Wife Makes Friends at Casino Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Back at the Suite

This is the follow-up and final chapter to “Wife Makes Friends at Casino Ch. 01.” For context, you should read it first.

I greatly appreciate the individual efforts of my editors for this story: Angel Love and P_A_Solcrofft. Their grammatical corrections and content/storyline related suggestions are without compare. If you find any mistakes in the finished product, I assure you it is a change I made after completion of their meticulous reviews.

Please note that this story contains subject matter related to cheating wives, wife watching, voyeurism, swinging and group sex. If this subject matter offends you, then you have been fairly warned.

Finally, all characters in this story are of the legal age to have all the sex they want, with whomever they want without breaking any laws.


She seemed cheerful and was actually glowing when she arrived in the room with our guests in tow. I knew that glow, because I had seen it many times. Just from that look on her face, I knew she was just getting warmed up and it made my cock twitch in my jeans. I took a closer look at her to see if there were any tell tale signs of her indiscretions and I’ll be damned if she didn’t look fresh as a daisy. I doubted I was pulling that look off nearly as well. My appearance was nothing more than a quick clean up attempt before making a mad dash to the suite. I knew that I still had a lot of cum leaking down my leg and was still slightly flustered from the entire event.

For their parts, our guests were smiling and they all greeted me with smiles and handshakes, which included a long warm hug from the only other female in the room, Susan. It was the hug that first caused me to notice the underlying tension in the air. She was hesitant at first, as if nervous about something, though she hid it quickly enough. It could have just been the pause of a woman who was uncertain how another man’s wife would react to her hugging him, but it was enough to cause me to take a second look at our male guests. Sure enough, the smiles were there, but all eyes were twitching back and forth between my Abby and me. Apparently, they were skittish due to being unsure how I would react if Abby decided to tell me what they had all been up to. Inwardly, I could only smile and think, “Good, they have the sense to be worried.”

For my part, I greeted them like old friends and for some reason felt much better about the entire situation knowing these people had the decency to feel, at least, a little guilty about conspiring and participating in my wife’s very recent blow bang experience. Of course, they might not have felt guilty as much as they were just worried that I would pull a gun and murder them all. I supposed that would be on the list of possible responses to their actions and indeed many husbands would lean to reacting in that manner. However, unbeknownst to them, I am not one of those husbands.

I greeted them with the same level of happiness they were showing with a, “Hey gang! Great to see you again! Make yourself at home.”

“Yes, please do.” Abby chimed in as she walked up and gave me her own hug. Her embrace was equally warm like Susan’s without the hesitancy and I wondered if she noticed my cock hardening against her body. I almost chuckled when it struck me that she might think it was that way due to Susan’s hug a few moments previous.

She then touched my arm and tugged me in the direction of the master suite, “Scott, darling, can I speak with you for a minute?”

“Uh, sure,” was all I could muster as I smiled at our guests and allowed my wife to lead me from the room.

As we moved out of sight, she hugged me tight and kissed me hard, quickly slipping her tongue deep into my mouth. I caught her up tightly and kissed her back just as hard. While I enjoyed it immensely I was also paying very close attention to the taste in her mouth. To my surprise, she tasted mostly of mint, so her cleanup was almost perfect. However, I am almost positive that I tasted the very slight tang of cock on her lips; the same taste that was on her lips after sucking my cock and then kissing me. In reality, it could’ve just been my imagination.

She broke the kiss and said, “Scott, baby, I had so much fun!”

“Gambling?” I asked teasingly.

“That and,” She paused and looked at me nervously then, like she was thinking hard about whether to continue or not. Of course, she had no idea I was aware of her activities. Therefore, watching her face go through a range of emotions, I was pretty sure that the idea cemented in her head earlier about showing me the pictures taken of her servicing the guys didn’t seem so concrete anymore.

“What baby, what is it?” I prompted her. I knew that she was on a precipice, and regardless of her recent action, I knew my wife well. If she tried to hide something from me, it would eat her up inside. I decided that I had to gently nudge her along.

