Visiting Neighbor

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This is a mostly true story of an eventful summer that happened to me long ago in a land not too far away. Please pardon the first-person narrative, as it seemed the only way to tell this story. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did recalling it!

The two guys living next door had moved in a couple of months before. They were good friends from their childhood home in Indiana, and had attended a year or two of college in Colorado before moving to sunny southern California. I could tell they were just good friends and not gay or anything. Steve, the better looking of the two started attending a computer programming school nearby. The other guy started working somewhere and planned to go to college again. Steve had a hot little Camaro. Nice car. A chick magnet.

The apartment was one of those typical old 2-story buildings with four apartments downstairs and four upstairs, at the end of a cul-de-sac. I lived downstairs next to the apartment owner’s parents. They had a little yard to the side and were quiet and never bothered anyone. There were other individual buildings on the one block street, and another larger building about a hundred yards away where the manager lived that was a large 2-story square shape with an open courtyard in the middle with a swimming pool. Life was good there.

I worked at night, slept late, and attended school during the days. It was fairly quiet there at the end of the street. Things would change when Summer came.

As soon as school let out for the summer, Steve’s old girlfriend, Stephanie came out to spend the summer with him. I didn’t meet her in person right away, but I heard them often. Their bedroom was next to mine, the walls were thin, and they had a lot of fun, noisy love making there, at all times of the day or night. I even heard all three of them frolicking on the bed several times, but weren’t sure exactly what was going on then. Later, I found that they were just getting stoned together and having fun since they all were friends from way back. Just good clean California fun! And I heard many details of their lovemaking, with him on top, her on top bouncing up and down on him, doggie style, her leaning over the bed with him standing, blow jobs, the works. They were very vocal, with her being even more so, moaning, yelling for him to fuck her with his big cock, and she came so much I was amazed at how long she could keep it up. She certainly kept ME up many times!

Then, after she had been there a couple of weeks, Stephanie knocked on my door one day. She had wanted to borrow something since she didn’t have a car and both of her guys were gone. I gave her what she wanted and she stayed to talk a while. We told each other the necessary details, where we are from, what we are doing there, etc. She and Steve had dated in high school and were still good friends. Stephanie was tall and thin, with medium to long brunette hair, green eyes, 19 years old, and very pretty in a plain, small-town looking Midwestern way. She wore minimal makeup and she didn’t need any more. It was pleasant and easy to talk to her, and she didn’t look at all like the lusty animal I had imagined from hearing her through the bedroom wall.

“I just don’t think it’s fair for Steven to go out all the time and leave me here alone, do you?” Stephanie blurted out.

Well, I knew he had been dating some hot chicks before Stephanie came, but didn’t know he was still doing it! I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“You mean with him going to school all day and just leaving you here? Well he has to go to class,” I said.

“No, I mean he’s going out on DATES. I don’t think it’s fair that he can do that and I have to sit here alone with nothing to do.”

“No, that doesn’t sound very fair to you since you came all the way out here to be with him all summer. Tell you what, you can come over and talk with me any time you want to. I’m a good listener and we can talk or play games or something to pass the time. It must be really boring there by yourself,” I said.

“OK, I’ll do that. You are a nice guy, nicer than HE is right now to me.”

She left and went back to her place. The next day, Steve left for school around 10am, and within minutes, there was a knock on my door. It was Stephanie, with a smile on her cute face. “Well, here I am. Are you busy?”

“No, it’s good to see you again so soon. So, Steve’s off for the day again?”

“Yeah. You know, I would really like to go to the pool, but I don’t want to go by myself. Would you mind going with me?” Stephanie asked.

“No, I would love it. I don’t like to go there by myself either. Do you think it would be OK with Steve? I don’t want him getting mad at me.”

“Don’t worry about him. He has a date after school anyway, so he won’t be home all day, and besides, shouldn’t I have some fun too?” she smiled.

