What Mothers Are For Pt. 01

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My name is Daniel and I’m a 19-year-old senior in our local high school. I have a sister, Barbie, who’s 18 and we’re in the same grade because Mom decided to enroll us in school at the same time since we moved around a lot when we were younger and it was just easier that way at the time.

I’m 6’3″ with strawberry-blonde hair. I don’t have enough time to play sports, what with work and school, but I stay in shape thanks to my factory job, not to mention gym class at school. I actually have gotten a few compliments at school from some of the girls on how fit I am, but I have yet to have sex or even date anyone as I’m just too busy. I wish I had more time to do stuff like that, but for now, all I really have is my hand and some lube for the few times I get to myself.

About four months after I turned 18, I got a nasty fever and everyone thought I was going to die. But about a week in bed, my mom, Beth, made me the best-tasting chicken soup I’ve ever tasted and spoon-fed it to me because I was too sick to even hold a spoon. I remember seeing my mother’s face while she was doing this. And though she looked simply angelic, a beautiful woman who would do anything for her son.

The day after my mother fed me soup, my fever finally broke. And I lived. When Mom came to check on me, she loved that I was doing better. I thanked her for feeding me the soup and for taking such good care of me while I was sick. She simply smiled at me and said, “Honey, that’s what mothers are for.”

You see, that’s what my mom always told me while I was growing up when she did me or my sister any favors. And during my senior year of high school, I was working and giving half my paycheck to Mom for rent and she was always grateful for it. “Well, sure, Mom,” I told her whenever I gave her the money, “After all, it’s what sons are for.” and we’d both laugh.

But then one day in October, my mother walked in on me masturbating. I was jerking my nine-inch cock in one hand while looking at porn on my phone with the other. When she walked in she was carrying a basket full of laundry and she was so surprised that she let out a loud yelp as she dropped the basket.

I had my pants around my ankles and was trying to grab them and yank them up but I was so surprised that as I grabbed them and tried to yank them up they’d get caught on my ankles or knees and I couldn’t get them up, my hard cock on full display the whole time as my mother stared at me with her mouth open. I was sure she was thinking how perverted her nasty son was and I was blushing profusely from embarrassment.

“I’m sorry Mom!” I shouted, thankful that my sister Barbie was over at a friend’s house for the night. “I’m sorry, I just get so stressed from work and school that this is the only way for me to calm down.” I continued just trying to say something to keep from getting yelled at for watching porn and jacking off like a perverted teenager, which I was but I didn’t want my mother to know that. “I’m really sorry Mom, I’ll never do it again.”

Mom sighed and sat on the bed, she saw me having trouble getting my pants up, “Don’t even bother with that, Danny, I can already see your huge cock and balls. No need to cover it up anymore.”

I looked up at her, surprised, did she just say my cock and balls were huge? I thought. I wondered if that meant she wanted to see more? My cock jumped at the thought. My mother had long blonde hair, an angelic face with blue eyes and soft cheeks and perfectly kissable lips. Her breasts were large and shapely while her ass was the same. I was ashamed to admit it but I’d jerked off many times thinking about her beautiful body. But I’d never thought she’d actually look at her own son in a sexual way.

Mom stared at my shocked expression and smiled sweetly at me, “Look, son, you’ve done so much for us and I know you have so much work what with school and your job and you help with bills. I think it’s only right that you should get to, um, masturbate when you need to.” She looked down at my dick again then. I saw something in her eyes, I wasn’t very experienced with sex but I thought maybe she was looking at my cock with longing in her expression, but I didn’t know.

I also didn’t know what she meant, “Huh? I can masturbate when I need to?” I asked, confused.

Mom bit her lip as she palmed the back of her neck nervously. “Well,” she started to say her eyes not leaving my cock while she spoke, “there’s nothing wrong with masturbation. I mean, everyone does it. I don’t see why you have to hide behind a door and be ashamed of anything. You do so much for me and your sister while still being so busy yourself, I just think that if jerking off is the only way you have to relieve your stress, I’d be a bad mother forcing you to hide in your room to do it.” Mom blushed at the end of her speech and looked away and I thought for a moment that she was about to get up and leave, but she didn’t. She stayed on the bed next to me, her butt in her skirt rubbed up against my bare leg. I savored the feeling of it, though I tried not to rub against her or anything for illegal bahis fear that it would make her leave.

