Watching Mom at the Sleepover

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It was the summer before my Senior year of college.

Summer was off to a great start, and this weekend I was having Craig and Paul, my 2 best friends since High School sleep over at my house.

We were all 23 years old and loving life!

It was not much different than the good old days…except now we were drinking jack and cokes instead of playing video games.

I met Craig freshman year in Biology class. He was well built, about 6 feet 2 inches, with dark brown hair, and played on the hockey team.

Paul was a friend who lived in the neighborhood. He was blonde, about 5 feet 5 inches and had a surfer build with a 6 pack.

My name is Jeremy.

I was just like Paul with the surfer build, except I had black hair and stood about 6 foot.

Paul and Craig were the 2 most popular guys at school, and got all of the girls. I was lucky to get my fair share being their best friend.

The guys came over Friday night and we partied and played beer pong in my basement while listening to the newest rap album.

It was about 9pm when my Mom came down from the kitchen to say goodnight.

“Hi boys. I made you some popcorn and cookies,” said Mom.

Mom was always such a great host and spoiled my friends and I every time they came over. It didn’t hurt that she was a total MILF.

“Thanks Mrs. H,” said Paul.

“Your’e the best. It really is great to be back at Jeremy’s like the old days,” said Craig.

My mom smiled.

Mom had worked out religiously since she was young, and although I would never admit it, had a body that couldn’t be ignored when out in public.

She was wearing a low cut black v neck shirt that showed a ton of cleavage and a pair of white cotton shorts that did little to hide the shape of her plump ass from the eyes of my friends.

My Mom did have huge boobs. I couldn’t lie about that, they just smaller than DD in size and absolutely perfect.

I couldn’t help but notice Craig and Paul staring at my Moms breasts several times.

She was definitely a MILF. My mom had long blonde hair, and was stunningly attractive, with piercing blue eyes, and a great body. She stood about 5 feet 5 inches, and even though she was my mom. I would be the first to admit, she had the body of a Pornstar.

I knew after being back from college and my friends seeing her dressed like this tonight, I would hear all about it.

My friends and I played video games for a while, until about 10pm when we settled for a movie.

Craig and Paul sat on the couch with blankets and I laid off to the side in a bean bag chair.

We were tired of video games, and ended up watching American Pie.

“I would love to fuck a MILF like Stifler’s Mom,” Paul said as the movie ended.

“Yeah, MILFs are so hot. You should see my english teacher in my 9am class. She has the nicest tits,” Craig said.

“Speaking of MILFs and TITS, it’s not like we have to go very far to find them..did you get a look at Jeremy’s moms?”

The guys both looked at each other with a sly grin.

“Shut the fuck up Paul,” I said.

“You guys need to get laid or something. And stop jerking it every night by yourselves”

The guys both started laughing, knowing they were getting under my skin.

“Look man, it’s not our fault you have a MILF for a Mom,” Paul said.

“Did you see how tight her shorts were tonight? It was like they were getting eaten by her ass,” Paul said again teasingly.

Craig laughed.

I couldn’t believe the guys were coming at me like this.

“Enough!” I scolded, and threw a controller at Paul.

“Ok, ok fine. You know I’m just playing. I love your mom. She has always been awesome to us,” Paul said, not wanting to make me any more mad.

We each poured another drink, our 4th jack and coke of the night before resuming our seats in the basement hangout area.

It was just after midnight when Paul started flipping the channels on the guide. He found the adult section on HBO, and clicked the remote to make a selection.

We all laid quiet sipping our drinks as a porno filled the screen. On the screen was a big tittied blonde dressed as a bride getting eaten out by a man in the suit. She was moaning loudly, as the mans head moved back and forth between her legs.

This was a pretty common way for our nights to end sleeping at my house. Like normal guys, we enjoyed porn, and after having a few drinks, would always watch a bit before falling asleep.

The soft core stuff was pretty tame too, so didn’t feel too weird watching it together.

“Look at those tits and her legs in those stockings. I would love to be between those legs,” Paul said.

We kept watching as the scene continued. The bride was now getting fucked doggy style. The scene finished with the man in the suit moaning as the bride went down on him.

I had finished my drink and got up to put it on the table.

Paul and Craig were each sitting on one end of the couch, watching the screen intently. Both had finished their drinks and they each had a separate blanket over their gebze escort bodies. I am assuming the wanted to cover their erections.