“OK, change into your suit and grab a towel and I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Shortly, she was there in her little 2-piece flowered bikini ready to go. We walked the illegal bahis short way to the building with the pool. We jumped in, swam a few laps, then laid down in the lounge chairs to soak up the sun’s rays. She was even whiter than I was, so we both applied some lotion. I asked her to rub my back, which she did willingly. Her touch was nice as she rubbed the lotion in. Then I volunteered to rub hers too. “OK”, as she rolled over onto her stomach. She had a beautifully shaped body, with a firm little round butt that seemed to stick up ever so slightly more as I rubbed the lotion into her back and shoulders. She gave a little moan as I finished up and we laid down to grab some rays.

We relaxed, talked some more, and enjoyed the afternoon by the pool. There were rarely any other people there during a week-day, so it was very peaceful. We finished off the day by me walking her back to her door. She squeezed my hand and gave me a hug and said we must do it again. I agreed. Her warm skin felt so good touching mine, and her firm breasts and thighs pressing into my skin when she hugged me caused a swelling in my trunks. “Byee. I’ll see you next time he leaves me here alone, ok?”

“OK, Let’s do this again real soon,” I said. “I enjoy being with you.”

So, she came over every time he left after that and we would chat, watch TV, and just generally became friends. We went to the pool several times a week. We would play in the pool, and she would give me hugs in the water. She would undo her top so I could rub lotion all over her back without the straps in the way, and I started rubbing lotion on her legs also, rubbing longer and getting closer to her bikini each time. Then one day, as I was straddling her legs with mine, rubbing her back, she turned over, looked deeply into my eyes, put both of her hands behind my head, and gave me a big kiss on my lips. Wow, was it sweet! Those cute little soft lips felt soo good on mine that I couldn’t believe it. I returned the kiss and was met with passion this time. She pulled me on top of her as we kissed, my body giving in to the coaxing. I know she could feel my rising penis pressing into her legs and crotch. Since we were in a semi-public place, I got off her before we went too far.

We had talked about anything and everything in our talks. She told me just what was on her mind. Now was one of those times. She shocked me with what she said next:

“I’m so horny. He’s giving it to those other girls and doesn’t have anything left for me. I need some too. Do you think it’s wrong for me to want some too? If he is having sex with someone else, I should be able to too, right?”

Now, I’m a logical guy, so I had to agree with her. “Sure, I think you should be able to get some sex too. It’s just not right for him to treat you this way. You know, I heard you making love through our bedroom wall several times. You seemed to really enjoy it a lot, so I’m sure you miss him,” I said.

“Oh, I didn’t know we were making that much noise,” She exclaimed, turning red, “but, yes, I really do enjoy doing it with him. Let’s get out of the sun, OK? I’ve had enough today.”

We went back to my place, still in our swim suits. As soon as we were inside, our arms embraced each other, our lips met again in a sensuous kiss. This time, our lips parted and our tongues touched, exploring each other’s mouth. I moved my lips to her ear, kissing it lightly, then down to her neck, which she offered up to me with her head tilted to one side. My hands, which were rubbing her almost-bare back, now split, one running through her hair and stroking her head; the other glided down the concave arc of her lower back to the top of her bikini bottom, then over her buttocks. She ground her pubic bone against my trunks, feeling my response as I was getting harder by the second. She grabbed my butt then and pulled it to her, now moaning as I was kissing her neck.

I was only a couple of inches taller than her, about 24 years old but looked younger, long blond hair, blue eyes, and in pretty good shape. Our bodies fit well together.

Her firm cones were pressing into my bare chest through the thin material of her bikini top. Our stomachs and legs molded together. My hand on her butt was running circles around it, squeezing each cheek, over and around them as she moved her ass to meet my hand. I moved it down her legs, feeling their warmth and softness.

Our heads separated and we kissed again, more passionately than before. I moved my other hand to her side, rubbing up and down from her chest to her waist. When it bumped the side of her breast, she moaned in my mouth and kissed me deeper. Taking the cue, I slid my hand over the side of her breast, and when she moved back slightly, I covered the entire breast with my hand. It was a perfect handful. The nipple was already hard, and seemed to get harder as I caressed it.

MY right hand was exploring the crack of her ass, and down the smooth cheeks and between her legs. When I touched her illegal bahis siteleri there, she spread them slightly, allowing my fingers to probe further between her legs. I rubbed up the inside of them until I felt the hot wetness of her suit, then pushing further, felt her warm pussy lips, then her little clitty. We were both moaning now, tongues licking and probing each other’s mouths.

