Wet and Hard

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This is a true story. It was my first time to have a cock in my mouth, but it would not be the last time. Thank you to a dear friend for bringing this event back to the forefront of my memories.


In college I dated a guy studying to be a physical therapist. We met through mutual friends at school. Chris was a few years older than I was and had his own apartment not far from school. Caucasian, 5’10″ish, brown hair, light brown eyes, muscular but not overly so. Chris was a great guy, funny, smart, top of his class and well-liked by his peers and professors. He was born and raised Catholic, but had baggage because his parents ended up getting a nasty divorce when Chris was in high school.

Chris also had some different ideas about met and about our relationship. For instance, he was always amazed that I knew how to do things like cook, pay bills, be organized, etc. He figured that because I still lived at home, I was very spoiled and had my parents do everything for me. He was also very particular about the two of us sharing expenses, down to the penny. I remember we traveled about two hours away one weekend, and he had me write down everything that was spent, down to the tolls we had to pay. This was so we could share the cost equally. I wasn’t bothered too much by all of this. Chris was a nice guy and I liked him a lot. Plus, later on I thought I could “fix” things and we’d be fine.

Chris and I had been dating for several months. We liked going to movies, taking long walks on the beach, going to museums, cooking at his apartment. All in all, it was great. Chris was also a great kisser, and I love great kisses. His kisses tended to override the now and then doubts I would have about our relationship. Those kisses literally made me weak in the knees. He always started out kissing me softly on the mouth, and then his lips eventually parted. His probing tongue would seek mine out and, having found it, would caress it gently till I moaned and wanted more. His hot tongue flicking my lips, then pulling back and giving me soft kisses again would drive me crazy! While we kissed he did other things that drove me to the edge as well. Things like running his fingers through my hair, softly kissing my neck, gently caressing my face, rubbing my back, holding me tightly, or running his thumbs lightly over my nipples through my clothes.

After a delicious dinner one evening, we are making out on the sofa at Chris’s apartment. This particular night, for some reason, we were very passionate. Kissing was very erotic, breathing was hot and heavy, our hands were everywhere. We had shed most of our clothes and Chris was just in his black boxer briefs, while I was down to my black bra edged with lace and matching panties. I was sitting on his lap while we were making out and his erection was so big and hard between my legs, it rubbed against the wetness that was seeping from my pussy. He was giving me those kisses that I loved, the soft ones with the teasing tongue. Chris loved when I gently licked his lips because that made him open his mouth slightly and allow my tongue inside to find his and touch it with mine and lick it. He then undid my bra, put his hands under it and started rubbing my nipples softly with his thumbs. This was the first time he had actually touched that part of my skin. He closed his eyes and moaned softly, while I closed my eyes and enjoyed the heat from his hands to my tits.

Chris slid off my bra and whispered, “Can I lick your nipples?”

“Oh, yes please,” I replied softly. Chris had never put his lips on anything other than my own mouth, so the anticipation was making my breathing shallow.

He licked one nipple while he palmed the other gently. I really thought I was going to come right then. My panties were completely soaked canlı bahis şirketleri and I swear my pussy was going to start throbbing any second. Then Chris slowly licked across to my other nipple and licked that one and sucked it, while he palmed the first one. I rubbed myself harder against his rock hard erection and wanted him inside me. His mouth traveled from my nipple up to my neck. He put his mouth to my ear and whispered, “I want you to suck my dick.”

All of a sudden time stopped. The anticipation I had felt started to wane. Suck his dick? I had never done that. I had been fucked several times, stroked a huge dick till it came in my hand, had my pussy licked till it dripped and throbbed—but had never given a man a blow job. And now it was time. What to do? What to say?

Chris looked into my eyes and saw my hesitation. He smiled the smile that made my belly flutter and asked, “You haven’t done it before, have you?”

I shook my head and stared back at him. “No, and I’m nervous and worried. What if I don’t do it right? What if I hurt you? And what if I gag? I have a huge gag reflex and I know it’s not sexy. You want me to swallow, right?

Chris slowly ran his fingers through my hair. Then he kissed me and quietly said, “I’ll be gentle with you. Yes, I want you to swallow my come. So sexy to watch you swallow while I fuck your mouth and feel myself explode down your throat. But I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.” As Chris said that, he brought my hand down to his huge cock and had me stroke it up and down. It was extremely stiff and so sexy to touch. It was hard to think straight as I touched him because he started licking my nipples again and all I could do was moan and feel my breathing quicken.

