Wanda’s Story Epilogue

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Wanda-Rose Catron-Mettert may have died, but the rest of her extended family continued on. here is an overview of the many people whose life wand’s touched.

— Lorraine and Bob. Lorraine Catron, Wanda’s mother, was devastated when she heard the news of her daughter’s death. wanda-Rose had done so much for Lorraine, introducing her to her last two lovers, J.L. “Lou” Spillington and Bob. Her tears flowed for almost a month.

In early August, Lorraine and Bob finally married. Lorraine did not have a matron of honor at her wedding, a position that Wanda would have held.

The couple decided to leave the Provo area and the memories of Wanda’s death. They emigrated to the tiny northern Canadian town of Timmons, where they lived a quiet life with one notable exception.

Every year, soon after their wedding anniversary, Lorraine and Bob traveled back to Provo, where they celebrated the life of Lou Spillington on the day of her death. Lorraine and Bob always went to the same porn theater where Lorraine and Lou had first gone. Once there, Lorraine did her best to fuck every guy in the place, like she had when she had gone there with Lou.

After a couple of years, Lorraine was joined by Lou’s former legal aide, Keren Fingers. Having another woman to share the cocks helped, because the event seemed to grow by word-of-mouth popularity. Within five years, there were many women joining Lorraine, and the theater stayed open that day for 24 hours, with men and women coming and going all night long.

Bob started taping the event the second year, and his tapes became one of the most popular amateur porn videos in existence. It added to the moneys left Lorraine in Wanda’s will to provide a perfect life for Lorraine and Bob.

— Wendy Catron and Cindy Robinson. Wanda’s sister and teacher-mentor never followed the footsteps of Wanda-Rose and Donna. Although they lived together for almost 30 years, they never chose to marry, each other or anyone else. Both women eventually took boyfriends, but those men all knew that Wendy and Cindy together was the top priority.

The men in Wendy and Cindy’s life were often involved in threesomes, foursomes or even fivesomes when the women added a third girl. Wendy and Cindy were sexual creatures, and spent many a night with someone else in their bed. Neither woman was ashamed to invite both men into bed with just her for some double-man action. Each also slept with other women. Still in all, they were committed to each other most of all.

— Roger Catron and Astrid Martin-Catron. Wanda’s brother and sister-in-law remained married their entire life. A week after Wanda-Rose’s death, Astrid got pregnant. It didn’t stop her playing in the WNBA, though. She became a starter on the Seattle Storm two weeks into the season, playing point guard. Astrid’s three-point shot became a deadly weapon as the Storm won the WNBA Champonship during Astrid’s first season.

Astrid admitted she was pregnant during the mid-season WNBA game, and became a national media fixture for the rest of the season, as the sports writers and announcers grilled her about the difficulties of playing pro basketball and child bearing. None of the writers seemed to realize that by the time the season ended in early September, Astrid was barely five months along.

When the baby was finally born in early January, it was a girl. By quick decision, the girl was named Wanda-Rose Catron. The Catrons had two other children during Astrid’s 10-year WNBA career. She played better and better every year, and was eventually elected to the WNBA Hall Of Fame.

She was very popular amongst her teammates, in part because of her annual pre-training camp orgy. The ankara escort first year it was strictly women, but eventually it included husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends. Astrid’s teams were alway amongst the closest group on the court, and many of them thought it was the orgy that drew them together.

— Anne Franklin. Anne found her life to be a living hell after her chance meeting with Wanda in February. Wanda decided to rid herself of Anne’s abusive influence, and also free Independence high of that same influence. She started a campaign that slowly told of Anne’s sexual past. Her death did not stop that campaign. Each month a new sexual revelation was made about Anne’s conduct.

Finally, the school district’s board had enough. They placed Anne on paid administrative leave the Christmas break after Wanda’s death, and encouraged her to find a new job. Thus, a year after Wanda died, Anne moved away from Provo to start a new life. She traveled to Kansas, where she had grown up, and started teaching there.

Along with a change in locale came a change in lifestyle. She stopped being a Mistress, and while she found occasional partners, she never had another long-term relationship in her life.

— Amber Anderson and Erich Buchanon. Amber had left Anne to return to Erich’s life. Erich fully rehabilitated his knee and began a short career in the NFL. The couple married after Erich’s first full season.

