Welcome to the Resort Ch. 07

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John Prester’s face showed little of the irritation that he was experiencing. Being called away from an orgy in order to deal with a matter of Resort discipline was extremely frustrating. Perhaps picking up on his mood, the naked woman standing before him in the office shifted uncomfortably.

His wife Sophia stood against the back wall, a protective arm around Josephine. The brunette teen had her robe tightly wrapped about her body, she was hugging herself and the glare she was directing at the central woman… well if looks could kill John wouldn’t have to be dealing with the matter.

“Margaret, Margaret, Margaret…” John shook his head. “What is the first rule we hammered out when we agreed to let parents bring their children to the Resort?” Side by side the family resemblance was uncanny, the same dark hair and large breasts. They were within an inch of each other in height. Margaret was a little heavier around the waist and hips, and she copied the Resort fashion of being fully waxed while her daughter was trimmed to a slim vertical strip. She was obviously older, but still a beautiful woman.

The woman’s face displayed a mixture of defiance and rueful regret. When she spoke her voice was a slightly lower echo of her daughter’s. “Don’t initiate sex with your own kids.” She went on. “But it’s been so long, years…”

“And whose fault was that mother?” Josephine’s voice cracked with her anger. “You left us, left Dad and me.”

“Baby, I was feeling stifled, I had to find myself.” Margaret’s attempt at self justification enraged Josephine all the more.

“Find yourself? What about us?” She was shouting now. “I needed you, needed my mother, and where was she? She was traipsing around Europe trying to find herself.”

“Shut up, both of you,” John’s roar silenced them both. More quietly, “I don’t have time to deal with your family issues at the moment. I was having a very nice time butt-fucking my wife when you, Marge, caused a disruption by sticking your tongue down your daughter’s throat…” Margaret tried to protest, as that wasn’t entirely accurate but John ignored her. “Quite frankly I want to get back to that, so we’d better get this resolved fast.” Josie felt Sophia’s naked body squirm against her own. Obviously the tall redhead was quite interested in getting back to ‘that’ herself.

The older brunette bit her lip, “how do you want to fix this?” John’s cold blue eyes raked her from top to toe.

“Well kicking you out is an option.” Margaret’s lips tightened but she said nothing. “However that might be too much for a first offence.” He walked to a wall cabinet and opened it. Even Josephine blanched, seeing the carefully arranged rack of floggers, quirts, whips and canes. Not a huge selection, but everything looked well cared for and well used.

“You mean?” Margaret composed herself, “I see.”

She walked over to the broad desk that dominated the room. Bending over she gripped the far edge tightly. Behind her John tapped her ankles further apart with a foot. Crouching he pulled cuffs chained to the legs and fastened them to the woman’s ankles. Walking around the desk he pulled out another set of chains and pinned her wrists. He stepped back, reviewing his work. Margaret was spread out over the desk, ass presented for anything he cared to do to it.

Behind him Josephine bit her lip. From this position, freed from remembering that the woman’s body was that of her own mother, she could admire it in the same way she did those of her lovers. Viewed like that, the long legs curving up to the full buttocks and narrow waist, dark hair that would hang almost to her waist when it wasn’t fanned out on the desktop, Josie had to acknowledge that her mother was an extremely attractive woman. Her eyes slid down between Margaret’s buttocks. As she’d come to expect a circle of green glass adorned the stainless plug that filled her mother’s anus. Though there were three separate sizes, only the largest seemed truly popular, but then given John’s fondness for the ass, maybe that wasn’t too surprising. The pink folds below the plug glistened, indeed the juices that had run down her mother’s thighs suggested that she had been fucked at least once before coming to kiss her daughter. To herself Josephine admitted that if it were another woman she’d be on her knees licking those dripping folds. Of course it wasn’t another woman…

As John armed himself with a cane from the cupboard Sophia tightened her arm around Josie. The brunette pressed back against the naked woman, tucking her head against the redhead’s shoulder. Almost involuntarily her fingers pressed against the other woman’s bare sex, the delicate folds parting easily, accepting her touch. Sophia sighed quietly, her hips moving against the teen, controlling her breathing as the girl’s far too talented fingers worked their magic.