I found the tie on her top and pulled the strings in the knot. We broke the kiss and she stepped back, allowing the little top to fall away. I gazed at her perfectly cone shaped boobs for the first time with nothing covering them. They were an ice-cream-cone white, surrounded by tan and red skin from our days in the sun. I sucked one into my mouth like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, licking, sucking, kneading it with my hands. She had been rubbing my chest, then lowered her hands to the front of my trunks, finding my other trunk tenting up to meet her. She rubbed the length of it, moaning again now from the feel of it and the sensations of my mouth on her boobs.

We sank to the floor. With me on my back, she reached down and slid my trunks over my hips, down my legs, and tossed them aside. My hard cock sprung straight up. Looking at it with that beautiful smile of hers, she grasped it with both hands, jerking it down and up a few times. Then she lowered her mouth to it and kissed the head, putting her tongue in my pee crack. I was the one doing most of the moaning now. Still holding the base, she lowered her lips over it as it slid up past her teeth, feeling her tongue sliding around it, deeper, until it was at the back of her throat, then slowly moved back to the head. Wow, it was heavenly! She continued sucking and licking my shaft while feeling my balls with her other hand.

She was half lying with her legs to the side where I could reach them. I rubbed her legs all over, up to her hips, over her flat waist, caressing her breasts, then made my way down to her fine butt again. I moved my hand to her front, between her legs, and she raised one up to open up her crotch to me. I palmed it with my hand. She moaned this time. It felt soo hot. I rubbed all over it, then forced the material aside and saw her sweet little pussy lips looking at me. I rubbed them up and down with my fingers, finding her clit getting firmer as I touched it. Every time I did, she sucked deeper on my cock. I found her hole and let one finger slide up inside her. She was so wet it went in easily, and I knew now her wetness was not from the pool. She was naturally tight, but her pussy muscles gripped me even tighter. I moved it in and out with the rhythm of her sucking on my cock, while rubbing her clit with my thumb.

My cum was swelling up in my balls. She sensed it and jerked my shaft harder with her hand while holding my tightening balls. My body tensed. The cum came shooting up into her mouth. She pulled back from surprise, letting the cum splash on her face and run out of her mouth and drip from her lips back onto me. She kept pumping me and watching the cum squirting out, seemingly fascinated by it. My body was jerking and quivering at each squirt from the deep sensations she was giving me. When I was done, she wiped some of the cum off and kissed me lovingly on the lips, letting me taste myself on her mouth.

“That felt fantastic, Stephanie. Thank you so much,” I exclaimed.

“Don’t thank me. I wanted it too, and enjoyed it just as much,” Stephanie said, “except there’s one little problem.”

“Problem, what problem”?

“Well, I’m the one who’s horny here. It’s MY turn, don’t ya think?” With that, She extricated my finger from her pussy , stood up and removed her bikini bottom, standing there for me to check out and enjoy for a minute. She felt her pussy with one hand and her boob with the other. “Do you think I’m pretty?”

“Of course! You are very pretty, and very sexy. I can’t believe that dumb boyfriend of yours would want to go out with anyone else.”

“Do you mean it? You really think I’m sexy?”

“You look good enough to eat. Come here and I’ll show you.”

With that, she straddled my waist and lowered herself flat on my chest, kissing me long and hard. She broke the kiss and sat up on my hips where I could reach her beautiful breasts with both bands. I stroked both of them for a minute, feeling her nipples enlarging again. She rocked forward onto her knees, sliding her wet labia up my body until she was positioned over my mouth, my hands still over her breasts with her hands over mine. I could smell her sweet aroma as my nose touched her clit. I stuck my tongue out and licked her outer lips. They were a little puffier than when I first saw them. I licked up and down, tasting her sweet juices, with only a slight hint of the chlorine from the pool lingering there. She moved her hips back and forth as I licked. She was so sweet, it was like licking a living lollipop. Leaving her own hands on her boobs, I slid my hands down her belly, down her canlı bahis siteleri legs, around her buttocks, grasping them, helping her move them across my lapping tongue.

