Wife loses a bet

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Wife loses a bet
Sarah lost a bet. It was not unusual for us to make little bets amongst ourselves, often with naughty forfeits for the loser. This time, I hadnt been to specific about what she had to do but did tell her it involved another guy. We had done shares and threesomes a number of times so the mention of another did nothing but bring a wry smile to her face.

I arranged it for that weekend and she had dressed balancing the need to look nice with the knowledge she wouldnt be wearing her outfit for long. She had a fairly tight black dress on, with black thong and bra underneath.

There was a knock at the door and i went to answer it, leaving Sarah standing in the bedroom. As I let Josh in, he greeted me and said “Are you sure about this?” in hopeful expectation.

“Fuck yes!” I enthused.

I walked back into the bedroom leaving Josh in the hall for a moment. “Since you lost the bet, you have to do anything and anyone I ask right?”

“I guess so, why? What have you got planned?” She shot back, starting to worry about what I had arranged.

“Its nothing to worry about, its just a guy, he’s in good shape and all you have to do is let him shag you” I told her.

I called Josh in and Sarah’s face dropped, mouth agape. Josh was one of Sarah’s friends ex boyfriends and she türkçe bahis hated him! Josh had dated Sarah’s friend about a year prior and had cheated on her a number of times,

“I cant believe you have brought him over! You know how much I hate that prick!” Sarah snapped.

Josh was just smiling and eyeing her up “Is she going to get her kit off or not?” Josh asked me impatiently.

“Come on, show him what he came to see!” I told her.

Sarah petulantly pulled her dress off and stood there in her bra and knickers. “And the rest!” I told her.

She did as she was asked and stood naked in front of us. “Happy now?!” She glared. “Have a good look, it will give you something to wank about later”

Josh stripped of revealing his muscular frame and already hard cock. Sarah tried to look disinterested but couldnt resist have a good look at his cock. Josh walked over and grabbed her tit, she immediately said ” Do you really want to when you know how much I hate you?”

Josh replied “Oh yeah, definitely!” He reached down and ran his hand over her hairless pussy, making her reach slightly as his fingers brushed over her clit. She kept her legs together denying him access to her hole. I walked behind her and moved her feet apart so he could get the access he wanted. Josh’s fingers mobilbahis giriş slipped straight into her wet hole.

“It seems your pussy doesnt agree with your mouth” Josh grinned. His fingers making her gasp.

“If he was a stranger who looked like he does you would want to fuck him wouldnt you? I asked her.

“Maybe if he wasnt such a prick” Sarah replied.

“Suck his dick!” I ordered.

Sarah slowly knelt down and took hold of Josh’s cock, looking at it before eventually opening her mouth and engulfing it. Josh closed his eyes and groaned with pleasure. Sarah let him slip from between her lips and said “You better not cum in my mouth” Josh just pulled her head back on to his cock.

A few minutes went by before he pulled her back to her feet and quite forcefully moved her over to the bed telling her to bend over. She spit on her hand and lubed his cock and then her pussy hole before bending over for him. He started pushing his cock into her making her gasp. I was watching her face involuntarily contort with pleasure as he went balls deep. “Fuck you are tight!” Josh told her.

“How does that feel?” I asked her

“Good” she panted.

“Do you want him to keep shagging you?” I asked.

“Yeah!” She grunted.

“Tell him then” I ordered.

She ignored mobilbahis güvenilir mi my request and said “Dont cum in me!”

Josh said “Well im either cumming in your pussy or mouth so you can choose”

“Cum in my mouth” Sarah told him.

Josh was getting close so pulled out and Sarah obligingly knelt down and began sucking Josh off. Seconds later Josh was grunting, shooting his load into Sarah’s mouth. She giggled with a mouthfull of cum and spit it into a glass which was next to the bed. “Its nothing personal” she laughed “But It tastes awful!”

“Sounds like you like Josh a bit better now he has had his cock inside you!” I chided.

“I’d have liked him a lot more if he had finished me off!” Sarah replied. “Guess I will have to do it myself!” she added with a cheeky grin.

Sarah lay on the bed, Josh was about to get dressed. “Dont get dressed, come and watch me and let me look at you while i finish” She told him.

Josh did as he was asked and stood at the edge of the bed watching Sarah vigorously flick her clit. Sarah was well horned up by now and started talking to Josh asking if he wanted to shag her again sometime. Quizing him about if he had jerked off about her, which he admitted he had and had her admit she had wanked over him b4 too. Sarah was getting really close now and told him if he kept it a secret she would let him shag her again and next time she wanted to get rough. With that she began to climax and she thanked him for helping her get off.

Maybe i will add what happened the next time if people want to hear it..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32