Margaret gasped as John swung the cane quickly. The thin rod left a red weal across the soft curves of her buttocks. Again beylikdüzü otele gelen escort he swung, and the woman groaned in pain. Despite herself Josephine parted her robe, touching herself as she watched her mother whipped. The eroticism of her own caning was fresh in her memory. She felt Sophia’s hand slide down to join hers in their mutual pleasure, both stifling their soft moans.

John glanced back at the two, resting the cane across Margaret’s cheeks, his grin was wolfish. Josie couldn’t help but notice that his cock, previously softened, had filled out again to its full size and hardness. He struck again, and Margaret howled. “No, please, no.”

John paused, “should we stop?” Fingers moving against her clit, Josie was startled to realise he was talking to her. She considered, remembering the loss she’d experienced, hesitating.

“No, she shouldn’t get off that easily.” She gulped a little. “Give her ten… no… twenty strokes.” As Margaret quailed, Josie added, “and after that I want to see you fuck her.” She felt the sudden tension in Sophie’s arms but continued. “Fuck her in the ass, make her scream.” She felt a surge of vicious anger. “Choke her, hurt her. Just… make her pay.” Unbidden tears were running down her cheeks as she let out the anger she’d been holding onto for years. Sophia held the crying girl and exchanged glances with her husband. He raised an eyebrow inquiringly, she nodded.

John’s arm rose and fell, Margaret’s cries rising in echo to the crack of the cane on her skin, again and again. Seventeen more times his cane fell, and if his blows were lighter than they could have been they were still heavy enough to make the woman scream and twist against her bonds.

He looked back at Sophia and Josephine. The girl was stony faced despite her tears, watching her mother’s punishment with a grim satisfaction. He wasn’t entirely comfortable with this situation, but he also knew that Margaret was allowing the caning. There were universal safe words laid down in the Resort, cutting all activities if the participants weren’t willing. If Margaret used one then he would stop and release her.

He laid down the cane beside the woman, and walked around to face her. His eyes met hers, asking the question that she answered with a weary smile. “I need this too,” she mouthed silently. Reassured he grasped her hair close to the skull and forced his swollen head between her lips. She let her muscles relax, just letting him slide it as deep as she could take. He wouldn’t be throat fucking her, she didn’t have Sophia’s long practise swallowing his thick shaft, but he slid in until she gagged, then he pulled out and did it again, and again.

Josie giggled as she watched her mother repeatedly choke on John’s cock. Her eyes moved to her mother’s whipped ass, admiring the pattern of red lines that John had created. She felt a sympathetic twinge from her own ass, remembering William’s earlier whipping. Sophia’s fingers were still between her legs, a steady stimulation that kept her aroused, but not yet enough to get her off. Her own fingers caressed Sophia’s folds, and the redhead’s breath was warm against her ear.

John moved back behind Margaret, her face turned away from the other two women. His firm hand fell on her buttocks and she groaned in response. He took a grasp of her hair once more, and eased his cockhead between her nether lips. The thrust of his hips forced it in; she was well aroused and able to take it, although he wouldn’t have been any easier if she hadn’t been. He forced it deeper, stretching her, and her answering moan seemed to come from the deepest parts of her soul. Josie whimpered in sympathy as her own cunt spasmed.

As John began a steady rhythm Josie whispered to Sophia. “Perhaps I didn’t think this through.” At the redhead’s querying look she continued. “Being fucked by John isn’t really a punishment is it?”

The other woman giggled, “I wondered about that myself. Not being fucked by him, or watching someone else fucked by him, always seemed worse to me.” A moment passed. “Of course we can still rearrange things if you like.” Josie’s smile broadened.

Sophia slapped John’s taut ass as she stepped beside him. “Change of plans honey.” She pulled the chair from behind the desk. It was a sturdy construction of steel and leather, well padded, and with eyebolts arranged to allow its occupant to be secured in a variety of positions. It was obviously heavy, although Sophia moved it easily enough. She guided Josie until the girl was kneeling on the broad arms, leaning over her crossed arms on the chair’s back. Margaret’s face was about level with her daughter’s hips, giving her a good view of what was about to take place. The redhead pointed to Josie’s pussy. “Get the idea honey?” John chuckled, slipping his cock from the mother’s cunt.

