Was I Really In Control?

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I was widowed when Sally was 10 years old. It was a tragic time, as much for Sally as for me. The insurance money, and the lawsuit, helped but I would rather have had my wife back. Be that as it may we ended up in a nice house with a private back yard and a pool and I was able to work in a job I loved. It gave me lots of time to spend with Sally.

As kids do she grew quickly. Her mother’s loss left a hole in both our lives but we learned to live around it. She did well in school and had lots of friends, soon she was old enough to notice the boys and she started to date.

I had been dating since a year or two after my wife’s death but nobody could come close to what I had lost. I still got out now and again but I was losing interest in the process of clubs and one-night-stands.

Sally turned into a beautiful young woman with long honey blonde hair, a lovely curved waist, good sized tits, and legs that ran all the way up. I know I shouldn’t describe my daughter this way but she was very sexy and I think she knew it. She certainly enjoyed showing her body in her tiny swim suit.

I had never placed any limits on her pleasure. I expected she would have a healthy sex life when old enough but I had warned about disease and pregnancy when I gave her The Talk. I told her that sex was good and fun but that she had to be careful. She agreed. So it was no surprise when she asked me to sign the waiver for birth control pills and condoms.

One of the nice things about having a private pool is that you can have friends over for a party and not worry about who does what. In her senior year at high school Sally got into the habit of inviting her school friends over to spend Sunday afternoons at the pool. They would arrive around 11:00 AM and I’d order a couple of pizzas for them in the afternoon. We’d gather at the poolside and eat pizza and laugh. Then I’d retire to my den and try to work while they lazed by the pool and chatted or screamed and laughed in the pool. I’d try not to watch their young bodies but I usually failed and ended up eyeing their curves and the places covered by their skimpy bikinis.

And this was our way of life before my accident.

It was a stupid thing, really. I was running, as I do every morning, when a thunderstorm came up. Instead of taking shelter as I should have done I tried to get home. I was almost there when the lightning struck and I was out and down for the count. Fortunately a neighbor saw it happen and called for an ambulance and I was saved.

Sally was pretty distraught over the whole thing and I apologized profusely once I got home. We had a bit of a scene. She had lost her mother and didn’t want to lose me. The event scared me too. She hugged me and I held her close and we sat like that for some time. Then I started to notice her body and felt her breasts pressing against my chest and I broke off our embrace. My cock had started to swell.

“Is something wrong, Daddy?”

“No, sweetheart, I’m just tired.” I turned away so she couldn’t see the tent in my pants. “I’m going to bed.”

Next day was Sunday and the girls were supposed to come over. Sally asked if she should postpone but I was feeling better and told her to go ahead with her fun.

The girls arrived as usual and they headed for Sally’s room to change. There was the usual amount of giggling and fun though they were quite serious when they asked after my health. I told them I was fine.

They were out by the pool when the pizzas arrived. I carried them triumphantly out and Sally ran to get the sodas and glasses in the kitchen. The girls gathered around and began to grab slices of the pies, laughing and talking all at once. I kept looking at their lithe bodies and the urge to see more came over me. I calmed the beast and sat where I could hide my hard-on.

These young women were beautiful, each in their own way.

I don’t know how it happened but I had just thought to myself what they would look like without their tops when Pam reached behind her and disconnected her bra. The thin fabric fell away from her breasts revealing a lovely set of tits with large tan nipples. All around me tops were dropping to the ground. I blushed furiously but they went on chatting and eating as though nothing had changed. Alice was directly across from me. Her nipples were pink and small, they looked good enough to eat. My cock stiffened in my shorts. Debbie sat next to Alice. Her long dark hair hung in a braid down over her shoulder and stopped just short of her breast. I looked next to her and, Dear God!, it was my daughter also topless, her sweet breasts shining in the sun. I tried to look away but everywhere I looked I saw beautiful teenage bodies, firm and round and so, so sexy.

I wished they’d all go for a swim, I thought, as I tried to figure out how to get away from them without showing my boner. Suddenly they all raced to the pool and dove in. While they were distracted I ran for the house. I settled at my desk, mind whirling, while I tried to deal with what I had just seen. I looked out at the pool. The girls were climbing from the pool and. They lay back in the lounge chairs and began izmit escort to apply sun block to each other. My cock strained to be released. I had to think. Every time I wished for something those girls did it. I’d have to be careful what I wished for. Still, there were possibilities. My mind wandered through a scenario of lithe young bodies and sex without end.

