We Went Out Saturday Night

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I took my wife out for a date on Saturday night, and it was good. I told her she had to wear her black leather skirt, black spandex top with short sleeves and no bra or panties. She said she would if I would not wear my boxers. I said ok, let’s go! She wore some open heeled shoes and had red nail polish and lip stick on. She looked good!

I got a sitter and we left for the city about 6:30pm. We got down there and we walked around for a while and she mentioned she felt really sexy with the breeze blowing straight up her skirt. Her nipples were permanently hard which I and all the other guys loved to look at.

We ate at a nice casual place for dinner and she had a whiskey and coke and I had a beer. Dinner went well. I looked over my shoulder and saw a guy and girl in the corner booth. He had his hand up her skirt and she was sitting there with her arms wrapped around his arm and her eyes were shut. It was to dark to see anything and there was a new group of people sitting down near them so I think that ended their fun.

We left dinner and walked some more. Carrie would shudder every once and a while and I laughed because it was due to the breeze and the booze…

We stopped at a pub called The Fox and the Hound. There we played a golf video game that was pretty fun. We had a beer and then I asked the lady for 2 shots of Jose Cuervo with lime and salt. That loosened her up a bit. We had 3 guys watching us and she started the next game with her initials being S E X . The guys all caught that name right away.

I immediately ordered another bahis firmaları 2 shots. She took the shots well but her golf game went down hill. She also noticed the guys watching her and she started to lean way down to push the ball forward to get the golfers swing started. I saw a few smiles starting to show after that… hers and theirs.

I got one more shot and then she said the room was spinning and we needed to leave. I did not know where we left the car and she did so we left. She got us back to the car and we started for home. She lifted her shirt in traffic to remind me (ya right) that she did not have a bra on. I told her to rub her nipples the way she likes so I can see her. She sat there and cupped her breasts and slid her thumb and first finger gently over them and they stood at attention. She closed her eyes and continued to softly rub her nipples until they were hard and swollen.

She put her shirt down and then lifted her skirt showing me that she was not wearing panties. I told her to open her legs and open her lips for me. She said she would but she had to go pee. Dam!

We stopped off to get ice cream per her request and when she got out of the car she just stepped out like she had pants on. When I came around to get her she was giggling and told me she just showed the lady in the car next to us her pussy. I told her that lady was a very lucky lady! I left her at the bathroom door and went to get the ice cream.

She was sitting in the booth looking sexy as ever. She was rubbing her soft smooth legs because she was kaçak iddaa cold. We enjoyed our ice cream, then headed home. My mind was already in the bedroom and so was hers. She would lean over and squeeze my hard cock and smile at me.

I left her in the car and I said goodbye to the sitter. Then I got her in the bedroom and put the kids to bed. They had never had their teeth brushed and jammies put on so fast, but I had other things on my mind!

I ran down stairs and went into our bedroom. My wife had stripped and gotten into bed. She was giggling again about the room spinning. I walked beside the bed and she sat up on her elbow to face me. She told me to get undressed. I dropped my pants and my hard cock sprang out close to her lips. She smiled, reached out and grabbed my cock and started to stroke me. As I took my shirt off she leaned forward and gently blew on the head. I looked down at her and told her to “Suck it”. She licked the head and then slowly slid it into her mouth. She moaned and so did I. She slowly slid her mouth back and forth on my shaft. She would stop and gently bite my head and all I could do was close my eyes and enjoy the feeling.

She popped me out of her mouth and laid back opening the covers to me. I climbed into bed and she opened her legs and I slid easily into her hot wet pussy. The feeling was hard to describe, velvety, wet, warm, slick…

I slowly pumped into her and she asked me to take her “puppy” style. I sat back and watched her get the pillows under her as she turned over with her lovely ass in the air. kaçak bahis I was only to happy to slid up behind her and put my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She did not want to wait and she leaned back onto me with a very deep moan as my cock penetrated her. I sat back and watched her continue to bang her ass into my stomach and I could feel her start to contract on my hard rod.

I grabbed hold of her hips and started to pound her very hard and she started to go wild! I could tell she hit at least to orgasms before I let loose with a monster of my own. She leaned forward and I popped out all shiny and soft. She just stayed in that position so I took a finger and slid it into her already dripping cunt.

I said let’s see if we can get you one more time. I started to slid my finger across her G spot and she asked for another finger. I put another in and she started to build into another orgasm. She moaned for another finger to be put in. As I put a third finger in I bent down and began to lick her ass. I could tell the way she responded she was loving it. She told me to use a finger so I slowly inserted a finger in her ass and began to bury it to the last knuckle. Her back was tight and I knew she cold not hold on so I started to speed up the pace. She was moaning out loud and was bucking like a wild horse! I REALLY wanted to take my finger out of her ass and put my now rock hard cock in her but I did not want to have her lose the strong orgasm she was building for. She let out a scream and passed out.

I pulled her legs down so she was laying on her stomach and covered her up. She turned her head my way and I kissed her on the cheek. A smile crossed her lips and she fell into a deep sleep. She has been smiling for 2 days now.

We should go out more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32