine men, they were two very different distinctions.

Every night he sexually fantasizes of seeing her mother, her sister, or her best friend naked and having sex with them. Now, ever since he changed his work schedule, instead of only sexually fantasizing of her mother or her sister or her best friend, he sexually fantasizes of her mother, her sister, and her best friend all coming to him one at a time but in the same dream. Yet, even though he’d never cheat on kocaeli escort his wife, with him having no control over them, he can’t control his thoughts and his dreams.

Nonetheless whatever he’s thinking and whatever he’s dreaming, he could never bring himself to betray his wife’s love by having sex with another woman. Something he’d never do, he could never cheat on Gwen. That would be wrong. That would be nasty. That would be foolhardy of him to jeopardize his marriage over and extramarital fling.

Even though he lusts over other women, they’re just inappropriate, sexual thoughts he has when dreaming and/or he uses to masturbate himself over when horny. Even if they offered their naked bodies to him, he’d never have sex with his mother-in-law, his sister-in-law, and/or her best friend. With him in love with Gwen, he’d never act on his sexual fantasies, his horny urges, and his erotic impulses until now. His wife is the only woman for him.

He’d never jeopardize the great relationship he enjoys and the happy marriage he thought he had by having a sexual affair, that is until now that it was too late to change the hand that was dealt him. Lord knows there are repercussions to Gwen having sex with other men just as there are repercussions to her confessing that her mother never liked him, her sister disliked him even more, and her best friend hated him. He may not murder her but now with Gwen having already cheated on him, she gave him license to cheat on her. Getting even with her with his revenge, in the way that she’s had sex with nine, other men, he wouldn’t feel guilty about having sex with nine, other women, twelve other women, actually, when counting her mother, her sister, and her best friend.

“With her so beautiful, so sexy, and so sexual, how could I have been so stupid and so naïve to trust her alone with any man? What was I thinking? They’re only human after all.”

Allowing them all to make out with her while feeling her through her clothes, with her no innocent victim but a willing participant in wanting to be impregnated, she French kissed them while feeling them through their clothes too. Allowing them to fondle her breasts and suck and finger her nipples, she allowed them all to lick and finger her pussy to orgasmic, sexual pleasure. Then, making love to her before fucking her, she allowed them to put their pricks where he thought he was the only man to put his cock in the holiest of holy places, his wife’s pussy.

If her only intention was just to get pregnant, she would have fucked them, just fucked them, without all of the foreplay and without all of the sweet talking, love making. If her only intention was just to get pregnant, she wouldn’t have allowed them to lick her pussy and to give her an orgasm with their fingers and with their mouths? If her only intention was just to get pregnant, she wouldn’t have sucked their cocks and allow them to waste their sperm in her mouth and down her throat instead of depositing all of their baby making love juice in her pussy? If her only intention was just to get pregnant, why would she even kiss them, French kiss them? If her only intention was just to get pregnant, they wouldn’t even have to get naked. Only, she had another agenda.

Now with him knowing that every man he knows has had their cocks in his wife’s cunt and in her mouth, he’s angry. He’s sad. He’s broken and he’s gone mad with thoughts of revenge. Now it’s all about getting even. Now it’s all about treating them all with disrespect in the way that they all treated him disrespectfully. Now it’s all about him having sex with her mother, her sister, her best friend, and the women of those nine men who had sex with his wife. With her having had sex with nine men, he’ll be having sex with twelve women dozens of times, hundreds of times, before he’s done with his revenge.

If it wasn’t enough that she was unfaithful to him with just one man, nine men saw her naked. Nine men touched, felt, and fondled her naked body. She sucked them all. She took all of their pricks in her mouth and blew them. She blew nine men while stroking nine men until they all ejaculated their cum in her mouth over and again before she swallowed their warm, oozy loads.

Years of her sucking and fucking nine men, nine men licked and fucked her. Nine men gave her multiple orgasms. Nine men had sex with his wife while disrespecting him. How dare she? How could she? How dare they? How could they?

“Frigging cum slut. She’s nothing by a no good, miserable whore,” he said for no one to hear.

Now that he knows the truth, he was glad that he didn’t have children with her. What kind of mother would she have been after having sex throughout their entire marriage with nine other men? Had they had daughters and had they found out her sexual past, what kind of example would she have set for them? Had they had sons and in the way that she enticed nine other men and had sex with them, maybe she would have had sex with their sons too. Now that he knows the truth, with him looking forward kocaeli escort bayan to having some sexual action himself, it’s Roger’s turn to get even.