I glanced out the window at the pool and realized the girls were not there. I looked around and then heard a sound from the door. As I turned back to face it I was pounced on by the oily bodies of five very warm, very firm, very sexy young women. They rubbed themselves all over me, Sally in with the rest of them. I tried to push them off but each time I seemed to connect with a breast or my hand would slip down from a navel to a bikini bottom. Oh, it was so nice, it had been so long since I’d had sex and they seemed to be having so much fun. There was a tied string from someone’s bikini in front of me and I pulled on it. The knot slipped easily apart and the scrap of fabric floated to the floor. I was face to face with a lovely trimmed pussy, dark curly hair above shaved pussy lips. I raised my face and kissed it ever so gently and there was a sigh from who ever it belonged to.

I finally pushed them all off of me and told them to line up. They stood giggling in a line. It had been Debbie’s pussy I had kissed. I thought about things for a moment. Then I ordered them to remove the rest of their suits. The bikinis dropped to the floor and they were nude before me. I called Pam and Debbie over and told them to undress me. My clothes were quickly stripped away from my body. I sent them back to the line and then had them all get on their knees. I stepped up in front of the first one, Tammy, and presented my eight inch cock for her to suck. She eagerly began to lick it, first the tip and then down one side, underneath to my ball sack and then up the other side. When she reached the end she pushed forward and I slipped between her lips and into her mouth. It was warm and wet and I could feel her tongue on the underside of my cock as she moved her head slipping me in and out of her mouth. Oh, that was nice. I couldn’t take too much of that and stepped away from her and stopped in front of Alice. She wasn’t about to take her time. She slurped me into her mouth and began to pump as if she were thirsty. I held on for as long as I could but then pulled away from her and stepped in front of Pam.

Pam was cooler and slower. She kissed and licked sucking gently and slowly then kissing again, not in any hurry. I could feel the waves of pleasure riding up and down my body as she worked my cock. I didn’t want to quit but I did step away from her and stepped in front of Debbie. She too was slow and methodical. It took her a long time to get to the tip of my cock and pull me into her mouth. I felt like my brain was on fire. My sight was growing dim. I felt her move away and a new mouth fastened on my cock. This girl was insistent, sucking away as if she knew she’d have my cum. It didn’t take long. I felt my body respond and suddenly I was spurting into her mouth, my body shaking with the pleasure of the release. She swallowed as I came, filling her mouth and then let the last spurt slide out of her mouth and on to her breasts. It was Sally.

I stumbled back and sat, finding my chair behind me. Sally knelt of the carpet, a shining trail of my cum running down the side of her bare breast. She grinned at me. I sent the girls out of the room and back to the pool, telling them to forget what had happened. They gathered up their bikini bottoms and trooped through the door.

I sat on my chair, drained, and thought about what had just happened. Apparently I could control the girls with my mind. I called to Pam, asking her to come back into the room. She trotted in still nude and smelling of sun block and fresh air.

“Pam, tell me what you are doing here?”

“You called me.” Her eyes were wide and blue and so innocent.

“And what just happened in here?”

“We sucked you dry,” she grinned at that.

“I want you to forget that it happened.”

“Okay,” she looked puzzled. “Why don’t you have any clothes on?” She looked at me and began to turn away.

“Stop!” I wanted to explain but then realized it wasn’t necessary. “Listen, Pam, do you like to see me naked? Does it give you a thrill.”

“Of course it does.” She grinned and moved closer. We should do something about that. She pointed at my cock that was now standing at half mast. It’s not fair that Sally got to taste you and we didn’t.

I surrendered to the inevitable and called the others in from the pool and led them upstairs to my bedroom. We were headed for my king size bed when I realized they all were slathered with lotion. “Come on,” I said, and turned away to the bathroom.

In there I got the water running and got into the shower. Then I called out for someone to join me. Pam stepped through the curtain. I washed her all over, soaping those glorious tits and running my fingers over her pussy lips. She shuddered with pleasure as I izmit escort bayan lingered on her pussy. Her hand came around and gripped my hardening cock.

I rinsed her and shouted “Next!” She slipped out and another young woman joined me, Tammy. We repeated the process, running my soapy hands all over her toned and firm little body. Tammy was the smallest of the bunch, only 5′ 2″ but she packed a lot into that shape. I swatted her on the butt and shouted “Next!”