“I think I do.” Moving placed him behind Josie and slick with her mother’s juices he beylikdüzü rus escort slid home effortlessly. As the girl howled in joy Margaret groaned in frustration. She watched intently though, eyes glued to the pink folds stretched around John’s impaling rod. The man was a magnificent beast, riding Josie like a stallion, and the girl thrust back against him just as enthusiastically. Josie was half wild, excited both by the physical sensation, and the knowledge that watching every detail was the hated woman who was being deprived of John’s cock.

All too soon Josie peaked, throwing back her head as she screamed her ecstasy to listening ears. Her cries were echoed by Sophia’s gasps as her practised fingers triggered her own cum. Margaret could only groan in frustration, denied the pleasure of John’s intrusion, and the use of her own hands. She tried to grind herself against the desk, but bound as she was she could gain no stimulation.

John held himself deep as Josie quaked under him, her mews of satisfaction like music. An arm encircled Sophia, her moans alternating with her frenzied kisses. Of the two the redhead recovered most quickly, her arms linked around her husband’s neck. Kissing him more tenderly she murmured, “love you, stud.” His response was a gentle squeeze and a soft smile.

Sophia helped the shaking girl to her feet, guiding her to the door. “I don’t know about you Josie, but I could really use a drink right now.” The younger woman nodded, letting herself be led out. Sophia looked back, “join us when you’re finished here.”

John looked down at that bound woman as the door closed, her eyes pleaded with him and she opened her mouth. “Oh Maggie, you want to taste your daughter’s cunt?” The woman nodded. “You are a nasty little bitch aren’t you?” His hands gripped the brunette hair as he thrust his glistening cock into the waiting mouth. Maggie slurped, trying to take as much of his shaft as she could. He laughed, fucking her mouth with the same motion he had used earlier. “You know, I’ve been wondering…” Margaret’s attention was divided between his words and his cock, taxing her ability to multi-task. “Ever since I realised who Josie’s parents were I’ve been remembering a newly married woman… what was it… almost twenty years ago… who spent a week with Sophia and me while her husband was away on business…” He felt Margaret tense under his hands. “Now I wouldn’t have thought much about it, except that man’s second wife came to see me about six months ago because apparently her husband wasn’t up to the job of getting her pregnant.” Margaret’s sucking had stopped, and but for her bonds she’d have pulled away. “Well I helped her with that problem, so to speak, but I’m starting to wonder if that was a new problem, or one he’d had for a long time… say… twenty years?” Margaret’s blue eyes widened, horrified, as her most shameful secret was exposed. “So…” John’s voice was thoughtful, “Josie is my daughter.” He drew out of her mouth, letting the woman speak.

“I don’t know, I never had the guts to do a test,” her words tumbled out, “but you were the only man other than Justin to touch me then, so if he wasn’t able to father her, you’d be the one. We didn’t have any other children in years of trying, so we both attributed Josephine to good luck… I suspected though…” her voice trailed off. “Mary’s baby is yours?”

John nodded his affirmation. “She basically told me that she wanted a baby, and Justin couldn’t get it done. It would be me, or some random donor.”

“What did Justin say?” Margaret’s expression was quizzical. John just shrugged.

“She didn’t ask his permission; she’s the dominant in that relationship.” John stroked Margaret’s hair. Her eyes widened again.

“That explains a lot. He was never as dominant as I wanted, as I needed…” She hesitated. “I guess that’s why I left in the end. I wanted a man who’d throw me on the bed and ravish me, and he was just too nice… too weak.” She looked up at John, “not something anyone has ever accused you of.” Her voice lowered, “now you know, do you plan to stop fucking Josie? You might have to tell her why.”

John shook his head. “She might or might not be my daughter but I have no parental relationship with her. I’m the older man introducing her to the pleasures of the flesh, nothing more.” The woman nodded.

“Thank you.” John half smiled.

“Back to work,” his cock slid once more into her mouth and Maggie sucked enthusiastically. John was already close to orgasm and his eyes half closed as he felt his body involuntarily tense. Growling he pulled her head towards him, breathing heavily as he began to erupt, thick cream glazing her tongue. Margaret sucked hard, swallowing, gulping down the heavy load, wasting not a drop. As he released it, her head fell softly to the desktop. John breathed heavily, feeling the familiar brief weariness. His hands found the woman’s cuffs, releasing her from beylikdüzü türbanlı escort her bonds.

“Why did you take your uniform off?” Margaret blushed.