With him a virgin when he married Gwen and practically still a virgin now with only having had sex with his wife, now it’s Roger’s turn to have some sexy fun with a bevy of other women. Now it’s Roger’s turn to have some sexy fun with a dozen, other women while getting even with his wife for cheating on him and while getting even with the nine men who had sex with her. Now it’s Roger’s turn to ruin the lives of those others who’ve ruined his life. Tit for tat, what comes around goes around. Now it’s Roger’s turn to make those feel the hurt that they made him feel in abusing him as a brother, a son, a friend, an employee, and a customer.

“We’ll see how you like it when I have forced sex with all of your wives in the way that you had consensual sex with my wife,” said Roger talking to himself. “We’ll see how you like it when I strip your wives naked and see them all naked. We’ll see how you like it when I touch them, feel them, and fondle them in places only they allowed their husbands to touch, feel, and fondle them. We’ll see how you like it when I make all of your wives fuck me and then suck me? We’ll see how you like it when I make your wives my sexual slaves and my sexy bitches. We’ll see how you like it when your wives love me instead of you.”

With him already the laughing stock of his family, his friends, and the entire neighborhood, feeling that he had nothing to lose, Roger was ready to cross the line from normalcy to lunacy. By all intents and purposes and already fitting the definition of insanity, he was insane with the sexual lust that he had for Gwen’s mother, her sister, and her best friend. With everyone pushing him too far, they had no one to blame for his violent, sexual actions but themselves. Once he got his revenge, no more Mr. Nice Guy, he was forever done with all of them.

For every man who saw his wife naked, he promised to see their wives naked too. For every man who had his prick in Gwen’s mouth and buried deep in her pussy, he vowed that he’d violate their wives in the same sexually, inappropriate way. For every man who fucked Gwen, he’d fuck their wives and he’d make their women cum. Instead of being revolted, feeling disgusted, and feeling violated, he’d make them enjoy being used, abused, and raped. Replacing the sexual lust they have for their husband with the sexual lust that they have for him, he’d make them all his bitches. For every man Gwen blew, he’d force their wives to suck him too.

He’d love nothing more than to watch twelve women undress while touching them and feeling them where only their husbands were allowed to touch and feel them. He’d take great joy in cumming in their mouths and forcing them to swallow him. He’d take great sexual pleasure in seeing the angry and humiliated looks on their faces by him using them and abusing them in the way that every man he knows used his wife and abused his good nature. Even if he had to strip their wives naked, force them, tie them up, and rape them, he do that to get even. In the way that he was an innocent victim, not caring if their wives were innocent victims too, he was ready to take his sweet revenge out on the women of those men who ruined his marriage and destroyed his life by having sex with his wife.

“Bastards! No good sons of bitches! Assholes,” he said shaking his fist in the air at all of those who ruined his life.

If only for the sake of Trudy never liking him, Genevieve disliking him even more, and Heather hating him, he was ready to take out his sexual revenge on Gwen’s mother, her sister, and her best friend. For all the things he’s done over the years in helping the three women lighten their loads, while they hid their insincerity and hid their hatred for him, it was time for him to get even with them. Even if he had to force them, strip them naked, and rape them, it was time for him to have his wicked, sexual way with his mother-in-law, his sister-in-law, and his wife’s best friend. Payback is a bitch and with these three women all total bitches, he was going to enjoy what he had planned for them.

“How do you like me now Mom?”

He imagined saying to Gwen’s mother after stripping her naked, fucking her, and cumming in her mouth while watching her swallow his cum. Oh, yeah, he’d love nothing more than to cum in his mother-in-law’s mouth while feeling her huge tits and fingering her big nipples. In the well-mannered, reserved way that she comports herself, he’d love to rattle her cage by stripping her naked and shock her by sticking his prick in her mouth.

“How do you like me now Genevieve?”

He imagined saying to Gwen’s sister after stripping her naked and fucking her hard and fucking her fast. In the way that he fucked her and she fucked him in his dreams of her, he imagined fucking her in the way she’s never been fucked before. He imagined fucking her as if she was some slut he picked up in a bar just escort kocaeli before closing time. Instead of respecting her as his wife’s sister and his sister-in-law, he imagined treating her like the whore that she really is and pounding her pussy until she exploded in an orgasm. He imagined forgoing putting a pillow over her mouth as he did in his sexual fantasies of her and allowing her to scream her sexual pleasure to high Heaven.

