Welcome to the Double C Resort

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This is a follow up story to “Lisa does her first porno movie – Ch 5”

You should really read that story first so you get a better understanding of this one.


It was the day Lisa and I have been looking forward to for the last two years. The Double C resort was open for business.

However, Let me take you back to the beginning.

As you know, Lisa made a ton of money from doing porn and her relationship with Andre. We had enough money to do something we always wanted to do and that was to open a nudist resort.

So, two years ago we bought 300 acres of land outside of Clermont, Florida. The property was a former dude ranch that went out of business. The land had a big house, a dining hall, a barn, stables, corrals and everything else you would expect on a ranch, including separate quarters for the staff, a medium sized pool and outdoor showers. There was even a lake and lockers for the guests.

The place was very secluded but accessible via a dirt road.

It took us awhile but we got all the permits and hired the contractors and gave them our vision for the resort.

We wanted a resort for all nudists. We went through the process of hiring people to work with us. Our daughter, Jessie, was going to be a manager as well.

We hired people who would double up on assignments such as photographers. We were going to allow picture taking and videos but they had to be taken by our staff.

We were going to allow free, public sex in a designated area of the resort. Children would not be allowed in that area.

We were going to have parking facilities for RV’s and campers.

People would be able to stay overnight under the stars or in their tent, RV or camper.

We hired cooks and handymen and everyone had dual assignments.

We were going to keep membership costs to a minimum and affordable.

One rule we were going to strictly enforce was that nudity would always be required in every area of the resort. Oh, one other requirement or at least permissable, would be that guys walking around with hard cocks would be allowed wherever they were. Lisa demanded that rule.

Over the course of the two years, everything was refurbished and brought up to code.

We even put in another smaller pool for people with young children. This pool was away from adults.

We wanted to do a one month shakedown of the place before we officially opened.

Let me tell you how that went.

First, we decided for the trial month, we would only charge a fee of $10 a person for the day.

The staff were all nude and ready for the guests. The first guests arrived at 10:00 a.m. They were husband and wife. They must have been in their early thirties.

We told them all about the resort and where things were and what they could do, including illegal bahis the public sex and pictures. They said that they would be interested in pictures. Lisa told them that everything would be free for them today.

They thanked us, went to their car and undressed and headed to the pool.

Soon, others came and we gave them the same information. One couple asked for a photographer to video them later on and I had one of the photographers meet with them to set everything up.

Every person was asked to sign a waiver for us to allow us to use their faces for our advertisement online video. Everyone agreed.

So, we were off and running for the shakedown.

Lisa and I walked around and met with each guest and talked to them.

One fellow recognized Lisa and told everyone who she was. He said he recognized Lisa from her pussy tattoo. Lisa blushed and acknowledged them. She signed autographs and took pictures, some of which were x-rated, with the guests.

People said they loved the place and would be coming back. One woman asked what the Double C meant. Lisa told her that it stood for cocks and cunts. Everyone laughed.

One woman asked us if we would be having special events during the year. Lisa said that we were thinking about it but hadn’t decided on what kind of events.

One guy, around 30, and who was there with his girlfriend suggested a toga orgy. Lisa liked that one and told the guy that she would put that on her list.

Lisa and I continued on our walk around. We saw a couple having public sex and they didn’t mind us watching.

During our walk, we saw at least two guys with hard ons walking around. We just smiled and welcomed them to the Double C.

After an hour, we got back and saw Jessie and asked how things were going. She said that she signed in almost twenty guests so far and it was still early.

Lisa told her to go for a walk and we would have another person handle the guests.

Jessie headed out and met with the guests. A few women told Jessie that her mother was terrific and will be back for sure.

Jessie continued on her walk and saw a couple fucking in public. As she watched, the guy asked her if she wanted to join them. Jessie thought about it and went over to them. In a few minutes, the guy had his cock deep in Jessie’s cunt and was fucking her. He didn’t take long before he shot his load in her cunt. When they finished, Jessie told them to enjoy themselves and left.

When Jessie was on her way back, Lisa saw her and as she got closer, noticed some drying cum on Jessie’s thigh.

Lisa said to her, “Jessie, did you get fucked?”

Jessie answered, “Of course I did mom. I like this place.”

Lisa just shook her head and smiled.

Before the day was over, we signed in fifty guests, all adults ranging from their twenties illegal bahis siteleri to their sixties. About five families decided to stay overnight in their campers.

We invited everyone that was staying over to join us for free drinks and light snacks in the dining hall. We wanted to get their feedback on what was good and bad.

In the dining hall the guests joined us and we asked them for their thoughts on the Double C.