Sally stepped through the curtain. By now I was getting used to seeing my daughter’s naked body and it added a sensual thrill to wash her tits and run my fingers over her pussy lips. She squealed and leaned back against me reaching her hands back to grip my now familiar cock. I lingered over her, enjoying the feel of my daughter’s body, a woman’s body, nestled wet and warm against my body. Then I sent her out and called for another. Out in the bathroom I could hear the girls laughing and toweling each other. There were some definite groans that sounded suspiciously like sex. I rinsed off after the last girl and exited the shower. The girls were there with towels. The dried me off and escorted me back to my bedroom. We crashed to the soft surface, kissing and caressing every bit of skin that came within reach. I realized that three of the girls were kissing each other with my Sally in the middle. I leaned back and watched them make out. I had Pam on my left side and Tammy on my right. My hands each held a breast while two hands shared my cock between them.

Tammy moved down and took my cock into her mouth. She was good, I could tell. I remembered that Alice hadn’t been very good at sucking me. I called her from the threesome centered on Sally and told Tammy to give her sucking instructions. As they worked I kissed Pam and had her move up so I could get my tongue on her sweet pussy. Her slit was already moist and her clit was easy to reach. I put my hands on her buttocks and pulled her in close so I could slip my tongue between her pussy lips. The mouth on my cock became a little urgent and I could tell it was Alice. I heard Tammy speaking to her, instructing her, and the sensations became more pleasurable. Pam was gasping as my tongue worked. She came with a rush of words and juice and settled back beside me, snuggled up and purring. I called Alice off of my cock and had her take Pam’s place. Pam watched as I began to tongue Alice into an orgasm that left her breathless. I could feel Tammy sucking my cock as I worked on Alice. I called her up and sent Alice back to my cock. She was doing better. Tammy presented her pussy and as she did I could see Sally and Debbie in a sixty nine position, groaning and eating each other to a magnificent orgasm. Tammy was very wet and it took me almost no time to give her the trembling knees and gasping breath that signaled her satisfaction.

We rested for a minute. The women were draped around my bed. Alice pulled her mouth off my cock with a pop and Sally took her place. I watched my daughter sucking my cock for a while and then asked, “Are any of you still virgins?”

They all looked at one another and shook their heads. Then Tammy spoke up, “I am.” The others looked at her in shock. “You Are? What about that night with…?”

She hung her head. “I know.” She said, “But I didn’t actually give him anything but a blow job.” He came so quickly that there wasn’t anything I could do with him.”

“Well, I am pretty horny but you have all got me hard so I am ready to fuck someone.” Who’s first? Debbie rolled over on her back and said, “ME! You didn’t eat me and I want some cock.” I crawled on top of her and lowered myself on to her body. I felt a hand guiding me into her and I slid into her pussy. She was tight, so very tight. I heard her groaning and moaning as I pumped slowly in and out of her sliding all the way in and then all the way out so that the end of my cock sat just inside her pussy lips. “Faster,” she whispered and I began to plunge in and out of her. Soon she was coming, screaming and gasping, gripping me closer with her arms and legs. I pulled out of her and found Pam next to her ready for me. I slipped into her easily, she was not as tight as Debbie but she made up for that with her movement under me. Plus her pussy seemed to be gripping my cock as I moved in and out of her. Her breath was ragged in my ear as she gripped me and bucked up against me. She began to moan and groan and gasp and then she tightened in ecstasy holding me and writhing her body under me. I pulled out of her and lay back on the bed. I was tired. I hadn’t done this much in a long time. Someone settled on top of me and I felt a hand guiding me into a pussy. I looked up into Sally’s eyes.

“Hi, Daddy,” she smiled at me as my cock slid deep into her. She moved slightly and slipped me in and out of her pussy. She leaned back and I could see her breasts bouncing with her movements and looking down I could see where my cock split her pussy lips and entered her. I pulled her down and held her close, rocking my hips to drive in and out. I reached down with my hands and pulled escort izmit hard on the small of her back, pulling her clit firm against me. She began to gasp and I felt her tense in pleasure. She rested on me for a moment and then leaned back. She rocked her hips as my cock pushed deeper into her. Then she began a little movement that included a circle with the hips and a slight raising at the end. Her pussy gripped my cock and I felt it ready to go.

“Oh,” I groaned, “Not yet!”