“You mean, you want me to masturbate in front of you?” I asked, starting to feel very turned on by the thought, though also nervous as to the implication, unsure how to feel.

“Well, not necessarily, but if you need relief from your stress and this is how you do it,” Mom turned back to look at me, but her eyes immediately went back to my cock, “then I don’t want you to hold back. You’ve been a very good son and stress relief is important and if this is how you do it then you should do it when you need to. After all, what are mothers for?”

I looked down at my cock then back up to my mother’s beautiful and sexy face, “Do you want me to jerk off right now?” I asked, both nervous and excited.

Mom glanced down at my dick, still hard despite not getting any attention. “It looks to me like you might want to.” She smiled up at me, but only for a second before she looked back down at my hard cock. “After all, you don’t want your, um, stress to build up.” She licked her lips, lustfully. I could tell this situation was turning my mother on as much as it was turning me on. While I was watching her face, I reached down and grabbed my shaft.

Mom gasped but didn’t look away as I started to slowly stroke myself. One of her hands went up to her breast and she started lightly rubbing her nipple through her blouse. It was such a small movement I’m not even sure she knew that she was doing it to herself.

Though I liked watching Mom watching me as I stroked my big cock, I also wanted to get off so I grabbed my phone on the side of the bed to look at porn on it.

Mom snatched it out of my hands, “What are you doing?” She said as she glanced at the screen, “MILF porn? Danny, I don’t think you should be watching porn while you’re doing this.” She explained.

“What? But Mom-” I started to say, determined to explain that I needed it to cum.

“No buts, Danny,” Mom scolded, interrupting me, “I don’t mind you jerking off when you need to but porn is degrading to women. Not only that but it teaches you poor examples by what sex is supposed to be. It’s not just some fantasy with big-titted, cum-guzzling sluts.”

I hadn’t stopped jerking off while she said this, in fact, it made me speed up my stroking but I still knew I couldn’t finish without porn, “Mom!” I complained again, “I need it to cum! I’ve never jerked off without porn before!” That last part was a lie but it definitely sped up the process.

Mom rolled her eyes, “Okay, I’ll tell you what, I’ll let you look at my body.” As she said this she stood up and I was so surprised that I stopped stroking my cock for a moment, “But it’s only looking you understand?”

I nodded, unable to speak, as my own sexy mother started to remove her clothes. She unzipped her skirt from the back and let it drop to the floor, she stood before me in a white bra, matching panties, and nylons up to her thigh. She was quite sexy looking like that. I started stroking myself again, not expecting her to then unsnap her bra from the front and let it drop to the ground as well revealing her magnificent tits. They were large, at least EEs, but without even a hint of sagging yet, she had equally large areolas with big nipples sticking out. Her nipples were very hard and I wondered if that meant she was turned on.

My mother stood like that in her panties and nylons only, she put her arms on her hips and stuck her breasts out as she stared at her only son stroking his hard dick in front of her. “Are you going to cum soon?” She asked.

“I’m getting close…” I said, staring at her beautiful body as I felt my balls churning as I got ready to orgasm.

My mom glanced around the bed and on my bed table, “Do you have any tissues for when you cum?” She asked me.

“Yeah, they’re, um, Oh shit, I’M CUMMING!” I shouted, unable to tell my mother where the tissues were as I felt my balls tighten as I started to nut.

“Don’t ruin my sheets!” Mom shouted as she surprised me and got on her knees on the side of my bed. She surprised me greatly by moving her face right in close to my cock as I started to cum. When I came it was always plentiful, and this first spirt was no exception as I covered my mom’s face in semen, it blasted her in the forehead and seemed to cover her nose and mouth in the same instant. She gasped, surprised before forcing her mouth over my throbbing cock.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. My own mother was now sucking the cum out of my cock and drinking it down. My orgasming dick in her hot, wet mouth was such a great feeling I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. As my mother sucked my dick I filled her cheeks with my cum only to watch her make an effort to swallow it all before I filled her mouth full of my cum once again.

After about a minute of this, I finally stopped cumming, “Wow, shit.” I said looking down at my cum-covered mother kneeling on the floor, “That was amazing, Mom!”