But the marriage did not last. Erich’s career lasted four years. A year later, Amber moved out, taking her daughter with her. Amber moved in with a lesbian, and never slept with another man in her life. Erich and Amber divorced a year after Amber left.

— Katy Mettert and Becca Catron-Mettert. The children of Donna Mettert were well protected by Wanda’s will. Katy was awarded $4 million, and Becca $6 million. the money was put into a trust fund, established and run by Wanda’s lawyer, Keren Fingers.

Their guardian was allowed to draw living money from the interest, but the principal remained safe, and actually increased in value under Keren’s expert investing. Each girl was allowed to withdraw from the principal on their 18th birthday if they were enrolled in college, or 21 otherwise. Each of them became successful business women when they were adults.

— Shelly Hendricksen. Shelly, Donna’s sister, became Katy and Becca’s legal guardian under the terms of Donna’s will after Wanda-Rose died. She inherited $1 million from Wanda’s will, the better to help her refrain from stealing from Katy and Becca’s inheritance.

Shelly was never really successful at romance. She went back to Rance once, but left quickly when she realized he didn’t love her; he just wanted her money. She went through a series of lovers, both male and female.

Her life was devoted to raising Katy and Becca. She protected them almost as well as Donna and Wanda could have. When Becca finally left home, Shelly went on a long cruise. Her ship encountered a freak hurricane and sank. Shelly washed up on a deserted island, and was found two years later. Eventually she married, but was never as happy as she was when she was Donna and Wanda’s slave.


On the day Wanda would have been 30, most of the people important in her life gathered at the Sundance Ski Lodge. Most of the principals were now millionaires, thanks to Wanda. In addition to the $10 million given Wanda’s step-children, and $1 million to Shelley, Wanda gave her mother $4 million, and she gave $2 million each to Roger and Wendy. The remainder of her money was given to charity and used for this one last party.

As was done for the birthday parties held at Sundance, escort ankara two floors of the lodge were rented and secluded. All the Catrons were there, as was Lorraine’s husband Bob, Shelly Hendricksen, Cindy Robinson, and any guests they chose to invite. In all, over 30 people attended the last Wanda-Rose Catron-Mettert Memorial Birthday Orgy.

When all the participants had arrived, they gathered in the main hall. A giant screen lowered from the ceiling, and a taped message came blaring from the three women Wanda had met in Florida one summer. Wanda had invested in their internet idea, and all of them had become rich from the internet porn the girls made.

The girls apologized for not being able to attend. then they went on with their personal remembrances of Wanda-Rose from the few trips she made to visit them. Then, as a finale, they showed a tape never before seen in public. It was a tape Wanda had made for the girls’ personal pleasure, and had never been put on the internet.

Wanda-Rose was sitting on a bed, talking about herself. As she talked, one of the girls, Brittney, slipped behind Wanda. Her hands ran over Wanda’s body and clothes. Then, slowly, as Wanda continued speaking, Brittney unbuttoned Wanda’s blouse, one button at a time. She slid her hand inside the blouse, and it was obvious that Brittney was massaging Wanda’s breasts.

Wanda smiled, but kept talking about herself and her past. Nicole, a very skinny woman, then joined Brittney behind Wanda. Nicole removed Wanda’s blouse, revealing Wanda naked from the waist up. But nothing untoward was showing, because Brittney’s hand covered both bare breasts.

Slowly Brittney opened her fingers. Wanda’s hardened nipples emerged into view. then Brittney closed her fingers around Wanda’s nipples and pulled hard.

That finally broke Wanda’s monologue. The girl, who looked younger than some of the audience remembered her, moaned softly. Nicole’s mouth was sucking on one of Wanda’s ear lobes. Brittney continued playing with Wanda’s breasts.

Then Taylor, the last of the three girls, entered the picture. She leaned Wanda back a bit and pulled her pants off her legs. It was obvious that Wanda was enjoying the attention she was receiving, because the crotch of her jeans was wet.

When Wanda was nude, Taylor’s hand slid over Wanda’s pussy. she removed her hand and showed the camera how wet her fingers had become in just a short time. Then Taylor sucked the wet fingers and moaned. she stood and removed her clothes. Taylor, like the other two women around Wanda, was blonde and well-tanned. No bikini lines showed on her body.