I laid back on the bean bag, feeling the booze start to kick in as a new porno started on the screen in front of us.

This one was titled: Big Tit Bikini Milfs.

On the screen was what looked to be a pool party, with a bunch of young guys and 3 sexy milfs with small bikinis. The movie started with them partying and having fun, until one of the milfs grabbed a young male by the hand and went back to a cabana. She began sucking his cock.

It was a hot scene, and I felt myself getting a hard on.

I looked back at the couch, and thought I could see movement from both Paul and Craig coming from under the covers.

It was normal. The scene continued to progress, when all of a sudden, the sound of the basement door opened.

Oh shit, I thought. My mom woke up and was going to catch us watching porn!

I quickly shifted lower on my beanbag, and closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep. I laid quietly as I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. They continued getting closer.

“Boys! What the heck do you think you are doing?” My mom said in a whisper as she approached the couch area.

The guys both turned to see my mom standing only a few feet away. She was wearing a silky white nightgown that just barely covered her big tits, with a white blanket draped over her waist to hide her sexy legs that was barely covered by the silky fabric.

“Oh, hi Mrs. H. Um we were just watching tv before bed,” Craig said.

He was bright red as my mom grilled him.

“Clearly I see that. But what is it exactly you are watching?” She asked turning her head towards the tv, already knowing the answer.

My friends both sat quietly.

“Huh?” She said again.

“Ok you caught us Mrs. H. Jeremy always likes to turn on porn before we go to bed,” Paul said. “We haven’t seen much honestly, the movie just started,” he said a little louder.

I heard my moms footsteps get closer.

“Jeremy, is this true,” she said.

I heard her walking closer to me but I didn’t answer and continued to pretend to be sleeping.

I was so embarrassed my mom had caught us watching porn!

I figured if I could pretend long enough, she would leave without scolding me.

“So you guys just started this movie, but my son is already asleep?” She asked.

“Well yeah. Jeremy had a lot to drink tonight. I think he passed out as soon as he hit the bean bag,” Paul said.

“We have some more jack and coke if you want some,” he continued.

He raised his glass in his hand, and my Mom just stared at him with a coy look in her eyes.

“Boys, it’s almost 2am. You should all be sleeping. And you’d definitely shouldn’t be up sitting on my basement couch watching porn!” Mom said.

She turned her head toward the TV screen.

“What is this movie anyways? These women look like they are older than me!” she said louder this time.

Sean and Craig looked at each other briefly before Sean responded.

“This is called MILF porn. It’s pretty popular,” Sean said.

“What does a MILF stand for?” My Mom asked. I’m not sure if she really knew, or she didn’t know.

“Mom Id Like To Fuck” Paul said.

“Oh myyy! Mom looked shocked on her face. She looked back to the tv.

On it the porno had made it to the next scene.

This scene was a hot tub with 1 of the MILFS and 3 young guys.

“I think I better head back to bed” Mom said.

“Why don’t you stay and have a quick drin? The young guys are about to play truth or dare with this hot milf!” Paul said.

Mom looked at him inquisitively.

“Do you really think it is appropriate for your friends mom to drink alcohol with you and watch a porno?! Have you lost your mind” my mom said.

Mom began adjusting the blanket on her body, to make sure she was covered up completely.

She stared at Paul with a stern look.

Paul smiled.

“Look, I bet if you stay and watch for at least 5 minutes, you will not want to leave and will finish the whole movie. I bet you $100 actually. It’s only a 30 minute movie anyway,” Paul said.

“Oh really!? You will really pay me $100 if I simply watch for 5 minutes, and then get up and leave?” she said.

“Yup,” Paul said.

“But you have to drink 2 drinks with us in the 5 minutes too,” said Paul.

Mom looked sarcastically at Paul.

“Done,” she said.

I couldn’t believe my ears.

My Mom was NOT seriously about to sit down and watch porn with my best friends!

She walked up towards the couch and sat on the middle seat in between Paul and Craig.

She covered herself with her white blanket that she brought from bed. But it was not quite long enough to get all of her legs and her tits at the same time.

Her Tits remained uncovered and the guys tried their hardest not to stare her huge melons, only protected by the thin nighty fabric.

“Well what are we waiting for? Where’s gebze escort bayan my drink,” Mom said to the boys.