“Yes, well, mmm,” Mom said with a moan as she swallowed illegal bahis siteleri more cum from her lips, “I didn’t want you to get the bed dirty.” She stood up from the ground, “Now, since you made a mess of me, I’ll have to take a shower. If you need any more relief, be sure to let me know first. I can’t have you watching porn or making a mess with your cum anywhere else, okay?” With that she walked out of the room, cum still dripping down her body. She left her dress and bra on my bedroom floor.

I glanced down at my cock. I was still hard as a rock. I decided to follow her into the bathroom.

A moment later I was in the bathroom. Mom looked at me through the shower curtains, “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Well,” I motioned to my still hard dick, “You said if I needed to cum again I should come to you, so…” I left the idea sit in the air.

Mom licked her lips looking at my dick and sighed like a mother about to let her child have candy after saying “no” one hundred times already and just now about to say “yes.” “Fine,” my mother said, “come join me in the shower.”

I almost jumped for joy as I ran into the shower with her. And now I got to see her shaved pussy for the first time. I could tell she was tight even though she gave birth to multiple children. I wondered if she would let me fuck her.

Mom saw me staring and giggled, “Are you staring at your mother’s pussy? You naughty boy.” She laughed. I’d never thought my mother could be this sexy before. “Well, since I swallowed your cum before, how about I give you a blowjob? No need for you to jerk off now, after all, what are mothers for?” Mom said as she lowered herself to the ground and started running her tongue from my salivating cockhead down my shaft to my balls. She started sucking my huge balls, first one then the other because they were too big for her to get both in her mouth at the same time. Then she lovingly kissed her way up my shaft before reaching my cockhead again, then she kissed the tip of my cock and then engulfed the head into her mouth before starting her slow descent until the entirety of my nine-inch dick was in her mouth. I could feel myself going down her throat, not realizing my mother could deep throat. I mean, why would anyone even suspect something like that?

First, she slowly sucked me to my full length in and out a few times, as if she was just trying it out and getting used to the size of the thing. I knew I had a big cock from the porn I’d seen. I knew I was as big as most of those guys, if not bigger. My mother seemed to be having a little trouble as she took my cock all the way into her mouth and then back out again. God, this was hot.

My mother then surprised me and started gagging on my cock as she gave me the first, but also the roughest, blowjob of my life. I didn’t know at the time, but she was doing it to make sure I came as soon as possible. Something I didn’t know and Mom did, was that my sister was already on the way home from her friend’s house. We were supposed to have dinner in not too long. Something I was much too distracted to even think about as I savored the feeling of my mother’s mouth surrounding my cock as she gave me one pleasurable blowjob. I wanted her to suck me all day, but of course, I could start to feel my balls tighten again as I was getting ready for an amazing orgasm.

I moaned loudly as I began to cum again. This time, Mom took her mouth off of my cock and told me, “Oh please, son, plaster your mother’s face. Paint me with your cum.” She moaned and I noticed for the first time that she was finger fucking herself on the bathtub floor while she was blowing me.

“Oh shit, Mom, get ready for a huge load!” I shouted as I began to cum. I grabbed my dick and aimed it right for my mother’s tits. I covered them with my semen before moving up to her face. I granted her wish and plastered her with my cum.

Mom licked it off her face, though most of it washed off from the faucet and down the drain, but I could tell my own mother was a cumslut.

“Oh god,” Mom moaned as she swallowed more of my cum, “Your semen tastes delicious! I think I could live off this stuff!” She moaned again as she wiped it off her breasts and scooped my cum into her mouth. “Now, your sister’s on the way home so we should probably-“

“Hey, Mom,” Barbie shouted from downstairs, “Where are you? I’m starving!”

“Well, that’s her,” Mom said as she stood up in the shower and turned the water off, “I better go down and make dinner. If you need me again just come find me.” Then she winked at me, “I wouldn’t mind another bellyful of your cum.” With that, she left the room.

I stepped out of the shower and ran back to my room before Barbie caught me. When I got there, I wasn’t surprised to see that despite all this action I was still rock hard. I wondered if Mom would be happy to help me again with Barbie still around?

I threw my pants and a shirt on before leaving the room. I adjusted my cock as I walked down the stairs. I figured I’d just wait until my sister was out of the room to canlı bahis siteleri see if I could use Mom again for what “mothers are for.”

I walked down into the kitchen. My bitch of a sister, Barbie, was standing to the side texting someone on her phone. She scowled when she looked up at me. “What do you want?” She said as I walked into the room.

