Wife’s Massage Gets Out Of Control

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Wife’s Massage Gets Out Of Control
It all started back when my wife and I had taken a trip to the mall. We were just spending the day walking around from shop to shop when we came upon a shop that offered massages. They gave massages ranging from 5 to 30 minutes in length. The massages were also very expensive. A gentleman at the front of the shop offered my wife a free one minute massage. He was hoping to drum up business by offering her the opportunity to try a free one minute massage. My wife immediately said yes as he gave her the one minute massage.

I had become very excited as I watched my wife enjoyed her one minute of relaxation. She enjoyed it a lot but, she wasn’t about to fork out 50 dollars for a 10 minute massage.

A few weeks later I was bored one afternoon when I decided to check out the personals in the daily paper. I had come upon an add offering a free massage. I immediately remember back a few weeks ago when my wife received her free massage at the mall. The add didn’t say a lot so I decided to send him a text to find out more.

He responded back that he would be very interested in giving my wife a sensual massage for nothing. He also said he wasn’t looking for any sex out of it. He just love the enjoyment of massaging another man’s wife while he watched on. That was all I wanted as I had no intention of him fucking my wife.

My wife is 48 years old, but her body looks much younger than that. She is 5’4 and about 140 pounds. Her body curves are outstanding so I knew he wouldn’t be disappointed by her. Our 20 th anniversary was right around the corner as I had been trying to figure out what kind of present to get her. I wanted it to be something very special that she would always remember, so I decided this would be the perfect present.

I had set up an evening that I had hoped we would both never forget. We went out to dinner at a very special place that I had took her to when we first met. She couldn’t believe I had even remember the place or that it was still opened. I also had set us up at a very fancy hotel in the city for the night. She was so excited when she heard we would be spending the night there. It had cost an arm an leg but a 20 th anniversary only happens once.

She had no idea that I also had set her up for a relaxing massage. He arrived right on time as I opened up the door to let him in. I had no idea he was that good looking and that young. He was probably in his late twenties at best. He came into the room with a pair of sweats on and a tank less top t shirt. He had a very strong looking build as his arms were pretty good size.

My wife wanted to know what was up as I told her he was their to give her a very special sensual massage. I had told her how I noticed how much she had enjoyed her one minute free massage at the mall a while back. She had no idea that I had found this person in a personal add.

“Wow! You did this for me! I love you so much!” my wife immediately said to me.

He had my wife remove all of her clothes except süperbahis her bra and panties. He had her crawl up on the bed and lay on her stomach. He grabbed some lotion and began to spread it about her back. He had very strong hands as he started his deep massage on her neck and upper back. It was a few minutes later that her bra straps began to get in the way and he said to her, “Do you mind if I unhook these straps?”

My wife was in seventh heaven as she said it was ok. He undid the straps and now had total excess to her back. He worked her back over good as I watched on from the front of the bed. It was very exciting to watch another man touch my wife the way he did.

He slowly worked his way down each of her legs until he reached her feet. He gave each one of her feet a very sensual massage. Her body started to tremble as her feet were very sensitive. He had spent several minutes working over each one of them.

He then asked my wife, “Would it be ok if I slipped your panties down. I would love to massage that gorgeous ass. I think you would love it also.” My wife was so relax and softly said, “Alright!”

He slowly pulled my wife’s panties down over her gorgeous ass and slid them down off her legs. My wife’s body began to tingle as he spent several minutes working over her ass with his strong hands. She felt very relax with him as he asked her to turn over.

My wife turned her body completely over as her beautiful tits appeared in front of him. He started up at the head area and worked himself down to her neck. She lay their so relax with her eyes closed. He moved down to her chest area as his hands ran dangerously close to each of her breasts. On a few occasions his hand brushed across her harden nipples.

My wife began to get goose bumps a few minutes later as his hand now slid down to her upper legs. His hand again moved within inches of her lovely pussy as she held her legs tightly together. He continued to work his way down each of her legs again until he reached each foot again. He spent several minutes again on each foot as my wife moaned out how much she loved it.

It had been almost an hour and the massage was coming to an end. My cock was rock hard and I couldn’t wait for him to leave so I could make love to my beautiful wife of twenty years. She looked fantastic as her body radiated as she laid on the bed.

I decided that I needed to tip him for his services. He had done an outstanding job as my wife was totally relaxed. A massage like this could had easily cost a few hundred bucks. I went into the bathroom to get my wallet out of my bag. It took me a few minutes to find it as I grabbed a hundred dollar bill from it.

As I walked back into the bedroom I heard soft moans coming from my wife. The young gentleman now had his finger down in between my wife’s legs and was gently massaging her clit. I was stunned as I stood their with the hundred dollar bill in my hand. I didn’t know what to say. My wife laid their looking like she was enjoying süperbahis giriş it.

Her legs slowly began to widened apart as his finger now had total excess to her swollen clit. Her moans grew as he softly said to her, “Let yourself go! You want to cum!” It was a few minutes later and my wife moans grew louder and louder.