Paul jumped up off the couch quickly, and scurried off the couch towards the bottle of liquor on the wet bar.

He filled a cup with ice, and aggressively poured the rum into it. He poured a little bit of coke in, and began to stir it around.

“Here you go Mrs. H,” he said to my mom.

She said nothing, and took a sip.

“Ok someone get out a phone and set the timer for 5 minutes,” she said.

“I’ll do it, Mrs. H,” Craig suddenly spoke.

He looked over sheepishly trying to help, having not said a word since my mom entered the room.

“Well thank you Craig. We are going to show Paul here what it feels like to lose $100 smack a Roos,” she said taunting him.

“Go ahead and start the timer so we can get this over with. These guys look like they want to do more chatting than kissing anyway,” she said.

Listening to this series of events and what was happening behind me had my mind racing like crazy.

I opened my eyes to see the hot milf on TV rubbing sun tan lotion onto the guys necks. Her thong showing off her big ass and her bikini top barely held in her big DD tits.

“Oh Boy,” my mom said as she took her first swig of the stronger than normal drink.

I snapped back into the reality of the situation.

Was my mom really sitting down on the couch, in her sexy nighty, drinking a rum and coke next to my two best friends with a porno playing just steps away from me?!

This was the craziest shit I could ever imagine.

I was still pretending to be asleep, but I was dying of curiosity to see the look on her face right now.

The bean bag I was on was off to the left of the couch slightly in front of it but far enough left it wasn’t directly in the line of sight from the couch to the TV.

I had been faking asleep in a position on my stomach curled towards the TV.

I quietly moved my body until I was turned just enough to see the 3 bodies on the couch behind me.

It was dark enough in the room, and I had a pillow over my head so I had the perfect tunnel to see my mom and friends on the couch.

I wanted to see how Mom reacted to the PORN.

I knew she would laugh at Paul and rub it in when she won the bet.

There was no way she would watch a whole movie with them or anything.

About a minute had gone by. The mom in the movie had taken off her green bikini top, and was showing off her tits for the boys.

She had a thong on and began to rub her ass on the guys cocks in the hot tub.

“I never understood why women wear thongs,” Paul said. “It’s like there isn’t even anything there just be naked,” he repeated.

Mom looked surprisingly while continuing to watch the scene on the screen.

“Well as women we like to feel sexy. And having that a sexy colored string between our ass barely covering anything makes us feel good you know,” Mom said.

The MILF on the screen was now grabbing on the guys cocks from outside their shorts. She began to go down to her knees and fish one out, but the screen cut to the back of her head, bobbing up and down in a BJ motion on his dick.

Mom looked up at the screen disappointed.

“Is this all they are going to show?” She said.

“Yeah,” Paul said. “But it gets better. Let me fast forward it,” he continued.

It had been about 2 minutes so far.

Paul fast forwarded it to a part where the mom on screen was bent over doggy style tits bouncing as one of the boys mounted her from behind. She was moaning.

“How about this?” Sean said.

I looked and saw Mom had a more serious look on her face.

She took a big few swings of her drink and looked at Paul beside her.

“This is interesting. So is this how all porno is now a Days?” mom said.

They don’t show dicks or vaginas? she exclaimed.

Paul began laughing loudly.

“Of course this isn’t how all PORN is. This is soft core. You know what, that’s a good point. You only have about 3 minutes left. We need something a little better than this so it is a true test,” said Paul.

“Whatever you say big guy,” she said back to Paul.

“Let me just AirPlay something real quick. This is one of the films Jeremy likes,” Paul said.

Paul was intently looking at his phone.

“Hey Craig sweetie, can you get me another drink. It feels good to unwind a bit on the weekend. And if I am stuck here for another 2 minutes, I might as well get a good buzz going,” my mom said.

With that, I heard her chug the rest of her drink.

“Well sure Mrs. H.,” Craig said.

“You’re the best Craig. You have always been such a polite guy,” she touched his leg as she thanked him.

Craig took my moms cup out of her hand and headed towards the wet bar. He poured another really strong rum and coke and carried it back to her on the couch.

Paul was messing with his phone, when all of a sudden the screen on the tv went black, and a new movie popped on.

“I escort gebze think you will really enjoy this one,” he said.

“I hope so,” Mom said back sarcastically.

There were 2 minutes left on the 5 minute timer.