“How do you like me now Heather?”

He imagined saying to his wife’s best friend while having sixty-nine sex with her naked body and forcing her to suck him while he licked her shaved pussy to orgasm. With her the one that he liked the most, and with him more sexually attracted to her than he was to his mother-in-law and his sister-in-law, it hurt him the most to now know that she hated him. In the way that he loved her and would have married her had he not been married to Gwen, just as he didn’t understand how his wife’s mother and sister could hate him, he didn’t understand how Heather could hate him too. What did he do to them for the three women to so hate him?

Now with the knowledge that she hates him, he’d have a particular good time forcing his fingers and his tongue in her cunt while she sucked his cock until he ejaculated in her mouth. Instead of lovingly eating Heather, just as he’d disrespect his mother-in-law and his sister-in-law by having rough sex with them, he’d treat Heather in the same way. Why not? If they all already hate him, he may as well give them a reason to hate him.

Excited about taking his revenge, he imagined stripping Trudy, Genevieve, and Heather naked. Naked, naked, naked. Finally, instead of just seeing them naked in his dreams, he’d see them naked in real life and in real time. Finally he’d be able to touch, feel, and fondle their naked bodies. Finally, he’d be able to fuck his MILF of a mother-in-law and his sexy sister-in-law before forcing them to blow him.

Because he still likes her enough to give her special treatment, turning her around in the sixty-nine position, he’d lick Heather’s pussy while she blew him. Then, just when they all thought he was done having sex with their naked bodies, he’d force the three women to have sex with him again. Holding them prisoner, again and again, he’d have sex with their naked bodies one hundred times before allowing them to leave.

One hundred times each, he’d make love to all three women. One hundred times each, he’d fuck all three of their pussies. One hundred times each, he’d force the three women to blow him. One hundred times each, he’d cum in their mouths and watch them swallow him. One hundred times, each, he’d make them his sex slaves and sexual bitches.

“How do you like me now bitches after hating me? How do you like me now after I had my wicked sexual way with your naked bodies dozens of times? How do you like me now that I’ve made you my personal, sexual slaves? How do you like me now that you’re all my sexy bitches?”

As per agreed by Gwen before she yelled her joke in his face, she said that she’d convince her mother, her sister, and her best friend to have sex with him. With her having sex with nine men dozens of times, he’d have sex with her mother, her sister, and her best friend one-hundred times each. He couldn’t wait to ejaculate one-hundred loads of cum in Trudy’s mouth, in Genevieve’s mouth, and in Heather’s mouth. He couldn’t wait to fuck each woman one-hundred times before allowing them to leave the imprisoned confines of his cellar.

“Ha! Ha! April Fools’,” laughed Gwen while ruining his sexual fantasy and something he’ll be having nightmares over. She got him so very sexually excited and then she pulled the rug out from under him. When he fell, with him already consumed with thoughts of having sex with her mother, her sister, and her best friend, he fell hard. “I was just kidding about my mother, my sister, and my best friend having sex with you,” he remembered Gwen saying.

With shock replacing his sexual excitement, he looked at her stunned.

“You were just kidding? It was just an April Fools’ joke?”

A rollercoaster ride from Heaven to Hell, he remembered being so very sexually excited that Gwen was going to persuade her mother, her sister, and her best friend to have sex with him as her concession to her having sex with nine men. Then, in a mean streak, she pulled the plug, told him that her convincing her mother, sister, and best friend to have sex with him was just an April Fools’ joke. How could his wife be so cruel? How could his wife be so mean to tease him with sex and then deny him that pleasure?

“They’d never have sex with you because they hate you,” she said. “With you mesmerized by their big tits and always staring at their breasts while drooling as if you were imagining sucking their nipples, they all think you’re such a dumb, lecherous fuck,” he remembered his wife hurting him with her words.

Even more hurtful than her pulling the plug on him having sex with her mother, her sister, and with her best friend was the fact that the three women so prominent in his life and so important to his wife, all hate him. They hate him? Why do they all hate him? What did he ever do to them for them to hate him? Helping them with things constantly, he’s been nothing but respectful and nice. He’s been nothing but good to the three of them.

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