She now had her back arched up off the bed. She had pushed her swollen pussy up towards him. He teased her for a few more minutes when she couldn’t take it anymore. She cried out, Oh’ god! Oh’ god!” her body trembled as she began to climax right in front of me. It took her a good few minutes to recover from the powerful orgasm she just had.

In the meantime he had yanked his sweats off and had removed his t shirt. His cock was very large as it hung down in between his legs. It was a good 9 inches in length and was very thick. I was totally stunned as I couldn’t even voice my disapproval because things had happened so fast.

He quickly climb on top of my wife and positioned his legs in between my wife’s legs. Her legs slowly widened apart as he moved his big cock ever so close to her aching pussy. He kissed her very hard on the lips as his cock pressed up against her swollen pussy.

It was only a few seconds later when my wife cried out, “Oh’ god!” He now had pushed his big cock into my wife’s pussy. He slowly began to fuck her as he continued to kiss her on the lips. Her moans were heard through out the room as he worked his large cock into her. It had been only 5 or so minutes when my wife’s moans increased substantially. Her body shook as her fingernails gripped into his back.

She then cried out, “Oh’ god! Oh‘ god!” over and over again. Her body began to let loose as she started to orgasm real hard on his big hard thick cock. I watched in stun silence as my wife orgasm for the very first time on another man’s cock. He continued to fuck my wife this way for a few more minutes as she came down from the high of the orgasm she just had.

He rolled her over on top of him as she road on top of his cock. She only moved herself three quarters of the way down on the shaft of his big cock as that was all she could handle. He then pulled her body down on top of him. Her tits were buried into his strong chest while her mouth moaned into his shoulder. He reached back with his hands and grabbed a hold of my wife’s ass. He held her ass tightly as he began to ram his big cock very hard up into her.

I couldn’t believe how fast he had fuck her as he made her orgasm very hard again on his big cock. She screamed out for a good two minutes until she had regain her composure. He now moved her off his cock as he grabbed two pillows. He threw the pillows down on the bed and had her lay doggie style over them. He knelt down in behind her and grabbed her hips with his hands. He pulled her ass back up towards his big hard cock.

He then inserted his big manhood back into her as she let out a loud scream. He began to fuck her very hard from behind süperbahis güvenilir mi as my wife’s body jerked with every thrust of his cock into her. She started to quickly cum again as he had pushed her over the edge. Her orgasm was just as powerful as the other ones as she screamed out loudly again. He fucked her hard for a few more minutes when he suddenly yanked his cock out of her pussy. He let out a loud grunt as his cum shot several times across her beautiful ass. Her ass was now covered in his cum.

A few minutes later he cleaned her up and laid right next to my wife on the bed. He cuddled with her as his mouth began to work over her gorgeous tits. He sucked on them for several minutes as he left marks on each of them. He grabbed my wife’s hand and led it down to his semi erect cock. He had my wife stroke on it as it came back to life very quickly.

He then rolled on top of her as and pulled her legs back towards her head. Her pussy was positioned perfectly for him to rammed his big thick hard cock back into. She let out a loud scream as he began to fucked her good and hard. It had been only been a few minutes and he had her cumming again very hard on his big cock. She cried out, “Yes! Yes!” as he continued to fuck her hard for another 10 minutes after that. She ended up cumming one more time as she had one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. Her body shook for several minutes after her last orgasm. He then had her get on all fours as he mounted her from behind.

He grabbed her hips tightly and began to ram his big cock back into her. Her cries quickly had turned into screams again as she screamed out, “Omg! Omg!” Her 48 year old body couldn’t take it anymore as her body had fallen flat onto the bed. He sat on top of her ass as he mounted his big cock back into her. He began to grind his big cock into her as she started to moan out.

My wife’s face was now buried into the sheets as her body squirmed about the bed. Her body had jerked hard with every thrust of his big cock as he continued to grind it into her. He fucked her good and hard as she cry out again into another powerful orgasm. Her orgasm went on and on as he continued to grind his big cock into her.

He then asked my wife, “Do you want to suck me off?“. She moaned out, “Yes!“ as she couldn’t take anymore of him fucking her. He yanked his big cock out of her and rolled her over onto her back. He straddled himself up over top of her face as he lowered his huge cock down into her wide opened mouth. He held onto her head tightly as he moved his big cock back and forth inside it.

It was a few minutes later when his big balls began to swell up. His body tensed up as he held my wife’s mouth tightly on his cock. He grunted out loudly as he began to shoot his cum down my wife’s throat. She ended up swallowing all of his load as he held his cock inside her mouth for a good few minutes. He then got dressed and quickly left the room. My wife laid on the bed exhausted for a good hour as the scent of sex had covered her body.

I still stood their with the hundred dollar bill in my hand. The tip he ended up gettingby fucking my wife was way better than the hundred dollar bill I had in my hand. This was a night we will never forget even though it wasn’t at all planned that way.

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