The truth is that I love beylikdüzü otele gelen escort my wife very much. Yes, I had a ton of conflicting emotions that consisted of anger, jealousy, and betrayal. Regardless of those emotions, I also remembered the pleasure and excitement I experienced listening to her play with those cocks in the next stall over from me. I knew that I could have stopped it at any moment, but I didn’t. In short, the depth of my perversion was overpowering any anger or jealousy I felt. In fact, the dose of those emotions was more like adding the right amount of spice to a good recipe than it was an overpowering amount that destroys the entire meal. Therefore, I was more than willing to hear her out.

“Abby dear; what kind of fun were you having naughty girl?” I whispered sexily. “I hope you took pictures like I asked,” finishing with a wink.

She smiled nervously, “What if I did?”

I grinned like the Cheshire cat and replied, “Oh really? Tell me all about it honey. What did you do? Tell me, I’ve got to know.”

She laughed suddenly, “Scott, you are such a pervert. Do you know that? A dirty, dirty pervert.”

I laughed, “Of course I am. You knew that when you married me. Now stop dodging my question,” I teased, “did you take pictures? If so, I want to see them.”

She got solemn suddenly when she said, “Baby, tell me. Are you serious? If I did something would it turn you on?”

“Oh, hell yes, so very much. I’d have to hear all the details,” I replied quickly and seriously so she knew that it was the truth.

Without warning, she pounced on me. She kissed me crazily as we tumbled back onto the bed, and then began ravishing my neck with her hungry mouth as she told me over and over again how much she loved me.

As she continued, I couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Baby, we have company!”

She replied with a laugh, “Honey, you’ve got no idea.”

But, of course, I had more than an idea about the events of the past hour. What I didn’t know was what other plans she had for the evening. In a rush of breath and excitement, she began to tell her story. If you’ve read the first part, then you already know it so I will not rehash it, but I can tell you that she didn’t skip any details. She told it concisely and did not deny how excited she was to hear about Derrick’s big cock from his friends around the table and how tempting it was to know he was not only right there beside her, but also wanted very much for her to see it.

Of course, they both knew that if they could ever get her to a place where she’d see it, that she would most likely go further. I was impressed that she didn’t try to make it seem like she couldn’t resist after she saw it. Rather, she was upfront about her lust and desire to worship his oversized tool.

As she pulled her phone out, she said simply, “Prepare yourself.”

I took her phone and stared at the first picture taken. I then swiped my finger across the screen to switch to the next and the next. I savored each and every photo and reveled in my wife’s naughtiness. While I reviewed them, my cock sprang to life as she eagerly massaged my shoulders and nibbled my neck. Of course, I cannot say my cock sprang to life, because it had never gone completely limp. Let’s just say that it went to the next level of hardness.

“Oh baby, those are so sexy, and I really do love them, but… I think I have a surprise for you too.” I whispered as I handed her phone back after the last picture went by.

“What is that? Were you bad too?” She said teasingly. I could tell in her voice that she was curious, but not seriously worried about any trouble I could’ve gotten myself into.

I laughed and then prepared to share my secret by saying, “Kind of.” Then I simply handed her my phone with the video ready to play, “I was able to catch some interesting footage while I was out and about earlier.”

She took the phone and gave me a perplexed look, before hitting the play logo displayed on the screen. She looked confused at first, and then she realized what I had captured. With a loud gasp, she looked at me with shock, “How did you get this? Where were you? Did someone send it to you?”

I winked and then shared my side of the story. It was a huge relief because I would’ve had so much trouble keeping that secret too. I gave her the same courtesy she provided me and spared no details. I also didn’t try to lessen my guilt in the affair. Initially, I thought she was going to be angry about my spying, but I think as it sunk in to her, she realized that my offense was on a lesser scale than her own.

After our stories were swapped, we both hugged long and hard. Our secrets now out in the open and our love still strong.

As I held her tightly, I said, “Uh baby, we have company outside. I’m sure you remember because I can still taste their cocks on your lips,” I finished with a wicked smile.

She beylikdüzü rus escort gave me an equally wicked smile and replied, “I know baby. They came to finish what they started, with your permission.”