“I didn’t think our first meeting should include the knowledge that her mother works as a beautician at a resort where most of her time is spent having sex with a constant stream of men and women.” John’s response was a cheerful laugh.

“You and Sophia are practically mothers to the girls who work here. Always ready with a listening ear, sound advice, and of course a willingness to go down on them at a moment’s notice.” Margaret giggled despite herself. John’s crude job description was not entirely inaccurate. The younger women, and young men it had to be said, did find in her a sympathetic ear. That she enjoyed pleasuring and being pleasured by their strong young bodies was a bonus.

“Well you should probably put something on before going out again.”

All staff areas included storage space for staff uniforms, given what their job involved staff regularly had to change, and given that white spandex was the standard there didn’t need to be a large variety of sizes. What differed was generally the style the staff member preferred. Some preferred shorts, others briefs or thongs. From the drawer Margaret picked out two wide tubes of white spandex. One she slid up under her arms, covering her breasts, the other encircled her hips, acting as a very short skirt. Her buttocks were covered, but only just, and bending over would leave her completely exposed. No one could say she didn’t take her duties seriously.

John nodded his approval as Margaret demonstrated the skirt’s functionality, bending over the desk again. His cock, partly softened from lack of attention, began to reharden. His hard hand landed firmly on her rump, “Back to work Maggie.”

The brunette looked back at him plaintively. “Aren’t you going to give my little girl what she wanted? Aren’t you going to stick that beautiful big cock up my ass?” John’s cock twitched involuntarily. “I know you want to… I know you want to feel my rings stretched wide around your cock as you force it into me… raping my tiny asshole… feel it sheathed all the way in my rectum… in my bowels… that monstrous cock forced all the way inside me… fucking me… using my dirty hole… filling me with your delicious cum…” Margaret was speaking for her own benefit as much as his, her fingers rubbing her clit eagerly. John was rigid, fully aroused, he almost lost his self control.

His hand slapped her rump again. “Alright Maggie,” he said. “I’ll give you what you want, but not now. Come to our room after ten,” he paused. “You’d better make sure you’re nice and clean.”

Margaret gasped at her pussy’s sudden jolt. At the resort, enemas for comfort and cleanliness were a regular part of staff and guest ablutions. The woman groaned softly. “I’ll be there.”


Sophia guided Margaret’s daughter towards the pool. The low sun painted the water red, and a few couples had chosen to come there to play rather than go to the gymnasium to watch the wrestling. Sophia found an empty table seating Josie there, then poured two glasses of wine at the closest pool bar. Josie knocked back half of hers in one gulp.

“How did my mother get here?” That question was the first one to come to mind.

“Oh my dear,” Sophia responded. “Margaret works here, and has done for a couple of years.” Josie blanched.

“She’s one of the… the…” She tried to find a word and pointed to a white clad girl walking among the nude guests.

“You mean a hostess?” Sophia finished for her. “We call them hosts and hostesses. No, your mother is more support staff. She’s one of the beauticians. We have two.”

“You have beauticians?”

Sophia giggled; leaning back she spread her legs, displaying the smooth skin of her mons and labia. “We don’t do the waxing ourselves. Of course we have beauticians.” Josie giggled too, remembering the sting as her own body had been waxed, leaving only the neatly trimmed landing strip above her clit.

“I guess that makes sense.” Still confused she went on, “but why my mother?”

“John and I knew Margaret for years. From before you were born.” Josie looked startled. “We met at a bar in France… shortly after she and Justin married, he was away on business and one thing led to another… she wouldn’t have been any older than you when I think about it.” Josie’s lips tightened. Sophia saw it and laughed.

“Don’t hold that against her. John can be very persuasive, as you well know. And to be honest I was far from an unwilling accomplice. Your mother was… is… actually you probably don’t need to know that much about her.” She sipped from her glass contemplatively. “When she left your father she did a bit of a whirlwind tour, finding herself, so to speak. To be honest I didn’t understand that myself. What’s that saying, ‘wherever you go, there you are’? Eventually she came here. She and Justin had visited a couple of times prior to the split. Perhaps that contributed…” She met Josie’s blue eyes with her green. “If so then I’m sorry. It does take a particular kind of relationship to cope with adding additional sexual partners to the mix, even when both parties agree to it.”

“How do you?” The redhead pursed her lips at Josie’s question.

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