I put my hands on either side of Chris’s face and brought his mouth to mine. I kissed him hard on the mouth, parted his lips with mine and felt his tongue shoot into my mouth. I sucked it hard, making him moan loudly. I pulled away from him, got up, took his hand in mine as he got up off the sofa. “Let’s go,” I said, and I led him to the bathroom. “I want to shower with you,” I told him. Chris smiled and tugged my black panties down, then proceeded to step out of his black boxer briefs. He walked into the huge shower and turned on the water. His erection was still out there, waiting for me. He held out his hand to me and I took it, stepped in and under the warm, flowing water. The anticipation was turning me on so much, I couldn’t tell if the wetness between my legs was from my pussy or from the shower. I slid a finger down to touch my outer pussy lips then slid the finger into my mouth. Mmmm, it was definitely from my pussy.

Getting the slippery soap from the dish, I soaped Chris’s back and shoulders, working my way down to his ass, lingered between his cheeks and getting it soapy, down the back of muscular thighs and legs. I let my hard nipples graze his back while I stood behind him. He then turned to face me and kissed me again while we stood under the water. I soaped his neck and chest, his waist and hips, the front of his thighs and legs, carefully avoiding contact, for now, with his huge cock. Working my way back up his thighs, I carefully parted his legs, gently soaped his balls and made him even harder when I ran the soap underneath, and then on top of, his stiff dick.

“My turn,” Chris said, holding his hand out for the soap.

I shook my head, “Nope. I’ll soap myself, thank you. You can watch.” I gestured to the wooden stool that stood in the corner of the shower.

Chris walked over and sat down. “Fine, but don’t rush. I want to watch you touch yourself.”

Taking the soap, I worked up a thick lather on my chest. Moving the lather down, I slowly caressed underneath my tits and cupped them canlı kaçak iddaa while keeping my eyes on Chris. I moved my fingers up to my nipples and tugged them gently, making them stiff. He reached out to touch one of them and I backed up, shaking my head. Moving more of the lather down, I washed my belly and my hips. I turned my back to Chris, worked up more lather and reached around to wash my ass. I bent over slightly so I could soap between my cheeks. Proceeding further down, I washed my thighs and legs, front and back. Hearing Chris moan, I turned to face him and he had begun to stroke himself while watching me. I leaned towards him and licked his lips and his tongue, which he slipped out of his mouth.

Taking my soapy hands, I washed my smooth mound and spread my feet apart a little farther. I slipped my hands between my legs and washed my pussy lips, gently running my hand along my protruding clit. I wanted to come so badly. I wanted to feel my pussy throb as it explodes. I looked at Chris as he sat on the stool continuing to move his hand up and down his stiffness. I wanted to have his huge cock in my mouth. The idea of his stiff penis on my tongue was making me have that fluttering in my belly again. It was time.

“Stand up please,” I said to Chris. He did as I told him to and came towards me. I kissed him and he held me close as our tongues touched and danced around in our mouths. Heat rose from between my legs and up into my belly. I pulled away from him and sat on the stool. “Tell me what you want,” I said, “and be patient with me.”

Chris moaned and said, “Kiss the tip of my dick, please.” I put my lips at the head of his dick and kissed it gently. He sucked in his breath and then said, “Kiss it all over.” I covered his cock with my kisses while Chris’s breath became quicker. “Lick my balls,” he said, as the warm water continued to flow over us. I obliged and licked him all over down there. I scooted to the edge of the stool and started to finger around my clit while I licked his balls. “Oohhh,” he moaned.

“I want to fuck your mouth now. Put your lips on the tip of my cock again and let me slowly part your lips. I’ll go in slowly till I touch the back of your throat.” Chris’s voice was more ragged now, as if he was struggling to get the words out. I nodded my head and put my lips back at the head of his huge dick. I started to slowly rub my clit and then slid my finger between my pussy lips, which were still soapy. Chris moaned when he saw me touch myself, as he slid his hardness further between my lips. Oh my, the sensation was awesome. As Chris continued to slide his dick into my mouth, I started moving my tongue around and licking it all over. He moaned even louder and when he felt the tip touch the back of my throat, he almost yelled out my name.

