What a Night

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“Give yourself to me as I create these moments for you, with you. The moments that I hope you struggle to find words for while touching yourself under the covers at night. Give me the things that you do not show the world. Cum for me.”

Her voice whispers in my ear as she licks the cum she released from her little slit. Riding my face like a savage. Her pussy melting across my skin as it soaks me. Drenches my chin, pours to my neck and down to my back as gravity takes it. I can smell it so intensely. Her sex. Her drive. Her need! Her hand grabs the back of my hair and pulls me tightly into her pussy as she screams out in orgasm. Pouring her cum into my mouth as I lap it all up and suck it out of her throbbing hole.

Her tongue across my face as she licks the remnants of herself off and whispering those words into my ear, which sends chills through my spin. The hot breath. The tingle of vibrations hitting my skin and the smell of her pussy coming from my face as well as her mouth all send me into a frenzy. Her last words escaped her mouth, and with a swift motion, my left foot pushes down into the bed, and I take my right foot and push against it to throw myself sideways. My hands grip her ass and waist, and I get on top of her. I stop at that moment and look down at her body. Lean, yet soft, feminine, sexy, beautiful. My shaft begins to grow again, and I start to stroke it while straddling her. I want her to watch it grow for her. I want her to see what is about to be buried inside of her.

“You are so sexy. Your smell, touch, breath, ass, taste…god, I want you.

Take hold of my cock and stroke me. I want your hands on me. “

I watch her wrap her hands around me and move back and forth. Faster and faster till im getting ready to cum. I slap her hands off of me. “Not yet”

I move down to her dripping pussy, yenibosna escort and I lick at it again. This time controlling her with my weight as she squirms from the sensitivity. I take her clit in my mouth, and I begin to suck on it while holding it between my teeth. My tongue is rubbing it as I suck it and bite down just slightly. The Thrill of pain and pleasure erupts inside of her. I can see it in her body. The sensation is reverberating through her spin and nervous system. It’s the uncontrollable shakes and bursts of moans and almost laughter as the feeling becomes too much. I can feel her hand pushing my head away but gripping it to keep it close.

I want to taste her cum one more time before I explore her.

I suck, bite, play with her till I feel her legs tighten around my head. Deafening me with her thighs. I can just barely hear her screams as she fills my mouth again with her juice.

God, this is so delicious. More. MORE MORE!!

I rip away from her as her legs loosen, and I can’t help myself. My thoughts escape my mouth.

“MORE!! Give it to me! “I go back to suck it out of her. Using my tongue to scoop the rest that I can’t get with just sucking her pussy.

I sit up and look at her. Cum covering my chin and lips. Her eyes are slowly closing from exhaustion and pleasure. Falling Into a relaxed state. I wipe it off with my hand, and I lean forward. I look at her, and with a swift motion, slap her face with her own cum. Watching her eyes widen from shock and her body tense, I can see the pleasure stat rising in her yet again.

My cock is throbbing for her now. I can feel my balls heavy with cum waiting to explode out of me.

I flip her over and look at her ass. What a beautiful sight. I can cum just by looking at it here in bed as she yeşilköy escort spreads her legs only slightly so I can see her little lips between her legs. Covering her holes with my loads. But I cant…I need to mark her. I need to protect her insides with me. Make her my slut. Make her know she belongs to me.

I rub my hands over her smooth buttocks and spread them slightly. I take a finger and slide it in my mouth o gather spit. I take it out and run it across her tight asshole. I see her ass shoot in the air in anticipation. “What a good slut you are.”

I slide my finger inside and feel it squeezing me. So tight. So perfect.

I take my other hand and stroke myself a few more times. Enjoying this moment with her ass in the air and my finger taking her.

Her groans and moans filling the room.

I take my finger out and line myself up to her pussy.

I rub my head on it as I take her honey, and I cover myself with it.

Gripping her waist, I take my cock, and I bury it inside of her slit. Her lips tight but stretching around me. I can feel her warmth as I go deeper and deeper.

“That’s a good girl. Take my dick. Take every inch. I want you to taste me.”

I shove every inch inside of her. She is tight and shallow, but I made room. I heard her cry out slower, slower. I go as deep as I can.

I let her breathe for a second. Relax around me.

I grab her hair with my right hand and her waist with my left. I pull out and thrust back in. Her screams of pleasure excite me. I quicken my pace. I trust in and out of her as I look down and see my dick is soaked. It’s shiny and sticky. I can see my balls start to glisten as they slap against her with each push inside.

I can feel the excitement coming up through my body.

I can feel zeytinburnu escort my shaft start to pulsate more.

I lean forward and twist her head to the side. I tell her to open her mouth and spit inside of it.

“Swallow it. Now!” She looks up at me and swallows it.

“Good girl!” I kiss her deeply—our tongues exploring each other and swapping our saliva.

I find her trap muscle, and I sink my teeth into her. Thrusting harder and harder as she screams out to fuck her harder, I bite down and listen to her pain and pleasure mix together. Does she want me to stop or to fuck her more?

I get closer and closer to the end, and I push her face down to the bed.

“You belong to me now. Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy.”

And with those two words, I grip her ass and thrust as far as I can inside of her, and I explode. I feel my dick throbbing, and with each throb, a rope of cum shoots out of me. I can feel it get stopped at the opening because of trying to escape at once. It coats her insides once more. My thick manhood is painting her sweet innocent pussy with me.

I watch as it starts to leak out of her as I pull out slightly.

I take my dick out full and instantly watch as she pushes my cum out. It globs out. I take my fingers and shove it all back into her. I don’t want to waste any of it.

Our bodies collapse down together, and we lay there. Staring at each other.

Chests rising and falling slower and slower as we catch our breath.

I get between her legs one last time. I take her and spread them. I gather some of our mixed cum, and I hold it in my mouth as I crawl back to her head. I pull her hair up, and I part her mouth open with my tongue and lips. Sharing our tastes together. I spit some of it in her mouth. Sharing our sex fully.

I put her head back down on the bed and begin to lay beside her again.

She pulls herself to my body and lays her head on my chest. Her fingers tracing my tattoos and drawing new ones as she begins to slip into asleep.

Our eyes close and our breath in synch.

Our bodies shared, and our juices drank.

It’s time to rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32