One woman suggested more personal interaction with the workers. She said they looked like they weren’t enjoying themselves and thought they should be allowed to mingle and participate more with guests.

Her husband said that his wife just wanted to fuck one of the workers. We all laughed.

One fellow said that it would be nice to show some of Lisa’s movies in a designated room or area.

Another said more activities and special events were needed.

One person asked if discounts would be offered or given to multiple visitors.

Lisa and I took it all in and made notes to discuss their ideas and comments.

The one big thing in common was that they all really liked the place.

That night Lisa and I went over all their comments and suggestions and came up with a few ideas that we would present to the guests in the morning.

After Lisa and I finished, I fucked my wife to sleep.

At breakfast all the guests were there and we asked for their attention. We told them that we came up with some ideas based on their comments.

Lisa started out by saying:

. After five visits, the next visit is free

. Guests could ask staff to join them but it is up to the staff person to accept or refuse

. We are going to rearrange a portion of an unused space to show Lisa’s porn movies. Also, allowed in this area would be consentual and/or public sex. This room will be able to accommodate twenty people

. We are going to have special events and we will tie them in with holidays. However, the idea of a toga orgy theme was great and that will be the first event at our grand opening

Lisa then called over the guy who came up with the toga orgy idea.

She gave him a big kiss and grabbed his cock and smiled. Then she announced that he could have whatever he wanted while he was here. The guy looked at his girlfriend who nodded a yes and said that he would like Lisa to spend the night with him and his girlfriend and have it video taped.

Lisa looked at me and asked what time should she be at his RV.

The entire room exploded in thunderous applause.

We told everyone to enjoy the day and have fun.

When it was time for Lisa to go to the couple, Jessie said she would take the video. Lisa smiled and kissed her.

Lisa and Jessie got to the RV around 9:00 and the couple let them in. Lisa introduced Jessie to them canlı bahis siteleri and told them that Jessie was her daughter and will be taking the video.

The fellow, Craig and his girlfriend, Sandra, said they were thrilled that Lisa came.

Let me describe Craig and Sandra. Craig was in his early 30’s, about 6′, 185, brown hair, brown eyes, nice abs obviously from working out and a nice uncut cock, about 7″ with a nice pair of balls.

Sandra looked like she was in her late 20’s, 5’10’, about 135, red hair, green eyes, nicely trimmed red pussy, long legs, nice ass and perky tits with big nipples.

Craig poured some wine and we all relaxed. Jessie took some video then joined us having wine.

After about a half hour, Lisa asked if they were ready. The three of them got up and Craig led Lisa to the bed. Jessie started taping the event.

Craig got on the bed with Sandra and Lisa on each side. His uncut cock was already hard and sticking straight up.

Craig started kissing Lisa then Sandra. His hands were all over both of the women. Then Lisa moved down to his cock. She looked at Jessie and started sucking his cock. Jessie got good closeups of Lisa moving his foreskin down so she could suck on his cock head.

Lisa’s hands were touching Sandra’s tits and nipples. She then moved her mouth to Sandra’s pussy and started eating her.

Lisa went from cock to cunt and was enjoying every minute.

She then mounted Craig and straddled his cock. She eased her cunt down onto Craig’s cock until it disappeared completely.

Sandra and Lisa were kissing and playing with each other’s tits.

Lisa started riding Craig’s cock faster and faster. He said he was ready to cum. Lisa told him to cum in her cunt. A few more rides and Craig came in Lisa’s cunt.

She got off of him and his cum oozed out. Sandra was quick to lap up his cum and even slipped her tongue in Lisa’s cunt to lap up his liquid gold right out of her.

Jessie was able to get great video.

After they rested, Craig had Lisa on all fours and lined up his cock to her slit and started fucking her doggie style. Then, he pulled out his cock and pressed it against her asshole and his cock slipped in easily.

As Craig was fucking Lisa’s ass, Sandra was on her back, underneath Lisa and eating her. Lisa was also eating Sandra.

Sandra went from eating Lisa to licking Craig’s cock as it slid in and out Lisa’s ass.

Jessie got a great shot of Craig cumming on Lisa’s ass and his cum dripping down to Sandra’s open mouth.

The rest of the night was one sex act after another. At one point Jessie put the camera down and started making out with her mother while Sandra took video.

All four wound up covered in cum in a pile of flesh.

Lisa and Jessie left in the morning completely satisfied.

The shakedown for the rest of the month went well. We got a lot of guests signed up and registered.

At the end of the shakedown, we knew our business was going to make it.

We were now looking forward to the grand opening.

Look for Chapter 2

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