The movie started with the loud drop of a beat, and a techno mix starting. It sounded like something you would hear at a dub step concert.

There was video of sexy girls dancing in various states of undress. Text filled the screen over the girls dancing showing the title of the video:

“Threesome and Cumshot MILF Compilation – Volume 1”

Holy shit I thought!

Soft core porn is one thing.

Not something you ever want to watch with your Mom, but it is really not that bad.

But this!?

Was Paul really going to play this for my mom?

I noticed my mom was no longer using her blanket to cover her shoulders.

Some cleavage was starting to show from her nightgown and I was sure Paul and Craig were stealing glimpses of her big tits.

The music dropped faster, and hardcore porn videos began playing rapidly on the screen. Each one would play for about 5-10 seconds.

They were all sexy MILFS showing their asses or spreading their pussies for the camera.

It was hot for sure, and on another level than the soft core stuff you see on HBO.

“Ohh! I see a kitty cat!” My Mom shouted.

Paul and Craig laughed.

“Yeah this one doesn’t hide too much,” said Paul.

The scenes were getting sexier and sexier, as the video continued playing along.

They finished off the girl teasing scenes and now we’re showing cocks.

Girls were giving hand jobs and talking dirty sucking cocks in both POV and third person.

“Oh my gosh! These guys have huge cocks! I didn’t know cocks got that big,” my Mom said staring intently on the screen.

There was a lot of dirty talk, and soon 2 girls were shown sucking one Dick and then one girl was shown sucking 2 cocks.

I looked back towards the couch.

Mom sat there frozen, eyes staring at the screen in shock.

I don’t think she expected to get such a close up view of these intimate parts, and she was shocked by the dirty talk they were saying in the movie.

A blonde MILF was now getting spit roasted on the screen. Her face covered in cum as the result of a gang bang.

“Oh my gosh! These girls are baddddd!” my Mom said.

She shifted and fidgeted in her seat while sipping her drink.

Her mouth was now open, and she grabbed Pauls knee with her hand as if to brace herself from the shock.

Paul just smiled awkwardly.

She continued watching. By the way she was staring, I wondered if she had ever seen a porno like this before.

There was about 1 minute left on the clock.

Mom was now sitting there with the blanket up near her neck. It looked like she was fidgeting and maybe adjusting her nighty on her tits. Or maybe she was doing something else.

She had the blanket over most of her top section and her legs were open to the cold air just below her thighs.

“I’m cold. Can I get some of these blankets over me?” She asked the boys next to her.

They both were looking sternly at the tv.

There was definitely what looked to be a full tent in between both Paul and Craig’s legs being hidden by each of the blankets covering them.

“Sure,” Craig and Paul said.

My MOM chugged the rest of her drink and threw it on the floor to her right.

Suddenly, my mom sunk down slightly so her shoulders were covered by both Craig and Paul’s big blankets. They overlapped perfectly so she was completely covered, using her white blanket for her lower half, and their mutual blankets to cover her upper body.

I was bummed her big tits were now hidden by the blanket. She must have been feeling embarrassed and wanted to cover up.

“Let’s speed this up,” said Paul.

I turned back to the screen.

He fast forwarded to about 75% through the video.

Instantly, wild and crazy sex was taking place.

There was a Milf getting fucked wildly by 4 young college studs. She jerked 2 cocks while one was in her mouth and pussy. Then the one in her mouth started cumming all over her face.

Suddenly one of the boys who was getting jerked off began face fucking the milf’s cum covered mouth.

“Oh myyy!” my mom said. “Are they really? Is he really,” she couldn’t even finish her sentences. She was glued to the tv as she sipped the rest of her drink.

All of a sudden she turned to look at Craig and Paul next to her. They were each focused on the screen. Covered in the blanket she could see motion above the boys laps.

Were they jerking off under there?

She looked at the TV with a look like her pussy just became really wet.

This is crazy! I thought.

She looked at each of the boys then back to the screen where the MILF was shown on her knees jerking and sucking the cocks of 2 young studs.

My mom shifted a bit, until I could see her hand under her blanket moving around her lap slightly.

I watched the couch intently, still perfectly quiet and looking through the pillow on my head.

Mom looked down at Craig and Paul’s laps again as their eyes remained glued to the TV.

The blanket did very little to hide the tents in their laps, and there was a slow movement that appeared to be taking place under each of their blankets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32