After stripping, Taylor climbed on the bed and spread Wanda’s legs. then, from over one leg, Taylor started licking Wanda’s pussy. The camera zoomed in on the licking, showing Taylor’s tongue diving into Wanda’s outer labia again and again. Wanda could be heard moaning louder and louder.

When the camera pulled back, both Brittney and Nicole were also naked. Brittney was now sucking hard on Wanda’s breasts, while Nicole was sliding her pussy over wanda’s face. The dead woman’s image gladly stuck out her tongue, allowing Nicole to impale herself when her pussy reached Wanda’s lips. The camera could pick up wanda’s lower jaw moving, and the audience still watching the video could imaging Wanda licking Nicole.

Not everyone in the audience was watching the video by now. A few of the people had coupled up and were starting their own sexual trysts. One of the rules of the party was that everyone was free to be with anyone else, irregardless of marital status. Thus, two women had grabbed Roger’s hand, pulling him onto the floor. They had lowered his pants, ankara escort bayan and the women were sucking Roger’s 11-inch cock, one on each side.

Astrid had grabbed Wendy, and was stripping her sister-in-law. Meanwhile, Wendy’s partner Cindy Robinson was with both her boyfriend and Wendy’s, letting the two men lick her body in preparation for sex.

Bob and Lorraine were each masturbating, neither one having paired with anyone else, nor with each other. They were watching the video intently, each of them remembering their own sexual liaisons with Wanda.

On-screen, Nicole was screaming as she came. Wanda, meanwhile, was moaning louder, and those that knew her, including the former slave Shelly, who was watching intently, knew it meant Wanda was holding off her own orgasm.

As soon as Nicole rolled off Wanda’s face, Taylor jumped on, her perfectly-shaped ass pointing at the camera. Wanda’s mouth kept working, and her moans were increasing.

When the camera pulled back, the audience could see why. Brittney was wearing a huge strap-on, which was being buried again and again in Wanda’s pussy. Nicole slipped underneath the standing Nicole and started using a small vib on Brittney’s clit.

For several minutes, the only sound coming from the screen was moaning. Finally, Taylor said she was cumming, and it was obvious she did by the juices frowing down Wanda’s chin. In quick succession, Wanda and then Brittney came, their orgasms almost simultaneous.

As soon as the orgasms ended, Wanda looked at her friends and said softly, “This won’t go on the net, will it?”

“We promise, it will never be shown there,” Nicole promised. “But we’ll enjoy it privately.”

“You’d better, considerin the way the rest of the night will go,” Wanda said with a giggle. As the screen faded to black, the girls had regrouped and were starting their next round of sexual play.

As the video ended, the lights rose for the audience to see. More and more groupings were engaged in sexual play. Lorraine had removed her blouse and was sliding her husband’s cock between her breasts. Roger had one woman on his cock and the other sucking his balls. Wendy and Astrid were crying in mutual orgasms as they were in a 69 with Wendy on top. Others were also cumming, and a few had already cum and were relaxing.

Roger stroked hard and shot his first load into the condom surrounding his cock, which was deep in the one woman’s pussy. As soon as he had cum, the woman got off his monster cock and the other woman got on, squeezing his cock with her pussy to keep it hard. Then she started humping up and down on his cock. The first woman was sucking the second woman’s breasts, further exciting Roger.

Cindy was on her side, one cock in her pussy and one in her ass. She was busy licking another woman’s pussy. since the two men fucking Cindy had fucked her before, no condom was being used, and soon white semen started flowing from their cocks. The cock in Cindy’s ass shot a larger load, and semen slid down her ass cheeks. Cindy came soon thereafter.

When the cocks pulled out of Cindy, Astrid and Wendy were right there. Astrid licked Cindy’s pussy, while Wendy drove her tongue into her lover’s ass hole. Both women licked the semen from Cindy’s body, then continued licking until Cindy came again from their movements.

Bob refused to cum on his wife’s breasts, so he soon lifted her up and impaled her on his cock. Although the feeling was a much-felt one, Lorraine felt happy. In her mind, each time Bob fucked her was like the first time, and she loved the feeling, and loved her husband. Bob shot his semen into his wife. They both rested, then went in search of new partners.

And so the weekend went. Each participant soon lost track of how many partners they had been with, or how many orgasms they had had. It was a fitting tribute to Wanda-Rose Catron-Mettert, who was a sexual woman who died too soon.

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