I had suspected the plan, but it wasn’t until that moment that reality smacked me in the face. If I was willing, I was about to witness my “almost” totally faithful wife be greatly and truly fucked by the guys waiting outside the door to our bedroom. With a stupid and stunned smile on my face, all I could say was, “Holy shit.”

After a pause, I continued, “But what about Susan? Tell me baby, what will I be seeing?” The possibilities were rolling through my head and there was no shortage of material custom made for my fantasies.

She winked then, “Well, that’s the thing Scott. They told me all about themselves at the table. They are a corporate team with a very special relationship. They are all swingers. When they are home, they and their spouses all play together. So, all the guys out there have had her and vice versa,” after a brief pause, she continued, “however, when they are on the road and away from family, they do not play with each other at all. It’s a special arrangement they have with the family back home. I don’t claim to understand it all, but they are allowed to do things like this with us while away, but not with each other.

“I guess what I’m trying to say,” she continued, “is that Susan is for you.”

I had no need to answer, because I got that big ole grin on my face again that made my decision obvious to her and anyone else within a 5-mile radius. Not to mention, my cock sprang to maximum hardness instantaneously and pressed hard against her hip where she was lying on me.

She smiled and climbed from the bed tugging me along by the hand, “Come on honey, let’s go greet our guests,” she said with a wink and a smile.

I followed along beside her as we entered the living room. When we got there, our guests were quite subdued as they lounged, drank, and just chatted. I’m sure their nervousness had increased in intensity while we were out of the room, and while they tried to appear relaxed, they also looked poised and ready to spring for the exits.

Abby smiled and said, “This dirty bastard knew already. He recorded it on his phone!” She then let out a laugh and continued, “needless to say, he’s in.”

Their reactions were predictable as the looks on their faces followed the path of emotions from confusion, to uncertainty, to finally settling on full comprehension of what Abby had said. There was a collective sigh of relief as the near palpable tension left the room. Smiles shone all around as they got up and we shook hands again like we were just meeting for the first time.

Derrick shook my hand firmly and said, “You’re a lucky guy Scott; your Abby is really something else.”

I replied with a simple wink, “No need to tell me that; I’m very aware, as you know.”

You might think that we all immediately got naked and jumped in a pile, but it didn’t work that way. We settled in, fixed drinks, and got to know each other somewhat. We quickly regained and continued that easy-going thing we had downstairs at the roulette table. Abby started out sitting with me, but after 30 minutes or so, she was busy refilling drinks and Susan replaced her beside me. Abby, seeing the switch and catching the cue, settled in between Derrick and Ted on the sofa.

The feeling I had was beyond odd, as Susan worked her way into a more intimate cuddle position against me as my wife settled similarly in between two guys, both of whom she had been drinking loads of cum from very recently. Even after everything that led up to this point, I still felt guilty for touching another woman other than wife. However, thinking to myself with good humor, I was determined to sacrifice and see this thing through.

The casual conversation continued as it did before, but with us simply having swapped positions. However, it wasn’t long before Derrick and Greg had their hands on Abby’s legs and were gently caressing her as we all talked. It had the effect on Abby that prevented her from really participating in the conversation due to all the squirming and heavy breathing she was doing. Likewise, I had somehow managed to wrap my arm around Susan’s shoulders as she lifted her leg and hooked it over my own. With her encouragement, I moved from uncertainty about what to do next to a man on a mission.

Abby and I looked at each other then. Our eyes locked as we both became caught up in the situation she had orchestrated. She was now certain what a pervert I was, but I found myself torn between my own desires and the uncertainty of her own. I had no doubt she wanted to have more sex with these guys, and that she would enjoy it greatly as I watched, but I wasn’t really sure if she was ready to see me take another woman in front of her. I wondered if she really wanted to see it, or if beylikdüzü türbanlı escort it was just a concession in the grand scheme of things. I was sure I’d be fine after watching her, but I was afraid she might not be as fine after watching me.