“Oh yes, Daddy, right now, I want you to come in me again.”

And I did, spurting up into her feeling the wild pleasure of sex and the illegal thrill of sex with my daughter. I felt like I was going to come forever. She drained me like no woman had ever drained me before. I sank back on my sheets and I felt myself slip out of her. She took my cock in her hand and licked off our mingled juices. “That’s a good Daddy.”

I looked over at Alice. “Sorry about that.”

She grinned at me, “That’s all right, I prefer pussy anyway.” There was a gleam in her eyes. “And now Sally owes me.” She pulled on Sally’s head and directed it towards her own pussy. I watched as she settled a knee on each side of my daughter’s head and let Sally eat her out with an expert tongue. She leaned forward to the nearest body, Tammy’s, and began to lick and kiss her breasts.

Despite myself I felt my cock stir. I couldn’t believe it but this sight was too much to let me stay down. Pam once more sucked me into her mouth. Debbie lay in next to me and cuddled close. She whispered, “You know, Tammy needs to lose her virginity.”

I looked at her and then down to Tammy. “Is that true? Do you want me to take your virginity?” She looked up at me, her eyes glazed with lust and pleasure and nodded. My daughter’s head bobbed between her legs, licking and slurping.

“Okay, I said, why don’t you climb up here, face me as Sally did and we’ll see what I can do for you?”

Pam released me with a pop and turned to kiss Tammy. She helped her straddle my legs and inch up until her pussy was over my enlarged cock. Sally reached between us and positioned me for her. “OK,” She said, “Lower away.”

Tammy slowly settled onto my cock. Her eyes widened at the first touch and he gasped when the first inch or so slipped into her. She closed her eyes to concentrate on what she was feeling.

“Try raising and lowering yourself just a little,” Pam suggested. “Get used to feeling him stretching your pussy.”

Tammy tried that and it was heavenly watching my cock slip in and out of her and feeling the head of my cock dipping into her delightfully tight pussy.

“Now try to take him a little deeper,” Pam suggested. She was holding Tammy’s hands, looking into her eyes and guiding her through this first fuck. Tammy sank down a little more and I felt her tight pussy along more of my cock. Oh it was heavenly. I hoped I would last long enough for her to come. Her tight little body with its athlete’s muscles and small breasts just took my breath away.

She bit her lip as I encountered her hymen. “That hurts a little,” she whispered to Pam.

“I know, honey, but it will just hurt a little and then it will feel all right.” Pam released her hands and told her to lean on my chest. She tousled Tammy’s short hair. “Just sink down and let it through. Then just sit there and let yourself get used to being full.”

Tammy drew a breath and then settled all her weight on me. She gave a little cry, almost a whimper, and then I was all the way into her. I could feel the warmth of her surrounding my cock and some structure seemed to be touching the tip. I let her sit there for a few seconds and then I flexed my ass muscles and made my cock jump a little. She jumped.

“Ooh!” she said, “That felt good.”

I did it again. She sighed.

“Here, lean forward a little.” She leaned down into my embrace. I slipped out a little bit. I kissed her gently. “How do you feel?”

“Full,” she replied. “Full but it feels pretty good.”

I pushed up into her and dropped back. “Feel good?”

“Yeah, do that again.”

I began a slow fuck, up into her and out a little bit. Her eyes closed as I moved, feeling her velvet softness on my cock. I reached down and pulled on the small of her back, pulling her into full contact and began to move faster. She was breathing faster now. I sped up moving in and out at some speed. I was just getting into full step when she suddenly exploded into cries and sighs, gasping her orgasm into the room.

Pam was there and she hugged Tammy to her, congratulating her on her first fuck. She pulled her off of me.

“I think it’s Alice’s turn,” she said.

Alice was kneeling on the floor, bent over the bed eating someone, I was too far gone to notice who. All I saw was her ass and her pussy. I knelt behind her and slipped in as far as I could go. She gave a cry of surprise and turned to look at me. Debbie had been lying there moaning under her tongue and now she reached down between her legs, took Alice’s head in her hands, and put her back to work on her clit. Up till then I would have sworn there was no chance for me to come a third time that afternoon but that sight took me by the balls. I felt myself tightening and knew I had to back off. I closed my eyes, I thought of baseball, I tried every trick in the book to keep from coming. I was concentrating on it so hard that I was surprised when I felt hands pulling me back and out of Alice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32