We Need a Bigger Bed

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This is just another of my fantasies that haven’t happened – yet.

I remember we had met online first but when we met in person there was a real connection. You were just so beautiful; I desperately wanted to kiss you. And feel your skin on mine. But we decided to wait until you had met my husband. Since he was part of the package, we needed to make sure all three of us got along.

Since the long weekend was coming up, you decided to come out to our place for the weekend. Nothing was set in stone, but we would just see what happened. And that is when it all started.

You arrive Friday evening before my husband gets off of work. That gives us time to hang out and settle some nerves. The excitement in the air could be cut with a knife. We prepare dinner together and mix some drinks when my husband gets home. I know he thinks you are beautiful too. But he’s only seen your pictures. He comes in and gives me a kiss, then we all sit down to dinner. After dinner, while he is in the shower, you and I go outside and look at the stars. We have an amazing view since we are so far from the city.

My husband comes out to join us and lies down on the blanket next to me. I start running my fingers lightly up and down your arm, making you shiver. You turn to face me; I brush your hair out of your face and lean into finally kiss you for the first time. Your lips are so soft. My heart starts racing. You move your hands to my waist, inching them up slowly to the underside of my breasts. I run my hands down your neck, teasing your cleavage at the top of your shirt. You let out a soft gasp. I can feel my husband behind me, watching, feeling him getting hard and pressing his hips against my ass.

“Why don’t we take this inside,” he suggests.

I really don’t want to stop kissing you to get up but he’s probably right. So we make our way into our bedroom. He sits down on the bench and gestures for us both to sit on the bed. You come avcılar üniversiteli escort over to me and start kissing me again. I run my hands up your shirt and cup your luscious breasts. Then you move my hair out of the way and nibble down my neck. I massage your breasts and kiss them through the fabric. You step back and remove your shirt and pants so you are standing there in just your bra and panties. I do the same. We lay down and I nibble on your neck, biting and kissing. I run my tongue down your neck to your cleavage and then I softly bite the top of your breast. I unhook your bra and then you unhook mine. Our hands are all over each other while we kiss. Rubbing our tits together, pinching each other’s nipples. You slide your hand down inside my panties. I am so wet. You run your fingers along my slit, rubbing my clit, while you suck on my nipples. I lay back, in ecstasy while I feel you remove my panties and start to finger me. You slide your fingers inside me, pushing deep and then come out and rub my clit in little circles. You do this again and again, taking turns sucking on each hard nipple. I can’t control my moaning. You move my legs apart and then I feel your tongue, slowly lick up my slit and then push inside on the way back down. Oh god, it feels so good to have your mouth on me. You eat my pussy, sucking my clit into your mouth and flicking it with your tongue. My husband comes around to the other side of the bed and starts to pinch my nipples, watching you eat my pussy. Bringing me closer and closer until I feel the orgasm wash over me. He starts rubbing his cock while I am cumming.

I sit up and look at you, “It’s my turn”

I have my husband move back to the other side of the bed so he can get a better view and I move you over to that side. I start sucking on your nipples, moving my hands all over you. I lay you back and spread your legs wide so I can get a avrupa yakası escort good look at your wet pussy. I kneel on the floor next to the bed so my husband can see over my head. I run the flat of my head up and down your pussy, making you sensitive. I slap your pussy gently and then lean in to give it a kiss. You taste wonderful on my tongue. I run my tongue up one side and then the other, just missing your opening and clit. Teasing you. Then with just the tip of my tongue, I tease your swollen clit before I suck it into my mouth. I push 2 fingers inside your pussy, sucking on your clit. When you moan it turns me on. I just want to keep licking and sucking on you. I want to finger you so you cum hard all over my fingers and mouth. I look back at my husband and he has his cock out, rubbing it. He knows I love it when he does that. Stroking slowly. I re-position my hand so I can hook my fingers up to your g-spot and I dive back into your sweet pussy. You can’t contain it much longer and you push my head hard into your pussy with your hands while you are cumming. You twist your fingers in my hair and fuck my face. Your cum is so sweet on my lips.

I stand up and walk over to my husband, kissing him on the mouth so he can taste your cum.

“Now, it’s your turn, my love.” He quickly strips down and stands by the bed. We both get on our knees in front of him. I take his cock into my mouth first. He’s already hard. You lean down and start to lick his balls. Then we both put our mouths on his cock, sliding up and down the sides of his shaft. He moans and puts his hands on our heads to fuck our mouths.

“You’re not ready yet my dear.” I pull a blindfold out of the nightstand and tie it around his head. We guide him to the bed and make him lay down. I want him to not know who is touching him where, I want him to just be overloaded with the sensation of skin, and bodies, moans and cum.

I bağdat caddesi escort take the first turn at his cock. I love sucking cock. I lick his balls and up his shaft while you put your tits in his mouth to suck on. I bob my head up and down and watch you as you mount his face. I watch your ass as he starts licking your pussy. I pinch his nipples and squeeze his balls.

Then we switch. I ride his face and you shove his cock up into your tight wet pussy. You start to ride him. He grabs my ass and plays with it while I fuck his face. Then we both dismount and I suck your juices off his now throbbing cock while you suck on his nipples. I can tell he really wants to cum. But I am not ready for him to yet. I mount his cock again, and have you straddle his face, but facing me this time so I can kiss you while he licks your ass. We play with each other’s tits while we fuck my husband.

When we think he has had his fill and is ready we get back off of him. I tell him to stand up and we take off his blindfold. I have you lay down on the bed, while I get on my knees at the edge of the bed. I want to eat your pussy again. You spread yourself open and ready for me. My husband gets up behind me and slams his cock into my pussy which drives my face into yours. I start fucking your pussy with my mouth and he grabs me by the hips and pounds me hard. My tits bounce against your spread legs. And our movement is making your tits bounce. He then practically growls “I want to fuck your ass” and he pushes his big cock into my tight ass. It feels so good. He starts pounding me again and you are obviously getting close to cumming yourself. You grab my hair and fuck my face. The moans of your orgasm, your cum on my mouth, and his big cock in my ass is too much for me to handle. I reach one hand down to my clit and instantly orgasm. He is watching both of us cum, hearing our screams and his orgasm washes over him, making him shudder, cumming deep inside my ass.

After we all cleanup, we get on the bed to cuddle. It’s a little hot and sweaty but the fan is on. You can hear us all still breathing heavily and twitching from the aftershocks of the most amazing orgasm. I look at you and ask, “Can we keep you?”

You respond, “Yes please.”

I look at my husband, “I told you we needed a bigger bed.”

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