I had almost talked myself into simply watching my wife, which was really the fulfillment of my fantasy in the first place, when our eyes performed that lock across the room. She smiled at me dreamily as the men’s hands wandered higher up her legs and their spare hands found and kneaded her breasts. With the look she gave me came a nod of affirmation as her eyes shifted to Susan. She moaned with lust at the exact moment that Susan’s lips made contact with the side of my neck.

I could only smile back, but now with complete understanding. I held Susan tighter, leaning down toward her, and for the first time in over 25 years I kissed another woman besides my wife. It was electric as her mouth assaulted my senses. You might think lips are lips, but to me it was a whole new world: Her taste, her scent, her technique were all foreign and so exciting. It was all the more exciting because Abby was sitting across the room watching.

Susan and I quickly moved from what was an exploratory kiss to something much more passionate and urgent. I had nearly forgotten that like me, she had only been a spectator to the events that had unfolded so far this evening. Well, she didn’t get to watch like I did, but she knew what was happening in that bathroom stall when her friends disappeared inside and did not come back out right away.

Our tongues danced and stroked each other as she moved from beside me to straddling my lap. As she did, I wrapped my arms firmly around her waist and pulled her into me. I then shifted our position, so that I could have access to her, but also be able to watch my wife. After Susan and I kissed for a few more moments, I reached up and wrapped her hair in my fingers and pulled her head back, disconnecting her mouth from my own. Her eyes were half shut with passion as her mouth continued to work after we disconnected. I ran my mouth down her throat, where I stuck my tongue in the hollow of her neck briefly before I moved down to her cleavage.

She wore a denim skirt with a patterned blouse that was not slutty, but did show a nice amount of cleavage. I quickly began working my lips, tongue and ultimately teeth over her globes of flesh peaking over the top.

I knew what was going to happen here in our suite, and I saw no reason to spend a lot of time working up to things. Soon, I completed unbuttoning her blouse to see her red lacy bra underneath. I disposed of both on the floor in short order and began alternately sucking and lightly biting her nipples as they grew rock hard under my ministrations.

As I bit into her right nipple and tugged it out, she threw her head back and gasped, “Oh fuck yes Scott, fuck yes.”

This encouraged me to get rougher with her nipples and soon she was grinding her crotch hard against mine. We were dry humping like teenagers when I gripped her hair harder, slapped her left breast hard, and mercilessly tugged and sucked on her right one.

Her reaction was immediate and unexpected. She momentarily froze and then a scream ripped through her body as she jerked and spasmed in the throes of an intense orgasm. One thing was for sure, she was either one of those mythical squirters or simply created an extreme amount of cunt cream, because her juices leaked through her panties and soaked my jeans. I held her nipple hard in my teeth as she gyrated on me and came for what seemed like forever.

Finally, she collapsed and fell forward onto my chest. I heard, “Mmmmmmm, that’s my hubby,” which was spoken by Abby in a sexy voice and it drew my attention to her own predicament.

Susan breathed heavily into my neck and regained her senses while I took note that in the time her and I had been making out that Abby’s breasts were now naked above the top of her dress while Derrick and Greg sucked on her nipples. To top it off, Ted was between her legs lapping away at her pussy. The sight was enough to make me nearly cum in my own pants as Abby gave herself to these men, and they pleasured her body.

Susan scooted herself from my lap and stood before me. She removed her soaking panties and smiled as she put them on her fingers and pressed them between my lips and into my mouth. Her cunt juices also tasted completely different from Susan’s, but wonderful all the same. I sucked her panties as she first unbuttoned my shirt exposing my chest and then began working on my belt. Soon I was the first naked man in the room and I couldn’t be happier.

After removing all my clothing, Susan kissed up my legs and finally brought herself to my cock. “Oh baby, your cock is gorgeous,” she said, right before she began stroking it. Her eyes were glued to my manhood as I heard and watched Abby go into an orgasm with Ted’s tongue planted up her cunt.

As Susan’s mouth slipped over my cock, Abby quickly recovered and got up on her hands and knees so she could take Derrick’s big cock into her mouth for the second time that evening, which brings us up to where I started the story. Here we all were: two beautiful women and four men. One woman was for me exclusively, my wife was for the other men, and we were all delighted.

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