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I’m Emily and I love having sex and I want to share my sexual adventures. First let me tell you a little about my self, I’m 18 and have short brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. I have sexy 38DD tits that I love having played with, and I have a smooth pussy and legs that spread for hot guys. Here is my story, my friend takes me on a vacation all the time. This year seemed like every other year until I noticed these very handsome, well built men probably the ages of 22-34, around 8 of them, building a house right next to where I was staying. They caught my eyes with there huge muscles glistening from sweat from being out in the summer heat.

So as the days passed I became more and more curious as to what it would be like to have some fun with them. A few days into my vacation I was sitting out on the balcony where I had a great view of them. I worked up the courage to get their attention and once I did I flashed them my double d boobs and their eyes went wide obviously wanting more so I sat down on the chair spreading my legs and started rubbing my pussy focusing mainly on my clit and then slowly started fingering my pussy building up speed. I looked over at the men to see them staring in awe. I rubbed my bare breasts as I fingered myself until I came and my body shook with ecstasy as I hit a climax and I came all over my hand. I looked at the men and licked my fingers clean of my pussy juice and walked back inside telling them maybe if they are lucky they will get a show tomorrow.

The next day I came out on the balcony to see them all watching for me eagerly wanting more. So I came out and I slowly started stripping for them teasing pulling up my shirt just under my huge breasts making them want to rip my shirt off to see more and I pulled off my shorts just about the same way leaving it just above my clit until I pulled off my clothes completely and sat ataşehir escort back down and I spread my legs so they could see my smooth pussy again and immediately started fingering myself as I was already soaking wet from thinking about the men. The men watched me again as their cocks went up in their pants. I came again my body shaking with pure pleasure of cuming. Again I licked my fingers clean of my pussy juice and as I was walking back inside I told them I would come down to see them tomorrow.

I came down to the house they were building the next day and they all seemed very happy to see me and they pulled me inside the house an started pulling off my clothes and kissing me all over until I was completely naked. I turned to one of them and I pulled his cock out of his pants while I looked up at him and I slowly stuck his rock hard cock in my mouth. He wasted no time and started nailing my mouth with his hard cock pulling my hair and as he was nailing my face I felt hands on my hips pull me up and felt someone spit on my tight asshole and slowly start to force his cock in my ass. I spread my legs and I felt another guy go under my and start to lick and finger my pussy driving me wild. He focused on my clit rubbing just so much to fill my body with pleasure.

They guy fucking my face came and I looked up at him as I swallowed his hot cum. Then the next guy walked up and I started sucking him off. My tongue swirling around his cock. As i was doing that I felt the guy on my ass cum on my asshole as the next guy walked up and started fucking my ass as hard as he could. I could barely handle it. My body was shaking as I start to cum having all these men on my body. As I came both the guys fucking my ass and mouth came their hot cum filling me. I then finished the other men by sucking them off my mouth filling with cum as I swallowed avcılar anal yapan escort it willingly. I looked up at all the men once we all had been satisfied and I told them maybe if you are lucky i will come back tomorrow and I winked and put on my clothes and left.

The next day I came down again and they wasted no time in taking off my clothes and whipping out their cocks. One of the men laid down and had my lower my pussy on his face so he could lick his tongue on my pussy getting me nice and wet and once he had done that he sat me up and lowered my tight smooth pussy down on his thick cock. One of the other men bent me over and he started fucking my ass and another man came in front of me and started fucking my face so all my holes were filled.

Then two men walked up on both sides of me and I gave them hand jobs. Rubbing up and down on their big cocks. Once they had fucked me good and hard i came hard again my body shaking under their strong grip. They came all over my body, on my face, on my tits, and on my ass. Then they all switched places to fuck me again and I being exhausted kept on getting fucked and fucked again swallowing more and more hot cum until everyone was completely satisfied. I put on my clothes and turned to them maybe I will come again tomorrow if you are lucky. I walked off, barely able to walk, from such a good hard fuck.

The next day I came out on my balcony and I got the men’s attention and I teased them again slowly taking off my clothes And again sitting down and playing with m pussy and stopping right before I was about to cum. I was barely able to stop my pussy needing to cum. I started to walk back inside and I told them I will come down later today for the last time. Later that day I met up with them and they quickly wasted no time in ripping off all my clothes avcılar bdsm escort knowing it was my last day to see them and hands were all over my body pinching my nipples and rubbing my pussy and Making me all wet also still horny from earlier. One of the men came up behind me and started fucking my pussy till he pulled out and turned me around and came in my mouth.

The next man came up behind me and started pounding my ass hard and quickly turned me around and came in my mouth so I swallowed his hot load too. The next man came up and started fucking my mouth till he came down my throat. Then two of the men came up one started nailing my ass the other my mouth and I could barely handle it anymore as my body shook with orgasms. It was a long filled orgasm my body becoming exhausted after and then both my mouth and ass were filled with hot cum.

Then two more men came up and had me sit my ass on his cock and then I leaned back into him as the next man started to fit his huge cock in my ass too. He could only mange a little bit of his cock in my tight asshole, even tighter with the other cock in it but it brought me to another orgasm making me scream in pleasure. Then another guy came up and started fucking my throat and one of the guys pulled out of my ass and started fucking my pussy and then he pulled out and came on my pussy and I felt more cum fill my ass and even more cum slide down my throat. I lay there exhausted from such a good hard fuck covered in cum. I rub the cum on me looking at them lustfully and start fingering my pussy.

I looked up at them, “please fuck me again I’m so horny.” The men smiled at me and fucked me harder than ever before filling all my holes with big cock fucking me til each had cum again and my body shook from such a hard orgasm rushing through my body. Then one of the men had me sit my pussy down on his cock and another one of the men tried to stuff his cock in my pussy too but I was too tight but them trying made me orgasm hard again. After all that we layed there tired from such a good fuck. I gave the men my number and told them if they were ever in my area to hit me up for some fun. I left knowing this was the best vacation I have ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32