I kept fingering myself and Chris slowly slid his cock out of my mouth and then slowly slid it back in. I was so close to coming, but didn’t want to explode yet. So I used both hands to softly squeeze his balls while I had him in my mouth. Chris picked up his pace as he moved in and out of my mouth and I knew he was close. I was worried about his come spraying the back of my throat and gagging. But I really cared about him, so I wanted to make this good for the both of us. Chris’s breathing was quicker now and he was pumping my mouth faster and faster. I held onto his ass as he fucked my mouth and as he tensed up, he let out a loud groan as he shot out a huge wad of come into my mouth and down my throat. He kept fucking my mouth and groaned even louder. His come was thick and salty and that, coupled with Chris’s largeness in my mouth, activated my gag reflex. But I worked hard to control it, and so it passed. He let out a big sigh, pulled himself out of my mouth and pulled me up to hold canlı kaçak bahis me. Chris kissed me a long time and then said, “Thank you, thank you. You are so sexy. Your mouth was awesome on my cock.” We held each other for awhile under the water. Then he pulled away, smiled at me and asked, “Now what can I do for you?”

“I want your big dick in my wet pussy so I can explode all around it. I want to ride it, and ride it hard. I want you to make me scream.”

Chris sat on the stool and held his hand out. I took it and he pulled me close to him. He slid his other hand between my legs and felt my slipperiness and slid his hand back and forth between my pussy lips. At the same time, Chris put his mouth on one of my tits and began to suck and flick my nipple. My breath caught in my throat as I felt him slide two fingers into my pussy. I started to moan and ride his fingers. My moaning became louder as his thumb pressed gently on my clit while his fingers fucked me. I was so close, I could feel the very beginning of what was going to be a very intense orgasm. Just when I was ready to go over the edge, Chris pulled his hand out from between my legs and slid his fingers into my mouth. Oh my, I tasted so sexy and delicious. He pulled me to sit on his lap. He moved his cock so that it rubbed my hard clit and a sound from deep in my throat found its way out of my mouth. It was loud and it took me by surprise. Chris then slid his dick further back so that the tip was at the entrance to my hot pussy. I let it slide inside me as I sat on his lap. It was tight, but oh I could feel his huge cock fill me up.

As I moved back and forth on his big dick, the throbbing began. Pulsating waves of pleasure exploded throughout my pussy and all through my body. “Fuck me, fuck me!” I began to scream. I held onto him tightly and rode him hard as Chris pushed his dick all the way in. He started moaning and said, “You’re so tight. Your pussy is squeezing my dick so hard.” I kept riding until the waves began to ebb and dissipate. Chris held me tightly as my breathing slowed and began to return to normal. I looked at him as I sat on his lap and I was so happy. We smiled at each other and began to kiss. His tongue slipped between my lips and hunted for mine again. I held it back as long as I could, but the desire to feel his tongue on mine was too strong. I flicked it on his teeth and then met his searching tongue and the heat that had been in my belly was now coursing throughout my body. The tips of our tongues continued to touch and lick each other. I felt as if I wanted to suck Chris’s tongue right out of his mouth.

Our kisses eventually slowed and our tongues quieted down. Soft kisses were exchanged and then we looked at each other and smiled. “So how was your first time?” Chris asked.

“I was worried at first, but being with you, having your cock in my mouth and your being gentle and patient with me-it was better than I thought it would be. I didn’t need to be anxious. It was such a turn on for me, I kept getting wetter and wetter.” I kissed him gently again and then smiled. “Thank you,” I said.

Chris smiled back and asked, “Would you do it again for me?”

I took his hand and slid it between my pussy lips to feel my slippery wetness. He moaned and rubbed a finger around my clit while kissing my neck. “What do you think?” I asked.

“Let’s get out,” Chris said softly. I got up off his lap and opened the shower door. He followed me out and picked up an enormous fluffy towel from a neatly folded stack on the counter. He carefully dried my hair and then proceeded to dry my body. Chris tossed the towel on the floor and picked up another towel and dried himself off, wrapping it around his waist. He wrapped me up in another dry towel and led me to the bedroom. We dropped the towels to the floor and got under the comforter and held each other in the quiet. I drifted off to sleep and was awakened later by soft kisses on my nipples and a hand gently moving back and forth in the wetness between my legs. “It’s time,” he said.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32