What I Want

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We’re laying together in bed. You have no shirt on, but your boxers are still on, and your cock is sticking out. I lie by your side, on my side, with my head resting on your hip. I’ve just taken a drink of wine, and my lips are wet and my cheeks are flushed and hot.

Your hand touches my hair lightly for a second, then pushes me towards your cock. The head passes my lips and you throw your head back. “Yeah baby, that’s it, keep going,” you say. I start down the shaft and I can feel you getting bigger. I stay there for a minute and then, with the help of your hand pressing my head down further, I have you down my throat. Oh my god, yes. I brace myself with one hand, get up on my knees, and slide my hand between my legs. I come up for air, bring my finger to your lips to wet them, and then press them back where it feels good. I kiss you full on, knowing how much we both love tasting ourselves on each other.

After I finish kissing you, I smile when I see your hand go to your cock. “Tell me what you’re thinking,” I whisper. You look at me, see the flush in my cheeks, see my hand between my legs, and know that whatever you say will turn me on. So you begin…

“OK. Me. And you. And two others – a guy and a girl. We don’t know them. One for each of us. And we can be as straight – or as adventurous – as we feel like. However, this is my fantasy, baby, so I will tell you what I want. I want you to start kissing the girl. Both of you start with your clothes on, rubbing up bizimkent escort against each other, just kissing. Me and the guy will just sit and watch. Then, you two start dropping clothes. Real slow, but you are still touching each other, ignoring us, like you don’t even notice us.

“She leans her head on your chest and starts sucking on a nipple. About this time, the guy sits up to get a closer look and I start touching his hair, lightly. He turns to look at me and licks his lips nervously. He’s young, 24 or 25, smooth shaven, hairless chest. I bring him to me and kiss him, loving the feel of his tongue in my mouth. The girl and you stop for a moment, to watch us. Out of the corner of my eye I can see the heat in your eyes as you look at her. Neither of you have ever been in the same room with two guys who want each other and it turns you on. You are both totally undressed now, pressed up against each other, tongues in each others mouths, hands reaching down to feel between each others legs.

“But the guy isn’t too sure yet, so I turn him loose, push him towards you, let him run his tongue over your pale skin, let you reach for his big hard cock, while I bring the girl to me. She kneels to suck my cock and I watch as you spread your legs for him, let him stick his fingers inside you, and start to get off because I want nothing more than to put those fingers in my mouth to taste you. He shoves his cock inside you and you look over his shoulder bostancı escort at me, knowing I am staring at his ass, knowing exactly what I want next. And I know that you will help me get it, my slutty, sexy, perfect match.

“You know the exact time to strike – when he’s deep inside you and will agree to anything. You say his name but he barely looks up at you and keeps sliding in and out.

“You lean over to whisper in his ear. ‘I want to see something before you come inside me,’ you say, with a slight wink in my direction. ‘I want my boyfriend to taste me.’ You pause slightly, running your fingers down his nicely muscled arms. ‘On you. Will you let him?’ He looks over, breathing hard from pumping in and out of you, still buried deep inside.

“He looks nervously in my direction. ‘You mean let him suck me off?’

“You shake your head. ‘I just want him to taste me on you.’

“Same difference. But you know what to say to reassure him, and I don’t care, as long as I end up with that boy’s cock in m mouth. And besides, as long as his dick’s being sucked, he won’t care who’s doing it.

“So he pulls out, and walks over. I push the girl off of me, and stare at his hard cock, slick from your pussy. I lick my lips, then wrap my arm around his waist to bring him to me. Slide that beautiful cock past my lips, tasting you, tasting him, and I look past him. I see you, wrapped around the girl, your fingers buried inside her. büyükçekmece escort But I am working him hard, and too soon I feel his balls tighten in my hand. Seconds later, he explodes in my mouth.

“You edge closer. You know what comes next and you love it. I pull you close and open my lips against yours, my tongue meeting yours, and let you share it with me, let you taste him in my mouth. I don’t have to touch you to know you are dripping wet, I can feel you melt against me as you spread your legs for the hard cock you know you want inside you.

“But again, lover, this is what I want, so I lay you down on your stomach, put one of my fingers inside you to get it nice and wet, and work it in your tight little asshole. ‘You want me?’ I ask.

‘Please,’ is all you can say. I shove my cock up your asshole and you take it wonderfully. So sexy. I love the noises you make. And don’t forget, there’s two people watching us. But that’s doesn’t stop me and you don’t care now. All you care about is my cock inside your ass. You can feel me getting bigger, getting ready to come. The noises you are making are incredible, animalistic and frantic. ‘Come up my ass, baby,’ you say. ‘Make me yours,’ you beg. How can I not give you what you ask for?

“I push as far inside you as I can and bite your neck. It’s either a whimper or a cry, pleasure or pain, or both. I explode inside you. You tense, and I feel you shudder as you echo.

I look at you, eyes closed, fingers wet. “So that’s what I want. Think you could set that up?” I ask.

You smile slyly, grab for your phone beside the bed and dial a number. “Hey,” you say. “It’s Leah. I emailed earlier?” You pause, smiling at me. “What are you two doing tonight?”

I smile back, and pour you another glass of wine, and wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32