I got a hand between us and my fingers joined my tongue in exploring her folds, alternating with it to give attention to every part of her womanhood. She was really juicing now, wetting my mouth, my face, my chin. I guess she really was horny, as she had said, and had apparently gotten turned on a lot giving me head. When I ran my fingers over her pussy and back behind it, I felt her little ass hole tighten as I touched it. She jerked, but didn’t stop me, only pressing down harder onto my tongue licking on her clit.

I found her pussy hole with my thumb, moved it around to get it lubricated, then slowly inserted it up into her. My hands are pretty big, and I’m sure it felt like a little cock sliding up inside her. Again, I was amazed at how tight she was. She pressed down on it, welcoming it, taking it as far as it would go inside her. I moved it around inside her, and in and out. (I didn’t know about the “G” spot back then, but there was a good chance I was touching it, from the way she started responding.)

She was sucking my thumb in and pounding her clit on my tongue. I could sense it wouldn’t be long now. Her eyes were closed and she was in a long, low guttural, almost continual moan. “Oh, Jerry, Oh, God. Oh, I’m oh… What are you doing? … How?” I rubbed her ass with my finger tip, and pressed on it. The tip pressed inside, only to the first joint. This was enough to set her off. Her whole body tensed, then spasmed uncontrollably as she started her orgasm. I held on to her butt with my other hand to keep her from breaking my nose. She grabbed my head and fucked my face hard, cumming buckets on my face. I lapped up all I could get from around my thumb, licking her hard clit with her own juices. Spasms after spasms came over her whole body, then subsiding, slowly relaxing her.

I stopped my sucking and finger fucking to let her come down. She was breathing hard and collapsed forward on her arms. She slid her butt down and hugged me close as her body slowly recovered from the orgasms. We didn’t speak for some time. When she could finally speak, she was thanking me this time. “Oh, Jerry, that was wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard before. Steven is really good in bed, but he has never made me cum like that! I’m so glad I met you.”

We took a quick shower together and Stephanie returned home before Steve got back. What a pleasant series of events to have happen, to have met a nice, pretty, horny young woman who lives only steps away from me. And she’s also my friend. This was going to be a great summer!

I was friends with Steve before Stephanie came to visit, and we remained cordial to each other. He knew Stephanie and I had been going to the pool together and didn’t mind. He seemed glad that she had a friend to do things with while he went out doing his own thing. I would normally never cheat on someone who was spoken for, either married or with a boyfriend. However, this WAS different. We knew he was cheating on her, going out with other girls. And Steph wanted my company, so who was I to refuse her? I could still hear them having sex next door once or twice a week. Steph knew now that I could hear them, but didn’t care, or maybe was even louder just to turn me on. I don’t know which it was but it didn’t change our relationship.

A few days after that hot episode at my place, she was knocking on my door again. Only now, things were different. She would jump into my arms and give me a big hug and kiss whenever we met after that. We went to the pool again and there was usually no one there. When we swam now, we played more, and touched each other more. She would grab my ass and I would grab hers. We would kiss and hug in the water, causing my dick to get hard every time. Sometimes she would hold it under the water, or wrap her legs around my waist and press her pussy against it. We touched all the time. Rubbing lotion on each other was like a massage now. This girl was so uninhibited for someone so sweet and innocent! Sometimes, the old apartment manager would see us together, but he would just smile and keep his mouth shut. He was a cool old codger and had probably seen much worse.

Several days later, there was another knock on my door. I was still in my robe. There was Stephanie in tight little shorts and a halter top, her long legs and bare belly showing the tan she had been getting from our trips to the pool. “Hi, Steph!” She smiled, came in, hugged and kissed me. We drank some soft drinks, ate some snacks, and talked.

She said, “Steven hasn’t given me any sex for almost a week now. I know he must be giving it to that blonde slut he’s dating. He brought her here one time and left her in the car while he came in to pick something up. Can you believe that?”

“No, I can’t believe that. How can he treat you so badly?”

“I don’t know, but I’m not going to just sit over there and wait for him. Would you? Do you think I’m a bad girl?”

“No, I wouldn’t put up with that if I were you. I don’t blame you at all for wanting something for yourself, and I think you’re a wonderful person.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32