My sister was 18, and while we were growing up we were inseparable, but once she turned 13 or so, without a father to rebel again, she rebelled against me. At least, that’s my theory of the whole thing, because she fell into a group of girls who seemed to like nothing more than, well, cheerleading actually since they all joined the league when we reached high school, but second to that they loved to make my life miserable.

Barbie was hot, too, she had big boobs like Mom, and a great, cheerleader-like body that I often overheard the boys in my school saying was “totally fuckable.” Not that I ever noticed, though I long since jerked my cock thinking of Mom, Barbie was too mean to me for me to really see her as a sexual object.

“Whatever,” I said to Barbie’s question. “I just wanted to see Mom.”

Mom smiled at me as she did a sexy pose, sticking her tits out. My cock jumped as I ogled her for a moment, but Barbie totally noticed our mother flirtatiously looking at me. But I don’t think she totally understood why it was happening (truthfully, I didn’t fully understand it either…).

“Oh?” Barbie jutted in with a bit of an attitude, “And what do you have to see Mom about? Sucking up some more with your fucking giving away all your money?”

“Hey, I’m chipping in for rent.” I said, “Maybe you should try it sometime. It’s common fucking courtesy.” I was trying to stay calm but I could feel the wrath in my voice starting to rise.

Instead of answering Barbie just glared at me. She crossed her arms, which did cause her breasts to be pushed out but I tried not to notice while I was angry at her that she was actually a very sexy woman. Still, despite her beauty, I couldn’t remember a day that I didn’t want to smack her in the face. I’m not a violent man or anything, but Barbie just had a way to push all my buttons, no matter what either of us was doing at the time she would find a way to piss me right the fuck off.

But seeing my sister there, looking angry at me like that, it made me jump back to reality about what I and Mom had just been up to. I suddenly got very embarrassed and blushed as I looked away from her and Mom standing in the kitchen.

“Your brother is just doing the best he can you know.” Mom told Barbie, sternly, “I think you should go easier on him.”

Though I wasn’t looking, I could feel Barbie’s shock at Mom’s scolding. Though Mom and I were friendly enough before today, she usually stayed out of Barbie and my sibling rivalry.

“Oh, whatever!” Barbie shouted as she stormed out of the room, “Just tell me when dinner’s ready.” I heard her stomp up the stairs and then slam her door behind her. As soon as she did, I jumped, but not from my stupid sister slamming the door above, but because as soon as Barbie was out of the room, Mom snuck up behind me and slid an arm around my waist so she could put a hand on my cock through my pants.

“Oh my!” She squealed with delight as she gripped my still hard cock in my jeans, “I thought you’d have been satisfied by now. I guess Mommy has to do her new stress-relieving chore now!” I couldn’t believe just how horny Mom was, but I was glad she was having as much fun with our new relationship as I was.

Mom turned me around so I was now facing her. Then she got to her knees in front of me and took down my pants as she did. I hadn’t put on underwear so my big cock jumped out and slapped her in the cheek. She giggled, “Haha, I can see Little Danny is excited about another blowjob.” As she said this she gripped my cock with both hands and slowly stroked me as she licked her lips and stared at my cock, leaking with pre-cum, as she slowly moved into me and took my cockhead into her mouth.

I loved the feeling of my mother’s warm lips as she sucked on my cockhead. She moaned softly as she drank down my pre-cum. I could tell she loved the taste of me, which made me all the more turned on. I had heard that most women didn’t like giving blowjobs but I could tell that my mother seemed to love it. At least, she loved giving a blowjob to me. She lovingly licked my huge cockhead in her mouth as she swallowed down my fluids. She then slowly started to take my cock fully into her mouth. I feel like I was falling in love with my mother just then as she sucked my cock with the love that only a mother could have as she sucked her son’s dick.

My cock was about halfway into my mother’s mouth when we both heard, “WHAT THE FLYING FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE!?!?!?!”

My cock was still in my mother’s mouth as we both looked over at the doorway leading to the stairs. Barbie was standing there looking both pissed and mystified at the scene in front of her. Her buxom mother on her knees in the middle of the family kitchen with her brother’s cock deep in her mouth. I could understand my sister’s surprise. I had come up with a lot of excuses for my sister in the past to a lot of crazy things, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain my way out of this one…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32